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  1. If your goal is to be estranged from your family members, this is a good mantra.
  2. Only an idiot would willingly travel to MN in December.
  3. Probably want to try the full mask and see how that goes. I started with the nose thing and my mouth would open in the night and wake me up.
  4. Yea that's weird. I immediately noticed a change for the good.
  5. This thread is not about what I thought it would be about.
  6. and being named captain link
  7. Chad Johnson, where have you gone?
  8. ah I was thinking of the screws not pins
  9. hinges on the "outside"? of a closed door?
  10. Aren't you the same dude that had a problem with guys in relationships with no kids? Can you lay out the parameters of an acceptable relationship?
  11. well this is awkward
  12. Monday you say? 1d1000, rolled once. Roll set 1 Die rolls: 262 Roll subtotal: 262
  13. I would much rather do after Sunday or message board, but I'm not a VIP or anything. I'll live with whatever.
  14. Same for me a few years ago. Didn't feel a thing at the time, no big deal at all. Maybe some weird noises if that's going to bug them.
  15. Exactly. This is why parenting is such a difficult job. I love my kids and feel that they are the greatest. Well, except for the ones I put up for adoption when they did wrong, proving they weren't the greatest. I wasn't able to love them and simultaneously discipline them, educate them, lead them, and encourage them to be better.
  16. Just the way the calendar fell - weekend in the land of the Ovechkins coming up
  17. Not so fast mon frere, some of us enjoy reading and thinking about things that others write
  18. I'll be getting on a plane Sunday at 9:30, I would probably have to autodraft the whole thing.
  19. was always partial to @Origami Boulder
  20. @McJose Sorry to hear about your spirit animal
  21. I saw the yahoo notice that the league was renewed - do we have a draft date yet?
  22. is that you high fiving yourself, bromingo? :
  23. Take it to the politics subforum, dorks