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  1. Was this written before or after the Freeman signing? Does Freeman's signing change this?
  2. Went with my gut instead of Bloom. Glad I did and played Diontae Johnson over Fuller.
  3. I took note. I let JuJu go as one of my 3 keepers at $24 and picked up Johnson at our auction for $4. Thank you
  4. If he could just catch he'd be a decent WR. He seems to be able to get open
  5. I think we'll know more but we still won't know all. He's a rookie in the NFL with no pre-season games and making the switch from a WR to a primary ball carrier. The Washington coaches have said they want to bring him along slowly. Patience is the key here. I don't think we'll know all there is to know until week 5-6 IMHO.
  6. Mine was answered much quicker thru the Opiner then it normally is in this thread as well. I do also miss reading the responses to other questions though as well
  7. Thanks. The title is a bit deceiving after years of doing this thread with the same title I'm sure many missed it. Never bothered to read the first post and jumped to the last post to ask my question.
  8. Lost AJ Brown this week. Who do I start in ppr league fuller or dionte johnson TIA
  9. I'm not sure where Scotty Miller is ranked but with Godwin likely out i think he has a very good week. He produced last week with Evans and Godwin playing and against a good Saints D. This week Godwin is likely out and they get the Carolina D.
  10. I think a move to IR or not will tell us how severe they think it is. Isn't there a 3 week IR stint this year? No IR would mean they don't think he'll miss that.
  11. So who is to blame? The administration that served for 8 years prior to Trump?
  12. MVS would be the guy I'd target. He started out hot last year before playing the rest of the season with nagging injuries. Also dropped a 61 yard TD today.
  13. Looking good to make the cut this week. When is the deadline to submit our week 2 lineups?
  14. Android phone and tablet using Google chrome Same pop-up everytime I open Would you like to download as an app