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  1. Agreed. Brisset has much better coaching now than he did in 2017 when he arrived just before the season started and was forced to start because of the Luck injury. He should be respectable, but Hilton still takes a hit.
  2. Time to contact Pettis owners. This looks like a great acquisition opportunity.
  3. I think Hyde has had over 4 yards a carry every year until last year. It's a little unfair to compare Hyde in Cleveland/Jacksonville to Williams in KC and not look at their past histories before that. I don't think there would be much of an argument who was the better player before the 2018 season. Let's see what Hyde looks like on a high powered offense.
  4. While it helps Ty Johnson in his ability to make the team I think the only fantasy impact this move has is it bumps Kerryon from a mid/low RB2 up into a low RB1/High RB2 range. In ppr leagues he will now have a much higher ceiling, and really, the 60 receptions that beat writers have been speculating on may be his floor.
  5. Gase is kind of the wildcard in this situation. Anderson and Darnold really started to click towards the last 5 games of the season. He was WR 11 over that period, averaging around 5.5 catches a game and a healthy 9+ targets a game. If he clicks with Gase, and he and Darnold continue to develop together there is certainly upside. When I'm drafting W3 type guys, he's exactly what I'm looking for. A guy that has a base W3 value but can go off and win you games on any given week.
  6. I may be mistaken but I'm pretty sure Coleman was named the starter to begin the 2015 season (his rookie year). He got hurt in the 2nd game and Freeman came on strong and never gave the job up.
  7. According to Spotrak contract details, McKinnon was guaranteed close to 18 million compared to the 5.25 million Coleman was guaranteed in basically a 1 year deal (no guaranteed money after this year if cut by April 2020). You can certainly argue that Coleman was a bargain and McKinnon was overpaid, but the 49ers invested far more money into McKinnon than they did in Coleman.
  8. I like McKinnon but who knows how this will break down. Both Brieda and Coleman have looked really good running in a Shanahan system. We haven't seen what McKinnon can do in that system yet, but Shanahan certainly put his money on McKinnon.
  9. That seems about right. I still have Fournette quite a bit over Freeman at this point. Even in Freeman's prime years he was always propped up by the big TD numbers. I just don't see those returning for a smallish back in a non Shanahan system.
  10. Not sure how you came up with Funchess & Moncrief as meh comps on Pettis. Pettis is really fun to watch, he's got a very unique route running style where one second he is covered and then he makes a couple of dips and is wide open. He doesn't do it with speed, but he consistently gets open with body movement. He seems like a really intelligent type player who just understands how to create separation in his routes. I like Deebo a lot also, but Pettis looks like he will fit right in and either could end up being great value in Dynasty Leagues.
  11. Just saying, when he came back healthy from the 49ers bye week (weeks 12-17) he averaged 15.9 points a game which put him at WR13 in ppr.
  12. Agree, I thought the main reason they moved on from Tate was he had an expiring contract and they weren't planning on bringing him back at his presumed cost.
  13. Really??? Teams are going to game plan and decide the best way to slow this offense is to to stop Damien Williams and dare Mahomes to beat them? I love it.
  14. It really wasn't that close. Mack missed games 1, 3-5. If you just look at the games they played in together (week 2, 6-16), Mack averaged 17.6 touches to Hines 7.5.
  15. I was really high on him last year, to the point I offered Kupp for him in a trade that was declined😂, but I don't really see a path to a solid season this year. Injuries, to him and his QB, and personal family issues derailed his season last year and the receiver picture has changed a lot this season. I've still got him on my roster but unless things change I fully expect to drop him once we have to make final cuts.Pettis, Deebo and Kittle will all, more than likely, be above him in the pecking order.