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  1. Initial reaction given a "gun to the head" what would I do would be to cancel all fall sports except for football and whatever women's sport costs the least. Keep TV contracts and reduce/eliminate attendance. Rinse/repeat as necessary for spring following fall.
  2. Is that just conjecture? Pretty sure people like watching football on Tuesday and Wednesday nights....those TV contracts aren't worthless
  3. Yeah, even the power 5 playing with nobody in the stands still brings in significant TV revenue
  4. Obviously I could be wrong here, but why would the Ivy league dictate anything? The pressure to play is way greater in the Power 5 schools.
  5. I'm gonna give the body by science thing a shot. Bought the book last week and have been reading it. Went to my gym over the weekend and did a toned down walkthrough of it and will start this week. We'll see
  6. For what it's worth, we've had 3 weeks of summer camp now with no masks and no social distancing. The only instance was one of the counselors (college age) went out to a bar when it opened up and got COVID, so they shut her class down for two weeks. None of the kids got it. We've also been playing baseball for about a month with similar rules that you stated and we haven't had any issues.
  7. In spite of Corona, still straight killing it. Projections vs. last year: # of steps - 31.54% increase # of days over 10k steps - 215% increase # of days over 12k steps - 403% increase # of days over 15k steps - 266% increase I'm also down to my lowest weight I've ever recorded (going back to high school - I'm 41 now). I may have another 5lbs give or take to go.....however my cholesterol keeps going up (Ratio is actually good, but I spiked from last year). I need to cut out red meat (eat a ####load of salads with red meat) as much as possible and get another blood test in a few months. All of my other tests check out just fine. My gym (standard 24 hour anytime fitness) finally opened up, so I need to look up the new protocols. Any advice for just basic old man workout basically to "not fall out of shape"?
  8. yep, that was the single best gambling podcast episode I've every listened to.
  9. He loses popular vote without a doubt. Getting +240 was too good to pass up. But what do I know, I lost boatloads on Hilary
  10. The age of the death the the unlikeliness in this example. It's a clear outlier...just curious as to the details. Not the same thing as calling the OP a liar.
  11. Nobody has once said he was lying. Follow up questions were asked due to the statistical probability of the statement. And I still don't think we've seen any follow up answers.