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  1. Turned myself in to the Turk's office. Needed an average week from MaHomes to survive. Liked the idea of Trubisky week 12 vs NYG way back when. Knew I'd be in trouble if MaHomes missed time. Good luck to the local survivors and Ghost entries.
  2. Thin ice time with Mahomes out. Still hopeful. Good luck to the locals.
  3. Humming along around 30 points above the Turk’s 9 Circles of Hades...for now. However, small rooster and not crazy about all the risks. There are enough that should keep me out of the final 250. Need quite the perfect storm for my plan to pay off. Wagon hitched and welded to the backs of Mahomes & Kelce as are (160) others. Late bye is scary so the lone backup at each position must come through. Core needs to remain healthy Connor, Golliday and Kupp (1 team left with this trio) The Turk has graciously accepted the other teams as tribute for my longevity. Mahomes (6) 543 Trubisky (0) 282 - Trubisky plays NYG on Mahomes bye week. 11 teams have this duo RB flex 5 times Connor (5) 271 Carson (5) 2832 The Duke (3) 2454 Breida (4) 2039 Justice (0) 526 WR flex 7 times Golladay (4) 293 Kupp (4) 735 Dede (4) 1577 MVS (1) 1482 Stills (3) 90 Gordon (3) 3230 TE flex hahahahaha Kelce (6) 810 Herndon (0) 450 - shifted from Andrews for early bye and lower injury risk. Ask me later how that move panned out. Overall happy with this blend of herd, high ceiling and less popular studs. Stills could be my wild card filling the Fuller V role when he goes down for the playoff run. Yes I have more sacrifices offered to our benevolent, merciful Turk.
  4. I’ve enjoyed watching AB since his days battling with Emmanuel Sanders each week for the right to be active that Sunday. Early on, I personally witnessed AB was the last player on the field at Latrobe signing autographs for fans. AB consistently gave the football to a fan after each of his touchdowns. He WAS a shoe into become an all time Steeler legend Sadly, it appears he has thrown himself into a Kaepernickesk abyss by his own hand. It’s hard to see any owner signing off on bringing AB into their fold. Despite becoming the league’s village idiot and easy target for misconduct gravy trains, I’m disappointed he might never play in the NFL again. Would love to see how he does with any team outside the steelers or patriots.
  5. Big Brother twist. Always expect the unexpected. Unofficial rule book states week 7 is kicker and D ONLY. All other positions are excluded. Good luck players!!! regards, Julie Chen
  6. I think you’ll be fine. Just trim off some other teams with DJ when you advance.
  7. This was a great move for the first half. Chubb will help your team get to the playoffs>>>JJSS. Will be interesting to see how much Chubbs role is reduced while JJSS should be gaining momentum. Come playoff time the coin may flip. i have no horse in this race personally. JJ makes an interesting buy LOW stash if you have room.
  8. One should never argue with the village idiot. Onlookers can’t tell the difference between the two.
  9. AB is on a self destructive roll. It’ll be soon or not at all. Ironic if being a world class train wreck gift wraps a super bowl ring. Makes me feel less interested than ever about watching any NFL games.
  10. 126 Teams with AB. What a boon if he winds up catching passes from Tom week 2.
  11. Kevin Colbert is the unquestioned master at drafting volatile head cases at wr. santonio plaxico antonio bryant
  12. This team looks very strong. If the kicking game bounces back to being automatic, I like your assessment of 11+ leaning toward the +. Kicking remains in the Ohio River, then mediocrity reigns supreme.
  13. Breida Godwin I beat u. Luv, DaBears wish we had more room for this team name. Had Mahomes, Kielce, Connor, Golladay and Kupp as my core. Tempted by Lockett but didn’t want to invest that heavily in Seattle’s offense. Invested extra in QB to get me through week 12. Trubisky was my favorite fit starting lineup in case I forget to set one next week Mahomes (Trubisky plays NYG week 12) Connor and Carson Golladay and Kupp Kelce (Herndon) Flex: Westbrook and Duke (alternates Breida and Gordon) Maximum effort BOOM players: MVS and Stills Using my rose colored glasses on Stills. He’s going to put up some huge weeks. End Game difference maker: RB J Hill. My prediction is he will be a first rounder next year. 3 early bye kickers Pit and Jets D. Steeler homer and like matchups for both teams during playoff weeks 🤩
  14. Dropped my rooster from 22 to 20 today. Tempted to go 19 stud team but held the line with two maximum effort boom guys instead of one strong WR. Good luck!!!!!
  15. Well scripted first post. Your critique of this roster is spot on. There has been some great analysis regarding the rostering of 3 cheap D being greater than 2 expensive D. Consider it. Risk tolerance is a fun one. Your top 2 RB can put up points with anyone. When both are healthy, you have an edge. That said, it’ll cut deep if you lose them for a stretch. Pollard might look attractive now but he will be a non factor once Zeke returns. I’ll keep Darwin’s split in a high octane offense all day over Pollard. Receiver group appears to have nice value. Personal preference I’m not a fan of the TE group but I don’t have a great argument to change your mind. Has potential. Good team and good Luck to you.