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  1. Been reading alot on REITs over the past months. Dipping my toes into a few plays for medium/long term hold. Nothing significant, just want to have some skin in the game and test my comprehension for this stuff. Spirit Realty (Retail based, mostly service retail) AMT (Cell Tower REIT play) - link is a very long read about Cell Towers
  2. Stock rose 7.5% yesterday...large window might be gone
  3. tutor pool? I'm still in also....58 left. Lots of home dogs this week. Gonna be a blood bath.
  4. No idea what to do for Surivor this week.
  5. When you say resorts, you mean the hotels...right? Not the parks
  6. yeah, pretty strange stuff
  7. think they've been showing a bunch of rereuns
  8. 20 shares purchased at opening this AM for $55.70 each
  9. Yeah it's easy to miss stuff on there. I haven't seen any videos personally. Last I heard about Campos (and this is from a buddy, but that thread alluded to it as well) that he was actually working private security for some outfit similar to Blackwater and was at MB b/c there was some other General there. I hesitated to even post that, b/c it sounds very conspiracy theorish...and it very well might be....but not too much going on in this thread lately.
  10. The conspiracy thread on 4chan/pol is a fun read http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/145521224
  11. is this new info, or the same in the long ### equifax thread?
  12. bout to hit up all the taco bell overs