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  1. Reading through this thread makes my head hurt, and highlights where so many go wrong in trying to read the political landscape of this era. I know I'm basically diametrically opposed to many conservative policies, but it doesn't make me want to barge in here to make Trump supporters try to "see the light" or whatever. Seriously, the constant... participation... by some blue folks in this thread is embarrassing. If you've ever seen me in a thread around these parts, you know who I support. Let's just say best of luck and to the victor go the spoils.
  2. Best memes won the presidency in 2016 tbqf
  3. my god can you imagine the meme wars. it's going to be incredible.
  4. Oh yeah, it works that way too. I was trying to combat a lot of negativity I've been seeing: posters here are decrying how Sanders hurts chances and will not inspire turnout. You know what repeating such a demoralizing message does?
  5. I think Warren gave her best run at Bernie before results came in, and may now be back to his side of the ledger.
  6. 3-4 seconds of no response. Might have been one or two mouths agape. It's very exaggerated, but like you suspect very obvious satire/parody.
  7. I think it's OK, classified well within the rights of freedom of speech. If you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar and it blows back negatively then that's an oopsie.
  8. The only S I see around these parts is Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. Flood the nation with optimism. There is so much ground to cover still, but we're looking at a real potential for President Sanders.
  9. Could earn a tenth of the needed delegates from California, wowzers.
  10. I just watched this movie for the first time over the holidays. Was p good.
  11. OTOH most every move (read: all but one that turned out to be lateral) I've made after it has become clear I've "capped out" has netted me a better job making more.
  12. With or without the casino oxygen freely flowing?
  13. I think it was going to be Page from the get-go, but he got over. When someone gets over, ride the horse you came in on. Hangman stays baby as the outlaw.