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  1. At the least, players should maintain eligibility at a position in which they had taken ⅓ of their snaps for the previous game (⅓ is fungible but we draw the line somewhere). They can gain eligibility if they're slated to start at the other position. So if Kamara were to be announced the starting QB next week, he'd be eligible at RB and QB for that game. If he took the majority of his snaps at QB, he'd lose RB eligibility (which could be regained if it's announced that he's starting rb next week). Here, it does seem that Hill shouldn't have been a TE using my criteria (so, yeah we ESPN screwed that up a while ago, not just this week). Fwiw, I started him at WR in the one league I could. Didn't matter, I would have still won if I had started Diontae Johnson instead. And nobody has complained. ETA: flea flicker now has him only as a QB and automatically booted him out of my lineup (which I would have anyway, although I might start him at qb)
  2. Like most leagues he should be booted from the position if not eligible. It happens more often with IDP, Mack being a primary example of DE to LB. Anyone saying they absolutely knew Winston wouldn't play (much) is fooling themselves.
  3. DFS, SE, QCLN, and TSLA have been fantastic. Even wolverine and SBIO have done well since purchase. Worst performing companies since purchase are Verizon, Visa, and Toyota. But those were intended to be safer plays anyway. I'm no where near the baller some of you are, definitely not the trader. But the only buying I can do if things fall is the 10% we have in bonds. So it's rather tempting to follow your call here.
  4. Just popped in here to remind myself not to time the market or get nervous that it's way overpriced right now. Just crossed another milestone I didn't think we'd hit this year. Nothing huge but enough that it came as a surprise. Waiting for the bottom to fall again.
  5. If you're going further than you would let your kids get in the car without going potty first, you're doing awesome 😎
  6. Rapid test came back negative. Immediately afterwards we were reinvited to two thanksgivings. I'm highly leaning towards not going. The tests aren't perfect. (Far from really) We'll get the other results in 12 days. For all the good that does.
  7. Ease back in, totally based on feel for the first week.
  8. If gru hasn't done this I'll be sorely disappointed. Followed by wife carrying.
  9. Just look for the slow guy who swims more lately (not as much as JAA) and took today off. I'm getting a COVID test at 1230. 😵
  10. Probably true. I'm just in Tesla and QCLN, and not too worried about those going to zero (probably just let them ride). But that's the double edged sword of using just 15% of my money to try to beat the market. When we do, it's not big enough to get really excited. Wins are fun of course, more along the lines of getting them right than actually making much $$$. Still, other than my bone headed decision to buy triple short ETFs, it's been a decent year for the funds.
  11. Yes. But unless he goes on a complete tear the rest of the season (like 2k yards or 29 TD) he won't get many votes even though he deserves them.
  12. I said it's worse than a team having an advantage I care far more what happens on the field than what the coach says. Now, as he's taken the bulk of his snaps at the position, go ahead and change it if that's the league's rules.