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  1. Has a lot more to do with Knebel than Jeffress at this point. Doesn't sound good for Knebel for the season. I would think there's major concern there for the Brewers.
  2. Entered 4 this afternoon. Will get payment sent out Thanks again for doing this
  3. I think the problem with bringing Cobb, Matthews or Nelson back for one more year to see if they have anything left is there is an assumption there that the Packers will be contenders next year. I am not sure that is the case and I think the Packers are quietly going about their business that way as well. I think they see this upcoming year as sort of a red-shirt year with the intent of competing the year after. You sign 4 free agents this year, all relatively young and 4 year contracts. You let your older players walk like Cobb, Nelson and Matthews. You dealt HaHa last year for a 4th round pick. You traded down last year to pick up an extra 1st. You bring in a young HC with a very young staff. I think their plan is to build a young nucleus to get a years experience under their built with the intent of being major competitors next year. They have the making of a very solid secondary with some experience. They have some very talented young WRs. Two good young RBs. Some relatively young guys in their defensive front 7. They have a lot of flexibility in this years draft with some high choices. Hit on those and get them experience and 2020 could be a very good year.
  4. Great day for the Packers. Haven't had such a free agent day since the signing of Reggie White. Filled some major holes in 4 starters that should really give them flexibility in the draft. No need to chase a pass rusher with the 12 pick. Gives them the opportunity to draft the BPA. From what I read the deals are pretty cap friendly as well. Still should have about 17 mil in cap space minus tendered offers and the rookie salaries. Maybe they still have room for another free agent. Wouldn't mind them seeing them bring in Golden Tate. They need a short area guy. A RB to fit in a committee would be nice as well. Just don't see Jones holding up through a full season and Williams is nothing special. Would much rather see them bring in Ingram than Bell. But could see them drafting a RB in their top 4 picks as well. Depending on the money I could see them bringing Clay Matthews back in a ILB situational role as well. GO Pack GO!
  5. I really don't see this as a negative for WI. Not sure what they have behind Hornibrook but Hornibrook was perhaps the most inconsistent QB I have ever seen. He could have a great game followed up by 3 stinkers. The stinkers far outweighed the single great game. Can't imagine them pulling a QB off the street and him being more inconsistent.
  6. Haven't had time to look through this whole thread just yet. But I've been laid up a bit lately due to illness. Can anybody recommend some good books on the Negro Leagues or the Brooklyn Dodgers? I'm also interested in books on the hidden subtle strategies in baseball. I read Jason Kendall's Throwback book a couple years back and found it very interesting and looking for something similar TIA
  7. I think they signed him because of his ability to make kicks like this Amazing kick
  8. Wait, what? Aren't YOU the one calling for the rape of an innocent woman?
  9. Good news is I made the cut. Bad news is I was all in on KC and NO. Had Williams, Ware, Conley, Robinson and Kelce from the Chiefs. Brees, Kamara, Thomas and Hill from the Saints. Good news for the rest of you is I had no Rams or Patriots so that's one less team you have to worry about Good luck to all
  10. Not only do you seem to be in the minority here, but you seem to be the only one. Not only here, but on Twitter as well. When you find yourself in a hole, stop diggin'