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  1. FF will be challenging for commissioners and team owners. Every player will essentially be a game time decision. Kickers, linemen, QB... so how do we deal with this? That said, DFS is going to be insane this year. People who react quickly to last minute scratches can cash in big time. some leagues lock in rosters for all games at 1 pm Sunday. Consider changing to kickoff of each game. IR exemption for covid. Very likely FF teams will have multiple studs out for weeks at a time. Consider unlimited IR spots for players out for Covid. Player must be on your roster to qualify meaning someone can’t pick up a player who is quarantined straight to IR. Set a minimum number of games for the season to count along with rules to chop the pot. If the NFL cancels the season after 8 weeks, you won’t have FF head to head playoffs. Set the rules for cash payouts beforehand or the arguments about how to split will get ugly. It would help the community to write up a detailed list of potential pitfalls and recommendations of how each league can address them.
  2. Excellent points and agree. JuJu clearly didn’t produce in that stinkfest of an offense in 2019. JuJu is partly to blame despite his injuries. Even with a healthy Ben in 2020, JuJu may not be the #1 fantasy producer on his own team. On the other side of the coin, Pittsburgh offense was Uber simple to game plan against after Ben was lost. Double JuJu stop the run and let Pit try to beat us with backup QB dinking to his RB and trying to connect with Washington or the rookie Dionte. After JuJu got hurt, there wasn’t much of a threat anywhere. The poor passer ratings of Rudolf and Duck were inflated by high completion % passes to RB. Swap out an INJURED ANYONE on your list with JuJu and tell me with sincerity that they would have been productive in that offense. I caution you to not undervalue how good JuJu will be in 2020. Even with all the uncertainty, he is more likely to produce numbers closer to 2018 production than 2019 working mostly from the slot.
  3. I'm out. Only got 2 of 5 just because I'm a steelers fan. Close on Jimmy G. TJ and Tua???? oh heck no. Might as well ask me to pronounce a bunch of Greek words at a food festival.
  4. Much to be exited about for the passing game in 2020. Receiver "virtual" room is under rated and deep with 5 starting caliber young men. Assuming we keep JuJu in the fold for a 2nd contract, could be Ben's last core group. 23 JuJu 23 Diontae 21 Claypool 24 Washington 23 Cain 25 (old man) Switzer Red Zone size matters? Ben has only thrown passes to 2 of his six tallest (6'+) TE and WR. 6'8" Zach too tall Gentry - ok maybe he shouldn't be on the list cuz he can't catch, but this guy is a mountain 6'4" Ebron - my pick to lead the team in red zone TD receptions 6'4" McDonald 6'4" Claypool 6'2" Deon Cain - might have long arms too 6'1" JuJu 5'11" Washington 5'10" Diontae 5'8" Switzer - vegas has him at a billion to two dollars for leading the steelers in red zone TDs. Save your two dollars for the powerball.
  5. Way to spin numbers to prove faulty logic. AB put up those numbers despite dealing with constant double and sometime triple teams. Makes JuJu's job easy in comparison. PFN OSM doesn't even mention coverage as a footnote. SMH
  6. Rookies shouldn't contribute much on D this year. Results depend upon health. After Ben went down and Minkah joined the team, it's like the D grew some teeth. Even in a loss, I was excited watching the D play. Such a waste of a superbowl worthy defensive season. Gotta keep the band together.
  7. Good points. FO did their homework especially well this year. Time will tell. Claypool is a devastating and eager blocker as a WR. After he gets up to speed, lining up Claypool and Dionte on the outside with JuJu in the slot inspires hope.
  8. JuJu is dominant as a #2. Still on the fence for becoming a force as the #1 guy. JuJu wants his shot to prove he can be the man. This is his chance to cash in on 2nd contract and Ben will do his part. My take from the FO standpoint: JuJu is an AWESOME teammate. Great for the locker room and already proven to be a huge asset on the field. Those other jokers ran themselves out of town (Burress, Holmes, AB, Wallace) JuJu will be a priority to sign but within reason. Another team would have to severely overpay to lure JuJu away or other priorities on D/OL eat up the precious cap space (ala Sanders couldn't afford to keep him and AB at the time).
  9. Good comment. My take is PIT did their homework and locked onto specific players to target that'd likely be there (appear to be a reach) with each pick. Only way they'd veer is getting unexpected value drop into their lap. Opposite of BPA and letting the players fall to them. Knowing the team is high on McFarland & also considered a reach early 4th made it easier for them to pass on Dobbins. Taking Dobbins would have looked good, but then they'd miss out on the guy the team is comfortable with to replace Bud Dupree next season.
  10. McFarland had better get a lesson on how to protect the football better. Surprising he didn't wait another year to improve his draft stock. On the bright side, his running style fits the Steelers blocking scheme perfectly. Kid has good vision and burst to the next level. Decisive running to daylight and stacking defenders. Playing speed is impressive.
  11. Conner is a RB1 in the 'show me' year of his contract at a bargain rate. Question is will Tomlin rotate Samuels and Snell more frequently due to the injury history.
  12. Hi Ray. I'd have taken your evaluation over Artie Burns. 🤨 Yes. Hindsight is 20/20, but even at the time, who didn't think Burns was the biggest reach in all of Reachdom. Obviously, I'm still bitter. Gonna take my ball and go home. Seriously, Claypool makes a ton of sense. He can convert to a TE who can split out wide. Ben's Christmas wish is a BIG target who can blow the top off a D. Merry Christmas Ben!
  13. BPA gets my vote other than sub 6'2" WR. Ben has asked for tall WR for years or I'd rule it out in round 2. Most exciting to me is backup QB. It's a glaring need not addressed through FA. Could be the Steelers are considering Eason, Fromm or Hurts. Any one of these would make a veteran backup irrelevant.
  14. Kiper mocked up a QB in round 2. With Colbert signing a 1-year extension, it's hard to see the Steelers taking a QB that high. New GMs usually want to pick their own. Jalen Hurst I'm down with grabbing a future franchise QB & immediate backup, but how would it play out when a new GM rides his horse down the ol' steel-town road? .
  15. I have players from 4 different teams, but they play each other, so no matter what, I'll have 4 players count in week 3 (if I survive) TEN v BAL - Rooting for Jackson, Ingram, Brown, Tucker. TEN i'd lose Tannehill, Henry, AJ. Included AJ for an outside shot if the SB was GB/TEN. HOU v KC - Rooting for HOU. I see a TON of KC heavy entries. With KC and NO out, everyone else can coast week 3. SEA v GB - Rooting for Rodgers, Adams, Jones & Williams. SEA I'd lose Wilson & Metcalf MIN v SF - Rooting for MIN. I don't have any players from either team and I think it's a better matchup for GB next week. Also more likely to have teams loaded up with SF players than MIN.