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  1. I have a Disney Visa card and have accumulated just over $500 that I am planning to turn into the Disney’s gift card. My family is not planning on going to Disney again for several years. Anyone know the best way to sell that card? I know EBay or even Amazon has a conversation alternative is any option, but curious if anyone knows any special Disney sites etc that would be a better place? *I miss going to Disney and love reading everyone’s posts and getting some nostalgia from everyone going now.
  2. Sepinwall said that they had to do that scene in one take since it took place on the train.
  3. The whole U2 scene honestly was just incredibly emotional. When Paige ended up on the platform I shed a tear. Liz and Phil really can act with out saying anything you feel their emotion.
  4. My wife buys gummy versions of this and I have taken them a few times and it helps.
  5. I eventually sent them to get graded.
  6. Back when I had some disposable income 15ish years ago I ended up buying a fake Jordon and a doctored Nolan Ryan rookie on EBay. Learned my lesson.
  7. Isn’t this just stealing Silicon Valley’s office set up in corporate america? My firm has already configured its headquarters this way and the 2nd office is about to be reconfigured by Feb 2018. I run a smaller satalite office that is a “traditional” office but I would expect that will change at some point.
  8. Yes
  9. Doesn’t Bed Bath and Beyond allow you to return anything at any time/replace for credit or newer model?
  10. Take a left from entrance at MK and walk for 5 minutes.
  11. Perine if Fat Rob is out next week.
  12. Tough to have a high YPC running from the 1 yard line.
  13. Libor is gowing away in a few years, so make sure you know what the loan will be linked to.
  14. Anyone have a Firestick stop working? I have replace batteries in the remote but it will not turn on? I even tried it at multiple TVs.
  15. Rapaport suggesting Bengals may not play him via his Twitter account.