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  1. STILL NEED MONIES FROM- @CGRdrJoe @Good Posting Judge @lardonastick @mr. furley @Moe. @Brady Marino @Bluto Blutarsky @FreeBaGeL - email for the paypal updated @Capella @Spartans Rule @Sebowski
  2. @Ominous Johnson You've sent $50.00 to J. P****** Send More Money Let me know if this went through
  3. Silly Season in this thread indeed jfc yous guys
  4. Paid up- Gator Blend drunken slob Ned El flopop Ominous Johnson Comfortably Numb
  5. Did not get this...last one was Ned
  6. 1d1000, rolled once. Roll set 1 Die rolls: 589 Roll subtotal: 589 Roll total: 589
  7. 1.1 Marko Grujic, M, Liverpool
  8. It's in tasker's sig