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  1. Is it dusty in here or what?
  2. Orlando Arcia with web gem to save game Arcia is the best SS in baseball. It is so much fun to watch him
  3. Orlando Arcia is just unreal
  4. Well there were two people armed there that prevented a much worse tragedy
  5. Wait, so he's flying halfway across the country and then also has to meet you halfway in Austin? Who's the chicken again?
  6. Players dumped two buckets of gatorade on him as he crossed home plate and then proceeded to try to tear off his uniform. He is chiseled. I was shocked one of the Padres outfielders didn't catch that HR ball. Looked like maybe they got in each others way. Both game winning HRs by Thames in the last two games bounced off the top of the wall.
  7. Thames with game winning HRs 2 nights in a row.
  8. Brewers put on a clinic last night in the 5th inning on how NOT to run the bases. Ed Seder with perhaps the worst send ever by a 3rd base coach. Molina had time to catch the ball, count the seams, tie his shoe, call his wife to tell her to turn on the game, and still had time to tag out Thames
  9. Kemosabhee, bull penis weak. Me hung like horse.
  10. Better yet if he were the home plate ump
  11. I think that's what he means by "sacrificed his body"
  12. Well he can't play the Reds all the time
  13. How many fingers did the guy who said it's very difficult have?
  14. It would help if you posted who your current WRs are.