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  1. to be fair, it only took them 3 minutes. They literally can't be anywhere at all times. You can see one of the cast members calling for security int he background right away. Also, i'm surprised those security guards actually de-escalated the situation. They didn't look like they could stop anything.
  2. Are you talking backdoor Roth, or Mega Backdoor Roth? Backdoor Roth = transferring after tax money from a traditional IRA to a Roth. Note if there was any pre-tax money in the traditional IRA, you need to pay taxes on that prior to transfer Mega Backdoor = transferring after tax contributions into a 401k via an "in-service" transfer if allowed by your 401k plan through your employer. The only taxes that would be paid here is if there are any gains on the after tax contributions that you make. If you call for the transfer the day after they are deposited, the gains (if any) should be nominal. You should be doing the Backdoor first and then the mega backdoor after if you're eligible.
  3. Man...I thought this was super cool and really underrated.
  4. Dumb question: so what happens if we win this? Better seeding for the CONCACAF qualifying tourney for WC?
  5. what would be HHH's angle here? He only wants to run NXT?
  6. music related: reading liner notes on CDs going to a midnight release (or first thing after school) for an album drop waiting in line for tickets having to wait for songs to come on the radio/MTV
  7. I haven't watched wrestling in a long time...just following this thread along. this is a solid gimmick
  8. I've said it multiple times, but I strongly believe mvelopes is the best personal finance cloud based software out there. The basic service for $4/month is all you need.