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  1. Gretzky spent a large chunk of his career (the portion where he scored a ton of his goals and points) against some pretty horrific goalie-play compared to today's standards.
  2. And, even if he never scored a goal, he'd still be the all time points leader. Oh, btw, he's the all time goals leader.
  3. Interesting. I guess I meant tangible things (not sure if that's really what I mean, either), so wasn't really thinking of answers like "sin". I guess "our choices" could be another answer and would fall in line with "sin". But, if God gave us free will to make our own choices, then they also belong to him, sort of.
  4. Should this just be "Everything." Are there scriptures that say there are things that don't belong to God?
  5. Society-level policies shouldn't be about whether the victims are people I personally care about or strangers to me. Whether someone I care about is affected or not doesn't determine whether a policy is good or not.
  6. FWIW, my understanding (basically, what I've been told but have not studied myself) is that the temple money changers were set up in the area of the temple where gentiles were allowed. So, the problem was that they were willing to turn the gentile worship area into a market because, well, they're stinkin' gentiles! I could be totally misrepresenting what I've heard, though.
  7. I tend to agree, but that line of thinking always leads me to anarchy and a society with total reliance as God as their King. I posted 1 Samuel 8 earlier because God warned the Israelites about having a king other than Him. My guess is man-made governments aren't the ideal situation God has for man. But, they are the reality we are in so we have to best decide where we're ok with the force of government and where we aren't. Followers of Christ can reasonably disagree on where that line is.
  8. Of course it wasn't a kingdom on earth, but I think he knew how it was interpreted by the political leaders. His charge was "King of the Jews". Personally, I'd say if someone is intentionally acting in a way that upsets the politics of the day, they are at least being somewhat political. Obviously politics wasn't his goal. If you want to say he's apolitical, that's fine with me. I think we're saying the same thing about what he did, just labeling it a little differently.
  9. I think there's some truth here. Can't ignore the fact that Jesus can physically heal everyone and he doesn't. But, to @Kal El's point, I think Jesus does want us to provide for others as a natural reaction to being a follower of his.
  10. I wouldn't say he's apolitical. I agree he doesn't support a man-made party, but he's political in the sense that he came to establish a kingdom, debated with religious political leaders, and died a political death. While not taking the side of a political party, he took the side of his father and of the people and he was against the rulers who abused their position and led people away from God.
  11. Yes, I think it would be good if the government knew a ballpark number being saved before spending $2.2T. The government already has values for lives that I assume they use in situations like this. It seems obvious to me that there is some sort of value that needs to be met. Doesn't mean I know what that value is and I'm glad it's not my decision. I'm glad it's really not even something that I have to contemplate.
  12. Again, no idea. Where is this questioning headed?
  13. I hope someone has a decent idea on how many lives are being saved and we didn't spend $2.2T blindly.
  14. Ok, it sounds like I’ve been defining “political” a little differently. I think I get what you’re saying now.
  15. Why does it need to be this way? Are you suggesting discussions about the level of government involvement in the economy doesn't have to lean towards being a political discussion? What would that look like? What do you mean by "political"?
  16. No, it's because a key part of the definition of capitalism is about the level of control the government has. Economics as a study of markets/prices/incentives/behavior is not political. Discussions about economic systems and how the government should or shouldn't be involved in manipulating those markets/prices/incentives/behaviors is political. Discussions of price theory and equilibrium prices where demand and supply intersect is economics and not political. Whether the government should allow market prices to be what they are or institute some kind of price control is political.
  17. Great player. One of 16 players with a 99 yard offensive TD. Not just a WR. Also played RB early in career in Cleveland and was a great KR/PR with 8 TDs there. And, obviously, broke the Redskins color barrier.
  18. Technically pretty easy, but with difficulties. Census doesn't ask for SSN or another common identifier so would have to rely on linking data by address and name. Legally much more difficult. Census responses are legally limited in their uses.
  19. Similar story here. We did a refrigerator, washer, stove, microwave bundle with Best Buy in 2017. I'll leave out the delivery failures with Best Buy for now and just focus on Whirlpool. The dishwasher motor broke twice in the first 2+ years. They replaced both under warranty even though we were technically a couple days over warranty on the first motor. Also, in the first year, the door gasket was torn which caused a minor leak. Luckily we noticed it quickly and it didn't cause damage. Also covered under warranty. It was a previous dishwasher leak (don't remember the brand) that led to a lot of repairs (covered by insurance) and we went ahead and replaced all appliances at that time. So we were really annoyed at that gasket tear. Several months ago, I think the motor was broken again. This time, though, they weren't going to cover it unless we paid hundreds of dollars to have the control panel fixed first so they could then determine if the motor was broken. We refused and bought a KitchenAid. Just recently, our freezer was occasionally dripping out the front. Turns out a drain in the back was gunked up. Repair guy fixed it and it was only $120 for the visit (no parts no additional labor cost) but a fix that needed to be made in the first few years of it's life. We've also had some issues with cheap pieces of plastic like others have mentioned in this thread. Our stove light went out in the first few months. Not a big deal, but also not a great sign. More importantly, one of the large front burners doesn't work right. You can use it on high and boil things, but none of the medium level heats get very hot. Never tried to get that fixed. We have three other burners so not sure it's worth paying a repairman to even come look at it. So far, the microwave is fine. That's four Whirlpool appliances and three have had problems (one, the dishwasher, multiple problems) in less than 3 years. I will not buy Whirlpool again. Oh, and I haven't spent a single dollar at Best Buy since then either.
  21. So I understand you correctly, you are saying that seeing good data on those examples is something that would tell you that we are testing enough? If we could break down the "positives" into multiple categories? Or am I misunderstanding you?