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  1. 3, 4, and 5 year olds playing a sport
  2. Any new client that I dont know = retainer. Otherwise case by case, but very common for me.
  3. I thought you were asking how it works for us guys.
  4. Don't think so. For one, not sure how they would find out, for two they're pretty rational and, would therefore blame him or her, not me (I think).
  5. I guess that's why I reiterated my objections today. Sort of a preemptive "told you so."
  6. I understand this take. But for me it was a choice bxt enabling or estranging. Plus they will likely have kids that I want to know, and if I didn't do it, he still would have gone to someone else.
  7. Part lazy, part shy, part fat/low confidence. He also had a couple of horrible chicks he briefly dated. One went home with another dude on their date, another was a fall down drunk.
  8. Well the deed is done. I have my objections known (reiterated them again today), told him I love him and will be here for him regardless, and that this was dumb. But I wrote up the deed and gave it to him. I couldn't see a way to prevent this without estranging him. I guess I'm at peace with it.
  9. 38 and 36. None taken.
  10. I wrote: Um ok. Was just trying to understand if there was a reason why it had to be Friday. Response: Yes, please
  11. 99.9% sure if I don't do it, he will go to someone else, and spend another $300 or whatever for deed prep.
  12. There actually is about $600 worth of transfer tax that is due (which they would be exempt from if married) but he didn't even blink.
  13. He emailed just now asking if they could sign tomorrow. I asked if it needed to be tomorrow as I'm busy and leaving at noon. He gave me sentences about how it should have been done weeks ago and how lucky he is to have her - i.e. didn't answer the question. Probably her writing that email too.
  14. I have not. I'm guessing it is some ultimatum from her.