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  2. To me this would be the case if Atletico were qualifying for the CL but, like Arsenal, are always knocked out early. Atletico have been going deeeeep, though. Of course United is a bigger name, but using CL as a carrot when his current team will likely be favored to go very deep again, seems silly imo.
  3. One of the dumbest things I've heard Lalas say (yes, it's a long list) is that the "carrot of CL soccer at united" might lure him away from Atletico after Atletico has been in the QFs the past three years
  4. I used mfp obsessively for the first three months. Now I just use it to check on foods/recipes I'm not familiar with. I pretty much know what amount I'm eating already, but it's really nice to have for looking things up for the first time or if it's been a while since I ate a certain food.
  5. this year Zlatan 17 goals Benteke 15 seems pretty close to par, but carry on...
  6. The transition from only spuds to a normal maintenance diet has to be tough. It's such a huge change, no?
  7. Sugar isn't even on the list of things i miss. So awful for you Now, a good Portuguese bread and cheese? :zomg:
  8. That's not quite fair. They discussed it and shady said not to spend the money, but she did.
  9. Ajax looks like it's 3-3 and all they need to do is draw to win the league.... Just sitting, slow, weak passing. United should win going away now