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  1. I need OJ to check in...scrolling through looking at my paypal account I saw this- Seller info jproc** - Refund details Refund total (includes tax and shipping) $75.00 Fees It's dated a few days after I sent him his 2nd place winnings. Not sure what happened
  2. Big fan
  3. Paid up- Gator Blend drunken slob
  4. Brandy Chastain
  5. How high are you right now?
  6. Try this one....i forget which account is active.. leslie3676 at gmail dot com
  7. Saves us from Christo chiming in later.
  8. Yes, but it would take a lot more than this. They have to spend crazy and miss consecutive seasons So not likely
  9. Nothing says Galacticos like Smalling, Blind, Rojo and Rooney
  10. Also, Fot Mob's transfer addition is awesome
  11. I love Pogba, but
  12. Done and added my email for PayPal.