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  1. There goes Reddick to ARI. Start of a defensive run?
  2. Gotta think a couple O-tackles to be taken yet and maybe a few RBs and QB Watson. Setting up nice for the Pack
  3. The Chiefs gave up their No. 1 in 2018 and their 1 & 3 this year to move up to No. 10.
  4. Like seeing a lot of offense picks so far.
  5. Has there ever been a GM fired mid-draft?
  6. Will be interesting to see how many QBs are drafted in round 1. I think if they slip you'll see somebody want to jump up to late round 1 to grab one. I think the Packers would be in play then to trade back. I'd be OK with that as long as it's not to far into round 2. Top 5-6 in round 2.
  7. That being said McGinn thinks CB. McGinn: King could meet Packers' biggest need McGinn's mock draft (he's usually pretty good with his mocks) Mock draft: Bob McGinn's projections
  8. Dougherty: Putting a rush order on Packers' pick My prediction is the Packers take an edge rusher and if one isn't there they like at 29 they'll trade down and take a CB as their first pick in the early 2nd and pickup an extra pick as well ETA: could also see them take Mixon in the early second after trading back
  9. Whitehouse announced tonight that they will not end NAFTA after Mexico and Canada say they are open to renegotiating the terms
  10. Left with hamstring tightness. When asked after the game he said they have a day off on Thursday and he'll be back for Friday. Knowing manager Counsell's history he holds him out an extra day on Friday as well. I'd expect him back on Saturday.
  11. Tested for 3rd time since spring training
  12. Please keep us updated.
  13. Then why did you post it in here? Doesn't seem like it has anything to do with President Trump