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  1. I don't know what these other guys are talking about. I lose mine through blood, sweat, and tears.
  2. “Stand by the grey stone when the thrush knocks, and the setting sun with the last light of Durin's Day will shine upon the key-hole.”
  3. Most would probably describe Tannehill's career in Miami as crapping the bed. And Mariota wishes his career production looked like Tannehill's.
  4. I am a Lions fan, which for most fans of teams might mean I am biased after my team lost. However - As a Lions fan, I am numb to losing... the Lions lose. A lot. In every way possible. The refs influence on the outcome of the game? Whatever.. maybe they did, maybe they didn't. The refs influence on my enjoyment of the game? Yes, what the ####. I couldn't just enjoy a rare opportunity to watch my team play (not in Detroit). Forget the outcome, they distracted from the game - you actually felt like the refs were the main characters in what should have been a fun close game.
  5. I cannot fathom how anyone who has watched this guy try to throw a football the last several years would refer to it as "talent" at this point. Brutal passer. Just brutal. Has to be the worst QB I have seen last 5 years in the league.
  6. Just as I had decided to go buy one this weekend after debating for weeks between Note 10+.... think I will wait.
  7. But that conveys the opposite message intended.
  8. Using the words magazine + June + legit seems counter intuitive to me.
  9. In June? eta - regardless.. if you drafted him #1, that sucks.
  10. Right, the way last year ended after the going strong for most of it was a shock. The way this season has started, knowing how last season went - is not a shock.
  11. Nobody drafted this guys as a RB1. I hope?
  12. You seem hellbent on some conspiracy theory. It never was a mystery, he has a degenerative knee. Known since he was drafted. People that drafted him that weren't hiding under a rock for the last year expected this. You seem to be saying AHA I TOLD THIS WOULD HAPPEN... when we all knew this is what we were getting. Ceteris paribus, you start him when he starts.
  13. Is there something harder about this than any other player? I am not following.
  14. Seems no more or less complicated than any other player? If he starts he starts?