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  1. I'd like this post but having a hard time translating it in to English
  2. I'm not sure they are thrilled with Lacy. He has and always will have weight problems which leads to ankle injuries every year.
  3. That was my thought. Did you see the look Belicheck gave him?
  4. I don't think it's blind allegiance. There's a bunch of flaws with the team. It's just not chicken-little the sky is falling stuff.
  5. Looks pretty similar to me. But didn't they say it was the most watched, not just most watched in person? Then one would have to include tv ratings, live-streaming, etc. I don't honestly remember the claim. And who really cares when it comes down to it?
  6. I just don't know. They lost Shields. I still think Randall was playing hurt all year. Maybe not. Going in to the season they had Shields, Randall, Rollins, Goodson, Hyde, Clinton Dix and Burnett. Rollins and Randall played OK last year and they thought they could make the leap. Not sure anyone here thought depth there was a problem at the time. Besides it's hard to have depth at every position. Only the Packers know if Randall was playing hurt. Personally, I don't think he has the makeup but they see them every day in practice. Definitely a position that needs to be addressed in the off season. Preferably an experienced FA or 2 or 3 (one can dream). Need to add another playmaker on the d-line or at LB. And resign Cook.
  7. Agreed with the injuries. Not an excuse for today but man, it would be nice to see this team healthy for once. Been decimated at DB all year, came in to this game with Nelson, Adams and Allison hurt, lost Lacy earlier in the year and lost 3 offensive linemen today alone. It's uncanny. I'm just not sure why. Can't really train for many of their injuries. It's not like they are soft tissue injuries. Can't really train for concussions or rib or knee injuries. Just seems like freak things but somethingthey have ot look at.
  8. And what the hell was up with Michael last play of the game? He jumps up and starts celebrating with the Falcons? Bye-bye
  9. Hate to see the Packers lose today but congrats Falcons and their fans. Good luck in the Super Bowl. You have an exciting and fun team to watch. Defense is so under-rated. I'll be pulling for you.
  10. According to Tom Silverstein on twitter he talked to Shields after the game. Shields is still experiencing headaches (yikes) but wants to continue his career
  11. Tough loss today. Unfortunately, injuries finally caught up with them. From 4-6 to NFC Championship Game without a break since week 4 is pretty remarkable. Very proud of Packers fighting through all the adversity. Went in to the game short-handed at DB, 3 WRs playing hurt, lost what? 9 players during the game? Heck, ended the game with Guilon playing offensive line.
  12. They don't have anybody left. But they might be better off with playing just 10
  13. Packers carrying an extra WR today. Not confident that one of them can make it through the game I suppose.
  14. Sounds like all WRs will be available today along with Christine Michael - he completed his workout in front of the trainers with a backflip so I guess he's good to go.
  15. My niece lives about an hour south of Chicago - in Bear country. She is in charge of their church sign and the only one with a key. She put up on the sign: God doesn't play favorites but the sign maker does - Go Packers! Currently trending on Twitter under the moments section - This Weeks Church Signs