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  1. He is unstartable vs any team until you see visual evidence of some type of turnaround. It's not just Hunt, Tyreek Hill does nothing either and he is one of the most explosive players in the league. I would love to see Hill on the Patriots, lights out. I am not sure if defenses have figured out the Chiefs attack, if key blockers are playing hurt and we don't know about it but the Chiefs should have had huge weeks fantasy wise vs the hopeless Giants, the crumbling Cowboys and the pathetic Bills. Nothing, these were supposed to be games where guys on the Chiefs were going to cement your place in fantasy playoffs. If you made the playoffs, you still have a chance to go somewhere else, anywhere but back to Hunt, Hill or Smith. Smith has always sucked, so maybe his early Qb play was just a brief glimpse at who he could have been and that just opened up everyone. Now that he is back to usual, everyone else just suffers.
  2. Pats running the ball too much down this much but Atlanta is getting pressure on Brady so they have to.
  3. They got it right this year. Could you imagine if they would have given it to Brady after missing 25 percent of the season and then this.. No more Tom Brady as GOAT any more. He is a great QB but the greatest of anything doesn't lose the championship 3 times.
  4. See you next Sunday night Cowboy fans, Tampa Bay.
  5. I don't know who MVP is of the league but I hope that puts an end to the Zak Prescott talk. He should watch Matthew Stafford in close games, you're supposed to raise your game, bring your team along for the ride.
  6. Zak Prescott lost this game. Of course u don't pull him after a game, but I keep an eye on him and of course how good is Romo looking in practice? Prescott looked lost.
  7. If Romo would have played like Prescott did tonight, they'd be calling for his head.
  8. Giants outplayed Dallas tonight, Dallas looked bad. Maybe it will be good for them. Nice game Giants, big win.
  9. Shut up forever Dez, my son can do better than that all game.
  10. Prescott has plenty of time, he is missing something.