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  1. Agree. I wasn’t trying to say that charitable donations means I have more money in the bank; just that it’s a big part of having a lower tax bill.
  2. Yep. Kids, mortgage, charitable contributions. If I didn’t have kids and didn’t itemize, this year would have been about 12.5% rather than 6.5%.
  3. Filed. Federal Tax as a % of AGI 2017 - 6.4% 2018 - 7.0% 2019 - 6.5% I had 27 paychecks instead of the usual 26 in 2018 and my wife made a little more money that year, too.
  4. I wonder if PFF is like Zillow where some people try to use it to their advantage for negotiations. I keep hearing how they rank Dunbar highly but I can’t imagine GMs agree with that ranking and he’d never be considered top 5 or wherever he ranks.
  5. I just helped my wife fill one out for a new job. So confusing. I have no idea how hers will come out but I'll just adjust mine as needed if it doesn't do a good job on hers.
  6. These things are much more confusing. I haven't done a new form yet. Kind of worried how the numbers will come out so I've just left mine alone. Seems like what I have now should be on a good pace for 2020, but I probably should go ahead and do a new W4 soon so I can figure out how to manipulate it to get the numbers to be what I want.
  7. Yeah, shouldn't these be sex reveal parties or anatomy reveal parties? Might get more people (especially guys) excited to attend with just a little tweak to the name.
  8. I'm in favor of suspensions for anyone simply using the word "toady". Oh, crap, I just used it.
  9. Pretty sure I have over 20 allowances and then add a specific dollar amount to withhold each pp to get it to where I want it.
  10. A lot of life isn't about being consistent in our positions and arguments. Rather, it's about winning the argument. I, at times, will knowingly use something I don't really believe in an effort to win an argument. It's not that I'm blind to that hypocrisy; it's that, in the moment, I don't really care that I'm being hypocritical. But, for situations where I am blind to my hypocrisy, I'd say it comes from my presuppositions. There's something that I hold to be unquestionably true and if I'm not going to question that supposed truth, then I must justify things that potentially contradict that truth. For simplicity sake, someone might have the presupposition that Republican = Good and Democrat = Bad. Rather than question that black and white presupposition, someone might then be forced to justify Trump's action while vilifying Clinton's because that's what best fits the overarching presupposition. Those hypocrisies are really hard to see when I'm not willing to question some core beliefs.
  11. Hmm, that's not usually the impression I get from people. Maybe that's true for some, though. I generally assume people are trying to make sure that everyone knows where they stand and doesn't confuse their well-wishes with support of the person's actions/philosophies. In other words, I tend to assume it's more about the poster than it is about the suffering person (or the disease afflicting them). God forbid someone think I might agree with a particular person based on my kind comments toward their condition. I think I always agree that less mocking is a good thing.
  12. I don't understand the need to let everyone know that you disagreed with someone when wishing them well or expressing sympathy for their situation.
  13. It’s the freaking SB and these are the best camera angles they have?
  14. If you have consistent pay checks, it’s pretty easy to track yourself and have an accurate estimate.
  15. Yes, I itemize. SALT, mortgage interest, and charitable contributions.
  16. I’m just waiting to verify my church contributions. I track it myself, so I know the amount; but it would be nice to see it officially from them. When I log in online, it’s missing the first few contributions from 2019 because they switched systems so I really want to see something officially from my church. Once I square that away, I will file. Maybe I will just talk to someone tomorrow. Do most of you still wait for documents in the mail? I track everything myself and then I just go to my online accounts to see all the forms and get the official numbers My oldest turns 17 this year. Good thing we feds got a decent pay bump to counter that $2k I now have to pay in taxes in 2020.
  17. Keep in mind that FAs tend to be all about the numbers. They'll correctly point out that investing money in the market is a better long-term return than paying down a 3.625% mortgage. The numbers, at the end of the day, will be higher that way. But, what they don't really get into is the psychology of this stuff. You've mentioned things about your mortgage and how you'd feel better paying it off. I'm a numbers guy, but there just really isn't a number that can measure how good you'll feel if you pay off your mortgage. Sure, your total net worth might be lower, but you'll feel better. So don't discount that. However, if talking to the FA makes you feel good about not paying down that mortgage, then that's cool too. And, yeah, I keep meaning to get at least a small amount of life insurance on my wife but never do it. I just figure that if she were to die, it means she'll stop spending and it will be like a big raise so that's sort of like insurance. But, really, I want her around. I love her more than money. Seriously.
  18. How would the Senate cause a perceived lack of legitimacy in the Chief Justice and the Supreme Court?
  19. Yes, but it's my own voice. It's not like it's someone else's voice. That would be loco.
  20. I used to love Big Macs. Got them all the time in my younger days. I stopped because I just didn't like it anymore. My tastes evolved. As I grew older, I got more into different types of food and higher quality food. I didn't explore much, food-wise, when I was younger. Even when I ate a lot of Big Macs, McDonald's main problem was inconsistency. One day, you could get a decent, hot burger. The next, it was as if the burger has been sitting around all day. A couple years ago, I tried a Big Mac to see what it was like. It was bad. Bun just fell apart. Wasn't hot. Just bad all around. But, I still go to McDonald's for two main reasons. First, $1 drinks. It's common for our family to hit the drive thru for cheap large drinks. Second, I'll still get breakfast there. While it's still inconsistent, more often than not, I like the sausage biscuit. When it's a warm, soft biscuit, it's a great deal for $1. And I'll add a large unsweet tea. And, yeah, occasionally for fries or an ice cream cone or hot fudge sundae. ETA: Oh, and the breakfast burrito can be ok sometimes and the new donut sticks are decent.
  21. Thank you note with glitter is the shark move.
  22. How far off the coast was the Japan tsunami several years ago?