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  1. Since 2012, games involving SEC neutral site overs (including bowl games) have hit at a 57.14% clip. Filtering further, games lined 52 (sample size of 30) and below have hit at a 73% clip. Out of the 4 SEC neutral site games this week, there's only 1 lined less than 52. LSU vs. Wisconsin (GB) for .33u
  2. Plays for .33u each thurs - USC/Vandy o41.5 fri - KS/Stan o48
  3. start ASAP for coinbase. Go through all teh verification methods to get limits increased
  4. I'm sure the kids love it
  5. They might not have a QB to beat Bama, but I think he'll be fine against Wisconsin
  6. Super homer alert here, but I think LSU stomps all over Wisconsin. 18 returning starters, they have Wisconsin's DC now. Wisconsin out their top 4 leading tacklers from last year (draft and injury)
  7. not sure if fishing or not, but feel free to name some that are better
  8. Not debating that at all, just throwing out what he had said.
  9. Didn't HF say he'd be checking out of the thread for awhile?
  10. Athens is the best college town i've ever been to. Enjoy
  11. will be at lambeau in a few days :beer:
  12. We'll never find out, he's already in jail
  13. 2 day spud binge before some blood tests on wednesday
  14. rest up for the next 3 days boys