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  1. Sounds like you're ready to nail it. It's funny, I read your mileage and a lot of others here and I don't feel like I'm doing enough. Objectively I am, but subjectively I feel like I need to start averaging over 50/week at least. But I don't want to push it too far too soon. I feel really good right now, yesterday's 7@mp felt good and I have 10 weeks.
  2. Hey sig, thanks in advance Flex .5ppr sims, Crowell or Hyde? Leaning Crowell Other league, 1ppr, 1.5 ppr for te. I have Graham at te, but need a flex with Decker questionable - Ebron, Enunwa, k wright or flex a kicker Josh brown?
  3. September: B: 7x / 17.25 hrs / 327 miles (none since the 17th) R: 24x / 23.75 hrs / 166.7 miles (over half in the last 10 days) S: 3x / 2.5 hrs / 7,500 yards ST: 5x YTD: B: 88x / 136 hrs / 2687 miles R: 160x / 146.75 hrs / 1,026.7 miles S: 68x / 53.5 hrs / 176,150 yds ST: 53x Hit most of September's goals but once again I need to do more strength training. (this is all too common, I gotta get my ### in gear) but with the century ride, recovering, and ramping up running I haven't felt like squatting or doing anything extra. Swimming took a big hit and I might be out of the pool for a while, haven't quite figured that out yet. I might go at lunch a couple times a week.
  4. Jeff also has the worst record of any coach with over 20 years experience.
  5. If history is a factor, the Lions become part of the discussion. At least da bears have been to a super bowl. But I assume op meant right now.
  6. -13+34-24= -3 at least I'm getting some bad picks out of the way O: HOU, NYG, GB, D: TEN, CAR, MIA Week 4 O: SD D: ARI
  7. they're in the discussion I guess but their 3 games have been surprisingly close (although the Vikings were playing hill) and it's easy to see the talent they're developing. Lebeau has the defense playing pretty well, above average anyway. And they have a franchise qb. They probably beat Houston this week. Cleveland is a disaster and have been for years. The Rams offense is atrocious and their defense hasn't performed like we thought it would. The saints would be in the conversation but at least they have Brees (who didn't look good last week) and some other talent on offense. When Brees hangs it up, watch out. My votes go up north to Cleveland and Chicago.
  8. I'll take brown but understand the other side.
  9. I've taken to listing our Office workers as questionable every day.
  10. Sure, once you're in that helps. MFL does the same cheaper.
  11. Fwiw, nobody is questioning your credibility. I'm just not buying the part about tanney starting a few days after signing, ahead of a qb the head coach advocated for in the draft. Eta: I didn't even notice that you were the poster, if I had, I'd have been more likely to believe the story.
  12. Well it is the browns. But no not buying the story.
  13. I'll bite - why pay double the price mfl charges? Or espn?
  14. I like cooper a fair bit better than watkins but this seems fair. Your starting lineup is larger than most, so the extra guys make up the difference. Assuming decent sized benches (meaning you're not forced to drop decent players) there's a strong argument for the watkins side. But I'll probably still take cooper. Before I knew of his injury I offered sanders, Eli Rogers, dansby and a 2nd (probably around pick 30) for Decker, Jalin marshall and Bobby Wagner. He accepted after the injury was known (that Decker would get an mri) I think sanders and Decker are fairly even without injury and I like Wagner as a top 10 lb in dynasty but the injury probably makes this a bad deal.