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  1. Wow.That Hitler guy...he always had the trains run exactly on schedule.
  2. I am confused and feel like I missed something. She is taking a vacation with the PT or to a place wher the PT is? Who is she going with on said vacation?
  3. Greatest post in the thread. Pffft... A bunch of tripe if you ask me. Tells 16 he shouldn't be judging people (when he wasn't, he was merely observing) and then proceeds to judge 16 himself. And he's WAY off base on his judgments/assumptions about 16. Then he even has the nerve to insinuate that 16 should in someway be open to getting back w/ his ex?!? HUH?!? Glad someone gets what I was doing. I appreciate LongDuckDong's response and I am certainly synthesizing what he said, but I feel I have to clarify my thoughts on some of his points. Honestly, I think this is when, to use a wrestling term, you went from face to heel. Are these your friends? I will tell you that any "friend" I had who was happy to attend events with me because he'd look good standing next to me wouldn't be a friend thereafter. But I guess I'll leave my personal feelings out of it as much as I can and say that this statement reeks of a lack of self confidence in ways you have flirted with to this point but never reached. I pray you read this a year from now and say "who the hell was that guy", because I can't even fathom this mindset. The girl you're still in love with will be happy to see you because you're attending it with people who aren't as good looking as you? What? 1) About my friend's appearance - I'm not friends with them only because they would make me look good. I've been friends with them since HS so that's so far from the truth. It just so happened that day, whether it was true or not, but to my observations, I looked the best and that's because I spent a godawful amount of time, energy, and attention to looking great because of the circumstances. Rusty is a good looking guy and has no problems getting ladies, even in his ill fitting suit he'd be able to get more chicks than me based on physical appearance. John irked me a bit because he was giving us "style" tips when we were changing, but when he put on his suit he looked the worst (fact). AJ was AJ. He was on point with his style, but it still just seemed a bit "off". He was one of the awkward ones in HS. I'm sure everyone knows what I mean. The point of that whole passage was just to show, yes.... I did think of every damn thing possible to make sure I looked good. Who thinks this? You're at a wedding and judging someone(who by the way you would have run up to that altar with and married as a supplement to the wedding) because the people they're talking to aren't partying as hard as you are? Christ almighty. 2) Like bones said... this wasn't a judgement, it was an observation. I was writing a narrative and just thought those were two good visuals of the different dynamics of the groups. People have fun in both environments. Hell, I'd actually prefer hanging out in the backyard grill with my friends over a club any day of the week. With that said, everyone has a mental image associated with those two settings and I think it described what was going on perfectly. If was conveyed as a judgement, then that's my fault and I need to choose my words more carefully. Everything else you said, there's probably some truth to it or a thought that did cross my mind at one point. Not saying you are 100% correct, but I appreciate the advice. Also for people remarking on the sudden change it writing style... I figured I'd give it a try. I like writing and honestly, I found the wedding evening to be pretty uneventful actually experiencing it. If my writing made it seem more dramatic... well then I accomplished what I set out to do. Tell the boring truth in as interesting way as possible. I simply could have written. I saw my ex at the wedding. She looked great. We had a bunch of awkward exchanges and she was actually annoying at one point, trying hard to get my attention. She even #### blocked me by getting a girl I was working on passed out drunk during dinner. So I danced the night away, tried hitting on the maid of honor (which failed), so I went back to dancing and just having a good time without trying to sex anyone. Where this thread goes from here... I don't know. What exactly was the benefit of dragging this out over three or four posts? I feel no more enlightened by your romance novel posts than I would by the above 5 sentences.
  4. For those of you that are Howard Stern Fans, you will recall when the crew got their hands on the "Gary apology tape" in his desperate efforts to win back his GF at the time. The gang broke down what he said, word by word, line by line, not knowing where to begin. The comedic possibilities were endless, and it was one of the greatest moments in show history. Post the FFA Gary apology tape. I just don't know where to begin.
  5. This reminds me of my buddy who kept going back to pills time and time again after swearing he was getting clean for real this time. Some folks just don't want to be helped. Dude i'm just fine.... I'm trying to rattle your cage a little so you see how stupid you're being.... but as this goes on it's pretty obvious you're fine with this broad leashing you about by your sack (or the spot where it used to reside). GLL with that. This story ends badly for you.Not sure what I have been doing that's so bad. We'll have to agree to disagree about the dog, but I certainly see what you guys are talking about regarding her texts. For someone who was dumped by the ex saying how much better she has it now... there is some healing and satisfaction reading her start to regret it. Sure it still keeps her around for a bit, but it also helps the ego too. No matter how buff or physically attractive... personality, chemistry, intelligence still matters for a lasting relationship. Something that I had lost confidence in since this happened.But you have received the validation you were seeking, both from the texts and the GB's GF. There is now no reason to not walk away. She found shomething new and shiny, like a child does with a new toy, and grabbed it/him. That's not a person who makes for good long term relationship potential. The longer she sticks around, the longer you will be conflicted on this issue.
  6. Reading her posts and reporting on them = devoting thoughts and energy on this person you should be forgettingBlocking her texts and calls = making it so that you no longer think about her and can truly erase her from your life, which, as you say, is what you want You can't possibly tell me that you don't see the difference between the two?
  7. If you really have no desire to get back with her, then why bother to worry about who has the upper hand? Why do even keep talking about her? Your sound obsessed. P A T H E T I C. This thread would be more entertaining if it went back to more "grinding on the dancefloor" like 14 yrs at a school dance.Fair enough. I just post the texts bc some may find them entertaining not because I'm obsessed with her. I'll lay off the text updates and will only update if something interesting happens, but who knows when that will be. As of now my life is pretty simple: work, workout, party when I can, and do whatever the hell I want. No further text updates unless it really differs from her current: "I made a mistake/I hate you/I want to see my dog" cycle. Some possible updates for the future: - May: Trip to Hawaii with friends. - June: Trip to Vegas for Electric Daisy Carnival, Friend's Wedding - mutual friends with ex and I April, don't really have anything big planned. Just hoping to work as much as possible to pay for May/June and continue going out/partying locally. The bolded speaks the loudest, as if one is attempting to prove by way of the FFA, but ultimately to himself, by saying it loudly and often enough, how awesome his new single life is now that he is no longer horrificially shackled. Me thinks that one doth braggeth too much.
  8. Has our hero admitted to just being an attention whore? If not, then I think he needs to fill-in this blank- "Now that I have received the validation I needed, and can boast about my ex perhaps 'wanting me back', the reason I have not blocked her texts/number is ______________" If he can't fill in that blank reasonably, then he loses all credibility that he is doing this for anything other than "LOOK AT ME!!!!"
  9. My ex-wife walked out on me unexpectedly after two years of marraige (told me she kissed a co-worker). (This is over 10 years ago.) We talked over the first month as things were developing in our relationhip, and then went a week went without us speaking. She called after the week and said something along the lines of "What's going on? I feel like I don't really know what is happening in your life right now." (I was unsure of what her intent was) I responded curtly and said something along the lines of "You can't have your cake and eat it too with being in my life, (meaning unsure of where we were in a relationship, while maintaining contact as friends), and as a result we aren't going to be talking any longer." Other than for purposes of signing divorce papers and other legal documents related to taxes and the sale of our house, we never spoke again. Best decision I ever made, I was clear and unamiguous about my intent. Don't #####foot around.
  10. I have a 4 year old son, so on occasion the TV is on the Disney Channel when I turn it on. Is it wrong that if the Wizards of Waverly Place is on, I might stick around for ten minutes due to her presence?
  11. She is super hot, but, does she have a gut in this interview?
  12. Tim, again, this was not an isolated incident. There had been at least one prior investigation. And yet everyone pretended that it was perfectly fine that this guy kept hanging out with young boys. Use your head here.Do you have one shred of evidence that JoePa knew of something MORE after this initial inclident per Tim's example? I'm not ruling it out, and there was a clear pattern of behavior, but who knew what is very unclear to me to jump on top of JoePa.
  13. The internet voted and the results were a landslide for every time.Just watching last night, and it seemed like her face was kind of moon faced and goofy looking at times.
  14. Has there been an official decision on Gillian JAcobs v. Allison Brie? Brie better rack, but I think Jacobs has her in the face category.
  15. It's the best show on TV because of episodes like last night. Can't do that every week, but 5-6 of them a season mixed in with the conventional episodes is more than enough for me.Last night's show was a home run. To steal from the Arrested Development avatar...PLEASE WATCH THIS SHOW!