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  1. It may be fair to assume, but it is incorrect. We have regionalized data for 180 hospitals and I can tell you with certainty that this is a true first spike for many areas.
  2. Yikes Before we spiral out of control here... I think a key piece of that article is the patient in question didn't have a positive antibodies test result to give more information. There's still a lot we don't know.
  3. Had to go to the bank a few days ago and there was a security officer outside making sure everyone was wearing a mask on entry. No clue if he would bounce someone who refused.
  4. Our systems were sharing staff within the same geographical divisions. We've made it possible for nurses in Kansas City to go help out in New Orleans, for example. That was working while the outbreaks were in just a few major locations. A lot of our hospitals are now getting hammered and so I'm not sure if we'll have the same opportunities to shuffle people around.
  5. Thank you. I support our nursing care design team (think developing guidelines), and as part of my job I would have to go to the field to help implement. I was in awe of what nurses did in "regular times." What you all are doing now is heroic.
  6. Florida posts a higher death toll on Saturday than Friday. On the day Disney World reopens.
  7. As for me, I was a golden kid. Would not talk back or argue about rules, and was given a lot of freedom because of it. I loved playing outside with friends, but we rarely left the yard. The most dangerous activities I got into were climbing around in a tobacco barn or wandering out a few minutes to a little stream on my great grandmother's farm. Dunno, never felt compelled to explore much further. Edit: one other thing "dangerous" was how fast we would whip 'round the merry go round.
  8. After the patch coming this Wednesday, I'm going to go full tilt grinding to Diamond in Teamfight Tactics. My favorite autobattler by leaps and bounds.
  9. A twitter thread everyone trying to make sense of the data should read. Introducing Simpson's Paradox: data pooling may lead to misinterpretation of both correlation AND causation. Basically, grouping outcomes may lead to contradictory conclusions based upon the groups. Excellent explanatory video in the linked thread: I would especially pay attention to the Wisconsin and Texas education example.
  10. Personally, I near stopped drinking entirely when social distancing started. I might have a drink on Sunday evening when I play D&D and then maybe also if we have a special zoom session with friends. I think less alcohol and more hobby focus has led to less stress. Then again I don't have any kids so it's probably worlds different.
  11. My thoughts on judging these. I really would have preferred it to have been split up as follows: Greatest baseball game or play Greatest football game or play Greatest basketball game or play Greatest big 3 off-field moment - in my mind, it's much easier to compare LeBron's Decision to the Yankees trading Ruth Greatest other sport moment - big catchall. Could see the likes of Olympic or NCAA tournament heroics, big upsets, etc. Alrighty then, baseball. This was basically impossible. Major League Baseball has such a storied history; it was America's fn pastime. Based on your age, one's opinion of the greatest moments are wildly subjective. Methodology: lolololololololololololololololol Finally, I stumbled upon something that helped me focus, and actually served me quite well for basketball too. I took to randomizing 1-16 points for each selection and justifying the ensuing list. From that point on, a small amount of clarity ensued. Here we stand. I don't have write-ups, but I do have notes. Notable undrafted moment that I think might crack 10 points: Cal Ripken becomes baseball's Iron Man. Greatest MLB Moment or Game 1 Derek Jeter Ball Flip - feels pretty fair being the second-highest rated defensive play 2 It Gets By Buckner! - this does not count as a defensive play; it's the curuururrrurrurrrse!~~~!@11` 3 2004 End of Red Sox Curse - The Cubs are my team... 4 2016 Cubs win WS - I gave them an extra point. 5 Curt Flood Free Agency - see below. important, but I couldn't rate it higher 6 Ruth traded to Yanks - is this really greatness? it's like, "impactful" and so yeah I guess, but it falls short of what I consider great 7 Willie Mays Catch - I struggled with this one so much. Everything about this play is awesome. Feels like I'm robbing Willie here, but what can ya do. 8 Carlton Fisk WS HR 1975 - wave it fair! Top 5 in "greatest baseball gifs" 9 Gehrig Farewell - powerful stuff 10 Mazeroski Walkoff - Kids recite circumstances like this all the time, "world series, game 7, bottom of the ninth... home run to win it!" 11 1998 HR Chase - asterisks be damned. I was 12 and this was magic. 12 Don Larsen Perfect Game - single-most impressive game performance evah? 13 Shot Heard Around the World - the importance of this broadcast isn't lost on many 14 Kirk Gibson walk-off HR - this is THE home run 15 Aaron Breaks HR record - and this was the home run king 16 Jackie Robinson Breaks Barrier - even before the 2020 protests, this was number 1 (of these picks)
  12. While I don't disagree with the sentiment, it seems apparent why folks are attempting to predict the future: figure out wtf to do about it.
  13. I do believe that all the sloganizing over "flatten the curve" is because there are given thresholds to a surge. If you stay below this limit, even in the face of increasing cases, then the care of hospitalized patients is manageable enough. Once the threshold is passed, you create the Italy/NYC scenario until it can be contained again.