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  1. Wouldn't efficiency ratings with Winston be all but irrelevant now?
  2. I've been here a longer time, been reported a lot of times. Feel free. Upper right hand corner of posts. I'm with you man, this non basketball stuff is ridiculous.
  3. Right... Almost like people's choices lead down a path to consequences. Crazy right? Like you might even be able to predict certain choices are going to end badly?
  4. No, like I said above. Your argument against making that kid the victim sounds amazingly similar to the argument against making these people resisting arrest the victim.
  5. Sounds eerily like the argument against people resisting arrest.
  6. Are you consistent with your argument that breaking the law has consequences?
  7. Undeniable.. when you get these pole results on THIS board? Oof.
  8. Right. Makes sense, but personally, I do all my coke off my elbow....
  9. I still have no idea what doing a bump is and read it as taking a dump.
  10. Makes sense to me.. if I am 10x more likely to be killed I am 100x taking less chances and making damn sure I am not on that side of the ledger.
  11. What institutional reform took place with any of the recent predecessors that served the max 8 years? Did Obama effectively lead an effort to a solution? Bush? Clinton? Reagan? All pretty solid leaders by most accounts... but hey Trump!!
  12. DHT 5.23.. I think it was @BassNBrew looking to enter @5.25.
  13. I can't tell if you are serious or not. Honestly hope you can see the glaring differences?