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  1. need a flex and wr 1 point ppr... from these LeSean McCoy, Cohen, Chris Thompson, DeMarcus Robinson, Josh Gordon
  2. IIRC, both had legal outcomes or criminal charges that occurred AFTER the new policy was put in place.Tank Johnson plead guilty after the new policy was put in force.Pac Man Jones had charges filed after the new policy was set up.Chris Henry had already plead guilty but then was charged for other issues after the new policy was invoked.I suppose anything is possible, but the guys that have been suspended all had things happen after the new policy was put in force (even if some infractions happened before the policy kicked in). And all of these players met the contingencies of (1) having plead or been found guilty or (2) been charged multiple times with criminal activities.Vick has not met either of those criteria (as I interpret the policy rules as they stand currently). Maybe the NFL and NFLPA can retroactively change the rules, but as it stands now based on the criteria mentioned here Vick doesn't fit.Maybe they can snag him on something else (lying to the commish, gambling, conduct unbecoming, etc.).Vick sat face to face with the commissioner at the end of April and adamnantly denied any knowledge or participation in dog fighting.Yet he is accused of brutally killing 8 dogs in the same month of April.They can use whatever reason they feel works in public, but Vick will not play in 2007. Allowing any player to diss the Commissioner like this would set an extremely bad precedent.He will be suspended before training camp starts next week.Vick was indicted on the charges, he has not been found guilty, or plead guilty to any of those charges....him denying to the Commish knowledge or participation in dog probably the same thing he is going to do in court. So who is to say unless he is found guilty he lied to the Commish.