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  1. Anyone have a Firestick stop working? I have replace batteries in the remote but it will not turn on? I even tried it at multiple TVs.
  2. Rapaport suggesting Bengals may not play him via his Twitter account.
  3. Quick question, is it possible to use the mobile Ap to do a slow draft and a traditional draft at the same time? Essentially, can you switch back and forth between drafts. I am starting a slow draft next week and i imagine it will not be done until my other draft starts on Labor Day.
  4. I doubt we will see Elizabeth anytime soon...
  5. Bring lollipops or something he can suck on for the flight to help with his ears.
  6. Yes the Tap is portable, but rather than always listening like Echo you need to tap it for it to activate Alexa. Plus the battery last 9 hour. Needs to be connected to wifi to work with Alexa.
  7. At the end the Dre's mother was sitting outside of the house (on a folding chair guarding the house) and she wrote on the garage "Black Owned", so they elluded to the looting.
  8. So no Lewis "in a Lewis game", but still facing a tough def. 17 carries 65 yd 1 catch 6 Yds .5 Tds.
  9. The last few games both have value. Only watched 4th quarter and part of overtime, but Crowell had some pretty strong runs and a nice catch and run for a TD.
  10. Make sure you order the drink in the pineapple too. Kona dessert is great too.
  11. Buy one on Amazon and ship umbrella to the hotel. Then give to another family.
  12. It is certainly a preference and a cost analysis to determine what you value most. When we were booking (since I have a larger family) the total cost was a few thousand more dollars more to stay at Contemporary large room multiple bed room/bathroom vs Art of Animation. We are glad we did it. As a side note, we visited Polynesian and Wilderness Lodge and both were under major construction and would have been pissed paying a premium to stay at a place that was a work in progress. Either way, have fun.
  13. I would stay on monorail especially with small children if you can afford it. Watching people struggle with strollers on and off and the time it takes to travel to and from parks is worth the extra money. I have 4 kids 11 and under and have stayed Contemporary 3 times and being able to walk for 5 minutes going to park or leaving after fireworks is just so nice. The lines of traffic getting on buses or the monorail are usually crazy. I usually go during food and wine at end Sept/early October. IMO that is the best time to go. You get smaller park crowd, Food and wine at Epcot and free meal plan or 30% off. I would also recommend the Disney Visa card. You can earn points toward your trip, get special privileges, 6 month interest free etc for the trip. Once my kids get older I am sure we will go off site or farther out. For now my feeling is my time is more valuable. FYI if you go a little bigger get the concierge room. Special floor with Food and drinks (including alcohol starting at 5 until 11) all day and watch the fireworks from the balcony. We would have our breakfast in the morning, grab some drinks and head off to the parks. Even when the nights when the park closed early for the Not So Scary party we just hung out and watched and listened (they pump in the music).
  14. Typically if you book in Oct and stay in the park you will get a free meal plan or up to a 30% discount depending on what park you stay in. I would recommend staying on the monorail. IMO it adds to the Disney experience vs driving in.
  15. Why not look used, I am sure you can find a few off lease.
  16. We have 4 and a Enclave and it has worked out great. Our oldest is 10 and youngest is 3. It is large enough that we can travel to the beach as long as we put a hard top on the roof. We have the 7 person version, which has 2 captain chairs and a walk though which is a necessity if you have car seats. The back is big enough to fit 2 large suit cases and any regular trips to Costco.
  17. Did you or your wife have any formal teaching training. Degree?
  18. It was really enjoyable for my 3 and 5 year old girls.
  19. Got back a few weeks ago from the Contemporary with my family of 6. We beta tested the Magic Bands and had a positive experience with them. (They did provide us with keys too), we never brought them all week. We had all fast passes set when we showed up, but the 2nd to last day we decided to turn our day at MK to AK. We changed all fastpasses the night before using the MyDisneyExperience ap on our phone. Worked great. We did not wait on a line longer than 15 minutes the whole week, so we utilized them very efficiently. The best night was at MK around 9:30ish and we made it through everything at Fantasyland while the fireworks were going and we did everything in 30 minutes. We also had great views without the big crowds. Even better we could just walk (5 minutes) to the hotel and not have to worry about the Monorail crowds. Meals were fantastic: lead off with O'hana (for the first time ever), the Wave, Coral Reef, San Angel (Mexico) and Narcoosee to end the week. We did two character breakfast too. Askurus (Norway) and Chef Mickey's both were very good. The Contempo cafe in the Contempory is by far the best quick service meals that I saw all week. Kids liked the Gaston's Frou and used snack credits for them. Overall, best vacation we have ever had and we did not want to come home. If anyone has any questions about the Magic Bands, I will be happy to chime in. FYI, if you are staying on the Monorail (between resorts) they have been working on the lines during the day, so you may have to use buses until about 6.
  20. We are going on Oct 6th for a week and that happens to be a week with no free dinning plan. I called today to purchase the plan and they said I can get a 30% discount on our rooms. Since we are staying in the Contemporary that discount is as much as the plus dinning plan!