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  1. It's pretty well documented that Miles runs the offense. He and Fischer didn't get along b/c Fischer was the only OC with the balls that challenged him. I'm not saying that Cameron is a genius...but I'm pretty sure that if Cameron was given free reign, we would've had better results.
  2. No...not the case at all. Miles got fired b/c he can't adjust his stubborn offensive philosophy. He was handcuffing Cameron. But they're buddies. Wa La. Both gone
  3. B/w all of the "baggage" candidates (Kiffin, Briles, Petrino) and "normal" ones (Chip Kelly, Herman, etc)....it's gonna be a fun interesting rest of the discussion
  4. This is the obvious risk....going to be interesting for sure
  5. It's as simple as this. Nothing to do with record, recruiting, etc. He just simply can't make adjustments on the field or develop a QB
  6. Sorry, I thought I deleted that...I'll got back an edit.
  7. Tamme first TD tomorrow +1700
  8. thx. hopefully he takes the kneel downs instead of Dak
  9. The record has nothing to do with it.
  10. So you think they should've kept Miles?
  11. they consistently never live up to their potential. The game has passed him by.
  12. how many yards did Zeke have in the 1h? forgot to jot it down after punching the bet
  13. Miles record in the past 4 seasons since embarrassing the program against Bama in the NC game. Middle of the SEC ain't gonna cut it. 2012 LSU 10–3 6–2 T–2nd (Western) L Chick-fil-A 12 13 2013 LSU 10–3 5–3 3rd (Western) W Outback 14 14 2014 LSU 8–5 4–4 T–4th (Western) L Music City 2015 LSU 9–3 5–3 T–3rd (Western) W Texas 17 16