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  1. Gordon went for $19 in our auction tonight ($200 budget). I was surprised he went that high.
  2. Seems like he is slipping in his old age.
  3. Perfectly normal feelings. Everybody grieves at their own pace. You'll get back to "normal" in due time. It may be weeks. It may be months. It may be years. But slowly each day will get better. Hang in there.
  4. OMG! My wife is having an affair with Ezekiel Elliott?!!!
  5. Classic example of if it ain't broke don't fix it
  6. Did you jump on that trade or did you pass based on two catches in a preseason game?
  7. James was in a tough situation. Do you trust Nicole this week? Especially when Paul can be very persuasive. Or do you go ahead and win HoH this week, sit out next week, and trust your "final 4" of Natalie, Nicole and Corey going up against Vic and Paul in next week's HoH comp? He was in a no-win situation.
  8. Probably have a repeat of last week with Paul and Victor the nominees.
  9. Did anyone notice that uncomfortably long embrace between Corey and Paulie when the jurors came back? Paulie and Corey make a cuter couple than Corey and Nicole. It was great to see the girls hammer on Paulie when he got to the jury house.
  10. May want to put that in a spoiler. Still readable when the last post shows up just under the thread title.
  11. Damn. I'm sitting here bawling and not knowing what to type. Cherish the moments you had Shady and know that she touched so many lives here and had a lasting impact on all of us in her too brief time here on earth. I know I've hugged my kids extra long in the last few days.
  12. I may have had the perfect entry back when I first posted this (I was kidding back then, I knew I wouldn't be able to leave it). But what fun is that? The fun in this thing is playing and tweaking and coming up with a million variations. My current team barely resembles what I had two weeks ago. But I'm slowly tweaking this and swapping out player A for player B & C to the point I'm almost happy with what I have. But then again, I think the latest I've ever made it is to week 10. So what do I know?
  13. So your saying he has no QB to throw him the ball, capping his ceiling?
  14. You mean there's more than what he offers here? Where do I sign up?