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  1. Calcomatic bonus money team continues to produce after a dicey start. Mostly due to early byes. Only have 15 of 28 byes remaining from active members. Not counting irrelevant byes from Jarwin or Seibert. $30 an 6 rooster spots invested with zero scores counting thus far. $18 of that is dead. RIP Jarwin and Seibert. Optimistic at least 3 more will count if we continue to elude the Turk. Just 1 man counted 5 times. Give it up for ROY contender CeeDee Lamb! 4 Hits from 6 players. Props to Manny Sanders, CEH and Connor for strong contributions 3 scores count by 3 players 2 scores from 8 different selections. Critical for a large roster to succeed having these scores from the bench. 1 score each from the other 6 folks. Surprised to see my highest $ QB Ben and WR Marvin Jones in this category.
  2. Haven’t heard anything personally. However, Situation has gone from stable to fluid considering the development of CC and injury to Bush. Trading JJSS or Washington for a linebacker isn’t too far fetched.
  3. Awesome of you to track this Winz! What is the survival % of these entries vs chalk?
  4. Hope you are right. Jet was a guy I thought could be a league winner and sneaky player to snag. Reports out of camp left a vibe that he was electric. something special. Team loves to run. Added up to $$$ right? Thought there would be a ramp up in touches, but the limited use has me doubting that call. Might be a dreaded bit role RB who can make splash plays.
  5. Good luck to my fellow board mates! Great week to see Moss back in the mix. He is running with purpose early. Hoping it translates to a good score. need some contributions between Moss, CEH and Lamb.
  6. Gonna have to throw up a ROY poll after 9 weeks. WR class is special. Claypool was the 11th WR taken.
  7. Took him in the FBG subscriber contest this year and last. They’d better not list him at $2 next season. Don’t tempt me! I am weak.
  8. 1000 teams get cut week 6. 1000 Dak owners That is all...
  9. Actually did not consider that. Count dead money as players who have no chance of contributing for the rest of the contest. Literally dead money with no shot at helping going forward. Dak is the perfect example of a player I would list as dead money going forward. I would count him as dead despite scoring points for owners several times weeks 1 to 5. On the other hand, between Moss, Edwards, Boswell and Sloman there is a good chance someone will contribute going forward despite not producing enough to count through week 5. Since I misunderstood, could you help me state the status more accurately going forward?
  10. Real deal. Finally nailed drafting the perfect balance of talent, football IQ and character. Ben has a long history of elevating performance of BIG and fast receivers. Couldn’t be a more perfect fit. Pittsburgh was bringing Chase along slowly because we have the luxury to do so. Injuries accelerated the timeline. With his dominating performance, there is no way he gets relegated to a minimal role going forward.
  11. Welcome to the starting lineup Preston Williams and Irv Smith! Good to see some small ray of sunshine from the TE group. still just $12 dead money, but Moss and his $10 tag might belong here too. has been a complete dud so far. Your brothers have been carrying you kid. Bout time to show em you belong. 6 players haven’t counted 10 provided a single boom week 5 showed out twice (includes my FF mancrush Mapletron) 6 lit up the scoreboard three times 3 stars nailed it 4 times. McKinnon saved me in this contest week 4, so I’m glad he took a week off to recoup. Lamb and Sanders are the root.
  12. There we have it. It’s sell high for some owners thinking Diontae will get injured and over shadowed by the new shiny #11. I would look at this as a good time to float an offer because even with Claypool, Diontae should still get a ton of targets. He is too good at getting separation. In fact, Claypool could actually help him by drawing coverage elsewhere.