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  1. Esteemed journalism school’s student paper apologizes for doing...journalism. The editorial reads like an Onion article as well as treating ‘marginalized’ groups like little children.
  2. If it were only that simple. What has two thumbs and traded for the SOB earlier this week to avoid bye week hell?
  3. Latest....who among us hasn’t done something stupid to impress a girl? Suspend him for the first defensive play. ************ Bruce Feldman @BruceFeldmanCFB · 1h SOURCES: #OhioState star DL Chase Young borrowed money from a family friend to fly his girlfriend to California to attend the Rose Bowl. Young paid that money back in April> I'll have more on the situation on #BigNoonKickoff on FOX later this morning:
  4. Now THIS is a scary poll at a year out from the election. The battleground states. One poll, but good God, nominate someone to get this guy out of there, please.
  5. I hate how everything is extreme now in regards to political beliefs. The Discourse demands that if you are even slightly against something, you have to be vehemently against it and demonize "the other" in all ways possible in the strongest possible terms. The pendulum for the past 20 years is swinging soooo violently and its only getting worse. The blowback from the Trump years is going to be hella-fierce. That said...its hard not to argue what this very persuasive graph shows: There certainly needs to be a correction on upper rates.
  6. Was this Legal advice? Leave no trace on the innernets?
  7. Well if Labour does that, they'll be letting him off the hook. Sounds like the DUP is against the deal.
  8. Safe, legal, and rare seems like a long ago, magical time. Not even a teensy scrap thrown to pro-life Dems anymore. Lolzzz.
  9. Well if Jack Mirkinson disapproves, Pete better drop out now.
  10. Did Tulsi say she opposes 3rd trimester abortion?!? Holy crap, not being lockstep on that is going to have her run out on a rail. No compromises in that wing nowadays.
  11. @Willie Neslon @Doctor Detroit @wraith5 @Stu Pitt @redman
  12. I'm guessing he means because he and the Lakers were in China last week?
  13. His tweet after that was far more pathetic: The protestors had a tough week too....poor guy.
  14. Lolz...just quit digging. Protestors getting shot in the face had a "difficult week" too, coward-guy.
  15. So is Beto secretly some sort of right-wing plant? First the "Eff yeah we're gonna take your AR, bro" sound bite (which as a policy I'm sympathetic too, the phasing out of new AR buys....but God that phrasing is terrible). Last night he bluntly talks about revoking tax-exempt status of any church who doesn't agree to gay marriage. Basically giving flight to slippery-slope arguments of the past: a policy of gay-marriage his own president was against about a decade ago. I'm glad he's <5% for the nomination. Keep him the heck away from any VP talk too please. He's an anchor to any candidate in places that matter to winning presidency.
  16. The flag hug at the end! It has to be trolling. Right? Right!?!
  17. Our forefathers won WWII and defeated Communism so that you don't have to run anymore. Quit dishonoring them.
  18. Man, there sure are some silly-### arguments about ND not being relevant anymore. More importantly, what the hell happened to @Doctor Detroit?? He’d be all over (drunkenly!) tearing into these hot takes.
  19. FWIW, Pope Francis has spoken much more acceptingly of things are wont to due in the Church, things evolve/change very slowly.
  20. I thought I saw Biden down in both Iowa and NH, right? I thought Warren was up in Iowa (and given her crowds, I could easily see her taking Iowa) and Bernie in NH. To be fair, my brain could be jumbled from info overload.