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  1. See, but I think that only reinforces my take. Don't I have the right as an American to be whiny about a chafed or bruised bottom? Have the terrorists won again? Cry over spilled milk? What a childish overreaction that deserves ridicule! Whiny about a pain in my ###? Totally justified!
  2. Can we talk about the word "butthurt," for a minute? Literally, it means to be ####ed in the ###. Figuratively, it means to be whiny about something. It doesn't seem like those should be related. Shouldn't someone be allowed to be whiny about being ####ed in the ###?
  3. can't tell if serious
  4. You mean to tell me Melvin is now 14 years old?
  5. I keep thinking about their son, who is old enough to understand what is going on. How do you parent through that? Ugh.
  6. So unfair. Very sorry for your loss.
  7. why don't you just ask your doc for a scrip?
  8. Explain this to me like I'm someone who's never held up a bodega. Like this? Tanner style? I seriously can't picture this.
  9. Not sure what to say other than we are all pulling for Riley.