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  1. And then there was the time we nearly died beneath the desert sun
  2. On the contrary, I stood in a drizzle for 45 minutes to vote this morning. Been a constant line in the heart of white suburban Tennessee. Here's to only a single-digit margin of victory for Republicans lol.
  3. Yeah, I don't feel represented in the slightest, so maybe that's where the sentiment comes from.
  4. We're in the SCOTUS thread, so forgive the tangent, but I think it might be time to reimagine some things. I don't live in Tennessee because I believe in Tennessee's state constitution and what it stands for as governing body in the USA. I just live here because I've got some friends here and it's close to my hometown. I'd have to imagine there are many like me in my generation. I'd also have to imagine there are many others that don't have any reasonable choice whatsoever about where they live.
  5. If he wanted to risk there being 21 by the end of 2024 then go for the gusto. I see it as a game of political chicken. I would be somewhat surprised if the SC expanded during a Biden presidency.
  6. I'm not saying that's wrong or right btw. SC nominations are certainly a valid alley in which to channel one's vote. Was merely offering an explanation why you might have heard the reason so often.
  7. I suspect it is something you heard a lot from them because it is one of the prevalent reasons they could find to support the President while excusing his personality.
  8. Krystal and Saagar are great. I also listen to Matt Taibbi and Katie Halper's Useful Idiots podcast that is a populist left-leaner of a show.
  9. In fairness, I do think the word racist is thrown about too freely, even if I think you exaggerate its current frequency here on the forums. But also, the stutter wasn't something Joe Biden added to his repertoire for aesthetic effect.
  10. I do have to say that as a fan of windows, President Trump does have me a bit concerned for Joe Biden's vision for America.
  11. I believe you overestimate the context of these debates within the scope of this election, which is a continuation of the 2018 midterms and a further referendum on President Trump's time in office.
  12. Like 3 decades in Internet years?
  13. I genuinely think the rep is blown out of proportion. It's unfortunate it might have been co-opted for a time, but it has not been a threat to anyone for a long while. Today, with the authority of an official Internet historian, I declare it harmless. What attracted me to 4chan is my age. I am an older millennial, I think I first used 4chan way back when it was created because I was in high school and doing what teenage boys do - the site was created in 2003 and I know I had used the site before I graduated high school in 2005. I pretty much ignored it for most of my college years, but did stick around the couple of topics I liked, mainly /tg/. To me it was never a place to be a regular, merely a place to browse and giggle at the boundless humor, some a bit more regretful chuckles as I look back on it (I think I've matured since then). There are some real loser topics that have evolved there like /pol/, which I fully acknowledge are places for users to be awful, even if it has become site meta to use tags in the more contentious spaces. Election time is pretty fun. I would not call myself the average user (I'm sure I have at least 20x the posts here that I do there), but I think mostly I stuck around because I found it nifty to see the origin of so many memes, one of which being the frog in question.