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  1. His goal is to have a covered slip (with or without lift) eventually.
  2. Not private. Medina Lake Bandera TX area. I need to add their names to the policy, and if something happens while they drive it will be my policy paying for it.... and my premium skyrocketing
  3. Yep just talked to them this morning, apparently no big deal.
  4. buddy's lakehouse, no dock yet (previous owner built a fixed lift, water receded) and they dont live there... house only going to be used weekends at most. eta - reading back up the thread I see that wasn't clear. Buddy told me about the covered lift... I assumed it was in the water but apparently the water level fluctuates a lot annually and the previous owner was a moron. So he has a covered slip/lift currently sitting about 50 feet from the water
  5. Right, actually thought of that earlier. How do I insure them, or do they need their own?
  6. I feel like you aren't even bothering to read the posts you are responding to.
  7. Now you are parroting Trump's victim mentality. Like I said, there are many many unfair criticisms of Trump.... this isn't one of them.
  8. I mean this is really where he is weak isn't it? I find all of the whining and nothing burger attempts by the left to be utterly empty and embarassing. But here is where Trump is truly helpless. He can't lead, he isn't a leader. He is a front runner. Right now patently demonstrates just how far over his head he is when the world looks to him to set a positive message and tone. Instead he digs deeper into the bully tactics and finger pointing. He just comes up small.
  9. Just saw this. Had to give it the weekend to wake up. 11.4% now
  10. I think I was pretty specific on what I took issue with.. the exaggeration and hyperbole. I do apologize however for referring to it being your style in the covid thread.. I for some reason thought you (your post) were shader.
  11. Yea all of these things are considerations. And the more we think about it the more come up. If it were anyone else, I would balk. We have been good/best friends for 27 years. Keeping the wives out of it (my wife has already brought up 5 times the fear of causing fights) - he and I have agreed to deal with each other. Baseline agreement is my family gets dibs on the boat in any conflict, and I am not asking for dibs on the house at all... if we get to use it a couple times a year, great. Otherwise kind of a standing invitation both ways. If they are at the house then we will or wont join them, if we are on the boat they will or wont join us. I have to drive 45/hour to any lake, so yes - an hour. Worst case scenario I move the boat to a marina/storage or sell it. Would suck, but willing to give this a go.
  12. I am going up to look at Moomba's today/tomorrow. My limitation is my buddies garage.. it is 25ft deep but a couple inches shy of 8ft high through the door. The jet boat will fit, need to see what my options are on the Kaiyen. On the weekends it will be kept in the water on his dock. During the week, needs to be stored (preferably in his garage).
  13. I see you are going straight to the same exaggeration and hyberbole you use in the coronavirus thread though.
  14. Yes, and my highschool/college buddies were fans of the Richmeister. Fumbleruski.