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  1. I love innovation. Wish teams would take more chances. I'd be all for this, while simultaneously admitting it doesn't matter because real change will never happen (see my previous gift analogy).
  2. It's like the first present you open being a video game for a gaming system you don't have. You then expect that appropriately shaped wrapped box in the back to be the gaming system. But it's not. It's one of those trick presents where a small-sized gift is put in a big box and it's another game for the same gaming system you don't have. And you never actually get the gaming system and you realize those initial gifts are meaningless because the gift that makes all other gifts work is never coming. But the gift-giver gets you all excited by giving you gifts that imply that the meaningful gift is coming some day. But it's not coming.
  3. Anyone here start their own club/travel team/organization? Anyone here currently run one? There just isn't a middle ground for volleyball clubs where I live. Either you pay way too much money and travel way too much and commit too much time in order to get to play good competition or you go the cheap route and play horrible competition. My ideal would be a way for decent players to play against decent competition without it taking over their lives and parents' bank accounts. So I had a crazy thought, "What would it take to start my own?" Immediately I thought of finding a coach, securing a practice facility, equipment, and insurance (right?). Am I missing something major? Would love to hear from anyone here who has experience with this. ETA: Not surprisingly, a quick Google search indicates there's a lot more to this.
  4. I'll read through the thread to get some ideas, but wanted to bump this to see if there's anything new to add since I'll be there in a couple weeks. I'm staying just a couple blocks from the Vikings stadium in the Mill district. It's not going to be snowing, right?
  5. Was Daunte Culpepper inactive most of his rookie year? He appeared in one game, and had three rush attempts, and Jeff George and Randall Cunningham were the only QBs to throw passes for the Vikings that season.
  7. Obviously they hope to get Davis back on the PS. I heard someone say that this should be a good sign that McLaurin will be ready to go this week. But, it would be very Redskins for them to cut Davis in anticipation of McLaurin coming back and then someone else signs Davis and then McLaurin isn't ready to play. And, yeah, ridiculous that Reed is taking up a roster spot. They really need to do whatever they can to take as many cap hits as they can this season. Injury settlement and cut Reed. Trade Trent. Cut Alex Smith. If those moves can fit in this year's cap and have less affect on future years caps, then they need to do it. But, of course, they probably think they'll make the playoffs if they can just get Reed and Trent back on the field. Oh, and Vernon Davis is in the concussion protocol.
  8. I don't know. I see last Sunday as simply a situation where they couldn't keep Keenum out there and the backup happens to be Haskins because that's all they have at the time. If McCoy was healthy, Haskins would be inactive every game and we wouldn't have to talk about this. But, McCoy isn't healthy, so what else are they going to do? Gruden didn't want to put Haskins in but I think he felt like Keenum gave him no choice. Also, Gruden did make some comments about Keenum's foot potentially bothering him during the game. Yes, technically, they could have left Keenum in, but who knows what that would have led to. (OK, I'm not going to be all that surprised to learn that Snyder/Allen made the call and told Gruden to put in Haskins.) I'm not Gruden's biggest fan. I have issues with him as a head coach. But, I really can't get excited about firing him. Even firing Allen wouldn't get me all that excited. They will both be followed by some other hires by Snyder that won't work either. I said it years ago when people were bashing Gibbs 2.0, but those four years just might end up being the glory days for Snyder's ownership. I think someday Snyder might get lucky and have some success; whether that's stumbling upon a good GM, coach, or QB in the draft. My hope for this team is only based on getting lucky. My expectation with every change in the front office, coaching staff, roster, or the stadium is that it all leads to the same failed end result.
  9. I both agree and think it doesn’t matter at all because nothing changes where it really needs to change. I think I’ll start calling this the Snyder Paradox.
  10. We’ll hear a lot about firing Manusky or Gruden until they are both fired. It will, once again, trick the fan base into thinking changes are coming. I like a lot of the young talent, but they will all be in a Snyder organization regardless of what changes are made. It’s amazing how he can continue to get fans to focus their anger on anything other than himself. Oh, and this:
  11. In hindsight, I wish they just left Keenum in. Last INT wasn’t his fault but he looks really, really bad right now.
  12. Gruden with some give-up run plays and I’m ok with it. Haskins is struggling.
  13. I think he’s just now healthy but hasn’t practiced much, if at all.
  14. Yep. Next week is the Patriots. That’s going to be really ugly. I won’t be super upset if they go back to Keenum. Hopefully Colt is ready to come back. Haskins doesn’t belong out there right now. Awful pass on that INT.
  15. Yeah, he’s not ready. Announcers say “Coverage was good all the way around” while showing several receivers he could have hit.
  16. It’s holding and coming back, but Norman made no attempt to stop Jones running for that first down.
  17. Making the switch to Haskins buys him some time.
  18. Way to be ready coming out of the timeout.
  19. I like that putting Haskins in has lead to Jay to rediscover the running game.
  20. They really don’t want to but Keenum is killing them right now. Keenum isn’t giving them much of a choice.