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  1. "Tell someone" <> "demand someone". I chose the word "demand" intentionally. Obviously there's nothing wrong with saying, "I prefer Tom instead of Thomas" or "I prefer that you don't refer to me as a boy".
  2. Need to read this thread. The other day, my wife overheard a neighborhood kid (boy) say to another neighborhood kid (girl) something like "I touched your privates. You're a boy!" (I'd guess they are both around 4th grade.) My wife said something to the boy telling him to not touch other people like that and to not say things like that. She said he was embarrassed when she approached him about it. My wife then decided she needed to mention this to the girl's mom and encourage her to talk to the boy's parents. When my wife talked to the girl's mom, she revealed that the girl now identifies as a boy and has a new name. This definitely surprised my wife, she told me, and is now talking about how we go about talking to our kids about it. Apparently our kids already know this news, but we're now wondering how we approach it with them. For now, my only reaction is to say that we shouldn't make a huge deal out of it, tell our kids not to treat people differently because of this, they should encourage others not to make fun of others because of this, call people by the name they prefer, and stress that they don't know what other people are feeling/going through and sometimes it's hard to understand why people make certain decisions because of this lack of knowledge. And we'll ask them if they have any questions (which I'm sure we can't answer). We're also Christian and will want to understand how to approach this from that angle. I think our current plan already does that by telling our kids to, in short, love others, but obviously there's a typical thought that we "should" be opposed something here. And I'd like more evidence of that opposition from a Christian standpoint than hearing from friends who have no real special knowledge in this area. Like I said, I really need to take the time to read this thread.
  3. Definitely. But I think the flip side of this relationship can also be Richardish. Is it Richardish to demand someone else use the language you prefer? Is it Richardish to lack patience with others as they try to adjust a lifetime of language in order to please you? IMO, people should focus on whatever side of the relationship they are on and do better at being understanding from that perspective and worry less about what the other side should do. Spend more time assessing our own actions and intents and less on other people's actions and what we assume their intents are.
  4. No. Person A doesn't have the right to determine how Person B speaks. Sure, Person B should be respectful enough to call Person A by their preference, but that's entirely up to Person B.
  5. Why do they currently have a tax exemption? Does a law need to change to make that happen? Or are the laws fine and you think they don't meet the requirements of the law?
  6. @Maurile Tremblay Can you clean up the state data and show some charts for that? Maybe do it at a region level rather than state level (since 145 responses won't be that interesting across 50 states)?
  7. Agree. The religious data was as I expected and we're better at religious discussions than political discussions. I miss some of the religious discussions we used to have.
  8. Pretty sure once I buy team gear from the franchise then the team gear is mine and the money isn't.
  9. Definitely. But, in general, I do think it's best if a society can have language and words that aren't off limits to some groups. Since we don't have that, and probably never will, it's up to each person to try to adjust their language when they learn something new. I'd also say it's up to the offended group to have some patience when asking someone to change the way they've talked for many years.
  10. True. "Girls Night" is a common thing. But, when I'm addressing or referring to a group of women, I personally find it weird to call them "girls". And like I said in my other post, I really don't think many women are offended by it, so I don't see it being a big deal.
  11. Yeah, I'm guessing a survey of women would show that the vast majority just don't care that much if someone uses "girls" when addressing them. My daughter's volleyball coach says things like "Come on, guys" or "Way to go, guys" to an all girls volleyball team all the time. I asked her about it once and she said she doesn't care and doesn't know anyone who does care.
  12. "What can I get you ladies?" "What can I get you women?" "What can I get all of you?" "What can I get y'all?" "What can I get you?" Lots of options. Definitely seems odd to use "girls" for adult women. But, not sure why that would mean we need to nix it from our vocabulary entirely. That seems extreme.
  13. When have they not thought they were ready for a run?
  15. My neighborhood has bins for the poop bags so I use those.
  16. Zach Brown and Stacy McGee gone. Adrian Peterson coming back. Apparently talking to Ha Ha.
  17. I understand there are parts of the country like this, but I never have to really detour in order to get gas. And it seems like they are piloting this in the Bay Area and DFW which I'd think are also areas where their customers don't really have to detour of their ideal path in order to get gas.
  18. And put air in my tire and squeegee my windows? OK, maybe they will do that.
  19. Most parking in downtown DC are parking garages. I don't see these trucks going into garages. I also don't see them filling up a car in a curbside spot. Pretty much the only surface lots downtown are related to the Capitol and Congress parking, so there's a potential opportunity...if security will allow it.
  20. Yeah, I'm not seeing the great value here. Getting gas isn't much of a hassle. I'm not sure what problem they're solving. A Google search indicates that their gas is $0.05 cheaper than gas stations, so a cheaper product (saving less than $1 for most car fill-ups) combined with saving a few minutes of time is a slight benefit but nothing amazing. If it was in my area, I'd give it a try but I don't see this as some great service. Maybe when it's cold it would be nice to not have to go get gas? Most importantly, gas stations are an awesome opportunity to clean out my car while the pump is going. Those trash cans are always full because people use them to get rid of extra car trash. Will BoostFuel take away my trash?
  21. In your experience, how well do juries do with the instructions they're given? Do you think these instructions work in most cases?
  22. You're speaking about the "right outcome" as it relates to this one case. But, allowing cases like this to be decided like this hurts the ability of other cases to have the "right outcome". Having the "wrong outcome" on this case helps more cases have the "right outcome".
  23. Only people who get gas from Costco. Those lines are insane. No idea what those people are doing.
  24. Thanks. Since only 1 of the 5 of us currently have a passport, I'm not sure I'm up for paying for 4 passports for this trip with no other use for them on the horizon so we'd likely skip the Canada side.