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  1. This is part of the code, but there's so much more. When you experience Moyechko, you'll know.
  2. I was at Joey's the other day and huge surprise...he now has toilet paper! He's maturing...
  3. Nope. I'm up at 3:30am every day including weekends.
  4. She's still unbelievably hot and she's 54 years old.
  5. It's a ploy to get his clothes off to make a move. Once he gets an erection there's no hiding it with his pants off. That's when the sexual talk begins. Smart guy.
  6. I guess it would depend who's walking in to talk. Hot chick vs old dude.
  7. What do they smell like? What's your diet?
  8. Sometimes I'm pretty sure this is what the smell is; not just a fart.
  9. Hold it in until you get off the bus? Do you normally fart whenever/wherever you pleas, like a business meeting with your boss/clients/colleagues?
  10. These places are death traps. I'd never set a foot in one.
  11. Anyone else take the bus regularly and find it annoying/disgusting when people fart on the bus? Sometimes the smell is super nasty.