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  1. The oldies station stopped calling themselves the oldies station and now plays "hits of the 60's, 70's and 80's." Which totally includes some songs from albums that I remember buying new when they came out.
  2. I remember a small claims judge one time telling everyone pro se that they were smart to do so, since in our small claims the rules of evidence do not apply. He told them hiring a lawyer for small claims was like "having a really expensive potted plant."
  3. on twitter at eminence fbg
  4. @Nigel Tufnel ever post anymore?
  5. Clyde don't bless this
  6. sorry if I wasn't clear - first time breaking 80 this season and I'm the oddball that proves the rule - very good putter and decent chipper. I lose my strokes from wild tee balls and mis hit approaches. Oh and sand traps.