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  1. I used the snipping tool. Which is also the name of my biography of @General Malaise
  2. What is the best cat you can draw with this tool? My Link @Reg Lllama of Brixton @krista4
  3. no chance I'm clicking that link
  4. yea but they were all five-foot-nothing and 120 pounds right?
  5. If only they had some educators who didn't take every growing season off.
  6. I think this is one of the root problems. We've allowed our country to be defined as red/blue, right/left, R/D, etc. My politics are mine. I don't get them from some straight-line party manifesto, I get them by listening, learning, and thinking. The idea that there are things "from my side that I don't agree with" is oxymoronic.
  7. Is the bag over the head for you or her(s)?
  8. at the falling down skiing part
  9. omg I'm drinking Laphroiag quarter cask that I keep for special occasions!