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  1. In, assuming a drunk zoonation is banned
  2. We did it!
  3. you misspelled "dumb"
  4. She just sent me a reply, the entirety of which read: "Thanks!" High importance.
  5. I used the report button for the first time in my life to request it be moved. Fingers crossed!
  6. New co-worker sends every email marked high importance. Every. Single. One.
  7. I had the same experience when I went to the 9/11 museum. I didn't see any lack of decorum inside, but it was a very odd feeling to come out of that heavy place into bright sunshine and see people with selfie sticks, posing for pictures with big smiles in front of the memorial reflecting pools.
  8. e strange #####? or just regular ones?
  9. FWIW I have not spent much time reading up on immigration, so I find itms like this helpful. Not necessarily changing my mind, but helping me understand.
  10. way funnier than I had hoped
  11. I'll be up the coast for a weedding that weekend
  12. 1 darling Nikki 2 purple rain 3 nothing compares 2 u