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  1. He might give the best forward ball out of all the back line. When a forward checks back to him, he puts in a perfect/firm ball right at their feet. He's proven to be a steal
  2. Last group from 60y. couldn't really get it completely dialed in yet from 60 as I only putting in 1 of 3 for about ten rounds. Just before this I put two in it two rounds in a row and then I got all three finally. I like ending positively so that was it. Last three rounds all felt really good. @Ned , I went shooting on Saturday and there was a group of kids at the range warming up for a state tournament for Olympic recurve bows. It was pretty cool watching them for about 30min and listening to their coach. They were hopeful to do well and make it nationals in Vegas.
  3. I forget, is the rare double draw what leads to picking three teams the next week?
  4. There were no picks for that week Couple games left today....
  5. obligatory Sterling got shut the #### down pic
  6. I can watch subtitles while high, just not when i was that high . #tothemoon
  7. saw this on my recommended list, but was too high at the time to watch a show with subtitles. Good to see another good review.
  8. Just picked up my first pair of 34 waist jeans since maybe 8th grade.
  9. 80/651/5 is what he did receiving on the year 24/271/2 is what he did WITH Olsen healthy(5 games) counting the playoff game. That extrapolates to 76/864/6 on the season. Seems like Olsen didn't effect him as much as you thought.
  10. big fan and as always for me with really good subtitled shows, I'm giving this a quick turnaround re-watch so I can focus more on the screen and less on the words.