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  1. Bill Cosby: I Spy Electric Company Fat Albert The Cosby Show Sex in the City
  2. Him or Ty Montgomery. Not sure which one though would be the better add
  3. Isn't that what we saw Thursday night?
  4. I guess we now know why there wasn't a Mike Gillislee thread considering 3/4 of this thread is bad puns. If he plays well will there be a Gillislee Island?
  5. Both are available in my league yet. In a PPR league which one would be the preferred add?
  6. Montgomery did play some RB in college and many scouts considered him a RB in the draft. Not going to be a workhorse back but can be very useful back there when used properly
  7. I thought Lang returned to the game, at least according to twitter
  8. If he's activated I think he gets you that 3-4 pt floor.
  9. Any number of reasons. 1st they would have to cut or IR somebody. Maybe they are waiting to see how well Davis picks up the offense before they make a decision. Maybe they are waiting on test results on Lacy's ankle and if they need to IR him. Maybe they just don't plan on activating him. IMO they activate him and he and Montgomery get the RB work for this week. Davis will be active but as an emergency RB. Long term I think Davis will be the main guy (assuming Lacy is out multiple weeks) and Jackson gives him a breather every couple of series.
  10. I read this too and I had the same reaction. I guess they are too busy to get around to their fantasy football content. You know, FOOTBALLguys
  11. Word is that they will send Lacy's scans and x-rays to Dr. Anderson first and the doctor will determine if a personal visit is recommended. Either Davis or Howard could be a very nice pickup for a couple of weeks and may be more.
  12. Agreed. From the beat writers it sounds like they will promote Jackson sometime before the game. I think they need to clear a roster spot first though. IMO may be waiting to see how bad Lacy's injury is (IR?) but that is just speculation on my part. Lacy will get a second opinion on his ankle from Dr. Robert Anderson in NC, same doctor that MOntgomery and Cook saw.
  13. Lacy may be out several weeks. Being reported more than just a sprained ankle. And the hits just keep on comin'
  14. He gave them his address and contact information but nobody could understand him.
  15. Weren't Ingram and Ware on your All-Value team? :UNSUBSCRIBE: