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  1. It’s a lottery-protected pick, so that’s good. He was fun to watch but it makes sense to move on from someone with that contact who hasn’t played in a couple years.
  2. They should just stop giving away free advertising. Here's the Coca Cola page. Why not have Coke pay to have their logo there? Why give them that free? Or, maybe allow a company/brand/product to put something on their own wiki page for a price?
  3. I see NYG only winning one more. This is funny for those of us who watch election night coverage and the race to 270:
  4. SF is definitely winnable. Win that and WFT might be able to get to 7-9 with games against Carolina and Philly.
  5. Next three are Pitt, SF, and Seattle. Could easily be 4-10 after that.
  6. This was right when the cowboys did that amazing fake punt. Went pretty well after that.
  7. Agree, just about any RB scores there. He’s still really raw. Learning the position. I’m hopefully he develops into a really good RB.
  8. Next 3 are against Pittsburgh, SF, and Seattle. So this can go south for WFT quickly.
  9. He got the ball about 20 yards from the first down. Great design.
  10. I’m nervous. I have a bad feeling about this. This is what a division game is supposed to be like!
  11. So they are going to trot out a bunch of people to lie about what happened to them or what they saw. These are all the examples they've been talking about but never actually claimed in court (because they didn't happen). And millions upon millions of people are going to believe them despite the best efforts of fact checkers. Then what? This can't be headed in a good direction.
  12. I’m excited about Thursday. I like the idea of a Thanksgiving game in Dallas for the division lead.
  13. I haven't fully followed this thread; just kind of jumped in an out the last few weeks. Have we discussed what healing even looks like? @Joe Bryant, I feel like you are setting the bar way too high to think we have healing. But, I also admittedly don't know what you're personal goal would be so maybe I'm wrong. Clearly, all mocking is never going away. We will always have a certain percentage of society who will mock others, show a lack of grace, and defend those positions as the right positions. So, what does healing look like? What would you need to see in order to say that we are healed?
  14. Scrolling through the comments on Rex Chapman's tweet, there are definitely some comments about her driving habits, but most don't focus on that. I have a feeling that if she made a similar video going on a tirade against Trump, people would be saying how awesome it is. So I think her belief is a big part of it. I agree a calm expression of these beliefs would not be receiving the same amount of reaction.
  15. My guess is the spread is occurring in other situations where people aren't wearing masks. Family gatherings. Friends hanging out. Maybe some church services or other types of gatherings where people feel safe. We see what we see, which is people's actions in stores. We don't see what people are doing in other settings.
  16. Thursday’s winner will be in first place, at least temporarily.
  18. I don’t think they even said something like “We won’t show a replay because it’s so gruesome” like they do sometimes. Just nothing. They took a few minutes to show a replay of that fumble at the goal line. Just give us replays!
  19. It’s not just masks. I have some friends who have mentioned that they won’t talk to contact tracers.
  20. If you want to feel decent about yourself, play on Nintendo Switch. Players are much worse there than other platforms. It seems to be a little more challenging recently, though. My son and I got a solo win with each of controlling half the controller. We’ve done that about 5 times. One time we were the first to die, but the other four times were top 5 finishes with one win.
  21. Let's get this started. Was 2015 another blip on the radar of the last 23 years or the start of being consistently competitive for multiple seasons? How heavily do you want to commit to Kirk? What offseason moves are you looking for?