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  1. You play in an amateur league . . . . And your transaction fees are too low
  2. Well, yeah. But the whole team was probably in Eddie's shadow
  3. Now all they need is for their DBs to get healthy
  4. Thank you to Brent Hundley for making this all possible
  5. Does Hwy. 23 go to Orlando?
  6. I did the same thing. Everything told me to sit him but I started him anyway. Never to be trusted again.
  7. Sunday's crowd seemed to be a different crowd than normal though. I know many seats around us were not the regular ticket holders. I'd like to say that had something to do with it but At one point the fans were doing the wave when the Packers had the ball and tried starting a Go Pack Go chant while the Packers had the ball as well.
  8. I was at Sunday's game as well. I thought the fans were brutal. Perhaps the worst I have ever heard them. I get they have the right to boo but the most vocal had no idea what they were even talking about.
  9. I thought that as well. Until then Clark was pretty much anonymous. It had to raise a few eye brows around the NFL
  10. What's it tell you that Yancey wasn't the pick? They already have 6 WRs on the team. They don't need him on the team. Yet they chose to activate Clark over Yancey. Tells me somebody was sniffing around trying to sign Clark. Not Yancey. GB, and the other team or two or three, obviously like Clark more than Yancey. Sounds like GB would be fine if they lost Yancey but not Clark.
  11. No, 6 months ago that looked pretty bad.
  12. This. Today's NFL has passed Capers by. In the right scheme this defense could be good if not very good. Props to Coach McCarthy. After the Baltimore debacle he had his team ready to play and put together a very good game plan to put his team in position to win despite the injury depleted team. He certainly hasn't lost this team. And give him credit for getting Hundley ready to play and correcting a lot of things Hundley did wrong in the Baltimore game. Hundley's growth from last week to this week was tremendous. Let's hope that progress continues. Is it just me or does anyone else see Jordy retiring after this year? Just seems like he is just going through the motions out there. Last night he had a ball on the sideline that he failed to haul in. Normally he manages to dive for the ball and tap his toes in. That's been one of his remarkable strengths. Last night it seemed like very little effort.
  13. What a huge non-call that hit to the head was
  14. Tough loss for GB. But they made it a game where nobody gave them a chance to even be within a couple of TDs.