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  1. Isn’t this just stealing Silicon Valley’s office set up in corporate america? My firm has already configured its headquarters this way and the 2nd office is about to be reconfigured by Feb 2018. I run a smaller satalite office that is a “traditional” office but I would expect that will change at some point.
  2. Yes
  3. Doesn’t Bed Bath and Beyond allow you to return anything at any time/replace for credit or newer model?
  4. Take a left from entrance at MK and walk for 5 minutes.
  5. Perine if Fat Rob is out next week.
  6. Tough to have a high YPC running from the 1 yard line.
  7. Libor is gowing away in a few years, so make sure you know what the loan will be linked to.
  8. Anyone have a Firestick stop working? I have replace batteries in the remote but it will not turn on? I even tried it at multiple TVs.
  9. If you want to have kids and are both 35 ish it is statistically and physically easier to do it very soon, so your life style will have to change either way. I am about 40 with 4 kids between 6-13 and have no idea how I would handle a 2 year old now.
  10. Rapaport suggesting Bengals may not play him via his Twitter account.
  11. 12 team PPR keep 3 based on previous assigned round. Big Ben, L Bell, D Murray, A Brown (kept) Dez, Crabtree, Gates, Fat Kicker, Seahawks Bench: AGreen, ADP, Blount, Powell, Gillese, Palmer (Kept) Chiefs Traded 1st rounder in 2017 for AGreen before he got hurt.
  12. MRI revealed no structural damage.
  13. I have had some experience with building as we previously built a custom home and went through the building process less than 10 years ago. Sold that house (at a loss, so take my advice with a grain of salt). In Pa, a few years ago I started the process to build with Toll. Put a small deposit for land (that is refundable), however you are required to make your choices of elevations and packages quickly. Toll requires that those options be paid in advance (removes risk to builder). They were unwilling to negotiate on any upgrades. If you fail to close for whatever reason any money you put in is lost. We decided to walk. They are currently building about 80 homes near our new house and they build them very very fast. IMO excellent marketers and models look very nice on outside and decorated perfectly. Keep in mind when you see the list of options it adds up really fast. For example when we're were going through process adding a 3rd garage $25k or raising the height of basement ceiling $10k.
  14. Quick question, is it possible to use the mobile Ap to do a slow draft and a traditional draft at the same time? Essentially, can you switch back and forth between drafts. I am starting a slow draft next week and i imagine it will not be done until my other draft starts on Labor Day.
  15. I doubt we will see Elizabeth anytime soon...