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  1. downsouth

    Gurley and the Fantasy Playoffs

    Sure. We can go with preseason. Or another fun example: Gurley = Elliot/A Brown. I think they are both near the top of their positions. just giving some fun perspective.
  2. downsouth

    Gurley and the Fantasy Playoffs

    I have Brown hanging out on the bench. I just realized that in my league scoring, Gurley has the same points as Elliot and D Johnson combined. He is literally scoring what 2 top RBs are scoring.
  3. downsouth

    Do I (the commissioner) veto this trade?

    no obvious collusion, so no veto. what kind of league is this?
  4. 16-team, .5 PPR QRRWWWWT, 27 man rosters Team A (6-1) Gives Lockett, Chubb Team B (2-5) Gives Coutee, Julio, McCoy
  5. downsouth

    Dynasty trade help please!

    the seattle backfield is a mess. if you're not relying on penny, then make the trade and be on the lookout to move that 1st round pick you're getting for something better down the road.
  6. downsouth

    Dynasty trade help please!

    i don't like it for you. think of what pick it cost you to get Penny. that 1st you would be getting may be really low.
  7. downsouth

    The Tazmanian Devil, Phillip Lindsay

    He went for about 25% of the budget. only time will tell.
  8. downsouth

    Bragging, venting, crowing, grieving...

    Started the year with Bell, Gurley, Julio and Hilton as keepers. Added Hopkins to my roster through trades just to flex a bit. Got the lowest score of the week with Mariota at QB, Bell being a punk, and some other unfortunate events. Still just week 1 but my QB and RB2 situation is just bad.
  9. downsouth

    Keeper Help Kamara, cook beckham

    Kamara and OBJ. OBJ and Cook were hurt but OBJ has proven he can be successful in the NFL.
  10. downsouth

    R. Wilson as a Keeper in the 4th?

    depends if you value the QB spot. I tend to ride the waivers for QBs all year. i personally wouldn't keep him. too many QBs later that may have great years.
  11. Thielen for sure.
  12. downsouth

    Keep Juju or Hill in the 15th round

    Hill for me. JuJu isn't the #1 WR on his team.
  13. downsouth

    Keeper / Draft position Help, WHIR

    If you keep Collins, I assume your 2nd round pick drops significantly from the 2.01 to the end of the round. So is the 2nd round bump worth more than Collins?
  14. downsouth

    1st draft pick and keepers

    Agree about your keepers. Keeping Hill is really tempting but don’t think you find a RB with Cook’s potential in the 2nd. Wouldn’t blame you though for keeping Hill and Theilen and grabbing RBs in the first few rounds. With most of the stud RBs kept just grab who you like.
  15. downsouth

    Barkley v Beckham v Hopkins

    16 team, PPR, 4 player keeper, bonus performance, 1/2/2/1/2 flex Keeping Bell, Gurley, Hilton, Julio Just looking to see how you would rank Barkley, Beckham, Hopkins. i have the 1.02 and am leaning towards Hopkins as I assume Barkley goes based on the 1.01 team needs.