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  1. 47 votes, 4 with 17 or more. You could wrap it up with a top 50 or try another poll and see what happens. If you feel like doing this again, maybe start in early August?
  2. Go to your local bike store to get a proper fit (might cost money or they might just consider it a way to get your future business). Then look at Craigslist or other sites. If the store makes you a good deal, cool but buying used is probably the way to go. My road bike cost $1500 used, but I'm told it would cost a few k new (Italian, small company)
  3. McCown played well in Cleveland which is tough. Agreed on cutler.
  4. Direct deposit or wheat pennies. Done Seriously though, the law varies by state, NC for example allows employers to require DD.
  5. Josh McCown was always underrated and not a bad starter when he played.
  6. NTTAWWT Good to see you're finally getting it checked out.
  7. Agreed, but I suspect they'd sign one of the various free agents and draft Jonathan allen. I'm not sure how much they'd save downgrading from cousins to Cutler/Taylor/Glennon. I wouldn't think Cavanaugh would want cutler, having been his coach for one of Jay's worst seasons, but maybe he'll see things differently?
  8. Can I split my vote between Luck and Freeman? No? Luck it is, but barely.
  9. Odd, you say hunt is among your favorites but he's about 8 spots too low imo - especially if you're starting 3RB and only 3WR. (That's an uncommon lineup which skews value). Hunt is one of the top 5 backs (again imo) in ppr. He's a bit under weight but has everything else we look for in a back. Maybe I'll be wrong (we often are) but I suspect hunt will be on a lot of my teams unless he goes higher than expected.
  10. Right. These guys are in the entertainment business. These types of stories get people talking more about their team. With no real risk, why wouldn't you speculate? Maybe he'll end up being right and look like a genius "in the know", if he's wrong nobody will really care.
  11. If you mean his plea to Dallas, yeah that's just you. If it's something else I missed it.
  12. The Browns have made mistakes, but taking Garett 1.01 won't be one of them.