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  1. I will be in Philly tomorrow thru Sunday. A lot of time at the convention center but will be exploring during free time. We will hit Reading Terminal quite a bit but looking for other suggestions that are good and affordable for a family of 5. Went to Jim’s over 10 years ago. Might do that again unless there are other suggestions for cheesesteaks.
  2. @squistion California is definitely one of the most diverse states, but not necessarily representative of the country as a whole. Above, I did the variance of each group from the US total to show California is not representative. However, if we do the variance from "perfect diversity" (equal population in each category), California is the 2nd most diverse next to Hawaii. Iowa is 46th.
  3. 17% in Illinois. US is 18%. Fits perfectly.
  4. I'm not a demographer so I don't fully understand how to deal with the whole race vs ethnicity issue when it comes to Hispanics. But, if we look at Hispanic as a distinct group separate from White Alone (not Hispanic) and Black Alone (not Hispanic), then California is very skewed. You may see that California is about 60% White in the race data but that drops to about 37% for the non-Hispanic White Alone group. California (US total): White Alone - 37% (61%) Black Alone - 5% (12%) Asian - 14% (6%) Hispanic - 39% (18%) 2 or more races - 3% (3%) Iowa (US total): White Alone - 86% (61%) Black Alone - 3% (12%) Asian - 3% (6%) Hispanic - 6% (18%) 2 or more races - 2% (3%) If we calculate the variance of each group from the US Total and sum the variances, Iowa (0.086) is closer than California (0.113) to the US breakdown. Looking at all states, Illinois is the closest (0.0007), followed by Connecticut (0.005), New York (0.005), and New Jersey (0.006). Illinois (US total): White Alone - 61% (61%) Black Alone - 14% (12%) Asian - 5% (6%) Hispanic - 17% (18%) 2 or more races - 2% (3%) I left out American Indian/Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander because the site I found with the best formatted data had many of those population percentages suppressed due to high sampling error in many states. I doubt it would make much of a difference for most states, though.
  5. California isn't representative, either.
  6. Not that I'm aware of. Also, we have to consider the theology that God is God and we aren't and that leads many Christians to say that it's ok for God to do X but it's wrong for a person to do that same thing.
  8. I’m a fan of saying “peanuts” in a way that you can’t tell if I’m saying “penis” or “peanuts”. Inspired by this:
  9. George is interviewed on the street by local media about how bad the Knicks are. His rant goes viral so Fox Sports fires Shannon Sharpe and hires George to be on Undisputed with Skip Bayless. George refuses to move to LA and does the show remotely from his parents’ basement. During one episode, Frank interrupts and goes on his own rant about Dak Prescott, leading to Frank being hired and a three-man show. Both George and Skip don’t like having Frank on the show and plot to have him fired by baiting Frank into using a racial slur on air.
  10. Jerry learns he has a Wikipedia page that’s full of inaccuracies. His parents find out about the page and believe all of the inaccuracies and are embarrassed of the things they now think he did. Also, Jerry is verified on Twitter and the others feel they should be verified too.
  11. I feel like this one should be reversed and George is the one saying he'll tip. Yes, Fortnite has to be an episode. I also suggest Kramer hires a Fortnite coach and the coach ends up being an 8 year old boy.
  12. Kramer turns his apartment into an Airbnb. George’s parents wear MAGA apparel. Elaine dates a transgender (NTTAWWT) without knowing it, but everyone else thinks it’s obvious.
  13. Not sure if he's read the Bible, but he's at least signed the Bible. If anything signals "devoted Christian", it's adding your signature to Bibles for your adoring fans.
  14. I assumed states individually because it’s clearly a ridiculous statement if you combine the states no matter what you’re assuming is the definition of LA is. I assumed city at first but then would quickly change my assumption to metro area based on the context, since you accurately pointed out the statement is ridiculous if you assume city. In no way would I assume county because people usually say “county” when they mean county.
  16. So there is a downside.
  17. I'm not familiar. What is this?
  18. By Region: South - 42 West - 37 Midwest - 36 Northeast - 29 FBG PSF Percent of Total vs US Percent of Total South - 29.2%, 38.1% West - 25.7%, 23.8% Midwest - 25.0%, 20.9% Northeast - 20.1%, 17.2%
  19. I'm not sure if they are fine with it or not. I don't know how to know their thoughts and feelings about it unless we talk to them. I don't see a conversation subtracting anything. I definitely agree that growing up today is different than when we were kids and maybe they can handle it better than we can. Maybe we can even learn from them through a conversation. I'd be totally shocked if my kids are making fun of the other kid to their face. I'd be somewhat shocked to learn that they make fun of the kid behind their back. I'd be not shocked at all to learn that my kids laugh at jokes other kids make and don't stand up for this kid. I have no idea if they are calling the child by their preferred name or not. Again, these are things that we can learn through a conversation about this. I'm not seeing the harm in a conversation as long as it's not done in a harmful way (I sound like Yogi Berra). I don't know how it factors either, but as a Christian who now has the situation two doors down from me, I think it would be appropriate to try to figure that out. I assume you'll agree that the stereotypical Christian response to this would be "That's a sin!" and maybe even be followed up with "We need to tell them they're sinning!" I assume through some good conversation with Christians that we'd mostly all conclude that how someone dresses isn't of importance here nor is what their name is. (I'm sure there'd be some people who see a problem there, but I'd guess not too many.) But, I'm sure there's a lot of uncomfortableness with the idea of identifying with the gender/sex that is opposite of your genitals. Gender/sex is clearly seen as something different than clothing and names among the Christian community. It's typically seen as the way we were created by God. For Christians, there is definitely the idea that our identity is in Christ and not in ourselves. I think that line of thinking is what probably leads to opposition here, but I admit there are probably many other ways we seek an identity outside of Christ that we are ok with and we aren't consistent in its application. Thanks for your input and thoughts and push for me to examine my assumptions.
  20. Possibly. Differences of opinion are fine with me. I bet we could also go back and forth a little while longer and clarify more what we each mean and find out that we're pretty much in agreement, but I'm hungry now and want lunch.