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  1. My off-season check list: Resign Cook (Approx. $3 mil), Perry ($8-9 mil), Lang ($7-8 mil), Hyde ($2 mil), Lacy ($2 mil) and then a couple of the cheaper guys like Tretter, Barclay or Jones (another $3 mil total). That's approx. $26 mil in cap space. Set aside another $4 mil for rookies that'll make the team so we are looking at around $14-15 mil leftover for FAs and extensions. Will probably extend Burnett and Adams somewhere in there. Maybe Linsley. Maybe leave us room to sign one free agent at about $6-8 million. Pretty much eliminates all the big name guys but TT sits out the 1st round of free agency anyway. Not sure who we would be able to afford on this list: Top 10 Free Agent CBs We absolutely need to address the CB position in free agency. I would not be comfortable going in to next season at all with this years CBs and a rookie or two.
  2. Agree. This team is hard to figure out. They have been struggling scoring lately (probably last 4-5 games) and have managed to pull out some close games against so-so competition. They won't get away with that against tournament teams. If they continue to struggle offensively they'd be a great pick to get upset in the tourney. But if they can turn around the offense and demonstrate they can sustain it over a long stretch of games they could also be a Final 4 team. They just seem to have too much talent though to play at the level they are playing at now.
  3. Sprained knee is what they called his first injury at first in 2014
  4. no No NO. Hoping for good news on Jabari but definitely looked bad.
  5. Packers release James Starks today. Saves them about 3 mil in cap space. Let's put it to good use.
  6. Which is another reason ATL should have been running the ball
  7. I don't think Murphy has to go the option of firing Ted and replacing him with Belicheck. He can petition the NFL to redo the drafts from the last 5 years and pick the players with 20/20 hindsight. Just think what this team would be like with DeAndre Hopkins and Landon Collins instead of Datone Jones and Damarious Randall respectively.
  8. Well, yeah, I guess you could say that seeing how that was a Super Bowl year. Anything short of that would technically be "in decline". 2 NFCCG out of the last 3 years? A lot of teams would kill to be "in decline" like that. 6 straight playoff appearances since 2010? Again, a lot of teams would kill to be "in decline" like that.
  9. I don't think Ted gives a crap about making money. You can argue about his style of building a team but I never, EVER got this sense from him.
  10. Will the real Dr. Brew please stand up?
  11. I'm not sure if the number of injuries is proof that a player is soft. You might even make the argument that he played through those injuries which kinda would show he isn't soft. We seem to forget that he had mid-season surgery for a groin injury. How long does it take to fully recover from that? The way I see it and it's just my observation/gut feeling is that the groin injury affected his ability to play which snowballed into a lack of confidence. Once you lose that confidence at that position you are toast. Can he get it back? I would think the Packers have a better idea than us. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. As far as putting people on ignore. No problems with Dr. Brew. I enjoy his insight. But Saber is pessimistic about everything regarding the Packers. TT sucks. McCarthy sucks. Capers sucks. Randall sucks. Everybody sucks except Rodgers. Wash, rinse, repeat. That contributes nothing because you could copy and paste his posts from one month to the next and get the same information.
  12. I'm not going to argue that Randall had a good season or even an adequate season. He didn't. Neither did the rest of the DBs. But to blame TT or McCarthy for not having the defensive backfield cupboards stocked is not dealing with reality. You had a no. 1 corner in Shields. Despite his concussion history there is no way the Packers could foresee losing him for the season (and probably career) in game 1. And given the rookie years that Rollins and Randall had they felt they were OK on the other side of the field. The rest is just 20/20 hindsight. To judge Rollins and Randall based on 2 seasons is ludicrous. They both had decent rookie seasons. They regressed last year. May be due to injury, may be due to lack of ability to make that next step. I would guess the Packers have a better idea than someone sitting at home on his couch eating potato chips and posting on the FBGs forums what the case is. I trust their track record on knowing if it was due to injuries or lack of talent. To discard them at this point would be foolish. If that were the case we wouldn't have Crosby on the team. We wouldn't have Adams on the team. There are probably countless examples. Sometimes you just have to have patience with a player.