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  1. Lame, hate leaving the ffa
  2. Capped one on my first try...what's the big deal here?
  3. Taken Can you get in the draft thread and throw a name out for me please. Or just skip me. I can handle you guys with one less player
  4. weird I only post here, never directly to the sheet
  5. That's where the reveries come in. Those are very new to the hosts and were introduced purposefully by Ford. The hosts aren't aware of being able to have "flashbacks" and it's confusing them. So when there's a switch like the getting shot scene or the gun in the drawer scene, it makes sense because the host could really think they were in the past experience. So we get a chance to see that past experience now.
  6. Possibly, maybe that's why he's sneaking around with Delores. It was just a sc0nch would say "man, I wish this series was longer than three episodes so we could find out"
  7. It's okay, I don't hate them...but they still #### the bed in giving up home field.
  8. They should have done lille Eibar did when they got promoted and the Spanish FA said they needed to upgrade their stadium. They said- #### you, pay me
  9. Now I know how my wife feels during the sexs. This isn't going to end, is it?
  10. Saw this last night on VICE'd pretty good. Especially when she's yelling "traitor!" Made me think of fantasy football
  11. Nobody does, going down a league isn't difficult. No wonder he's doing well
  12. The Westworld sign(logo) was different in the William story line than the \W/ one they have in the current time.
  13. Who's flashback was used in the story line that introduced William?