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  1. I'll be ordering a Penguins jersey in my next purchase, so I'll have to tell her that I don't want a vinyl one either. I'm also interested in seeing some pics of what you got. I got a San Jose Sharks jersey in the last order and it looks nice. I wasn't really pushing for a discount in my e-mail to Jessie. I just let her know that there was a mixup with the size number on the plastic and the actual size of the jersey. She offered a $5 discount in her reply, but I doubt I'll use it because it's likely to cause more confusion/delays with the next order. I just wanted to point it out to her just in case there were a few others like that.
  2. You got a better deal than me. $5 discount on my next order for getting the wrong size Moss jersey.
  3. That shows how observant I am. I've had this jersey for over a week, worn it a couple of times, and never noticed that until you just pointed it out.
  4. That's probably why my 2nd order took longer. My first order had 5 NFL jerseys and got here in 3 days. The 2nd order had 5 NFL jerseys + 1 NHL jersey and took 11 days. I have a feeling the hockey jersey was probably the reason for the hold up, but it was worth the wait.
  5. Pizza, have you noticed that some jerseys come with "Authentic" tags on the collar and some come with "On Field"?I've noticed that the four (Colston, Westbrook, R Moss, Hasselbeck) I've got with "On Field" have looked slightly nicer than the other ones.....sewing seems to be neater and everything just seems to be a little better quality compared to the ones with Authentic? It's almost like they are made in a different Chinese factory. They also come with the newer Reebok "jock tag" on the bottom left of the jersey. They have the 2008 jock tag compared to the "Authentic's" 2007. I'm wondering if they are newer stock? Fast forward to 2:05 to see what I mean.....
  6. Unfortunately, it's definitely a 54. I just tried it on and it's a little larger. I'm jinxed with buying Moss jerseys. I bought a Vikings one from the US a few years ago and that one was also far too large. Anyway, I'm happy with the other jerseys I got, so I can't complain. I really like the San Jose Sharks jersey, and the Stewart jersey looks nice as well.
  7. Second order of six jerseys just arrived, and I had one problem. The Moss jersey I ordered was a size 54 and I ordered 52. It actually had 52 on the plastic package, but had 54 on the jersey inside. Anyway, the rest of the jerseys look pretty nice and my friends should be happy. I got a Jonathan Stewart (Light Blue), Randy Moss (Dark Blue) and a Marleau (San Jose Sharks) jersey. My friends got a Heath Miller (Black), Hasselbeck (White) and Barber (Dark Blue) jersey. Not sure what I'm going to do with the Moss jersey now......might have to ask for a credit on my next order.
  8. We can probably hook you up with a supplier.
  9. Do you have to "invite" them first before you can chat with them on Gmail? I've "invited" her, but have had no response. She hasn't been on chat via their website, and I can't reach her on MSN either. I'm getting a little worried now about this 2nd order as it's taken 3 days longer than the last one, and I don't have a tracking number yet even though I've sent a few e-mails.
  10. I wonder if this is their other location. I keep getting spam from them everytime I send Jessie & Co. an e-mail. I haven't been able to contact them via chat for a few days, and I'm still waiting on a response to an e-mail I sent them a few days ago asking for a tracking number. p.s. It looks like they've just updated their NFL stock list. Cowboys (Thanksgiving) jerseys are in. It looks like I'm now up for a 3rd order assuming the latest one arrives ok.
  11. A bit like my first order with an 80% success rate. (4 out of 5 were good) I should get my next order of six tomorrow. I'm pretty much expecting one of them to have something wrong with it.
  12. I'm pretty sure Icon requested a jersey. I assume you just leave a message down the bottom of the page and then wait for them to run it through a Google translator.
  13. That does look odd. Not sure why they did that when pretty much everything else on their site is stitched. I was going to buy a black one, but I have a feeling I'd wind up with a printed one as well. They've probably sold out of all the stitched ones under the Penguins page IMHO Good luck with the returns, but I think it may be a painful process.
  14. I just noticed that there are a few jerseys not listed under their team pages. There are a bunch of Penguins jerseys on about Page 5 of "new products" with Playoffs and Final badges sewn on the jerseys. They haven't been added to the Penguins team page yet.
  15. I'm now waiting on a 2nd order. I may go back for a 3rd if they ever get any M Ryan/M Turner (Black) or M Barber (Thanksgiving) in stock. MJD would be nice as well, but it doesn't look like they ever stock any Jags stuff.