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  1. Glenn has to be one of the most incompetent competitors ever in BB history Jozea has to be one of the most annoying Happy Vic won the BB Battle back. Was kind of hoping for Tiffany just because that would cause the most chaos
  2. Now I think you're just stirring the pot
  3. The Bearded One has definitely grown on me
  4. OMG! That's as bad as using a private e-mail server and exposing state secrets
  5. Mine has a very similar story. Still in business but not looking real good common-ground-healthcare-cooperative-faces-a-few-fateful-months Sounds like the guberment pulled the rug out from under them on several occasions.
  6. Suddenly James is looking like a very strong contender to win. He stayed out of the whole saving Tiff mess this week and remained on Frank's good side and still managed not to alienate those that made the move.
  7. I still don't know why they saved Tiff this week. To turn Frank's game upside down? Now wasn't the time to take a shot at Frank. You don't take a shot at a player by not evicting his person. You take a shot at a player like Frank by backdooring or evicting him outright. All they accomplished is to put him on edge and awaken him. You don't poke the bear. You had the numbers this week to save Tiff. You'll have the numbers next week to evict Frank. Dumb premature move that accomplished nothing other than to make things interesting for us. Things couldn't have played out better for CBS and the BB producers this week. First Tiff is saved. Then when Frank is the target of everybody in the house his team wins the HoH and he can't be put up. And then Tiff wins the Roadkill challenge.
  8. Add in Drake's touches and the backfield is split 3 ways.
  9. Of course the trainwreck emoji was premature but so was Choo Choo in early June. If we had a Tap the Breaks emoji I would have used that. I would agree with you that it's uncertain what Foster has left in the tank. They may not even sign him or if they do he may not even make the team. I'll be curious to see if they do sign him what sort of contract he gets. It will be more telling of what he has left if Foster gets a large signing bonus.
  10. Foster doesn't have to be great again or the Foster of years past. He just needs to steal 6-8 carries to kill Ajayi's value. I guess it depends on which value we are talking aboutthough. In redrafts it tanks it going in to camp. In dynasty leagues it would actually boost it. In either case it would have been much more dramatic if they signed a younger back like CJ Anderson.
  11. If Foster takes 6-8 carries from Ajayi it will kill his value. Will go from Ajayi having the backfield to himself to a full blown RBBC
  12. Fins could make Foster an offer on Monday The Miami Herald reports the Dolphins are expected to "at least seriously consider" making free agent Arian Foster a contract offer if he shows well at Monday's tryout. Beat writer Barry Jackson does allow "it's hardly assured that they would." The Dolphins should know that Foster's free agent market isn't exactly hot, and they may start out with a minimum salary offer including some incentives. If Foster's Lions tryout is to go down, he could conceivably try to create a small bidding war between the two teams. Foster tore his Achilles' tendon last Week 7 and is nine months removed from the injury. He turns 30 in August.
  13. Man . . . really hard to say this week. This really opens the game up though. Before it was Frank pulling all the strings. Tiff or Da'Vonne are definitely possibilities. But Day is gonna want to keep Tiff to help oust Frank. Nicole could be in trouble if Frank gets word that she was in on the vote. The conversation at the end hinted that he had his suspicions. Smart move is to nominate both Day and Tiff. Gaurantees at least one remains on the block. Roadkill competition seems really big this week all of a sudden. The Roadkill nominee will be the person in trouble IMO.
  14. Gonna get interesting now