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  1. Zip on the ball or throwing INTs?
  2. Any chance we can get a politics forum? It's really annoying having to sort through all the political threads to find FOOTBALL content on the FOOTBALLguys forums. Or maybe get rid of the political threads all together,
  3. I thought you were a best player available guy and criticized TT for drafting for need? Or am I wrong?
  4. It's all good. Just giving you a hard time
  5. Pretty much agree with your picks. Assuming you want to save no. 1s and 2s for later I'd agree with Butler, W. Virginia and FSU. Would lean Virginia and Purdue as well but those two games scare me. Heck, in a survivor pool and March Madness, they all scare me.
  6. You've also heard earlier they were interested in Barwin, Claiborne, Shead. That didn't work out too good. Keep trying. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. I think Blount would make a good pairing with Montgomery.
  7. Big 10s got 7 teams in and 3 of them on the 8/9 line and 1 on the 7/10 line, set to face 3 no. 1 seeds and a no. 2 seed if they advance. Did they even have a representative on the selection committee other than someone that was there to make the coffee?
  8. Yeah, no thanks. Gets beat deep often as he's lost a step. Packers don't need another slow DB.
  9. Good call. Makes me feel good about my Oklahoma State pick.
  10. Another compensatory pick for the Packers. 2 over the max now. So TT can now sign 2 FAs. Barwin signed with the Rams tonight. 1 year for 6.5 mil.
  11. I'm in a different style pool this year where it is survivor style. Need to pick one team to advance each day of the first weekend. Can only pick a team once. Who do you like to advance from Thursday and Friday's games that I won't use later? This is what I have it narrowed down to so far but would welcome all and any input Thursday's games: Notre Dame, West Virginia, Virginia or Iowa State Friday's games: SMU, Wichita State, Michigan(?), Oregon(?), or Wisconsin(?) Saturday: Sunday: After opening weekend it is one team each round as opposed to each day Thanks
  12. So if you sign up a day before the NFL season you could get your money back well into late November/early December? IMHO it would be more reasonable to offer a heavily discounted subscription for the next season. Of course, if they don't deliver, who would even take the discounted subscription?
  13. Well, I really don't know you either, but I'd like to think you have some sort of sense of humor. Here's hoping I'm right.
  14. Pretty sure the people that watch her (or him), not just tonight, but any night, arethe BIG losers.