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  1. So is Beto secretly some sort of right-wing plant? First the "Eff yeah we're gonna take your AR, bro" sound bite (which as a policy I'm sympathetic too, the phasing out of new AR buys....but God that phrasing is terrible). Last night he bluntly talks about revoking tax-exempt status of any church who doesn't agree to gay marriage. Basically giving flight to slippery-slope arguments of the past: a policy of gay-marriage his own president was against about a decade ago. I'm glad he's <5% for the nomination. Keep him the heck away from any VP talk too please. He's an anchor to any candidate in places that matter to winning presidency.
  2. The flag hug at the end! It has to be trolling. Right? Right!?!
  3. Our forefathers won WWII and defeated Communism so that you don't have to run anymore. Quit dishonoring them.
  4. Man, there sure are some silly-### arguments about ND not being relevant anymore. More importantly, what the hell happened to @Doctor Detroit?? He’d be all over (drunkenly!) tearing into these hot takes.
  5. FWIW, Pope Francis has spoken much more acceptingly of things are wont to due in the Church, things evolve/change very slowly.
  6. I thought I saw Biden down in both Iowa and NH, right? I thought Warren was up in Iowa (and given her crowds, I could easily see her taking Iowa) and Bernie in NH. To be fair, my brain could be jumbled from info overload.
  7. We live in such stupid times. Someone had to bend a knee to King Trump. NOAA throwing NWS offices under the bus...
  8. Yep...what an #######, the 2006 NFL Man of the Year is. All that Katrina work he did coupled with all his work he does helping kids with cancer. Then there's this: Effing jerk. Boooooooooo.
  9. Hey! I just remembered your insane thread about a decade+ ago about your awful, psycho cow of an ex and the crap she put you through with your daughter/kids. I found that thread, but its archived so, sorry I couldn't bump it there in the FFA. I remember wishing in that thread we could see what happened 10 years from then. Did she ever get hers for her awfulness? Did it work out ok with the kids? ETA: Sorry for the off-topic, but we were all pulling for you as I remember.
  10. Twitter says he’s at the Colts home game on the sideline, chatting away like nothing is up. “A surreal scene.”
  11. Just not fair. I’m so sorry. God bless your family.
  12. I don't understand why Nikki Haley is getting dunked on here. At least she actually said something while the other spineless folks sit on their hands. Oh, and she gave the rolleyes too. YOU DIDN'T INCLUDE THE ROLLEYES IN HER TWEET.
  13. I have it on good authority that Uruguay is all in on Tim Ryan while there's concern that Lesotho is actively rooting for Warren. Scary times.