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  1. Sure, it's always easy to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that a report was knowingly false. If the dude wants to push back, file a defamation suit.
  2. I offered a 3rd + for him in my league. and was accused of smoking crack.
  3. only once for me - because I ignored signs of pending injury.
  4. I take magnesium and fish oil but probably don't really need the magnesium. I'm not sure it does much for me. Looked at my profile on strava mid week and saw that I could cross 100 hours running and 100 hours cycling this weekend, so I did. Also saw that if I put in 60 miles I'd hit 2k for the year (bike). (709 running) Next week is probably a down week overall but I'll run a few times as we'll be in one of my favorite running spots - Charlottesville, VA. It just looks like we'll be busy all week. I'll get a decent run in tomorrow evening after arrival, and hopefully early Saturday morning before flying back. Oh, and for the last hour, 95 degrees, 75 dew point, 170SI!
  5. even as a Titans fan, I'd hate to see Watt hang it up any time soon. The man is simply the best player in the league, probably this century - though Tom Brady makes a strong case.
  6. you're probably right, but at 39 years old there's risk.
  7. I'd try it if sent to me but I'm not paying over $5 for beer to bring home unless I've had it and it gave me a mouth orgasm.
  8. is Sanu a lock to start over Hardy all year? Or to get more receptions? I know he's the veteran they brought in and paid well, but Hardy seems like he could rise.
  9. wii remotes. even the rechargeable ones aren't a great option.
  10. 5 here but same on Burns.
  11. fewer batteries is a good thing in our household.
  12. bump D-Will to the top of obvious must have handcuffs. (if he wasn't there already)
  13. Transferring accounts is a pain. I did it from buyandhold.com about 15 years ago and from sharebuilder maybe 10. But it does seem the smart move. I have been considering making that move before anyway, so maybe now is the time. And no, I haven't heard about any significant upcoming changes. I don't use their advisory services anyway. Thinking about it, the only reason I use them for investments is convenience and that just isn't a good enough reason at this point.
  14. pretty much my entire financial life is through USAA. I might consider changing to Vanguard but the simplicity of having everything in one place is nice.
  15. what does that even mean? After 11 years we have a decent idea of what the player averaged?