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  1. I am not sure what you are reading, I don't care much what other people do. I personally think of the people behind me and don't recline unless I need to. I don't get too upset if the people in front of me recline.
  2. Was it the possessed guy in the car intending to kill the detective that gave it away?
  3. Disagree. I am 6'3". I can and will deal with the discomfort of economy for a couple hours. Longer flights it is very likely that I will need to recline at some point for my own sake. Which is why I don't really get the need for others to recline on these 45 minute flights to Dallas, and also why it doesn't bother me much if they do.
  4. I usually dont except for long trips in economy. I don't lose my #### when people in front of me do it.
  5. 1075 Oilipuu, roughly 89-91. Lived on Kailua Beach for 2 years prior. -break neck beach, i earned my boogie boarding prowess here.
  6. The north shore (Oahu) is where I learned to respect the power of the ocean. Getting your feet swept out from under you while standing in 4 inches of water is something you wont forget. Almost effed around and broke my neck at sunset/pipeline.
  7. I lived there 30 years ago. Oahu was unbeatable. You had all the tourist attractions, but you could still get away from it in a million local only spots. Kailua (the sand bars omg), Kane'ohe (the sand bars omg), Sandy Beach, Sunset Beach, Makapu'u. Spots that didn't even have names..... Kauai needs no explanation. Hawaii while Kilauea was erupting was perhaps the most amazing and unexplainably great moment in my life. Maui was Dana Point, South Beach, Cancun, etc.. just a nice beach resort place without any memorable qualities. eta - even Molokai for all of its creature comfort let downs. How cool is it to have your footprints be the only ones on the entire beach?
  8. All the Maui love is surprising to see. Living there (Oahu), Maui was easily my least favorite island to go to.
  9. I can and have articulated your point. You cannot do so for mine. Punting is the best you can hope for.
  10. Outside in Tampa? Are we talking hockey or water polo?
  11. They play defense by today's rules. I'd argue hand checking helps you play perimeter defense more than any of that preparation and effort. I'd argue this has a huge correlation to the increased volume and efficiency of the 3 point shot, simply easier now that the defense can't put hands on you.