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  1. I'm not sure I'd read too much in to this weeks game. Jeffery was clearly hobbled. If he's hobbled and not getting open Hoyer's looking elsewhere. We just need a healthy Alshon.
  2. On the other hand, if you take away his runs of 1, 3, -3, 0, 1, -3 and 0 he is averaging 26 ypc
  3. Hillary seems rattled
  4. I also think that once they get healthier in the defensive backfield your favorite Randall won't be out there.
  5. 6 players on defense saw their first NFL action this week. 9 first year players all together played on the defense today.
  6. One can claim McCarthy went conservative all they want but they had a big lead, Lacy was running the ball very effectively, the clock was ticking away, and they needed to control the time of possession in the second half in order to protect a defense decimated by injury and down to 3rd stringers or rookies at that point.
  7. Time to change the title of the thread to "Trying to bring back the old MyFBG but we screwed it up so badly it's unfixable and we really don't care anymore and what the heck, we offered a meek apology"
  8. Yeah, anytime a player's high school coach compares that RB to Adrian Peterson he's got my attention. Really, what do all those NFL scouts and GMs know after all? They let him slide to the seventh round. His HS coach thinks he's the next Adrian Peterson. Good enough for me.
  9. Great. I had 3 leagues set up. One I linked to my RTSports league. Finally with Simon's help have that correctly syncing. But I manually set up 2 leagues and they seem to have lost all their players. One league I'm in is not on-line so I inputted my roster. I set up another league where I could keep track of players that are free agents, sort of a watch list. Went to check the two leagues I set up manually and there are no players listed. It's incredible how badly FBG has bungled this.
  10. The time to pick him up was week 2 . . . ummmm, or was it week 1? What week is this again?
  11. I think everybody was shocked except the jury members that voted for Nicole.
  12. Was shocked with that decision. Paul played a near perfect game. His biggest mistake was tonight in not picking James for the final 2 and it cost him half-a-million $
  13. Yeah . . . no. It's a deep bruise from being kicked.
  14. Have the number 4 waiver spot this week and I'm all over the place. Very little solid information out there regarding the length of any of these injuries except for Woodhead. Peterson is anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. If McKinnon had the backfield to himself he might be worth a shot. Abdullah? Who knows the extent. Stewart has a history of injuries but may be only a couple of weeks. I'm just not sure if any of them are worth the #4 waiver priority. I don't see any of the waiver wire RBs this week as a season changer. I'll probably save the high priority spot and take my chances on free agency at no cost. Hoping Dwayne Washington slips through as I think he has the highest upside with opportunity.