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  1. I have been looking at that tv but have been reading about it on rting site. Interestingly the 90T and 80T are the exact same price 75 inch right now on Best Buy. I just pulled the trigger on the 90T.
  2. ESPN article about market/economy/auction/industry.
  3. I made these tonight and they were fantastic. Crunchy/moist and the sauce was really good. Definitely doing them again.
  4. Nice, that sounds like a great deal.
  5. I bought a few items from the first auction and met with husband and wife who are handling the auction. Nice people, they own a small card store in the middle of Lancaster, these auctions are going to make their year and next few years. They said the next auction is week of 26th and will have even more autographed cards.
  6. I know I am a little late to this but watching ZeroZeroZero on Prime, so far really good (through 3 episodes). Tells the story of a Cocaine shipment from all sides (producers, distribution, buyers) and all the intrigue in between. Be ready to read some subtitles.
  7. Just watched it this week, really funny. 30 minute episodes are easy to binge in a week.
  8. Hulu raised prices 6 months ago and we had the exact same conversation about moving to YouTubeTV. This will be a constant leapfrog game as things change over the years. Nothing ever goes down in price. I think you just have to find the content you like and just stick with it. Personally I think HuluLive has excellent content. The addition of FX shows have been a great addition. I suspect since Disney is involved they have a plan and it is hard to not trust how Disney thinks.
  9. Yes, I replaced Nighthawk with my Orbi. Big difference in my house.
  10. Article about Minneapolis vote to disband Police Department. Described Camden (which it appears mostly done to reduce expenditures.
  11. I have Verizon and an Orbi System. Formerly use Fios w their router and now just pay for internet with 30+ devices (family of 6). During quarantine my kids all worked all day and I have worked from home and no issues.