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  1. The other day I was third in line at a sign like this and the first person, waiting to turn left, did the right thing and hugged the center line. Second car, with right turn blinker on, sits dead in the middle and waits. I honked and he just gave me the "what gives" shrug.
  2. The one where you go back to the first house? Yes. Not 100% sure what to make of it.
  3. Finally broke 80 again for the first time in a long time. Had to finish birdie-birdie to do it. I have shortened up my swing, narrowed my stance, and really focused on tempo and staying on balance. When I do that, I get a consistent result.
  4. God of War ruled. I rushed through the ending just to see how the story ended. I found it hard at first because I usually opt for stealth whenever possible, but this game sort of requires you to get in close for melee. But once I got the hang of it, thoroughly enjoyable.
  5. I like this paragraph. FWIW I'm not even sure what I am anymore, though I feel like I haven't changed, the parties have (and long before Trump came along). I think at bottom what I want is equality of opportunity, not equality of result. the approach to federal government spending to start with the question: is the federal government constitutionally authorized to act in this area? take a very laissez faire attitude towards individual freedoms. There was a great signature in the FFA that was something like, so long as I am out of the splash zone, it is none of my business how others recreate or fornicate. stop asking our military to "peace keep" or "nation build." Neither are possible or practicable. The one thing I hate these days, and is why I think the Politics Forum was a great move for this site, is this idea that there are two teams and you have to pick one and sign up for all of that team's ideology. Almost every so-called "discussion" of politics these days denigrates into left v. right, conservative v. liberal, instead of examining ideas and reasons to see if they are any good. Anyway thanks for this thread fred.
  6. If someone is looking to come to Portland, I usually say compare our airport with Manchester and Boston, both are 2 hour drives, so it might be worth it. Portland's airport keeps getting more flights though, so there might not be the same price difference there used to be. Manchester to Bar Harbor is over 4 hours and not particularly scenic.
  7. Portland to Bar Harbor is 3 hours by interstate or probably 4 by more picturesque Route 1. Bangor to Bar Harbor is an hour. So I guess it depends on how much pricier it is. There are a bunch of nice towns along the way if you take Route 1: Bath, Damariscotta, Rockland, Camden, Belfast, Bucksport and the Penobscot Narrows Bridge. Basically you are driving through 90% of what people think of when they think of small town coastal Maine. Oh and Freeport right off the bat out of Portland has LL Bean and like 50 outlet stores, if that's your thing.
  8. Same as day one...
  9. Oh, that Portland.
  10. My pants got tighter just thinking about them.
  11. So usually it must make you really confused.
  12. I was in Japan for a few weeks in the late 90s and had similar impressions as the OP. But when you read up on it, especially in Tokyo, you just have an incredible population density, on an island where only 1/7th of the land is usable for living on, and where there is almost no diversity. I remember one of their sayings about how to act loosely translated to "the nail that stands up gets pounded down."
  13. I imagine most of us in this thread knew how to use a lighter and an aerosol can as a mini blowtorch. Well one day me and a buddy came up with this great idea. We had a full can of lysol and one that was almost empty. We coated the full can with some lysol on the outside, lit it on fire, and then I shot it with my BB gun from maybe twenty paces. My buddy was standing by with a hose (safety third!), and I hit the thing first shot through both sides of the can, and we got like a 20-foot fireball/flamethrower. We could have burned the whole neighborhood down.
  14. Interesting. I have never heard anyone ask if they may finish while playing, I've always heard them announce as if it were a right. Has your experience been different? Not to mention, the announcer in the clip said he was well within his "rights." I swear i will never know all the rules of golf.
  15. Are you sure about that? In the video below Tiger's first win on tour, on a playoff hole, Tiger is not away but elects to continue putting even though he is not away, and the announcer says that he is "well within his rights to finish out." The only difference in my scenario is that the previous shot was played from off the green. my link
  16. Rules question: Match play. Both players' approach shots miss the green. Player A chips to about 10 feet. Player B's ball rests on the fringe up against a primary cut of rough. It is not on the green. B elects to use a putter to make his next shot, and putts the ball to within 3 feet of the cup, and then announces, "I will finish." Player A does not object, Player B proceeds to make his putt for par, Player A misses his 10-footer and loses the hole. Were any rules broken? ETA: specifically I'm wondering if it is allowed to finish when your last shot was from off the green and you're not "away."
  17. @Aaron Rudnicki don't forget to send me half of the 4th place prize, tia
  18. A few hours into God of War and still feel like every battle is spastic. Enjoying it overall though. Still have no clue how/what I should upgrade though. Is there a guide for that?