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  1. A few years ago I whittled my leagues down to one longstanding league (~15 years old) and have been fine with that. I get asked to join other leagues every year and always decline, though it's tempting. But one league that is very competitive but friendly is perfect. The charm of the NFL has definitely worn off a bit.
  2. I wish they would officially put him on IR. MFL still won't allow deactivating him to IR.
  3. Have the laugh at The Huddle's analysis of last night's performance: 🙄
  4. Even FBG has him at 10th overall RB this week (and 9 in PPR). Not sure I get it.
  5. You just posted earlier in this forum about these very same QBs and were asked then to go to the appropriate forum.
  6. Fair enough. I can see how this and HS Guy's "start-now requirement" theory could have the Ingram owners potentially selling.
  7. I don't see how he's a buy low. His suspension was well-known before most drafts, and his outlook hasn't changed based on current conditions on the offense.
  8. There's no doubt I was nervous drafting him early. Happy that things panned out. And luckily I don't have to worry about him this week. First-round bye.
  10. Two "footballguys views" from today's daily FBG email: So which is it?