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  1. I think that age would like the wading pool at The Yards Park. They’d likely be at the older end of kids there from what I remember (it’s been a couple years since I’ve been there with my kids), but could be fun for them. And if they get bored, the rest of the park is worth checking out.
  2. Ha, I hadn’t heard that about the fireworks. My favorite place to sit has been the Lincoln Memorial but not sure how that would work this year. Yeah, not many natural swimming spots nearby. Some beaches along the Bay but not sure it’s worth it. If you like hiking and want to spend a day away from the city, you could go out to Shenandoah National Park and hike a trail with water falls and small swimming holes. Or you could do a day trip to the ocean. Probably about 2.5 hours without traffic to one of the DE beaches. How old are you kids? If younger, I’d suggest The Yards Park in the city for an urban swimming/wading pool, waterfall, and fountains. Canal Park nearby also has fountains. So does Georgetown Waterfront Park. @matuski
  3. Are you assuming Pro-Lifers agree with you that there wouldn't be an obligation to the uninvited 4 year old boy? I'm not sure that's true.
  4. I'll be in Montreal next week for a few days. I'll have most of Tuesday on my own. I've noted some of the restaurants mentioned. Right now my plan is to just wander around for several hours and see what I find.
  5. I’ve mostly been using Hilton. When I started traveling some for work, my first trip was in an Embassy Suites so I just ran with it. I like most Embassy Suites. I’ve stayed in sold old ones that weren’t great but they are mostly good and are the rare hotel with a good free breakfast. Whatever rewards you do, keep an eye out for promotions. I had a 2000 point bonus for every stay with Hilton (with a 10k bonus after a certain number of stays) and both Hilton and Marriott are doing double points promotions now starting with your second stay during a certain time period. I have some trips coming up where I will be in Marriotts so I will probably stay with them until that ends. I’m silver status with Hilton but I don’t think I will get to gold any time soon so no reason to miss out on some 2x Marriott points. I’m government and sometimes I see if I can book the 2x point rate below per diem. I’ve been able to do that a couple times recently which has helped build points. If you’re government, don’t forget to look for government rates even for your personal travel. You can still get the rate even if you aren’t on a work trip. I got a $300+ room in Moab at a SpringHill Suites (awesome family hotel) last Summer for $164 for the family and other times I’ve had my family of five in an Embassy Suites for $94 (amazing value with the breakfast for all of us).
  6. Agree. But, most of the articles that discuss how poorly these jobs pay do so on a per-hour basis.
  7. I assume it’s because they spend a decent amount of their time not driving/earning.
  8. There's always a way, but that would shock me. So many people are involved that it would be really hard to do so without someone speaking up, IMO. A few years ago, there was an article about a Census interviewer who was making up numbers on his interviews for the Current Population Survey (used for unemployment) and people wondered whether that was causing the statistics to look better than they should. But, the fact was that one person, especially an interviewer, couldn't have that kind of impact on total numbers.
  9. Various government agencies. For example, GDP comes from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, but they compile statistics from other agencies (like the Census Bureau) to produce that number. Similarly, the Bureau of Labor Statistics produces the unemployment rate based on the Current Population Survey conducted by the Census Bureau.
  10. Obviously all the reports say this was Dan’s pick. Will be interesting to see if Jay is free to start who he wants week 1.
  11. Next up, a Strasburg injury and the Wizards getting the worst possible lottery pick that they use on someone who never plays while passing on multiple future all stars.
  12. I guess that 1 would be last year vs Tampa. So, whenever they hold onto a 2-0 lead, they win the Cup!
  13. Not sure how the Caps held on that long. Nobody was skating in OT. Ovechkin seemed to be on the ice every other shift but was barely moving.
  14. Pantsing is common shtick in my house. My 13 year old son in a pantsing master. He gets everyone and rarely does anyone get him. Today, he pantsed me when I was wearing some athletic shorts and no underwear. He may never pants me again after what he saw.