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  1. Well he can't play the Reds all the time
  2. How many fingers did the guy who said it's very difficult have?
  3. It would help if you posted who your current WRs are.
  4. Agreed with most here. Those WRs aren't even close to get Rodgers. Not even any combination of them would do it.
  5. They were the elderly passenger's doctors threatening to hit them in the hand
  6. So we can thank Lakerstan for the end of your self-ban?
  7. The doctor wrote him a bill for the office visit.
  8. Rosebud
  9. Thames out yesterday and today with strep throat. Hoping to be back for the weekend series against Chicago. May be a blesing in disguise as he's been dealing with soreness in his legs so the rest may do him some good.
  10. They may not be nuts, but they are definitely nut flavored
  11. Something to keep on eye on. Thames "slump" coincided with Braun missing about a week with arm soreness. Braun is back in the lineup but he is lollipopping his throws back in to the infield. Wouldn't be surprised if Braun misses more time or even a stint on the DL.
  12. Now that you are getting rid of the AC forum can we get a politics forum and contain that to one forum?
  13. That's cause Olivia Munn is yesterday's news Out with the old, in with the new
  14. From the article: He also backed Hillary over Trump. Seems like this isn't the guy you want on your side