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  1. What? That was legendary... That said, this is a pretty good thread I had not seen until now Has it really been 11+ years since the Clyde thread was purged? We aren't even talking about 11+ years since the thread; it's 11+ years since the thread was purged! That's hard to fathom.
  2. I don't think anyone has seen "Democratic Data" or "Republican Data" and I don't think anyone has claimed to see that. I clearly did a poor job communicating that I think the "sides" he was referring to are the sides on either side of the accurate number. There's the "side" that's over the accurate number and there's the "side" that's below the accurate number. Think of "sides" as "directions" and "distance" from the true number and not as two ideological foes. As you say, we have 50 different ways to do things. Some of those ways could over count and some could under count: those are the "sides".
  3. I assume the "sides" are "over counting" and "under counting".
  4. Right. And I believe Trump voters four years ago either believed we were dying of a bullet wound at that time, or, probably more accurately, believed Hillary was holding the gun and ready to give us a bullet wound. Either way, to @Maurile Tremblay's point, Trump voters weren't cool with sexual assault four years ago just like Biden voters this November aren't cool with it.
  5. Saying "But no matter what he's got my vote in November" is very different from saying things like "it's not relevant to pursue". I think the latter is what people take issue with. The former isn't really all that controversial.
  6. That video does show the vast difference in goalies then and now. But, it also shows some great plays by Gretzky.
  7. Mario trailed Ovechkin and Gretzky the first 8 seasons in this metric (cumulative player goals per game/cumulative league goals per team per game) but then beats them the rest of his career by a pretty good margin.
  8. I do love watching the Caps on a PP against teams that don't overplay Ovechkin. So stupid. I want hockey back! Right about now, the Caps should be blowing a first round 3-1 lead.
  9. My favorite kind of hypocrisy is the kind where someone only points out the hypocrisy on the other side. Being hypocritical about hypocrisy is pretty amazing stuff and accounts for a decent percentage of PSF posts. And, for the record, I'm sure I've been guilty of that in the past and will be again at some point in the future.
  10. Yeah, I'd guess nobody's close in assists even when adjusting for era. And it's possible there are other players that have come close in the goal scoring department when accounting for era, but I only compared Ovechkin and Gretzky.
  11. Since I'm a Caps fan, I've compared Ovechkin's goal accomplishments vs Gretzky's based on league averages. Taking their goals/game as a percentage of league average goals/game, Ovechkin had the advantage in seasons 1-4, Gretzky took the lead in seasons 5-9 (season 9 basically being a tie), and now Ovechkin back in the lead, and growing since he hasn't slowed down yet, in seasons 10-15. My guess is he doesn't pass Gretzky for most goals all-time (COVID not helping his chances), but he has a shot. And that would be remarkable given the way the game has changed. Of course, that's just one aspect of the game. I'm not arguing Ovechkin is greater than Gretzky. That would be dumb. But, an argument can be made that Ovechkin's the better goal scorer.
  12. yep. totally equal. great point! I always felt like the Barry Sanders short yardage criticism was unfair. Early in his career, he had success. He had 11 1-yard TDs in his first four seasons, which was tied for 7th during that time span. Utilizing a goal-line RB just never sat right with me.
  13. Football has proved to be a tough sport to have a clear GOAT. Brady would definitely get some votes, and maybe the most votes, but he's not the unquestioned GOAT in football. Nobody is. People our age (I'm assuming most of us are from the Jordan era) pretty regularly say Jordan is the basketball GOAT. He probably has a decent lead in basketball. But, plenty of experts, and old-timers, will make some decent arguments for Wilt or Kareem or Russell. And, of course, youngsters swear LeBron is the GOAT and Jordan is merely #2 now. Point is, there are arguments to be made for other guys that aren't insane. Ruth has always been mentioned as the GOAT in baseball. I'm not sure I've heard other arguments, but I've also never followed baseball closely enough to care to listen to those arguments. Who else gets votes? Mays? Really only hear two arguments in hockey: Gretzky and Lemieux. But, the Lemieux crowd is fairly small compared to the Gretzky crowd. Gretzky has a significant lead there.
  14. @zamboni and @otb_lifer My take isn't intended to be a knock against Gretzky. It's in response to Gretzky "facing a modern game". And, yeah, there's some laziness to my take. It's partly based on highlight videos showing goalies wearing toothpicks for leg pads and the lack of the butterfly. But it's also based on league-wide scoring being at an all-time peak during Gretzky's prime. I have no doubt Gretzky playing today would regularly lead the league in scoring and he is the GOAT.
  15. If we conducted polls for each sport, who wins each sport and how far away is #2? Do you think the results would be different if we randomly polled sports fans vs randomly polling sports "experts"?
  16. Gretzky spent a large chunk of his career (the portion where he scored a ton of his goals and points) against some pretty horrific goalie-play compared to today's standards.
  17. And, even if he never scored a goal, he'd still be the all time points leader. Oh, btw, he's the all time goals leader.
  18. Interesting. I guess I meant tangible things (not sure if that's really what I mean, either), so wasn't really thinking of answers like "sin". I guess "our choices" could be another answer and would fall in line with "sin". But, if God gave us free will to make our own choices, then they also belong to him, sort of.
  19. Should this just be "Everything." Are there scriptures that say there are things that don't belong to God?
  20. Society-level policies shouldn't be about whether the victims are people I personally care about or strangers to me. Whether someone I care about is affected or not doesn't determine whether a policy is good or not.
  21. FWIW, my understanding (basically, what I've been told but have not studied myself) is that the temple money changers were set up in the area of the temple where gentiles were allowed. So, the problem was that they were willing to turn the gentile worship area into a market because, well, they're stinkin' gentiles! I could be totally misrepresenting what I've heard, though.
  22. I tend to agree, but that line of thinking always leads me to anarchy and a society with total reliance as God as their King. I posted 1 Samuel 8 earlier because God warned the Israelites about having a king other than Him. My guess is man-made governments aren't the ideal situation God has for man. But, they are the reality we are in so we have to best decide where we're ok with the force of government and where we aren't. Followers of Christ can reasonably disagree on where that line is.
  23. Of course it wasn't a kingdom on earth, but I think he knew how it was interpreted by the political leaders. His charge was "King of the Jews". Personally, I'd say if someone is intentionally acting in a way that upsets the politics of the day, they are at least being somewhat political. Obviously politics wasn't his goal. If you want to say he's apolitical, that's fine with me. I think we're saying the same thing about what he did, just labeling it a little differently.