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  1. I assume all the positions and categories are considered equal here? Judges won't be weighting one position higher than another? Having the greatest assistant waterboy is equivalent to having the greatest head coach?
  2. I know an upscale restaurant in VA is (or will be).
  3. No matter how much you shake and how much you dance, the last three drops will drop in your pants.
  4. The encouragement is always for households to respond on their own. Door knocking is expensive. Coronavirus is just added complexity.
  5. We’re delaying our Early Nonresponse Followup operation. In this operation, census takers begin following up with households that haven’t responded yet around some colleges and universities. By starting early, we can count households in areas with off-campus housing before the end of the spring semester when students may leave for another residence. We’re delaying the start of this effort from April 9 to April 23.
  6. I know. I just think one is much easier to notice what it is. And I was mostly just joking because the old emjois are so much better than the new ones. It's all good.
  7. @CurlyNight put 🙄 and the end of the post. I missed it at first, but it's there. Maybe use the better one in the future:
  8. My guess is it will eventually depend on what the factory is making.
  9. I probably have the greatest immune system in the world.
  11. Might want to call first. They were changing their hours and aren’t staying open 24 hours right now. What about places like CVS or Walgreens? Are they still open 24/7?
  12. Yep. I’ve noticed that about some elderly. They don’t view death like younger people do. They know it’s right around the corner and they are somewhat ok with that. They mostly want to enjoy the time they have left Everyone dies. We spend quite a bit of time discussing when and how that happens.
  13. Probably giving my maid and butler a free vacation to a secluded tropical island; flown there on my private jet by my pilot, of course. My personal chef is staying here, though.
  14. How many fantasy football teams will be called Flatten the Curve next year? I mean, if there’s a season, of course.
  15. Costco fans regularly wait in line behind 20 cars to save a couple bucks on gas. They have nothing but time on their hands. Willing to wait in the most ridiculous lines for anything.
  16. Never knew your were in Fairfax County. Sorry for the high five. You need to wash your hands now.
  17. Not sure you are comparing apples to apples. I think those cities in China are more equivalent to our metro areas. The US has over 50 metro areas over 1 million. Doesn’t necessarily change how amazing it is that China has 160, but just pointing out the difference.
  18. Virginia boys basketball championship was canceled. Was supposed to be this weekend. My kids’ HS was in the championship for the first time. The school was going to bus students down to Richmond. The school was really excited.