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  1. Maybe you don't, but every year the flu is very deadly. It doesn't get the headlines because it is common. Over 80,000 people died last year because of the flu. cdc flu deaths in 2019 Do you see more than 80,000 people dying this year due to the coronavirus? Is is President Trump's fault that so many people died from the flu last year?
  2. I didn't realize taking quotes out of context was bad form now. When did that seem to matter?
  3. But if it means defeating President Trump they will sell their own holier-than-thou soul.
  4. You mean the same Democrats and their supporters that have acted holier-than-thou for the past 3-1/2 years?
  5. Missed the beast take the lap at Daytona. Was it painted up with a huge #1 on the side with a list of sponsors? The Trump Tower car?
  6. I'll only believe it if he includes a penny in the picture
  7. I believe the sun was shining when President Trump made his appearance. The rain didn't move in until afterward. Maybe God wears a MAGA hat
  8. Hope they do this. Voters are tired of it all and this will sink their ship
  9. What if he wins the MVP because he was?
  10. Moderates like Amy, Mayor Pete, Biden and Bloomberg will continue to split that vote. Bernie's more progressive opponent Warren is having a very bad night.
  11. Iowa and New Ham[hire are two of the whitest states, I'd wait until South Carolina before calling him done. Poor showing there and he's in big trouble.
  12. Bloomberg/Amy ticket would be about as sure of a bet you could get