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  1. He'll never start, but he could be a good PPR cheeser for a year or two.
  2. Really good wides. Kerryon will make you happy.
  3. I like your QBs and some of the chances you took at RB and WR. Very, very solid at TE too.
  4. YeeOUCH. As I am sure we all know, RBs are very important. I just don't see that position holding up for you. As it has been pointed out in this thread, Kamara is a gamble and he is your #1. McCaffrey might allow your first team to be "okay", but I am worried for you at that position. Very shaky. Those RBs could pan out, but most likely until next year or beyond. I like your K and Def. QBs on point, but I like drafting those late myself. Receivers and Tight Ends maybe a tad above average. TEs really good on the 2nd team.
  5. All aboard this train! Reed is the truth.
  6. Very nice starting RBs and TEs! I am also excited about Juju. You have enough other WRs that one will pan out. Stafford is solid. Not too excited about the kicker or backup RBs, but no real holes in this team. If Reed stays healthy, big if, this is a dominant team.
  7. NFL ####ed out hardcore on this one. He committed a transgression (again) and they reduce the suspension AND he is still in phase 2 leaving him room to mess up again and only be suspended four games (which by precedent would be reduced). What a lolfest.
  8. EE loves himself some Pokémon. Will lead to increased number of catches IMO.