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  1. Please remind me: was AB in Patriot's training camp last season and was he around for the pre-season games?
  2. Would Brown signing in Seattle hurt Lockett's value this season?
  3. Anyone have his snap % from today's game? He missed some practice this past week so he may have been a decoy again.
  4. It's a business. It's negotiations. Just don't make Dak out to be the victim here. He got greedy and now he needs to face the consequences. He fully knew the risks of his decision.
  5. I'm tired of this narrative that Jerry didn't pay Dak. Jerry offered a VERY generous contract to Dak and Dak declined. That's not on Jerry. It's called negotiating and Dak looks to have made a bad decision. But don't blame Jerry, and make Dak out to be the victim. Dak is an adult and now can live with the consequences of his greedy and risky decision.
  6. Zero. I'm not interested as I see him as a one week wonder.
  7. Please do the contest in another separate thread. This contest has completely ruined what was a really good kicker information thread. Now it's unreadable.
  8. That answers nothing, smart ###. Short term IR is minimum 3 weeks for everyone. Doesn't answer the question of how long he's out for. And this contest of yours has completely ruined this thread. Congrats.
  9. Wow this context sure ruined this thread. Can we get back to normal please? When is Josh Lambo expected to return?
  10. Did Rosas win the Jags kicking job this week with his strong game, at least until Lambo returns?