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  1. That seems to be an odd request - given that everyone was given the topics that will be covered in 15-minute segments. This isn’t a trick question show - I hope they are both prepared for the questions they both know are coming. Mouth
  2. NBC News-Marist poll: Michigan: Likely voters Joe Biden 52% Donald Trump 44% Wisconsin: Likely voters Joe Biden 54% Donald Trump 44%
  3. 1. Same call against Spurs. Terrible rule. 2. I think it’s 1 foot on line. But it’s checked by VAR with the same precision as offside. 3. Why wouldn’t they be allowed to switch pen takers? This isn’t the NBA where the fouled player has time the shot.
  4. I, for one, am shocked that people who like Trump, don’t like Biden.
  5. From Twitter Apparently Plovdiv are down to 8 men. Scenes. I'm not sure why. eta - False alarm. Looks like someone was off for treatment.
  6. I should have been more specific - Trump needs to win those voters bigly, with a big turnout. I kind of assumed everyone knew he would win rural votes - it’s the margins that matter.
  7. That typically has more to do with sample size and undecideds. I am not sure either is a factor in some of these polls - but sample size is an issue in a few. There are fewer undecideds than normal and no viable 3rd party distraction. And it does not change the overall picture for either candidate. Trump needs to win rural voters in PA, Ohio, and MI.