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  1. You gotta be ####ting me. 90% of you were wrong. End of story.
  2. Denial still pervades the left here. The most losing cause the left has ever undertaken in my lifetime, and yet so many can't let it go.
  3. The inability to see the nothing burger coming is a clue. I think you are among those that missed it. Obviously partisanship clouds both sides ability to evaluate clearly.
  4. I was locked in with you until recently. Partisan is partisan. If your identity includes a political party or side.. go ahead and put yourself in the pile.
  5. Truly the life lesson learned from this whole experience where our country somehow elected a man like Trump into the most powerful office on the planet. Brought out the worst in everyone - and to my utter surprise the left's ugly is every bit a match for the right's ugly. 3 years ago I'd have never imagined this truth.
  6. Can't say I disagree, aside from the most glaring omission (below). Most of this certainly went into the OBVIOUS observation from day 1 that this would utterly fall flat on its face like Benghazi. To add: Democrats put party over the good of the country as well, teaching anyone who is paying attention that left = right when it comes to partisanship. Nothing burger.
  7. Please see "nothing burger" again .. you seem to be hung up on rehashing all the ingredients that made the nothing burger. That part is over. It is out of the oven, plated. Just sitting there. A symbol of all the wasted time and energy.
  8. Please refer to my definition of nothing burger posted ad nauseam. You seem to be talking about something else.
  9. Someone that knows how to do so please share my posting frequency in this place alongside Bucky's. I would be willing to bet Bucky has as many posts in this thread alone as I do in the PSF combined.
  10. There is no longer a debate. Like Beghazi, the Mueller nothing burger has been sitting out so long it is getting cold. Waste of time confirmed.
  11. I definitely look past a lot of it. Because it is what I expect from the guy. I am far more disappointed in how the American people are reacting to it. The right is now digging in behind a guy they didn't want as their nomination in the first place, the left is joining Trump in a lot of the nastiness - the freaking Mueller fiasco. We are getting what we deserve imo. This is the epiphany Trump brought for me - the left, who I had believed to be above it... simply isn't.
  12. When I wrote "you" it wasn't necessarily you. The unbelievable posting sounds like you are still in denial that the guy was elected to office. He acted this way before he ran, he acted this way to win, why would anyone believe he would act otherwise moving forward? I sure hope you aren't referring to me on the "sticking up" for him stuff... in fact I don't see many people sticking up for him.
  13. I think your post is a good example to use again for the OP. You are describing in your own words how your desperation is allowing you to take this irrational and losing strategy. You won't beat him by doing exactly what he wants you to do. You are lashing out, and as a result you end up sounding and looking like the man you are trying to attack. Reckless, willing to stoop to any level to win (any means necessary), resorting to name calling. All you are railing against exists in your own post.