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  1. I have Hulu live and it works well with multiple TVs and devises at one time. How many can you use with YoutubeTV?
  3. If you listened to the Monster Podcast about the Atl child murders they really nailed it.
  4. We are in an inverted yield curve (short term rates are higher than long term rates), which last happened around 2003. Very unique and many times see this happen before a recession.
  5. ECX Amp which is ready to run around $140 and you can find in a hobby store. We have a few and my kids were around 10 at the time. They even have a version that you can semi make yourself which I did with my older son. Which was fun to do together.
  6. I have been using Hulu live since March with Fios (150/150) and an Orbi (25ish electronic devises) and have had little problems.
  7. Fios 150/150. Not a tech geek, but know enough to be dangerous. 3 floor house a around 3,5000 sq ft. Currently using Orbi after we cut the cord. 25 electronic devices and works well and randomly reset. When family complains. Able to do some control of my kids internet usage websites is an added benefit through built in Circle app. Originally had a new router with several Netgear extenders and did not work great. Went to Best Buy and they described the value of the Orbi and not losing the speed with each extenders. They were right.
  8. I would drop cereal completely, all is garbage even the “healthy” version. Switch to eggs. It takes 3 minutes to cook two add some salt and pepper or siracha. Or buy a hard boiled egg maker (cost like 10 bucks at a Target/Amazon) and make 6 one night and no work in the AM for 3 days. Full of protein so you will not get hungry. I used to eat frosted mini wheats and was hungry in 2 hours. Find alternative to sugar drinks even orange juice is bad.
  9. For any baseball fans does not support LG smart TVs this year. Alternative is buy some type of Firestick for that TV.
  10. Fios just offered to sort of keep my plan about the same as the discounted package I initially signed up for (it was about $10 more per month).
  11. I opened Prime yesterday and saw some type of $10 deal for HBO. Not sure what it was, but may want to check it out.
  12. Verizon Fios contract ending in 2 weeks, so tried Hulu live for a week. We have a bunch of TVs (not all being used at one time) w 4 Kids and cell phones. Already paying for Netflix and Prime. Have fire sticks and a few smart TVs, so I think I have the logistics in good shape. I called Verizon and they said my internet only will be about $80 w/ router and taxes. Fios offers teaser rate of like $40 for internet only. I did a google search and I know Xfinity is around a similar price. Where else are you getting internet cheaper? I live in Suburban Philly, so I assume other alternatives work. If that is the alternative then we save $40 per month, so cannot complain they much.
  13. I did Contemporary 3 times with my 4 kids and was a great experience. When they are younger less time traveling and flexibility matters most so IMO you get more “value” for your money. One year we had access to the Atrium. If it is the same thing we had it is a special area that you have access anytime that you can grab drinks, food/appetizers/desserts. It has a great view of fireworks where they pump in the sound while watching from the balcony. We would stop in before dinner and have a cocktail. It was really a next level experience.