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  1. I love when he doses people...always a great story "Welcome to my world #### sucker!"
  2. @James Daulton
  3. Seriously? It was the best for the dog, too. Why put that dog in a situation where it might be unsure what to do about a baby? This isn't some dog that was raised with the kid, it was a rescue dog that was abused. Good move by Bill
  4. If you haven't listened, #729 with Jocko Willink is amazing
  5. Honestly, I was only posting that because it's Liverpool's rival that you picked and I hope they lose. So you're accidentally welcome
  6. Cool, we're down to 8 now
  7. This second half is decent...
  8. Big fan and just DLd his Jordan Peterson interview witch should be very good.
  9. This is the guy who had trouble with "exponential growth" during the ebola outbreak. It's just safe to assume he's wrong at math.