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  1. where are you from. It's hot/humid as well...but how well you handle it depends on what you're used to. On the plus side, there won't be any crowds and shouldn't have a problem getting reservations anywhere. Also, August is prime hurricane month. Can't predict anything, but just know there's a little bit of a risk.
  2. Finished it. Satisfying ending as expected. Just a phenomenal overall show. Truly amazing how they really made me feel for these animated characters.
  3. Was thinking of just betting every dog this weekend. No way they can actually know how all this will play out
  4. 3 x on live chat and still nothing. They finally told me to call. So annoying. Clearly in the game in this play
  5. they've also been touring pretty non stop for the past 3 market saturated
  6. Heads up - Heritage graded Robinson as DNP for one of my bets. Here's a link to the gamebook if you need to challenge -
  7. Long shot here...anyone get an accurate count on # of commercials? 5D graded u92.5 a loser..saying there were 103. I've got two different links that show two different numbers...albeit both under
  8. sign up for touringplans site. something like $15 for the year. their info and app is increadible. you'll eat it up
  9. free money at BOL and sportsbetting. type: 999995 into the rotation # field. SB 54 winner to score in regular season opener. $25 max at each place.
  10. anthem over 110.5 at MB and 115.5 at 5D if you want to middle