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  1. "booze for money scheme"
  2. Apparantly Freeze was super cocky with the NCAA when they had their first investigation. According to some ole miss beat writer i heard on the radio, the NCAA brass thinks Freeze is a huge fraud playing up his jesus stuff all over social media then doing stuff like this.
  3. Been using mvelopes.com for years now. Its excellent.
  4. I transferred bitcoin from blockchain to coinbase on monday and it's still showing as pending. Anyone else ran into problems lately?
  5. So in that case, "self control" is the only thing that works. ETA: As I read it again, it sounds like I'm trying to come off as a jerk....totally not the intention. What I meant was, anyone can make excuses that "it doesn't work" about anything (diet, excercise, etc)....but at the end of the day, the thing that doesn't work is the person.
  6. that's what we did
  7. interesting. Care to expound?
  8. Maybe something that I should have also added to my short list of "to dos" (and probably the first) is to determine what the right thing for me to do tax wise with respect to the property...especially b/c I don't need the money in the short term.