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  1. Over Mixon,Jacobs, Shady,Darwin, Justice, Waller in a flex spot.
  2. Starting Jackson/Zeke, benching Williams for Lamar in the flex as of this minute............ My oppenent has Rivers so the threat of JJ getting a receiving TD pushes him over Williams/Lamar for me.
  3. He'll be going up against the same SEA he went 5/129/2 on, this time in SF. Gonna have a hard time not using him as my flex/WR3 this week, he's WR14 over the last 3 weeks in my league so far. SEA will most certainly be keying on Kittle after last week, run Dante run.
  4. Fortuitous double digit PPR, low end starter at home vs TEN next week
  5. I appreciate that, just thinking if ODB is out and Norman is on Shep since this yesterday news it might have changed, he should be lined up as a WR more also, besides Barkley hes their most talented player warts and all. Different regime but Engram did well when Beckham was out last year.
  6. Crazy julios catch/fumble allowed him to over 100 and win countless ff matchups
  7. Guys it could be worse I had Den D and dropped them for AZ because I thought 2 OL out would make a difference for the broncos smh, onward troops
  8. I like WAS to bounce back, at home to CAR and DAL and then @NYG
  9. 12-teamer, won $450 in this league already plus another $850 or $250 for 1st or 2nd, I have the stupidest RBs Ive ever seen in a 12-teamer. Brady Bell Zeke Freeman or Drake Marvin J Agholor or Dede Gronk Gostowski Ravens D
  10. I picked this guy up to see if he can do it again, chance I could roll him out next week.
  11. 10-3 with a bye and $450 richer for division and points champion in my 12-teamer even after I made a bonehead trade sending Kamara away early season. Loved steamrolling my high school buddies, 18th year for the league. Brady,Bell,Zeke,Freeman,Gronk oh my!
  12. @MarkMaske NFL says its review is ongoing of possible disciplinary action against Rob Gronkowski for his hit Sunday. Decision possible today.