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  1. I was at today's game. Not sure what it was like on the field but the conditions in the stands were miserable. Temperature was just right that the snow was very greasy. I'm sure that had a lot to do with the play on the field. I think the conditions dictated a lot as to how the offensive game was called. Didn't seem like the WRs could get anything going. Defense has played a lot better the last two weeks. I think that is a factor of them getting a little healthier but also the fact that they have played two sub-par offenses. Next week should be telling. Caper's seemed to blitz a little more today. Either because of Osweiler or because they are getting healthier in the defensive backfield. FWIW, Randall still seemed to have a little hitch in his step between plays, pretty sure the groin injury is still bothering him.
  2. I made it to 5
  3. Well ,there is that deal with Iran. Oh, wait, you said good examples?
  4. You could say this exact same thing about Davante Adams last year, couldn't you? Sometimes you have to have patience.
  5. If the rumors are true about Sitton's release there was a lot more to his release than injuries, salary, etc. And his release was well-deserved. And how has Sitton been doing this year? Speaking of, remember all the criticism when Sitton was released? Who was he replaced by? I can't remember his name now. Hmmmm. Must be playing so well you don't even hear his name. And remember the criticism of the Packers releasing Kuhn? Seems like they improved there. And remember the criticism of the Packers taking Adams over Allen Robinson? Still would prefer Robinson but that gap has shrunk considerably. And the criticism of the Packers dumping Masthay and signing Schum? And the criticism of Schum early on? He's been punting very well lately.
  6. He was second on the team in tackles last night. Long way off from making just one play all night. But don't let the facts get in the way of your Randall-hate.
  7. I thought the DBs and the defense in general looked much better tonight than they have the past couple of games. What or who was the difference tonight? Did they get somebody back from injury that was a difference maker?
  8. I added him last week for the playoffs. Thought I read he was to have an MRI today and the fact we haven't heard anything is a bit worrisome. I guess we'll find out tomorrow with the practice reports.
  9. Anybody here anything about his status? I've looked and looked and couldn't find anything today. Last I heard he was to have an MRI today.
  10. Christine Michael with 9 points for the rest of the season in PPR. Seriously? I guess they don't think he'll stick in GB
  11. FBG Top 200 Forward has Michael scoring 9 points in PPR. Not this week, but the rest of the season. Total.
  12. With Woods hurt, I think Harvin is safe for now.
  13. When you're smoking marijuana and have the munchies and have a fight with your ex this is what you do.
  14. He was questionable all week with an ankle injury. Perhaps it's still bothering him.
  15. Update on McCoy: Possible bone through skin? Ouch I guess it's better than herpes