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  1. What I watched on Tuesday was excellent. More good stuff coming. They still need Kenny to do this live on TNT.
  2. Notes from Dynamite: >> Dave Meltzer said it best: "Chris Jericho knows how to be a superstar." I think Jericho might be able to get over just about anyone that works with him, which is an unmatched talent to have when you're starting a first-time promotion on national television. >> They need to get Kenny Omega over quick, or he's going to be left in the dust. I love the guy, but he hasn't come across that well the first two weeks of TV. I've heard that the dark match he had with Janela last night is completely nuts; they need him to do some of that good wrestlestuff on live TV. >> I'm glad Private Party got such a fantastic showcase; they are mega-talented. It seems very clear now that the Lucha Bros will beat the Dark Order in the finals of the tag team tournament to become the first AEW tag champions. I really hope Lucha Bros vs Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy is a killer match, as I legitimately think Jurassic Express can be total stars for little kids. >> Darby Allin's skateboard ambush has the potential to be a totally iconic spot for the young promotion. Mark my words, if AEW finds success, you'll see that clip for years to come. >>AEW's X factor is its crowd. Their fervor will instantly make AEW seem legit to new viewers. To keep them hot, AEW has a tall task ahead of them; they have to keep an exciting, yet somewhat comfortable feel to their home viewers while pushing an original, cutting-edge show to their live audience. Perhaps putting on incredible dark matches is the solution.
  3. Sure we can. Personally, I just hope enough former Trump voters are shamed into not voting for him in the upcoming cycle. The future marches left. It is an appropriate job you conservatives do, making sure we only march deliberately instead of taking giant leaps and bounds all at once.
  4. Now that NXT is on USA... following last night I have now canceled my subscription.
  5. Campaign officially announces Bernie suffered from a heart attack. He fought his heart out for us.
  6. I have never seen Cain fight outside of AAA lol
  7. Most memorable moment of a wild week:
  8. Cain signing is obviously huge for WWE. The dude can go, and gives Brock a perma-feud that won't always need the belt
  9. One of the most important parts of the night was seeing Ember Moon featured big on the intro
  10. Why do you think I said he should have worn the toro mask. C'mon man
  11. AEW Dynamite and NXT were both better than this show