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  3. Would resigning be bad for him if he ever goes to court? Would it look like an admission of guilt?
  4. What will of the people are you taking about? Their vote? They voted for him before knowing any of this. Their votes might not represent their will anymore.
  5. I agree that who should step down should not come down to politics, but I don't have a problem with a party maneuvering in a way to make the timing work for the party (assuming the maneuvering doesn't take an unreasonable amount of time).
  6. Correct. I did not read it. One might say I am unwilling to read it. I don't even really know what "it" is. I'm simply jumping into a discussion about money/stuff/whatever being given to those who are unwilling to work and trying to figure out what that means, since it doesn't make sense to me if it's taken literally.
  7. I don't see how it's clear at all. Taken literally, retirees could be included. When chet retires, is he "unwilling to work"? Is he a recipient of these benefits? My assumption is Ocasio-Cortez is not looking to help the top 1% who are retired and no longer willing to work.
  8. Well, we should start by gaining an understanding of who fits in the "unwilling to work" category. Taken literally, I'd oppose it. But, it's possible that she has different people in mind and maybe picked a label that is confusing people.
  9. Are "people who are unwilling to work" synonymous to "poor people"? I think there's more support for helping poor people than there is for helping those who are unwilling to work. I'm not really sure exactly what "unwilling to work" means.
  10. He was making a joke that you were quoting Jesus.
  11. As mentioned, SALT is $10k. And all those other things are outside the SALT limit and are treated separately. If you donated $25k or even $20k, then you should easily exceed the standard deduction and be itemizing.
  12. I feel like we're only getting one side of the story here. Maybe get your wife a FBG account so she can post here side? It is Friday after all.
  13. To me, "deep south" is as much culture as it geography. I consider plenty of areas in VA to be the "deep south".
  14. I don’t know enough to know if the Porter trade is good or not. But I do know giving up 50 points in a quarter is NOT good.
  15. And my assumption is he's lying that he wasn't in that particular picture, which means to me that he's trying to hide something about who he was/is. Contrast that with the comedians who do it on camera for everyone to see. My assumption is they do that because they really don't have anything to hide. If the story was Kimmel painted his face to be Karl Malone at a private party of only white people, then we move more into the Northam picture category. But he did it on camera for all to see.
  16. Thanks for the bump of that post. It reminded me to order an Acadia postcard since we didn't know about these when went there in 2013.
  17. @Brony We didn't pay to do the Monument Valley loop. There are several areas to pull off the side of the road along 163 to take pictures. The spots north of the monuments give the best views, IMO. Just up the road is Mexican Hat. Again, I think you can pay to get closer, but you can see the rock from the road. We stopped at Twin Rocks Café in Bluff, UT, for lunch. My youngest said it was the best burger he's ever had. I doubt that, but I opted for the Navajo Taco which was something we really wanted to try on our trip. It was good. As you head up 191, a little before you get to Moab, there's Wilson's Arch on the right side. It's an easy pull off and climb up.
  18. You may or may not lose an hour due to time change, too, when you drive from Page to Moab. When I drove from Flagstaff to Moab in June, we lost an hour. But I know AZ does some different things with their time, so maybe they are the same time as UT this time of year? Dead Horse Point State Park was suggested to us when we in Moab, but we weren't there long and only did Arches. It looks like a short detour from Canyonlands so you might want to consider including it.
  19. I don’t watch many of these. Are the dems standing and applauding more than the opposing party usual does?
  20. Hoping for something wildly entertaining. It’s been a disappointment so far on that front.