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  1. Also made a target. Got two 6' 1x4 pieces of poplar, some chicken wire(large spacing ones) and a bunch of plastic wrap from my work. Made a 3x3 frame, wrapped the bottom of it in wire and stuffed a bunch of old clothes that I wrapped in the plastic wrap into the frame. Then I folded over the wire, climbed on top to pack it down and secured the wire on the other side. Really through this together quick and it worked, so i'm pretty happy. I can make a really nice one for about $25 now.
  2. Knocked out a quick rack after work
  3. congrats man. has to feel great!
  4. Went out for a 3d target practice round with my brother. I need to start shooting at odd numbers instead of always being at 40y, 30y etc..I need to start being able to hit at 53y or 36. This was my first shot at this guy from 75 yards(my last pin in 70y) without a range finder being used until after. I also tagged his jackal target from 92 yards, which was pretty cool. It wasn't in the target area, but I'll take it.
  5. Vodka/club soda or bourbon here too. I'll second the tolerance...had some booze sneak up on me last week...woof
  6. I just mean that my body gets back into ketosis quickly because I'm fat adapted. It's not like starting over and going through keto flu and all that. I snap back into burning fat right away. Also, I never really go more than two/three days with a lot of carbs. So it's not like I can eat poorly for a few weeks and then get back into ketosis quickly. Haven't and won't do that
  7. You can be fat adapted and be out of ketosis. I was strict keto for almost a full year last year and now that I'm in maintenance mode I'm out of ketosis almost every weekend. Because I'm still fat adapted, though, I can start the week off strict again on monday and be back in ketosis by wednesday without any weight gain. I can even tell when i go too far on the weekends and i feel like crap on Sundays. Getting back into ketosis has not been an issue for me.
  8. Just needs to score from a header now for the Cristiano
  9. Was it because Valencia got subbed off? I didn't watch the game, only snippets from today.
  10. Where's the guy who said 1K was a bargain with his "insider info"?
  11. Wait, Sanchez was United's captain yesterday? Lol, Jose is a doosh. No wonder the team doesn't want to play for him.
  12. When introduced to people, I always extend my left hand to shake hands. Seems simple, but will throw everyone off.
  13. Did someone in here have a bomb chili recipe? Looking to make some elk chili this weekend and wanted to follow the one here.