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  1. Interesting. I have never heard anyone ask if they may finish while playing, I've always heard them announce as if it were a right. Has your experience been different? Not to mention, the announcer in the clip said he was well within his "rights." I swear i will never know all the rules of golf.
  2. Are you sure about that? In the video below Tiger's first win on tour, on a playoff hole, Tiger is not away but elects to continue putting even though he is not away, and the announcer says that he is "well within his rights to finish out." The only difference in my scenario is that the previous shot was played from off the green. my link
  3. Rules question: Match play. Both players' approach shots miss the green. Player A chips to about 10 feet. Player B's ball rests on the fringe up against a primary cut of rough. It is not on the green. B elects to use a putter to make his next shot, and putts the ball to within 3 feet of the cup, and then announces, "I will finish." Player A does not object, Player B proceeds to make his putt for par, Player A misses his 10-footer and loses the hole. Were any rules broken? ETA: specifically I'm wondering if it is allowed to finish when your last shot was from off the green and you're not "away."
  4. @Aaron Rudnicki don't forget to send me half of the 4th place prize, tia
  5. A few hours into God of War and still feel like every battle is spastic. Enjoying it overall though. Still have no clue how/what I should upgrade though. Is there a guide for that?
  6. Mine has $2.75 Miller Hi Lifes all the time. I'm in SoCal usually once a year, hmmm
  7. I wonder how sheriff66 would refer to the Las Vegas Golden Knights? the olden knights the mights the tykes
  9. Once the most popular car in America, surprised there haven't been others posted.
  10. Mine was sky blue. Most vanilla car ever.
  11. We had a Caprice Classic when I was a kid, I assume it was essentially the same car.