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  1. Not admitting Hitler to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts
  2. So they'll settle for $50 million and it'll all go away.
  3. Wait, didn't you just share the message with us? Welcome to the world of porn
  4. As I said in the now-locked thread, I got 2 of these last week. A third one today. And yesterday I got a follow up e-mail:
  5. The essential business was a meat packing plant in Green Bay. They've been hot spots throughout the country.
  6. How is that an issue? Because she's the first she isn't to be believed? And Joe Biden does have a reputation of being a bit too touchy.
  7. I dunno but it's costing me a fortune in bitcoin.
  8. Add me to the list as well. Twice in the last week
  9. Which party currently controls congress? Apparently we can count you as completely in denial that BOTH parties have completely sold out to the wealthy and just plays lip service to the middle and lower class.
  10. The results in WI have nothing to do with President Trump, one way or the other. I know many people that still support Trump but were upset with the GOP's stunt to go ahead with the election in order to gain an edge. Same thing happened when the Democrats tried to recall Gov. Walker. It backfired on them as well. WI residents just want a fair result.
  11. yeah he really went out on a limb there, picking the front runner to win the nomination
  12. WI resident as well here. That was the feeling I got from many people I talked to. They really didn't plan on voting in person in order to play it safe and then were upset when the GOP pulled their little stunt. It really backfired on the GOP. So proud of WI residents who braved a pandemic and stood in line for hours upon hours and lines that were blocks and blocks long in order to make sure their voice was heard. F*** 'em, Bucky.
  13. Agreed. Evers has options. And he totally mismanaged this. But the Republicans know exactly what they are doing and are doing it to further their political agenda. It's evil! And this is coming from someone who has generally voted right of center my entire life.
  14. Wisconsin resident here and I would say almost all of Wisconsin residents are appalled at the decision to go ahead with Tuesday's primary. Not sure who they blame. I really don't care. Both the Gov. and the Republican controlled legislature are at fault. Evers waited until Saturday to do anything about it. The Republicans refuse to give in as conservative Supreme Court judge Kelly is up for reelection for another 10 years and the Republicans see it going their way if the election is held Tuesday. Evers has bungled a lot in his handling things and failed to push for a delay sooner. The republicans are throwing the safety and health of the residents aside in order to get their way. That's much more sinister and evil than mismanagement. If the Republicans fail to act between now and Tuesday I will never vote for a republican again. Milwaukee County cannot get enough workers for the polls. They will consolidate down from 80+ polling places to 5. 5!!! That's a lot of people all in one place. It's simply irresponsible. Evers has asked the National Guard to help at the polls. Guardsmen if possible will help out their local municipality. Communities around WI have really been pushing absentee voting so that should help most smaller communities but it's not enough. But in Milwaukee you are just sending people to slaughter. They've had drive up early voting for the last couple of weeks but it's nowhere near enough. On a personal note. I work for the small business of a WI republican state representative. 2 part time workers have been laid off. 3 full-time workers (including myself) have had our hours reduced to 20 hours a week. He and his wife are working from home. I fall in to that at-risk category as I take medications that suppress the immune system for treatment of a chronic disease. I don't mind going in to work 3 days of the week as there is limited exposure to the public. I'm working Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. It breaks up the week. Here's the major problem though. They have a lady who comes in on Wednesday afternoons to do the bookkeeping. I will also be there Wednesday afternoon. She is a poll worker in a small community and will be working the polls Tuesday. Most have voted early or absentee but they will still have somewhere between 50-100 residents show up. They are dong everything they can to protect the poll workers. But that is still a lot of exposure to who knows what. I will be talking to the boss on Monday and asking if they plan on having her not coming in for the next 2 weeks. If she is coming in I will not be going in. I cannot risk having her exposed to a carrier and then me being exposed as a result. Problem I have is if I take the next two Wednesdays off when she is there she will still be exposed to my other coworkers who would be at risk and then me as well. I am livid.