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  1. Just not fair. I’m so sorry. God bless your family.
  2. I don't understand why Nikki Haley is getting dunked on here. At least she actually said something while the other spineless folks sit on their hands. Oh, and she gave the rolleyes too. YOU DIDN'T INCLUDE THE ROLLEYES IN HER TWEET.
  3. I have it on good authority that Uruguay is all in on Tim Ryan while there's concern that Lesotho is actively rooting for Warren. Scary times.
  4. I think what truly is to blame for all the evil of all mine and your grandparents is the lack of innernets. They had no Footballguys Political Forum to kneel before and seek Enlightenment from the morally transcendent beings here.
  5. It’s got shuke. What more positive features do you need?
  6. Had a blast watching this season. We loved it. Rumor is the next season starts shooting in October. So it’s too bad we’ll likely have to wait until the end of 2020 for season 4 but that’s what it takes.
  7. Castro making sure point out that Trans women should have access to free government healthcare for an abortion is like hitting the identity politics trifecta. :jackpot:
  8. Oh yeah, I understand your stance. My comment mainly comes from while in the past you’ve made your stance very clear, you try not to assign evil intent to the vast majority of pro-life folks...or at least you are effective at being diplomatic on their intent. Our disagreements come from an honest place. You’re pretty prolific in these threads and that, at least, is my impression. I’ve been trying to stay out of these as it goes round and round over and over so certainly correct me if I’m wrong.
  9. Then you are a completely intellectually dishonest person and devoid of serious thought. Yeah, what #######s pro-lifers are. Trying to speak and stand up for those who have no voice...the most vulnerable in our society. Like I always was brought up to believe liberals were about. What jerks we are. And before you go off on some red herring tangent, I come from the left economically. I believe and work toward giving prospective mother’s all the financial support they need. I’m annoyed with certain factions fighting against birth control on religious grounds. I want fewer abortions period through economic help, birth control, and yes, tighter laws on elective abortion Read pro-choicers like @timschochet and @fatguyinalittlecoat and @Henry Ford @Herb if you want to see how thoughtful folks discuss and handle such an ethically difficult topic. Your post is really a bomb throwing joke.
  10. They were definitely going to make James earn that Ken Jennings record. Emma was the Jeopardy Manchurian candidate they brought out of cold storage. A Hulk buster. She has to go on a run of her own right? The released her in the wild...she can't be contained.
  11. Btw, the awkward James-Emma missed, then forced high-five at the end was just perfect. :Jamessmile:
  12. Yeah, he really got robbed from his shining nerd moment of being a returning champ. He memorized the entire Trivial Pursuit 1st Edition as a child! He missed one answer. Poor bastard.
  13. So glad your Dad didn’t take any damage and more importantly, was safe. The local weather service (Wilmington) did an outstanding job. Huge lead times and also they went to the “off the book” designation of tornado emergency. That lead to the weather radios, cell phones, and Tv guys getting the warning out. This was a very very bad time of day with very little visibility and folks heading to bed with work the next day. One death (“only”) with EF3’s ripping thru a heavily populated area is miraculous. They nailed it and it definitely saved lives. Government agencies get a bad rap, but the NWS Is invaluable.
  14. Felt this editorial in the LA Times (NRO's Jonah Goldberg) was a very fair take and captured things pretty well. Few excerpts the most relevant, IMO
  15. Chris Wallace asked if there is should be any limit, whether it be "6 weeks or 8 weeks or 24 weeks or whenever" to a women's right to have an abortion. There was a lead in before that about New York's latest expansive law dealing with health, but Wallace's question and certainly his answer seemed to be a very general "any limit". IF his actual feeling on it is how I read it right now, that's extreme. I have typically liked the guy (and again this pre really much specific policy proposals so stay tuned I guess), but if he means how I read it here then my opinion of him, at least, falls precipitously. Now you may argue that he was solely talking about health of the mother, then ok, that seems rather unclear to me and I guess we'll see his actual policy when he puts it out. And to be clear, I'd rather it to be your interpretation of it given the policy ramifications of his position in how I read it.