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  1. Need a winner to get me out of the envelope
  2. It was so nice to fall asleep in my chair last night, then wake up in the middle of my night, check my phone to realize SF over didn't hit Must be FB season
  3. Shady - my sincere condolences. Thoughts are with you and your family.
  4. Action tease: Cal/Hawaii o60.5 GB/SFo38.5
  5. These two play each other tonight
  6. looks like you can play 10 teams at once on these. It let me play today and tomorrow
  7. SF TT over points today too
  8. Found it https://www.betonline.ag/landingpages/betset/payday/?https://www.betonline.ag/landingpages/betset/
  9. their chat is messed up for me. Did you uncover any additional detail?
  10. up to 66 now. totally should have pulled the trigger last night
  11. props up at RB for tonight
  12. 10/02 - Jax vs. IND in London. Bet against them on 9/25 10/23 - Rams s. Giants. Bet against them on 10/16 10/30 - CIN vs. WAS. Bet against them on 10/23
  13. 11/07 - Bills @ Seahawks 11/13 - Seahawks @ Pats 12/04 - Panthers @ Seahawks