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  1. 25th anniversary of The Great Radio Controversy?
  2. Well X was sexy pictures, and Y was sexual assault, and your premise was that X causes an increase in Y, so let's have less X. I say there's no causal relationship, you disagree. Not sure why we need other variables all of a sudden.
  3. That's all well and good, but you keep missing this: lots of sexy pictures of women does NOT cause more assault.
  4. Adonis: I think factor X contributes to a higher frequency of Y Henry: What about a society where X = zero, they have the similar frequencies of Y, so it is unlikely that X is a contributing factor. Adonis: But what if X = infinity?
  5. And you think that makes sexual assault more likely? Seems to me society's response to assaults, and general attitude towards women as unimportant, makes them more likely.
  6. For that analogy to work, the media would need to be portraying women being raped/assaulted and society as just nodding approvingly, "that's what women do, get themselves into trouble."
  7. Are you saying that if we had less of the bolded, we would have fewer sexual assaults?
  8. Do I get summers off? Just trying to get into character.
  9. I finished the main story of the Horizon Zero Dawn dl, Frozen Wilds. Definitely challenging, mildly repetitive of the main game, but still pretty cool. PLUS ROBOT BEARS!!! B+
  10. ya space slice
  11. Is anyone checking on Zeus and Appollo?
  12. Who cares about eyebrows?