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  1. I went three years ago. Site seeing was limited to one evening and then a few hours before needing to get to the airport. Both times just went to the main plaza/square and walked around. Bought some street tacos and churros. The Uber rides might have been the highlight. They served as some nice little tours. Still not sure how the drivers didn’t hit any pedestrians. Crazy.
  2. I don’t think that’s what it says. It is legislation that would make using a computer to coerce, intimidate, or harass any person illegal. “Any person” would cover government officials, but the part about them is just about where it can be prosecuted.
  3. There’s still comedy out there like that. Sometimes the point of the comedy is simply in being extreme and exploring the uncomfortableness of hearing what you heard. But maybe that wasn’t Eddie’s intent. Probably wasn’t. And if he feels bad, it’s probably a good indication that it wasn’t. But there is some modern stuff with extreme content still.
  4. The answer isn’t yes or no. I don’t think “should be offended” makes sense. You’re either offended or you’re not. I don’t know that someone “should” be either one. Be whatever you are. Having said that, I personally see value in not being offended. I think if someone can get to a place where things like this don’t offend them, that’s a good thing. I see more positives from that. What are the positives of being offended? Why “should” someone be offended?
  5. Probably Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.
  6. Obviously I am a great guy! Not fast, though.
  7. In general, I agree with the surprise of someone reporting a post because of “sunshine”. But, honestly, given the recent direction we’ve tried to take this forum, my expectation would be that that post isn’t wanted here and I fully understand why someone reported it based on their interpretation of the guidelines. I agree with the overall ideas put forth about how we should act here, but I think the biggest victim has been humor and good-natured ribbing.
  8. I feel like it should already be illegal to shoot someone's house regardless of how far away you are when you fire your gun.
  9. I've seen you mention this concern about your own property being counted as a residential zone being within 500 yards and that disqualifying you from shooting on your own property. Has that been confirmed that the law would count your own property in such a way? The law isn't worded in a way to make it clear that it's talking about adjacent properties?
  10. Not really. We're talking, at least, about a circle roughly a mile in diameter, where nothing is zoned as residential, no matter if a house is actually on it or not. If you live in Loudoun Co., where I believe the author of the bill lives, you might be driving an hour away. I'm perfectly fine with 500 (or more) yards "down range", but needing it in every direction seems a bit much to me. 500 yards is 0.284 miles. That's a diameter of 0.568 miles.
  11. I still do that some and it's what I used to do all the time. I think it was more of a stubborn thing on my part to refuse to use the ignore function. I took pride, so to speak, in the fact that was adult enough to not use the ignore function. I recently decided to use it more and I've enjoyed this forum much more. And I have some posters on ignore than most would probably consider good posters. It's not really about that for me. It's about whether I want to read their content or not. They may not all be bad posters or trolls or whatever, they are just people that I don't typically enjoy reading. Its' been mentioned before how the ignore feature is the opposite of following on Twitter. On Twitter you have to opt into seeing someone's tweets. Here, you have to opt out. But, I'm starting to treat it similarly. If I find that I'm regularly scrolling past someone's tweets, I will eventually unfollow them. I'm kind of trying that here, too. I'm treating it as if I'm currently following everyone and then I will unfollow people I'm simply no longer interested in following anymore. It's not a comment on the value of that poster to the boards overall. It's just a comment on my desire to spend my time reading what they have to say.
  12. If the Redskins were in the Super Bowl and someone offered me one free ticket, I might turn it down so I could watch it with my family. My guess is they'd try to talk me into going, though. It would be a tough decision.
  14. A good Gibbs interview:
  15. If you can, fit in Valley of Fire State Park. If you do June, consider the Spring Hill Suites or Fairfield Inn in Moab. Awesome outdoor pool setup that the kids will love.
  16. Yeah, I'll be in downtown Richmond this weekend for another reason. Pray for me.
  17. Hmm, in HS, I went off campus for lunch with some friends several times and we were caught once. I don't think we were sent to the principal, though. The security/whatever guy that caught us probably just wrote us up and gave us detention. Don't really remember what steps were taken, but I definitely had detention; had to stay after school for a couple hours.
  18. Once. Fifth grade. Our classrooms had water fountains in them. I remember that year we started unscrewing the tips off our pens, putting the tip on the water fountain, and turning on the water. It would make the water shoot out through the hole pretty far. One time, I took off the tip, put it on the water fountain, and turned it on. It sprayed watery ink all over the wallpaper (why did we have wallpaper?). I guess there was some ink in the tip. It made a pretty big spot on the wallpaper. The teacher sent me to the principal's office. She also told me how expensive the wallpaper was and how my parents were going to have to pay for it. Whatever the $ amount she said, it seemed like a lot at the time. That scared me. I walked out of the room heading towards the principal's office. As I was walking, I realized it was just me. The teacher wasn't with me. No adult was with me. Another student wasn't sent with me. So I just walked around the halls for a while and then went back to class. I remember the teacher asking me if I went to the principal's office and I said yes. Nothing else ever came of it. It was kind of weird. Comparing that to the elementary school my kids went to, they couldn't have gotten away with that. They always have to walk with buddies. A single child wandering the halls would be noticed immediately and an adult would find out what's going on. Thinking back on it now, I wonder how long I wandered the halls? Maybe I was back in the classroom in 5 minutes and my teacher probably silently called BS on me but just didn't' care.
  19. When we did Yorktown in '09 we just had time for the museum because we did Jamestown and Yorktown in one day. So this time will try to plan to do both the museum and battlefield, especially since it's my FIL's first time there and he loved seeing the battlefield when we took him to Gettysburg. Yorktown has a good river (James) beach that would be good for the kids in August.
  20. My wife's employer set her up as 1099 instead of W2. From what I can tell, there's no way she should be 1099. But, I'm pretty sure we take home more pay this way, so I don't really care.
  21. I believe you have good intentions. But posts like this rub me the wrong way a little. You may not intend this, but it comes off as viewing yourself and those like you as being superior to "Trump supporters". What you do is "real debate". What they do is not. And I get where you're coming from. But, honestly, there may be some legit reasons why they aren't engaging in "real debate." They've had a few years of feeling like they have been mislabeled whenever they do engage in "real debate". They've expressed how they think they are bombarded with insults whenever they share their opinion of something. And, if one of them did take you up on a "real debate", there would be several posters who would demand a link for every one of their posts and then call them a liar. In short, I wouldn't be surprised if Trump supporters see these offers/challenges as a trap. Why would they engage? What have they seen here that would entice them to accept an offer for "serious discussion"? Again, I get where you're coming from. I wish there were more arguments being made from the Trump side that satisfy me, personally. But I wonder if the language that's usually used here contributes to the lack of "real debate". Some responses to some Trump supporter posts come across as pretty condescending. I think it's usually unintentional, but it's there nonetheless.