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  1. It’s holding and coming back, but Norman made no attempt to stop Jones running for that first down.
  2. Making the switch to Haskins buys him some time.
  3. Way to be ready coming out of the timeout.
  4. I like that putting Haskins in has lead to Jay to rediscover the running game.
  5. They really don’t want to but Keenum is killing them right now. Keenum isn’t giving them much of a choice.
  6. I’ve always debated with myself whether it’s worse to watch bad offense or bad defense. This season, I get the pleasure of watching both.
  7. I’m baffled that this talented DL gets so little pressure on the QB.
  8. McLaurin is now questionable for Sunday. He was limited yesterday and didn't practice today.
  10. Remember when the Redskins were interviewing people for the DC position while Manusky was still employed as the DC and then they ended up keeping Manusky? Shockingly, that’s not working. Defensive players show no fire, no excitement, and seem to offer no resistance to opposing offenses. I’m going to go out on a limb and say there might be some problems behind the scenes on that side of the ball.
  11. On that TD just before halftime, it was 3rd and 17 from the 36 and the Redskins brought a 5 man rush and had the CBs up right on the outside WRs. I supposed the idea was to try to keep them out of FG range but that really back fired since the rush didn’t get there and Norman was beat deep again (and celebrated with an incomplete hand gesture despite it being a catch and a TD).
  12. I’d rather see another int downfield than this dink and dunk. What’s the point?
  13. Norman giving cushion on 3rd and short. Not surprisingly, redskins probably won’t get the ball back.
  14. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th and short and three runs. No problem. Peterson getting one of those runs. Problem.