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  1. Landing the first pick is always tough. We actually keep 4 total. And owners will sell out and keep 4 crap players if it means they land the first pick. I have Hopkins and Beckham as my other keepers. beckham didn’t score too high this year. Keeping bell and guice will definitely move me up. Probably top 5. Otherwise, keeping chubb will bump be to the 6-12 range. 16 teams. Every response ignores Henry. Is he the clear #4 in this group?
  2. The combined points of all of our keepers is what determines draft position. If you keep all players with low points scored, you can land a higher draft spot. Guice and Chubb have 3 years left of being keepable. They were drafted this year. Bell and Henry have 2 left. Both were drafted last year. how many years left does matter some but RB value can change quickly.
  3. In our keeper league, players are returned after 3 years. So players like Gurley and Julio end up back in the draft along with rookies. Definite value in higher draft slots. Agree with the Chubb assessment. I like him going forward. Agree on the Bell situation. Henry was so disappointing for 3/4 of the year but won me games in his own towards the end. Guice is the one that scares me because of his injury. I can always move 2 of these for draft picks.
  4. 1/2 pt PPR, Keep 2, draft position depends on points scored by RB kept. Lower points = higher draft position which 2? Bell, Guice, Henry, Chubb keeping Bell and guice mean higher draft spot, but Chubb and Henry have been fun to watch.
  5. QB: Ryan RB: Gurley RB: Chubb Flex: Henry WR: Julio WR: Hopkins WR: Beckham TE: Njoku Samuels, R Foster on the bench waiting to go in if needed. I love their enthusiasm. Fun building a team from other owner's panic.
  6. well crap! this is going to sting if i lose this way. henry on my bench.
  7. 16-team, 1/2 PPR, bonus performance Rest of starting lineup: QB - Ryan RB - Gurley, Chubb, (henry/samuels) WR - Julio, Beckham, Hopkins TE - Njoku Can't start Samuels at TE. Henry is usually only good for 40 yards and hoping for the TD. Don't know anything about Samuels.
  8. Sure. We can go with preseason. Or another fun example: Gurley = Elliot/A Brown. I think they are both near the top of their positions. just giving some fun perspective.
  9. I have Brown hanging out on the bench. I just realized that in my league scoring, Gurley has the same points as Elliot and D Johnson combined. He is literally scoring what 2 top RBs are scoring.
  10. no obvious collusion, so no veto. what kind of league is this?
  11. 16-team, .5 PPR QRRWWWWT, 27 man rosters Team A (6-1) Gives Lockett, Chubb Team B (2-5) Gives Coutee, Julio, McCoy
  12. the seattle backfield is a mess. if you're not relying on penny, then make the trade and be on the lookout to move that 1st round pick you're getting for something better down the road.
  13. i don't like it for you. think of what pick it cost you to get Penny. that 1st you would be getting may be really low.
  14. He went for about 25% of the budget. only time will tell.