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  1. According to twitter a broken arm
  2. Smart girl (You may think I'm joking here but this is a serious answer)
  3. So Paul thinks Josh was a coward and putting the blame on him with his comments to the evicted houseguest? Wasn't he the guy that never wanted to get blood n his hands?
  4. Got 'em right where we want 'em. Remember 28-3?
  5. Both GB starting tackles out. It's gonna be an uphill battle for the Pack
  6. I'm going to need to see bank statements But seriously, good for you
  7. Vereen
  8. Trump makes good on promise: Sends out 12 checks
  9. Special teams. Blurb in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said that is the difference. Sounds like he wasn't stickin' his nose in the special teams playbook as much as the coaches wanted him to. Message sent.
  10. You undersold. I wanna be in your league
  11. Not cut him but doghouse
  12. You may want to move Kevin White to the injury section
  13. Sounds like your tiebreakers are set wrong. Probably set to: Overall Record (Both teams at 1-0) Division Record (Team A is 0-0, Team B is 1-0) Total Points (Team A has more points) In this scenario Team B would be listed first and then Team A so Team A would get the waiver claim * Haven't used CBSsports but at RTSports division record can be used as a tiebreaker Double check and reset the order to Overall Record Total Points Division Record