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  1. "sorry family, I can't hang out with you again tonight or any other night because I am dead from a pit bull attack."
  2. I don't think anyone believes the president has decorum. They are held to the same standard.
  3. I'd echo most of what's been said, but would point out that going straight from college to law school is a mistake. Take one year, or even six months, to work at a firm and understand what you are getting yourself into for a lifetime. Lawyers are famously depressed, addicted, suicidal, and unsatisfied with their jobs as a group. This is mostly because they imagine a glamorous, intellectually stimulating life of wealth and admiration. The actual job has moments of that from time to time, but the reality can be (un)sobering.
  4. I could not disagree with you more. Exposing bad ideas is the beauty of free speech.
  5. Anyone have an app they like to analyze video of their swing?
  6. Genuine question as I'm going off memory and a quick google search didn't give a clear answer - did the Bush administration lie or did they (a) trust faulty intelligence and (b) paint themselves into a corner by insisting that Hussein allow inspectors and Hussein consistently refused?
  7. Is that even the question though? I agree that Otis overplays his hand in these threads aka is sort of trolling, but tj's argument (?) seems to be "clean up your own yard before you go knocking on your neighbor's door." Just strikes me as another flavor of the logical fallacy of the argument from authority - if you are an obese alcoholic, you do not possess the right personal credentials to discuss the danger of pit bulls, and therefore I never have to address the merits of your argument.
  8. Good point - I don't know and I'm sure for that amount she has to go in person and sign some stuff. ETA - though I will say, he hasn't heard from her, she could have easily said, I haven't got it yet, but I'll be hooking you up with X once I do.
  9. As of New Year's Eve, the bouncer has not heard from her one way or the other. Seems like her answer may well be zero dollars.
  10. I regret adding the phase "for now" in my original post. As @ghostguy123 correctly surmised, it was a throwaway line that I added as a lame joke. I was interested in finding out two things: 1. You get a $5 scratch ticket for Christmas that hits for $100,000; how much (if any) do you give to the giver? I figured everyone could fill in the other details for themselves and discuss whether their answer differs based on their relationship with the giver, their relative financial positions, whether the giver knew, etc. 2. Based on the details I gave about the real-life scenario I heard about, would your answer be different? This one is actually less interesting to me, but I figured it gave some flavor to the story. I did not expect these weird tangents about what givers ought to expect, whether givers with expectations are bad people, whether lottery tickets make good gifts, or what the "right" answer is based on the so-called laws of lottery giving or whatever. But hey, it's an FFA thread and they have a life of their own I suppose.
  11. @Mr. Ham can you explain your fascination on expectations? If someone bought the ticket with no expectations, what would you give them? Zero?
  12. You serious clark? The two people in this real life scenario are both poor, and I never said anyone expected anything.
  13. How much (if any) do you give to the giver? This happened to the bouncer at my local - he was the giver, to his little sister's best friend who is like a member of the family (for now). She got a check for $71,000. She is a manager at a McDonald's. They are similarly situated. Does that change your answer?