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  1. Specialized species tend to weather changes a lot harder than generalized ones, so probably true.
  2. You could credit the actual source. I suspect most Republicans laugh at this as hard as you do.
  3. I tries a couple of cities and basically got a pretty flat line, then the future ramped up exponentially. In business we used to call this the hockey stick: i.e., our business has sucked for years, but look how different it will be in the future. Then every year, you move the hockey stick forward.
  4. Actually, there is increasing evidence that the asteroid impact resulted in an antipodal series of eruptions of flood basalts which spewed enough sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere to bring about mass extinctions.
  5. I just came back from holiday in the Orkney Islands - they generate all their electricity through wind turbines, and even export electricity to Scotland. It isn't as cheap as the electricity I get which has a huge hydro component, but that might be a difference in taxation or regulation for all I know. The problem though is there are few places as windy as the Orkney Islands. But it still uses a poor class interval.
  6. Stop using plastic bags from the grocery store then.
  7. bueno

    The Trump Years

    So people who voted for a black President voted for Trump because they were racists? Not credible, Tim.
  8. bueno

    I’m with Pelosi

    sometimes, bringing it to a vote is good strategy. Makes for nice political ad sound bites.
  9. bueno

    Criminal Justice and Sexual Assault

    What are the "great many things?" Rape involves sexual penetration carried out against a person without that person's consent. After that, I think terms get a little fuzzy, like what is sexual assault and what is groping or fondling. I'm sure there are legal definitions, but I don't think people are all on the same page when it comes to sexual assault.
  10. bueno

    Criminal Justice and Sexual Assault

    I find that disturbing.
  11. I find myself disappointed with corporate America for not following through on the reason corporate taxes were lowered. Stimulating stock buybacks wasn't what anyone had in mind. Yet, maybe the changes in NAFTA will eventually make a difference, maybe not. Congress is probably more responsible because that is where tax bills originate, and there were good and bad things in the latest bill. Yet we have had deficit explosions in the past, and the house of cards has not come crashing down.