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  1. damn...that's horrible
  2. I can totally see Gavin "finding himself" and coming back to be an even bigger #####. I mean they announced TJ Miller leaving...they didn't announce anything about the actor playing Gavin leaving...right?
  3. 69 days til the NFL HOF Game 92 days til CFB kickoff
  4. Not to put words in your mouth, but do you mean "there has been very little action (i.e. violence, etc) this season." They have progressed multiple storylines very deeply...in no order: Phillip/Elizabeth's care for each other...fueled by the assignment in Topeka Paige spying on Pastor Tim and the fallout with the photos she took Phillip/Elizabeth letting Henry go to the boarding school - sounds minor, but if this isn't the writers pounding us over the head with them embracing the US culture/lifestyle, I don't know what is? Mischa not being able to visit his Phillip Toying with the idea of giving it all up and going back to Russia Phillip/Elizabeth's genuine dilemma of what to do with the kids vs. going back to Russia Phillip/Elizabeth's asking of Pastor Tim's opinion on the impact of them going back to Russia.....I may be naive, but I think they were genuine in the ask here. Sure, they could've just been playing the part, but clearly what they saw in those photos that Paige took impacted them.
  5. Bitcoin trading at $4500 in South Korea. https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-price-4500-in-south-korea-as-uptake-race-continues
  6. With seemingly increased support from major US banks supporting ETH, is it logical to think that bitcoin will still flourish b/c people just don't want to be tracked?
  7. Another solid episode IMO
  8. Couldn't find a -130 FWIW. Best was -140. I still pounded it
  9. Thinking of cashing in what i had in there right when it started surging and riding the wave with HOUSE MONEY!!11111111jjuan
  10. I'll take a stab at it. In