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  1. I bet your Dad is watching us with a big smile on his face
  2. I don't know. What's the injury rate for players sliding in to them? An interesting article from 2014. Although many of the injuries they talk about are from head first slides, the discussion of new bases is interesting.
  3. It sure seems like they are hit more than that though.
  4. So for a team that relies on bizarrely ancient training methods where do the Packers rank as far as games lost? Found this interesting Football Outsiders: Adjusted Games Lost According to their calculations the Packers rank pretty much in the middle of the NFL for the last 2 years.
  5. Brewers picked up 2B Neil Walker from the Mets tonight for a player to be named later. so there's that.
  6. I will give you this. The GB trainers are very conservative when it comes to letting a player back on the field, sometimes frustratingly so. And I am sick of what seems to be a rash of injuries every year, but I don't think a lo of them are preventable by the training staff.
  7. Can you expand on this? I've tried googling the Packers training regime but couldn't find what it is. So I'm not sure if it's bizarrely ancient or not.
  8. Please explain to me how the concussions to Randall and Dupre were the trainers fault. I'll hang up and listen
  9. Looked pretty good on the one run and on the pass out of the backfield. Had nowhere to go on the other 2. Neither Rodgers or Jordy Nelson played. I wouldn't take anything out of this game. The offense as a whole looked sloppy.
  10. It's da Bears. They haven't anything that resembles a QB since Luckman
  11. After 89 pages I think it's pretty apparent that nothing is going to get him to re-evaluate his choices. God bless those in here that are trying but you can lead a horse to water . . . . .
  12. I agree with you here. EG, for all his good intentions, just seems to gloss over RnR's destructive behavior.
  13. They've scored 2-3 runs a game since the all-star break and Counsell keeps rolling out the same lineup it seems. The other night they had runners on 1st and 2nd tied 1-1 in the 9th inning with nobody out. Is it just me or does that scream for a sacrifice bunt? Especially for a team that is struggling to score runs. Counsell has them swing away, right into a double play.
  14. 25 years if all the new jobs are filled by peoplefrom WI. If 10% come from Illinois it increase by 2 years. If more than that it could be even greater. More and more this looks like a bad deal.