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  1. Really liked this recipe...very simple and tasty. Heads up for those who might use it in the future...if you like a thicker sauce, either allow a good hour or so to simmer or go without the water. I was a little rushed, and I ended up having to drain some of the water out b/c it was a little too thin. Next time I do it, I'm going to make the sauce way ahead of time and simmer super low and slow.
  2. Any recommendations for those who don’t have a stone and just want to cook pizza in the oven once or twice a year so don’t want to spend the money on a really good one?
  3. ####'s getting hot....should be a fun 2nd half of the season
  4. So I have a ton of the large dry chilis left. Any recommendations on what else to use them for (besides another batch of chili of course)
  5. what's the deal with walking around and eating/drinking? How do they police this with masks?
  6. I'll take a stab at Brees first TD +4436 (bookmaker) and Tre'Quan +1400 (BOL - they still have Thomas lined)
  7. First I've heard of this....not doubting your sources....just thought I would've heard something. Any links at all (even speculation)?
  8. Thanks...will do some more research on the logistic regression...otherwise, the bucket solution is a great alternative!