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  1. I get that and actually feel the police really shouldn't be involved in straight enforcement on calls. Its more of the attitude that we're getting from both Butler and Warren Co. sheriffs that this whole thing is dumb. I totally get a "the Governor is an idiot and you all shouldn't listen to him" vibe from those 2 turds.
  2. No, I hear you and completely feel what you're saying 90% of the time. We're doing what we're going to of luck to "you". The frustration I'm feeling right now is the approach of school and my kids really, really, really need that again. For their sanity. The school isn't mandating masks though (recommended but not a have to) and I'm talking about seeing all these families basically giving the rest of us the bird. That's depressing and left us in quite a quandary screaming towards the start of school.
  3. Its sure easy to be offended when you make crap up about something and...completely change the meaning.
  4. It’s ridiculous isn’t it? We’ve got freaking county sheriffs holding special press conferences this evening just to say they aren’t enforcing anything. It’s hard not to be bitter at the lack of simple selflessness. These last 4 months have been sadly eye opening for me.
  5. The Washington Please Don't Accuse Us of Racism Anymore, Oh God, Seriously We're Really Trying Here What More Do You Want From Us We'll Give You Whatever You Want Here Take The Keys to My Car We're Cool Now Right....s
  6. I tend to not be a slippery-slope arguer, but Washington and Jefferson are going to get fully wrapped all up in this mess, aren’t they? 2 out of the top 5 presidents and arguably 2 out of the top 3 most important early Americans in history are getting #canceled before this is over, right?
  7. We seem to all be living on campus now. So dumb
  8. R.I.P. Zippity Doo Dah (Sammy Hagar version)
  9. “It hath been written in the sacred texts which, I’m sure, thou hath committed to memory by now.”
  10. This whole thing (waves arms all around) doesn’t work in that direction.
  11. You know, I don’t necessarily have an issue with white VO actors (particularly very successful ones who won’t lack for work) stepping aside to help folks who traditionally have a tough time breaking into the industry. That’s a kind gesture. Ivan, nailed it though with the type of language and careful ritualistic wording in the statements. Should be setting off alarms on the cult factor. It’s like, don’t you dare present these burnt offerings. Alarm bells; creepy. Seinfeld was way ahead of its time with the “You MUST wear the rrribbon” episode.
  12. Yeah you completely nailed the image here. Kristen Bell just did the exact same thing for the same type of character. These times of self-flagellation are almost beyond parody. The I Take Responsibility video is the same way. Brutal.
  13. Yeah has anyone checked on @Maurile Tremblay? There have been many many very interesting links he has posted from there over the years. Such a dumb policy by the NYT.
  14. Exactly, I might even go further and call him a troll who is all about getting attention. If any one of any significance on the left picked this up and tried to run with it they would simply be dooming their own cause