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  1. In addition to the cap space, 49ers don't have a 2nd, 3rd or 4th round pick.
  2. This was my thought as well. Waller had a nice season but on a ppg basis he was TE5 (within 0.2ppg of TE7). If the Raiders add a good WR, Waller's numbers will drop. Now would be the time to trade him imo, a late 1st in this years rookie draft is pretty good. That said, if he's your only option I could see holding on to him.
  3. I'm a big Edwards fan but would be shocked if he ran sub 4.5. As long as he can stay somewhere in the 4.5s I still like his chances. I believe he'll be a better pro than he was a college player. With Deebo gone this was going to be Edwards big year, but when Bentley went out the freshman QB hurt that. Be very surprised it he doesn't go day 2.
  4. Was offered a 2020 3rd round rookie pick for Lamar Jackson the week before the season started (I already had Mahomes). I countered with Jackson and a 4th round rookie pick for a 2nd round rookie pick. He declined.
  5. I tried moving him right before the season started because I also had Mahomes and Allen at QB. A guy offered me a 3rd round rookie pick and I countered with Jackson and a 4th for a 2nd. He turned it down. Had another owner say they had no interest in him in a single QB league. Sometimes the best trades are the ones you can't get done.
  6. That's crazy. Brown has been a top 20 WR all season and is one of the most consistent WRs you will find. Today's game will probably move him up into the top 15. For what you had to pay for him he is a golden #3 WR who produces like a top end #2.
  7. Plus, Sanu is signed through the 2020 season while Sanders is a free agent after this season. It's tricky to give a soon to be 33 year old WR any type of extension, he's just 7 months younger than Garcon and we all know how well that went. Wouldn't be surprised if it's a 3 month rental in the end.
  8. Lol, not trying to make this personal but Garoppolo has been the epitome of game manager so far this year. They've played a cake walk schedule and have won with defense and the running game. If Garoppolo doesn't round into shape for the second half of this season it's going to be a short run in the playoffs. The stats show 6 passes dropped by the WRs for the season, if you want to use that as an excuse for Garoppolo's play, knock yourself out. Sure if you want to give the Bengals a first or more for AJ Green, he'll help (although he is a marshmellow that can't stay healthy), Sanders for a 2nd? (another marshmellow), Sanu, Gabriel or Parker (no thanks). Yeah, we do have a lot of dumb fans.
  9. Not sure that our receivers are the real problem. I'd give Garoppolo some slack because he is coming back from last years injury, but he has not looked good yet this year. When he becomes more than a game manager, the young receivers should start looking better imo.
  10. Is anyone offering blockbuster value for Jackson? I've got him sitting behind Mahomes and have put him out there as trade bait, but no one is offering anything of value. There are 2-3 teams that he would increase their weekly scores by 10-15 points but they still value QBs very lowly. At this point he's going to be an insurance policy in case Mahomes misses any time with his ankle issues.
  11. They have traded multiple picks for Watkins, Fowler, Peters, Talib, Cooks and now Ramsey off the top of my head. Three of the 5 are no longer with the team and Cooks might not be far behind because of salary cap reasons. It's entertaining in a fantasy football fan type of way, but it's not really working and the Rams will be in salary cap hell pretty quickly. They haven't had a #1 pick since 2016 and currently won't have one til 2022.
  12. In standard ppr leagues he was TE#5 this week. His score this week actually bumped him up over Engram for TE#1 position through 5 weeks. What more do you want??
  13. As someone who won't be starting Johnson, I would love to see JuJu out so we can see what Johnson looks like against the top corner.
  14. The injury girl on the ESPN show was talking like she expected him to play also. I'm going with him, but I don't really have any other viable options. Go Mack!
  15. I've got Johnson in most of my Dynasty Leagues but I'm still waiting to see if he can sustain this production. Over half of his season long points have come on 2 plays (the 39 & 43 yard TDs). If he can break a long TD every week that's great, otherwise he's going to need to show a little more volume to be effective. As far as the separation stat, I don't think there was a DB within 10 yards on either of those TDs, that probably skews the numbers pretty good on 13 catches. I like him, I'm just not ready to throw him into my lineup yet