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  1. Ack, not a great sign. Ep 4 currently delayed for a few hours. Probably be put up sometime early tomorrow. I'll flash the blagsignal once it's up.
  2. hagmania

    ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

    Au revoir, Tye Dillinger. This is an example of someone who I think AEW shouldn't sign unless there is a really good plan.
  3. hagmania

    ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

    I'm aware... the question remains of how can someone watch the two products and think they shouldn't be trying some of the same stuff on Mondays?
  4. hagmania

    ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

    Is the disparity in Raw and SDL writing on purpose? Seriously wtf.
  5. hagmania

    ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

    Vince: hold my Dewar's
  6. hagmania

    ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

    Rude was inducted two years ago, no? His son had charisma, I seemed to recall.
  7. hagmania

    ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

    Pretty sure it was non-title. I know.
  8. hagmania

    Best $100 you've spent

    I have the evidence archived. Free of charge. Best 100 bucks I didn't spend.
  9. hagmania

    ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

    Well, SDL is at Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, so hopefully it will be better than last night.
  10. hagmania

    ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

    Oh my god, what if Adam Cole comes out to *cricket noises BAY BAY*
  11. I really like my Timbuk2 - I think I have a Division, or something very similar. The most I've ever spent on such a thing, but it has stood the test of the last year and a half with minimal signs of wear/tear. Super tough and looks nice.
  12. hagmania

    ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

    Yeah, let's not lose sight of Daniel Bryan's performance last night (and for the past 3 months). Kofi 100% showed he belong, but Daniel Bryan basically single-handedly carried an otherwise C+/B- match to an A. And currently unparalleled on the stick. I am relishing in a potential Daniel Bryan vs Kofi, which means all of the New Day, build with all kinds of great mic work and the good kind of shenanigans.
  13. hagmania

    ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

    Kofi did it better tbh
  14. hagmania

    ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

    Kofi for champ at Mania. This Mark Henry documentary is legit insane. So good.