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  1. Hi otb - Let's go no politics in here for now ever. T
  2. Either start giving us details about all these side chicks or quit bringing them up. Also, avoid the clap.
  4. Did you call him a chode? That might help.
  5. woman in the foreground showing no concern for human life
  6. If he was using all lower case then obviously it would make sense.
  7. also, how would you even pronounce MILTF? makes no sense
  8. Why not just MILF like everyone else?
  9. Curious as to why you use a lower case "i" in MILF, when that would be the only capitalized word in the phrase "mom I'd like to ####?"
  10. That explains it
  11. This is a $25 league, right?
  12. that's third and a half newb