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  1. Good three points.... ####### hate this matchup. Lovren might be getting Drew Bledsoe'd in front of our eyes. #TeamGomez
  2. If it's not on the first page I won't go find it.
  3. Love edibles. Always take it slow at first. 10mg is a solid dose, you can halve it if you want to be extra safe. I've had some take a good 90 min to kick in, others 45-60. Be patient and don't take more... Wait until the next night and try a little bigger of a dose.
  4. Spurs will have to be docked points for playing a home game in Poch's back yard. Arsenal seem done United got Jose'd The top four are set: City Liverpool Chelsea Bournmouth
  5. Made my day having Christo's striker miss lead to my striker's goal. Great day
  6. Hero status achieved
  7. I'll take "Things Jose Mourinho says after going up 1-0"
  8. So many versions of the same thing
  9. I have them right where I want them