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  1. I will prettify the spreadsheet if you want to just get all the basics in there and find yourself wanting more functionality. I think the above may be on my resume verbatim.
  2. You're all my home dogs, FFAWT. ❤️
  3. You're telling me I'll be setting a record by betting on this over? Neat.
  4. Does League of Legends count as a sport, so long as it has sides and totals?
  5. Gonna be only one pair of footprints 👣 in the sand today as I've only got the opportunity to dive into DFS.
  6. Didn't get to bet it but loved that angle. :filedaway: 🗄️
  7. On my way to Florida today. #disneyhags
  8. Opposing teams can't make heads or tails of their coin toss strategy.
  9. "Stick to LoL, kid." KT Map 1 First Tower ✓