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  1. ho hum had a threesome. yawn also hit the lottery, I'm sure no one wants to hear about it
  2. Whaddya doin, losin all that weight? We're big pants people!
  4. Actually it's what made me realize that I have no idea how to set up my music these days.
  5. Great. I'm behind the guy who can't install netflix.
  6. It's an old classic and I know it happened lots of places, but I'll never forget the day, when email was becoming mainstream, that someone sent an email and copied literally everyone in our fortune 500 company. Just hearing everyone's cubicle ping-ping-ping with "remove me please" for the whole day. Good times.
  7. Awesome 90s hip hop playlist:
  8. I do follow an awesome 90s hip hop list that another FBG made, I'll try to link it. But just 90s won't give me this gold.
  9. I think I need a spotify tutorial. I always end up listening to the same few songs on spotify. Do you guys make a lot of playlists, or use their stations, or follow other people?
  10. I'm sure your heart is in the right place, but a homeless 54 year old on FB? And if he was, AJ wouldn't have tried that?
  11. I did not know this was possible!
  12. Getting double candy then giving it away
  13. I feel like I am way behind the curve here. Eons ago I uploaded all of my CDs to itunes, which was labor intensive and I don't want to do it again. Then gmusic came along and I moved my library there. It works pretty well but I find that I don't add much new music, and I got sick of firing up my desktop just to listen to music. Does everybody stream and bluetooth now? What app and speaker are you using? Halp.