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  1. Meltzer has said this numerous times since Raw Reunion was announced and I agree with him: It would be awesome if they let Stone Cold run wild with {Becky, Kofi, Bayley} in Seg-1 and then have {Drew McIntyre, AJ & the Club, the Fiend} just lay waste to him to close the show. Austin could give a couple of current superstars a HUGE rub.
  2. Through Night 6 of the G1. Still have one to go to be caught up, lordy. Just all around outstanding matches tho. Well worth the time put in, when at least three out of the five matches are good and of those one is bound to be great. Night 5: All worth watching with the exception of Okada vs Fale, which was basically the same match that Okada and Fale always have together. Was still OK, just y'know... Fale. Archer continues an impressive run of tournament matches with another slam-jammer vs KENTA. Just because Tanahashi vs ZSJ and Ospreay vs Ibushi headlined, don't overlook the very good match that was EVIL vs Sanada. I'd say on match quality this was the best night of the tourney of the first six. Night 6: Yano vs Jay White was hilarious and Ishii vs Moxley was an epic brawl in the main event. Shingo and Taichi really got the crowd fired up. Continuing to think Naito is running at about 70% in the tank; his match with Goto was good, but kinda paint-by-number. Cobb and Juice was OK, but nothing truly special. I think Cobb might turn the corner on G1 style in 2 or 3 matches... but then he won't have any time left to be a showcase.
  3. I have one activity currently and used to do two others but fell off when I started feeling a lot of pressure at work. I really need to get back on the horse with item two. Give platelets to the Red Cross: I do this as often as possible. At one point I came close to the maximum frequency (twice a month), but wound up slightly anemic. Now I go for several sessions in a row and when my iron shows a bit low I'll take that week and the next session off so I can give more instead of being denied and having to wait longer. I got a call last year thanking me for 100 platelet donations. ------------- Lunch buddies mentoring program - I had lunch with the same awesome kid for two years during their journey through elementary school. When they moved schools I never picked up another lunch buddy, but I still am able to keep tabs on my former throughout their journey so long as they remain in NMPS. I'm rooting hard for them to graduate. Volunteer tutoring math. Used to do this all throughout high school and college. Thankfully my new company has such a focus on community that I've been able to connect with a volunteer placement organization and will be starting up again in the fall!
  4. Tomohiro Ishii is my favorite wrestler, maybe of all time. New av in honor and support of his G1 run this year
  5. What person - fiction or nonfiction - should I base my next D&D character?
  6. (1)It's fun! (2)Having fun! (3)That's ok! (4)We all like different things. Specifically: I appreciate the improvisational theater (also what I about D&D) of it all, along with how the audience must become a major player to make the whole thing click. It can be silly one match and serious the next. There is a lot out there beyond what WWE offers. Honestly, if it were only WWE I wouldn't have stuck around after getting back into the fandom a couple years ago. When expertly combined, athleticism and theater can make a story that rings true and elicits a real response. That's the good #### right there.
  7. Ishii is very very very good at building hype to a match
  8. Catching up on the greatest tournament in pro wrestling. Watching nights 5 and 6 (of what will be 19 total by Aug 12) of New Japan's G1 Climax. Through the undercard tags of Night 5, grabbing a beer right before the main card tournament matches.