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  1. Three strikeouts on eight pitches: Because of a scoring quirk, Junior Guerra was able to record three strikeouts in the bottom of the fourth inning on only eight pitches. He took over for Brandon Woodruff with an 0-2 count on Locastro and struck him out on the next pitch, getting credit for the whiff. Guerra then threw seven pitches in striking out the next two hitters.
  2. When I first read the title of this thread I thought it was about the proliferation of all the political threads. It's gotten so bad the owners may have to change the name of the website to Politicguys (with a little bit of football talk sprinkled in)
  3. How is their fantasy football content?
  4. Otis' site is pretty good and well worth every penny.
  5. I'm not sure that Tom Cruise is even top 5 at this point. In no particular order, Newman, Hanks, DeNiro, Stewart, Eastwood, DiCaprio, Grant to name just a few could all push Cruise out of the top 5.
  6. I think the 10th pick comment was regarding picking Kelce there and figuring the players he listed before would be picked 1 through 9. I'd go Hopkins. Safest pick on the board. Too many questions with Bell or Johnson. Although I wouldn't blame you for going with one of them either.
  7. If you are really smart, you wouldn't have allowed yourself to be kidnapped in the first place.
  8. Got a list of the player prices? Kinda hard to chime in with my favorite bargains without the prices.
  9. No but if in Milwaukee be sure to visit the Bronze Fonz
  10. Did they ever fire the head trainer? Until they do, they will continue to lead the league in injuries.
  11. I thought so too. She seemed to be in awe just to be in his presence.
  12. Was my first autograph as well. I was about 6 or 7 and attended a Father/Son banquet at my cousin's church (Peace Lutheran Church in Kunesh, WI). That was almost 50 years ago and still have the mini-football, although the signature is pretty much worn out by now. As Eephus said, the local teams QB is a natural idol, but Green Bay fans of that era were extremely lucky to have somebody like Starr that lived up to every meaning of the word "idol". I think Aaron Rodgers' statemnet sums up Bart Starr's life almost perfectly. “Here’s a guy who has won more championships than anybody and people talk about the kind of person he is." Here's a guy that won 5 NFL championships in 7 years and still holds the highest QB rating in playoff games and reading comments on-line all you read is how he was such a classy and generous person.
  13. Is it just me or is the refereeing heavily skewed towards Toronto?