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  1. Do the math. He stated they shrink 3 sizes after washing. That would still leave them 2 sizes too small, wouldn't it?
  2. I'd take a chance on Josh Gordon. Give him a week but definitely startable down the stretch. He's Josh Gordon afterall!!!
  3. Two questions this week 1) My RBs are Kamara, Elliott, Bell & Pollard. I'm considering dropping Gesicki (already own Engram and Cook) for a RB stash. Who is the better stash to take a chance on: Armstead, Bonnafan, Mattison, McKissic? or roster Ty Montgomery or Powell as a Bell handcuff? Or do I hold Gesicki until we know more about Engram's injury? 2) Three game lead so looking towards the playoffs (week 14-16) in PPR league: would you rather have JuJu or OBJ?
  4. Any coincidence that the game Rodgers gets Adams back the offense takes a crap? When Adams was out Rodgers was forced to get other guys involved. He targeted Adams 11 times today. This offense is much better when they spread it around and throw to the backs.
  5. Start Barkley then. I'm not sure why he isn't even in the discussion 😄
  6. PPR league, start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, TE, and a flex (RB, WR, TE), K, D My RBs are Elliott, Kamara, Bell, McCoy and Walton WRs are Hilton, JuJu, McLaurin and Anderson 1) Having lost Hilton for a couple of weeks (or more) would you trade McCoy and McLaurin for Keenan Allen and Burkhead? Currently sitting at 5-3 2) Then drop Burkhead for someone like Ronald Jones, Damien Williams, DeSean Jackson, Robert Woods or handcuffs of either Ty Montgomery or Pollard? 3) ROS: Robby Anderson, Robert Woods or DeSean Jackson? 4) PPR - Start Robby Anderson or Mark Walton at flex? (already have Darnold and Bell going) TIA
  7. Aaron Rodgers not even the best Aaron on GB's offense
  8. Let dad handle it and hopefully he's upfront with the rest of the league. He should resign as commissioner. My question is, why does his kid have access to commissioner privileges?
  9. I've got him going with Kamara injured and Elliott on bye. Need a big game from him
  10. I think it was pretty much covered in the article. Their daughter was raped, tortured and murdered. The Obama administration told them to keep it a secret, didn't give them any details, and didn't allow them to negotiate a ransom. The Obama administration probably had very good reasons but who are we to judge if they are bitter towards President Obama? I can't imagine being in their position.
  11. Reportedly they are getting in position for Game 7.
  12. I don't know. I come here for the football talk anyway. The rest just clutters everything up.