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  1. Frankly, he makes a strong case. But I figure I have to live somewhere, the options basically boil down to rent, be homeless, shack up with another family, or buy a house. I haven't met many people willing to house 6 extra people and we've rented for the last decade. I'd rather own* a house now with the risk that it will be worth less when we sell (our area may double in population over the next decade and we have a great location so probably not). If you can sell the house for something, it's worth something therfore an assett. But it's also a liability for mortgage and upkeep.
  2. I had planned to go downtown tonight, catch a concert in the pavilion and people watch, but I'm burned out. Two trail jogs which were about half hike half jog on the Appalachian trail. Pics Afterwards is a lot like after sex.
  3. I'd add Graham and Bennett if we're just talking ceiling. But I have EE in the 3rd tier along with ASJ, Thomas, Green and Fleener.
  4. True. I was (perhaps wrongly) thinking he'd be among the few with more frequent quality games. Not Gronk or Olsen but "start with (some) confidence" level.
  5. At the same time, they're probably a worse team than they appear on paper.
  6. EE will still get his looks but I'll expect greater inconsistency game to game with five good, but no real great receiving options. None of these guys, including tate, will take away from Ebron IF he starts performing to his potential.
  7. Grey Goose is the best. we have a pond near our house my wife and I sometimes walk around with the dogs. Our older mutt will chase the geese into the water if I let him, and both like to eat goose ####. we don't let them, but sometimes they snag it before we see it. It's been a good week remembering how much I enjoy trail running. Only about an hour each day and a different route, but coincidentally it's been almost the exact same distance (5.6 miles) at a 9 or 10 minute mile. I don't know if I could race the trails much faster with rocks and roots and stuff, and not being trained for it. For those who haven't run trails often, the combination of needing to watch and react to where you're placing your feet, and the agility needed to not trip on a root or rock or snake or turtle (I almost stepped on one today) is surprising. Mad respect to Duck who seems to remain uninjured despite running thousands of miles on tough trails.
  8. agreed and I'll take Brown. But this mostly applies to Gronk too. Biggest difference is lineup - if you only start 1 TE this isn't much of a discussion. If you can start multiple TE with enhanced scoring, it's close.
  9. Awesome work! What's your max HR? I've been running in the evening here, SI over 160 each day but over half the routes have been on trail. Slow go, slower for sure than when we lived here, partly because it's hot, partly because I'm not used to running over roots and rocks. But I love it.
  10. Agreed. This seems more about leadership and bringing in a veteran role player than anything to get excited about in ff. Too bad he didn't go to Detroit earlier in his career.
  11. generally I'd agree but there are exceptions. We're in a HOA now, and while some of the rules aren't what I'd want (we can't have chickens for one, we have to have a specific mailbox for another), we get the benefit of a community pool, landscaping around the greenway entrances, and general neighborhood upkeep for $400 / year. The pool alone is worth it to us. I can't imagine suing the HOA. I can see arguing strongly to change the rules for something we want and is worth the hassle, though I don't know what that would be right now.
  12. Yeah, they probably won't go 15-1 again. While the first game, rematch against Denver, will be fun, week 3 vs Minnesota will show us more. October 30 is, right now, the game of the year imo - Arizona in Carolina. Perhaps the toughest back to back weeks will be at Oakland and Seattle. If they have a winning record over those 5 games they'll probably get the 1 or 2 seed.
  13. Mildly Excited Cautiously optimistic Expecting to be disappointed but still must watch
  14. Sure, it's always easy to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that a report was knowingly false. If the dude wants to push back, file a defamation suit.