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  1. Not that easy if you knew my former drinking buddies.
  2. Whenever I'd say that no one would let me leave. It was always "c'mon one more beer"! Just "going to the bathroom" and not returning is much easier.
  3. Yikes that's terrible. I'd never go out if my partner insisted on that. After 2 hours I'm ready to leave all social events.
  4. My GF is the same. She'll tell me we're ready to leave, then it's always another hour more because she ends up starting conversations with everyone as we try to leave. Super annoying.
  5. My buddy did this all the time. He called it "ninja bombing".
  6. I love this one!
  7. Yes. He was almost always outside running around doing stuff in his driveway or on the front lawn.
  8. Agreed. His constant hairy chest was a real eyesore.