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  1. Early 2000s with the riots? That has calmed and gotten much better, but Ohio has serious rural vs. city dichotomy going on right now.
  2. Yeah its amazing...and the sad thing is, I wonder where they get it from? He's a disgrace.
  3. The out of nowhere Bulgarian actress who plays his daughter was awesome and stole the movie imo. She’s actually 24 so I can also say she’s :wub :
  4. I thought this was an excellent and concise breakdown and argument of the whole issue. By Jonah Goldberg of the Dispatch (formerly of NationalReview)
  5. Lolz, I love how low the bar with some of you has become for our statesman President. Can you imagine if the lines I’ve done more for black people than Lincoln and I’m the least racist person in this room came out of Biden’s mouth? Damning with faint praise.
  6. That was a little bit too up close and personal with Graham’s Gano
  7. Love those Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Florida(!) numbers. Hate that Arizona number
  8. Lotta rural and outer suburbs, former union blue collar collapse, make it a lot closer to Indiana and Kentucky than PA and MI. Cincy, Columbus, Cleveland could still overcome it, but the rural counties literally went 60-75% for Trump in 2016 and that definitely has not fallen.
  9. I mean...CMONNNN. Are we all being trolled? There’s no way this is all real. Am I in a coma right now?? You have to look at the pics in the link, it’s hilarious. Mike Sington @MikeSington Trying to impress her, Kayleigh McEnany hands Leslie Stahl a large book containing the Administration’s work on health care. I don’t think she expected Stahl to look at the book, because it’s blank.
  10. Yeah every morning driving kids to school I’ve popped that on. Keith Richards song followed by a Bob Dylan song told me it’s done ☹️