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  1. Lol...I know! Only zerohedge and crap had articles like this before. The Daily Mail isn't too much better but the quote/source of "Beijing-sponsored South China University of Technology" gave me pause. You think they'd not let this get published unless it was about to get out in the wild as a fact.
  2. “Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.”
  3. Once again....China. China, China, China. All crap comes from China. Time to pull it together, guys. Signed, The rest of the world
  4. Oh it’s all good and people like things for all sorts of different reasons. In my opinion and enjoyment, the seasons go S3, S1, S2. And even though I have season two “last” I liked it a whole lot and it contains probably my most enjoyable part of the series so far in the last episode.
  5. Cool. From my impression though you’re the minority on that opinion. (not your last point though, she bugs me a bit too. 👍🏻)
  6. Oh, hello. (Teaser trailer)
  7. @Sneegor, fwiw, I’m Catholic and I find Pete’s abortion stance abhorrent. That pretty much goes, with slight degrees of difference, for all the Dem nominees. They’re all pretty much beholden to the far far left in the primary, especially the ghouls at NARAL who I think rather perversely revel in the entire idea of abortion. Bernie, for one, has nearly gotten me to the point of not supporting him in the general since he told Pro-Life Dems this past weekend to GTFO. Buuuuutttttt, here’s the thing. Ultimately, what do I want as a Catholic of good conscience? Fewer abortions. After 30+ years of constant deliberation on this, the Dems social programs will get that. Child care, safety nets, and paid time off will help women better keep their pregnancies. I truly believe that and it does bear out in the stats. I want fewer abortions period and a Republicans policies make that harder and they are crueler right now. ....And that doesn’t even take into account our Catholic duty to care for the poor and, IMO, the horrible injustice of the border. Listen to the Pope. 😄
  8. The Republican turnout is fairly interesting too:
  9. ***HotTakeAlert*** On another note, can China maybe learn from this and shut down these idiotic wet markets and crappy food handling of exotic animals? How many pandemics (every 10 years we get an Asian X Flu straight outta China) have to start there before they get a clue? And it isn’t a 3rd world or tons of people thing as these aren’t starting in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Brazil. People need to not shy away from ‘cultural differences must be respected!!!’ and this stuff needs a proper shaming. Maybe the economic impact will finally do it to get their crap together. —-Annoyed in America
  10. Yeah, maybe I’m being an optimist but IF the virus breaks out of contain and spreads all over there are 2 things I’m optimistic about here: 1) That quality of care rises substantially here, driving down mortality rates as people get access to better conditions fighting pneumonia. 2)Experience only helps. By the time it would get here, a game plan of how to fight it gets more and more complete. What anti-virals work, what warning signs to get on quickly, CDC is learning more and more with each case.