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  1. Thanks. Though, I'm seeking the next job in the same office, so I'm not sure how much of a "retirement" this really is. It will allow us to grow the roots we've set here and do other things in the community. So, we're pretty stoked. Just saw that I crossed the 200 mile (running) mark for the month, first time in a while. Resting today but I should get over 240, maybe 250 for October.
  2. Not all that different than taking a qb high on the draft out of need instead of real talent.
  3. I've debated between fitz and os with Eli on bye. The Lions, Jags, and Raiders are all good matchups. Brock actually plays fairly well at home, so leaning Brock but it's not a hard lean.
  4. Thinking back, I enjoyed afternoon runs in my last job. But our natural life style makes morning more convenient. Plus it's the army way. I'll have to evaluate whether to do more afternoon training in the future. My current boss works out in the early evening, but he doesn't have kids.
  5. Maybe running in the afternoon works, had one of my best workouts in a while today. It's funny though, while sitting in the "soldier for life" class - the required classes for retirement when they talk about disability, my back was hurting, I didn't want to run but decided I had to. So I gave myself an out of just doing 6 easy miles. After 6 minutes I felt good, so I followed the plan of 4x1.5m at 20 seconds faster than MP , and it felt awesome! 10 Minutes after I stopped, my back hurts again.
  6. This week was like being on pace in a 10k for a PR, then making a wrong turn, running into a flock of geese and tripping on goose poop.
  7. Laugh all you want but I'm excited to see my team on prime time in a very winnable game. Go Titans!
  8. Depends on options but I think I'll drop him and keep smelter.
  9. PFT says deal isn't currently imminent. But that would be interesting. Smelter to the roster?
  10. In small leagues, sure. even in 16 team leagues with decent benches, kickers are harder to pick up. I'm thinking of trading gost to our local pats fan, but otherwise I'm pretty much stuck with him.
  11. Sadly, he's an improvement.
  12. Alex Smith, sort of qualifies. Favre was the first that came to mind. Elvis grbac had a couple of good years in Kansas city. Steve Young, but he started a year for Tampa before leaving
  13. Although possible, Mularkey isn't likely to lose his job this quick.
  14. From the 4 spot, 12 teams Beckham, McCoy, watkins, sanders, Hyde, Ertz Granted, McCoy was fine until this week.
  15. As the evans owner in a 16 team dyno, I traded to the top waiver pick to get shepard. I need some depth and in this league you need to jump quick or lose out. I had picked up shorts thinking he'd be the 2, clearly I was wrong.