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  1. If the Redskins traded for Josh Rosen (if he’s even available), the Redskins combined cap hits of the 4 QBs would be less than Kirk Cousins’ in Minnesota. Now, u can go ahead and argue about who has it better.
  2. It’s March. What’s the argument against having 3 QBs right now? I see nothing that would stop them from having 3 now (whether it’s Rosen, a draft pick, or someone else) and then cutting one in August if they don’t want 3 in the regular season.
  3. I don’t see why this would stop them from trading from Rosen.
  5. It's good value and I like that it's not a trade that makes it a lock that Washington sees Keenum as the unquestioned starter. I can still see them going after Rosen or someone else.
  6. Mike Klis‏Verified account @MikeKlis 6m6 minutes ago Broncos have trade parameters with Washington for QB Case Keenum: Broncos get WAS 6th in 2020, WAS gets Broncos 7th in '20, per source. Keenum's contract reworked. Broncos pay him $500K restructure bonus and pay $3.5 million of his $7M salary. Washington pays $3.5 mi. #9sports
  7. Why do I get the feeling that we're going to give up way too much here?
  8. Are you a Hilton Honors member? I see some pretty low rates for 4/19-4/22 on the Hilton app. Several rates called Hilton Long Weekender which give you half off Sunday night if you are a Hilton Honors member. $127 for 2 Queen beds at the Hilton Garden Inn on M Street NW. Or $102 at the Washington Hilton on Connecticut Avenue for 2 double beds. A couple downtown Embassy Suites in the $170s for 1 King and 1 sofa bed (and a good breakfast included). And really good rates ($82-134) in Crystal City/National Airport area, which will be an easy Metro ride downtown. If you're not a member, it's easy enough to sign up and get those rates. Marriott seems to have similar rates, but I didn't look into each of those too closely.
  9. Everything will be open. Cherry blossoms should be done by then so crowds shouldn't be too bad.
  10. I'm game. Not that I think it will work, but whatever they'd do with those draft picks probably wouldn't work either so let's get crazy.
  11. Might go in July for our anniversary. Other than “It will be hot and humid”, looking forward to some input here.
  12. Scott Stevens Juwan Howard for about 10 minutes
  13. People obviously won’t do this and for good reason. And that good reason has absolutely nothing to do with giving you an interest free loan.
  14. I assume the OP would imply that schools would share data with the DMV. When it comes to public schools, both are government institutions so I guess that could happen. But, then what about private schools and home school? Force them to share grade data with the DMV?
  15. So is that the purpose of this? To improve school performance? If so, I'd propose finding another way and not link grades to drivers licenses. Or is there another goal? To have fewer young drivers? Then maybe just make the driving tests harder. I guess I just don't get the point.
  16. Maybe. In 2017, someone in the 25% tax bracket reduced their taxes by $2012.50 per child (($4050 tax exemption X 0.25)+$1000). In 2018, the personal tax exemption is gone and it's a straight $2000 and that filer is probably now in the 22% tax bracket. However, 2018 did raise the income limit to claim the full child tax credit so that helped those over $110,000 AGI.
  17. Actually, in this poll, we're talking closer to $40 ($38.46) per week because it's not a choice between $1000 refund and $0 refund/owed. We're comparing $1000 refund vs $1000 owed which is $2000/year. So, you technically can invest $2000/year. Yeah, interest in savings accounts are low and nothing to get excited about here even after doubling the money. But, you could put $1000 of that $2000 in a Roth and let the other $1000 sit in savings (earning almost nothing) to then pay IRS. Of course, this plan assumes you know exactly what you're tax bill will be and if you know that then you might as well work it out to be a $0 balance and still put that $1000 in your Roth.
  18. Butt Hollow Rd Virginia 24153
  19. I've been but not in a long time. As with most of the "local" ski resorts, it should be good for kids as new skiers since you're probably not going to be looking for anything difficult or amazing runs. Not sure what the amenities (lodging, restaurants, etc) are like.
  20. There's a big difference, IMO, between "have said it" and "have used it". I think a lot of people have "said it" when singing along with a song, or repeating a movie line, or having a discussion about the word itself. I'd say far fewer people have "used" the word. Mary Ann "used" the word. Referring to an area as a "****** district" is the type of use that many, many people have not done.
  21. Filed last Tuesday and my bank indicates my federal return deposit is pending.
  22. Gym, which unfortunately was only 9th and 10th grade. I hated school and wasn't interested in any classes. I wasn't a good student. That continued into my first two years of college. Then I took intermediate micro-economics with a really good professor. It grabbed my attention and it made sense to me, so I declared it as my major and all of a sudden started getting good grades.
  23. You're a fed, right? Or maybe I'm confusing you with someone else. If you are, also remember that you had 27 paychecks last year and you'll have 26 this year. Also, you'll start getting a new normal pay check soon with the federal pay raise being approved. You'll initially probably get a paycheck with pay raise back pay and then normal pay checks starting after that. It could be late March until you see your "normal" paycheck.
  24. I believe many parents make it more difficult than it needs to be. I enjoyed this book.