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  1. You're worried because he hasn't posted in this thread for 30+ hours? ####, I'm more worried when he does post in this thread
  2. Agreed. But I would add that if the Packers were real concerned about Montgomery I believe they would have made more of an effort to re-sign Lacy
  3. Janis won't make the team this year
  4. Well it was a run. The offense has really been struggling. Do they really miss Sogard that much?
  5. Let's wait and see if they can do just as good of a job until they actually step on the field.
  6. some sweet board games
  7. He's just substituting one substance abuse for another and then claiming a victory
  8. And popping open a beer two seconds after midnight doesn't count either
  9. No, but I don't think you can make it either.
  10. I have faith in you. Still a couple of hours to go.
  11. Yeah, great. But I believe he said that the day before. And the day before that. I have no doubts that tonight we'll be seeing posts that he had 8 beers and wanted more so he drove the block to pick up more. And then wanted something to eat so he ordered more dominoes. And the over/under on him being unemployed again because his co-workers are just impossible? I give it about 2 weeks.
  12. Well at least you're not an alcoholic
  13. Survival of the fittest
  14. I keep telling myself we are just a placeholder for 1st place for the Cubbies. I keep telling myself that we weren't supposed to do anything this year so it's all bonus. I'm really trying hard not to get excited about this team. But, ####, they make it tough.