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  1. If anyone is going to Jazz Fest today, check out Motel Radio at 11:20 on Gentilly stage. Solid little indie rock/americana band
  2. I know I'm stating the obvious here, but I've probably read/heard about multiple theories on how it's all going to end...and there's so much validity to so many of them. Just speaks miles for how amazing this show has been. I literally can see it going so many different ways.
  3. When Gendry first appeared last week watching Arya shoot the arrows, I swore I was Jaqen (was dark and he was in the threshold just watching)
  4. I've always thought this was a huge opportunity for WWE. People love rankings and wins/losses. It's logical, it makes can enhance the experience with this and still meet all of your agendas.
  5. Found this re: AEW as well The heart of the matter Chris Van Vliet probed Tony Khan regarding the ongoing comparisons that most in the professional wrestling community are making, between AEW and the way WCW was back in its prime. Khan alluded that he doesn't want to compare AEW to any other promotions, and instead, intends to have AEW carve its own niche in the wrestling world. Furthermore, Khan explained that the 5-year plan for the company is to make AEW a recognized brand. He added that in AEW, wins and losses will hold a ton of significance, and will matter in the wrestlers' standing in the company as well as in their pursuit of championships. Moreover, Khan insinuated that the AEW performers won't necessarily be on the road 5-6 days every week, and will work a lighter schedule, helping them keep a healthy balance between work and life. Khan also spoke about potential TV deals for AEW, stating -- "It's not just about getting a TV deal put together. I think offering the kind of PPV shows that we're offering with Double or Nothing, offering affordable tickets for the fans and making wrestling a family experience." "If and when we do enter the television space, I expect it will be the best wrestling television show that you'll see." (*H/T Sportskeeda for the transcription) What's next? AEW's first event "Double or Nothing" is all set to take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 25th, 2019.
  6. A bit of a ramble here.... Been a huge jerico fan since his heel turn in WCW....inside and outside of the ring, just seems like a genuine dood and very intelligent. I love that his involvement in AEW has to be swaying a lot of these moves. I don't doubt for a minute that Vince equates stock success with general success...when he went public, he took on a whole new set of challenges. WWE going public is such a monumental milestone in the business that it's impact is probably understated. WWE stock has been nothing short of phenomenal....but that has so much more to do than the current product in the ring. Once the stock performance stagnates, or when AEW debuts it will be interesting what types of questions analysts give at quarterly meetings with respect to growth, competition and whatnot. I read through the 2019 Q1 transcripts and there's zero reference to competition at all...very focused on the move to Fox, the Saudi event and other general financials. There was one very pointed question re: talent and WWE's view on strategy with talent: Laura Martin So then my other question is for Vince about talent development. So I mean, one of the potential interpretations of the rating softness could be maybe some of our talent is aging or audiences are getting tired of it and I'm interested, since you've been doing this a long time, Vince, what are the metrics you look at to determine when you need to bring in a new winner, a new superstar to reinvigorate the start of the story lines, and do you feel that a lot of these international people, my recollection is it takes like 5 years to bring in somebody from the beginning to where they can really be at the top of the ledger, of the main roster. But can you remind us also how long it takes to build one of these John Cena, Roman Reigns, kinds of characters? Vincent McMahon I'll let Paul Levesque handle some of that color please. Paul Levesque Sure. So, it's interesting and obviously, there is no exact timing on what it takes and first of all, we don't bring in superstars, we create them. So there is no timing on how long that takes, some it's immediate, some it takes longer. We're constantly bringing in talent. So it's not a matter of how many leave now as we -- Vince mentioned earlier, when we have absences, new talent step in, an example of that would be Kofi Kingston stepping into a role and becoming WWE Champion. As those things happen, those performers rise to another level, when the other performers come back from that absence, they -- now, it's a higher tide. In 2018, we brought up over 15 talent, a lot of them have succeeded. We've already brought up 10 in 2019 through the system, through the talent development system. So it's working very effectively and when you look at the roster of superstars, 80% of the main roster of Raw and SmackDown right now have come through that system, have come through our talent development system. So the main event players that you see came through that. So it works very well. It's very successful, and as was mentioned earlier too, there is a 35 year track record of generation after generation of creating new superstars that are icons in last generation and we have a very good track record of doing that. So we are very confident in that. To look at all of the past transcripts:
  7. Update. I had to educate my CPA on these...after looking into it, he talked to a few other folks who said it was great...but very few plans allow it. Pulling the trigger this week.
  8. I can't remember exactly...but even if so, she knew what the meeting was about.
  9. JMO, but I don't think she was pregnant. At the end of season 7, Tyrion gave her a look when she declined the wine. She needed to give Tyrion and Jamie a reason to believe that she had something to live for and send the Lannister army to fight the dead. Tyrion even alluded to it in S8E1.
  10. I binged the whole thing over the past few months and didn't realize those kids were Howland's.