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  1. Hope jones, adams and rodgers owners got enough. I think we see them on the bench for the rest of the night
  2. That was the over? I thought it was a prediction of the Packers score
  3. Not the kind of hit you want to see on a WR coming off core surgery
  4. I read the whole article. No excuses for the governor's lack of action. But the headline focuses on her tweet encouraging people to shop small businesses.
  5. Even vice president elect Kamala Harris tweeted essentially the same thing. The horror
  6. As sure as the sun rises every morning Trubisky is gonna trubisky. Even 2020 ain't gonna change that.
  7. I don't get the those TDs were easy take. Does anyone play in leagues where TDs are scored more for difficult ones as opposed to easy ones? Sounds more like a take from guys that missed out on him
  8. Packer fan here. Today's game had some of the worst coaching decisions and playcalling I've ever seen from McCarthy. Hard to believe but I think he is getting worse.
  9. He's probably kicking himself for not getting his crystal ball fixed before the draft
  10. Packers offense went into hibernation the second half
  11. Is it in Joe Buck's contract that he has to mention Aikman is a Hall of Famer? Every game
  12. Let's get this out of the way. Packers with another call from the refs