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  1. Agreed, although the receivers are deep, the top isn't elite. (If I had 1.03, I'd trade down rather easily)
  2. Has the "same agent" connection ever meant anything?
  3. This is also the team that sent a 3 time pro bowl QB packing for Tom. granted, that worked really well. Your point that jimmy hasn't made much yet is fair, we'll see how it plays out but it's probably irrelevant as the pats won't pay him more this year anyway. (I think]
  4. What you're saying is logical. But if I'm an NFL caliber athlete, I'm competitive and confident enough to take the risk.
  5. Agreed. I like Davis and Williams but I'd take 6 players listed over the pick, even if I'm building. That said, keep it listed just to see how many people value it this high.
  6. We've had 25 pages and nobody has proven his value. What makes you think he's worth a top 11 pick?
  7. The difference is risk. There's non zero chance (probably about a 50% chance - although I might be pessimistic) that, even without injury, the rams will need another qb in less than 5 years.
  8. Q: if you knew your team was getting Andy Dalton, would you trade your first round pick for him? (Assume Andy is 4 years younger / 26)
  9. With two caveats, I'll agree. 1. The guy has to have proven it, to some degree anyway. ie Wentz isn't a franchise qb yet. 2. You already replied, but the guys with less than 5 years before retiring. They qualify with an asterisk *
  10. I was actually kidding, but "would be fine with" doesn't equal "looking for" or "saying to themselves that they need to find..." Eta: but your post illustrates the point. Cincy and Baltimore aren't in the market for a new starting qb either, because they have a franchise qb.
  11. other than the Patriots, every team would probably be "just fine with getting someone better." Let's say there are 20 franchise QBs. They have between 16 to 1 year of experience. So roughly speaking you might find 2 (closer to 1.25) new franchise QBs each year. Thats tough to find. Especially when the pats hoard three of them
  12. We could argue definitions. Imo your definition is way too limiting. Franchise qb is simply the guy the coaching staff is confident in to lead the team for multiple years. Rivers absolutely has been a franchise qb. AFC EAST: Brady. AFC NORTH: Ben, Joe, Andy AFC SOUTH: Luck. MM AFC WEST: rivers, carr. NFC EAST: cousins sure should be, that this is even a question makes me question that staff. Dak looks the part, Eli has been. Wentz probably will be but isn't yet. NFC NORTH: Rodgers. Stafford. NFC SOUTH: all of them. NFC WEST: Wilson. Palmer has been when healthy but he's not there now. I'm more inclined to include QBs like Winston and Mariota. They're young sure, but two good years where they've improved and shown their skill and leadership is enough for me. Dak and Wentz don't make the cut yet but should next year. Your calling Ryan a "maybe" makes the point in our differences of opinion. There's zero doubt that he has the job for the next 5 years (barring injury of course). That's what a franchise QB is, the guy the team builds around. It matters less imo whether that qb is dominant himself or simply provides leadership and consistency. Flacco and Dalton will probably be the guys others disagree with, but they're not going anywhere and the teams mostly have done well with them. To the point for jimmy G, would a team be reasonably happy to have traded a 1st round pick to the pats for Dalton or Flacco? I think that's the caliber we can expect from jimmy.
  13. I won't join another league unless it's auction. Salary cap and contracts make trading difficult. It's not being "afraid" of the format but it is a strong preference for active leagues. Dead money tends to make owners disinterested. So - auction is a must, but once teams are formed, no cap/salaries.