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  1. Sounds like he was injured on the opening kickoff. Probably missed the chip shot because he was concussed. Didn't know which goalposts to aim at.
  2. Must have watched a different game. What are the good things Hundley did?
  3. Glad you mentioned this. I just checked this out and the Firefox display is horrendous. From what I can decipher I like the feature though.
  4. I haven't seen any reports that he could miss the rest of the season.
  5. Turns out even the devil doesn't want him. No place to go.
  6. Was probably indigestion
  7. Practiced with no limitations
  8. Never really showed the play again. Reports are sprained knee. Probably find out more tomorrow as far as length of time missed
  9. You're right. My bad
  10. I didn't think so. Maybe after the half. Reaggravate rib injury??? Packers down to Mays at RB
  11. According to GB beat writers on twitter Ty Montgomery was hunched over on the bench and then later headed to the locker room. Did the announcers mention this? Seems kinda important
  12. Ty Montgomery was hunched over on the bench and then taken to the locker room. Announcers have said nothing
  13. That has to be a first. A guy returning a punt from the end zone
  14. Exactly. If you have the room he's a good pick up this week and get ahead of the waiver wire if he does anything today. I'd rather have a lottery ticket than a RB I already know is going to get me 6 points a game