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  1. I guess you missed the point? Did the 49ers become a better team when Hyde was sitting on the sidelines injured? Were they all of a sudden a winning team when Hyde sat out. KC was 11-2 with Hunt and Ware as starters. Thy were 1-2 with Williams. It's a really small sample size, and Williams put up nice numbers against bad rush defenses, but the team couldn't win. Maybe the opposing teams decided not to worry about Williams because they knew that he couldn't beat them if they focused entirely on Mahome. These are the type of players that get replaced sooner rather than later.
  2. And really, Spencer Ware started and had the majority of carries versus Baltimore. So Williams looked really good against 3 bad run defenses, but the Chiefs managed to go 1-2 over that 3 game period he was starting while going 11-2 with any other starting RB.
  3. Agree. McKinnon was getting rave reviews during camp last year. He was being compared in usage to Freeman. Now they have added Coleman to complete the backfield. Breida will get work also. Certainly if McKinnon is having problems rehabbing they may cut or trade him but otherwise I don't see a reason they would. It's not like they don't have cash to spend available.
  4. Williams averaged 3.58 in his 4 years with Miami. This was while Ajayi was averaging 4.3 and Drake was at 4.95 on the same offense. Hyde averaged 4.2 in his 4 years with the 49ers. Hyde won't put up monster numbers but he will impact Williams more than many want to admit.
  5. If this is a 1 year deal, it makes sense for Hunt and I can see why he wanted to get on a roster as quickly as possible to start the process. Hunt will be much easier for a team to sign next year because the media storm will have come and gone. It's also possible Cleveland will use him as a trade chip when he comes off his suspension. More than likely he is on a new team in 2020, & 2019 is the wasted year that most expected anyway.
  6. I didn't think Jake Bentley did Deebo or Bryan Edwards any favors this year. I was big on both of them going into the season and even with somewhat subpar seasons, I still am.
  7. Hoping 49ers Shanahan falls in love with him while coaching the South. Originally I thought he might drop to the early 3rd round but he has really looked good so far and they may have to grab him in the 2nd.
  8. I wouldn't trust that Brown will be happy with his contract, and may become a holdout candidate. Next year he is scheduled $15+mil, but drops to 11.3mil & 12.5mil for 2020 & 2021. With all the bonus money gone after 2019 he will more than likely be a problem after that, when salaries keep rising & he's locked in for cheap.
  9. So after Kareem Hunt got himself kicked out of the league Mack became my #1 RB by default. Going into the season it felt like he was a place holder, until they addressed the position down the road. Have the last 10-12 games bought him some safety as the Colts #1 RB for next season or does it feel like they need to pick up serious competition for him? He's looked pretty good (top 5 in rushing over that period?) but It still feels like it's more of the offensive line than him.
  10. Reading the ESPN article, you have to love this exchange: "Woke up Sunday morning, got a call from his agent, Drew Rosenhaus. Drew expressed that [Brown] was feeling better and that he would potentially be able to participate," said Tomlin, who called himself an "active participant" in trying to reach Brown. "I outlined to Drew that decisions weren't made like that, but I would be interested in visiting with him in person at the stadium prior to the game, but playing wasn't on the menu."
  11. No kidding! I finished #10 a few years back and started looking through the rules to see how much of that $35,000.00 I had won. Wait, what?? $75 for finishing 10th ???
  12. I think the lawsuit is what Kaep is banking on. He's not interested in signing a 3-5 mi a year contract to prove he still has talent, when that will basically kill the golden egg lawsuit. I think enough teams have spoken with him that it has gotten out that he still expects starter money and he will use the NFL (on NFL time) to further his agenda, otherwise he's waiting for the lawsuit settlement.
  13. I was offered Dion Lewis for Hunt and a 2020 1st. I passed.
  14. First, Hunt deserves whatever comes his way, he put himself in a bad situation. Secondly, the most violent act on that tape is the women punching Hunt in the face. That was not a women's cat fight punch, it was a violent act that she put some power into. If she had been a 125 pound man who threw that punch he would be in jail.
  15. It looks like when Hunt turned that corner, at the start of the video, that he wasn't nearly as worked up as moments later. That looks like when the "N" word may have occurred and he lunged and shoved her. After she made a fist and punched him in the face it went up a notch. Even so, his friends had Hunt and moved him back around the corner. The girl proceeded to chase after him, shoving his friend twice, when Hunt pushed his friend from behind, causing him to fall into the girl and both to stumble to the ground. Wish there was audio to hear what she was yelling, up until this point I don't think Hunt is in too much trouble. Then he had to do that kick...