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  1. looking for a 4 burner blackstone grill and some 23" ish (give or take) computer monitors
  2. very interesting. does opening all these accounts take a hit on your credit score?
  3. Makes the LSU student section chant of "Suck that Tiger Dick, #####" tame
  4. @Joe Bryant Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to pull this a bunch going on with soccer for the kids, lsu game and getting a few things done...and gotta go to the saints game tomorrow. Enjoy this great city and have a blast at the wedding!
  5. I'm up to 4 TCL Roku TVs in my house now and I absolutely love them. I have 55" that I've kept outside (uncovered) for over 2 years now and zero issues. The price points are ridiculous on them. 55" for $279, 75" for $999.
  6. @Joe Bryant if you're a hazy IPA fan, you need to find a Ghost In The Machine. You're finer beer establishments will have them on tap. Any local grocer should carry it as well. Avenue Pub is the best place to get the widest variety of local drafts in the city.
  7. yeah...been all over the news..heard it was really bad
  8. Sounds fun.....I will know whether or not it's a possibility later tonight. Thx