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  1. tight tight game. One of Liverpool's shots went post-out...theirs went post-in...what a game.
  2. Ambangarang had 13 touches...6 were kick-offs. #owned
  3. Local delivery guy has 1200mg syrup for $40 🔥
  4. All about the assist imo. Too many times that ball isn't hit as hard as Fabinho hit it..makes the tap in for goal that much easier.
  5. For the first time all season we get the midfield I felt would be the best for Liverpool. Kieta. Hendo .............Fab Popcorn
  6. For different reasons, I too don't want Poch at United. Seems like a great hire for them.
  7. I feel like it's more ignorance than arrogance, imo. She seems to really care about Susie but is just very ignorant about their class difference(as one example).