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  1. Chris Wallace asked if there is should be any limit, whether it be "6 weeks or 8 weeks or 24 weeks or whenever" to a women's right to have an abortion. There was a lead in before that about New York's latest expansive law dealing with health, but Wallace's question and certainly his answer seemed to be a very general "any limit". IF his actual feeling on it is how I read it right now, that's extreme. I have typically liked the guy (and again this pre really much specific policy proposals so stay tuned I guess), but if he means how I read it here then my opinion of him, at least, falls precipitously. Now you may argue that he was solely talking about health of the mother, then ok, that seems rather unclear to me and I guess we'll see his actual policy when he puts it out. And to be clear, I'd rather it to be your interpretation of it given the policy ramifications of his position in how I read it.
  2. Nah, I definitely stand by what I said. In a thread where everyone is parsing down to the week development level and zygote/embryo what-not, I'm encouraged that common ground someday can better be found by thoughtful individuals. Mayor Pete being for literally zero restrictions is extreme and, unfortunately, ghoulish.
  3. I hear ya sister. Men are such selfish jerks that live to kill. Their bloodlust knows no bounds and their taste of flesh and gore shall never be satiated. Preach it.
  4. 😐 So inconvenient travel is where you draw your moral line. Could it be something else perhaps? Living in a civil society...yadda yadda..,violence begetting more violence...yadda yadda.
  5. Absolutely. I was answering the silly canard of “if pro-life folks really feel it’s a life, why are they all so complacent and not rushing clinics?” Dumb.
  6. I think what is happening down at the border with separating children and parents with some never seeing each other again is a moral do you I’m sure. Why aren’t we going down there and performing more “extreme measures”?
  7. I’d like to believe you but there’s certainly a reason the Democratic platform eliminated the rare part of Safe, Legal, and Rare.
  8. Because that bill sounded unbelievably ludicrous, I looked for awhile to find what language they used to describe what that specific tweet accuses the bill of doing. I’ve yet to find one other person or group who says that the bill will do what the tweet says (by Grild_Cheez?) Even read the press release from the Texas Civil Rights Project and they don’t say that either. BS tweet? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all against that bill and the principle behind it. But I’m weary of people making crap up to lather up their side.
  9. Pretty darn interesting that they mention Mysterio (Jake G's character) is from another Dimension on Earth.
  10. This feels a bit too much like Poochy dropping in to the Simpsons. FBG ratings ploy?
  11. In all seriousness, this is one of those topics and reports that hits me in the gut. Despair and sadness and creates an overall malaise. I'm really panicky over what this means for the world my kids are inheriting. We're taking a mega National Park vacation this summer for about a month. It'll be awesome and bittersweet at the same time with this stuff hanging over our heads.
  12. Lol, he meant North Dakotan economists; the trustworthy ones.