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  1. On the main My Disney Experience Page it is listed on the right hand side in light blue under "Here's Where to Start". My wife made it sound like she could not do much until we paid. After doing all the reservations for FastPass+ yesterday, we just got an email asking if we would be Beta Testers for the MagicBands. I just customized them (ie changing the colors for each family member) and apparently they should be sent to our house soon.
  2. Less than a month away from our 2nd family trip to Disney. We just noticed today that we can schedule our FastPass plus on our MyDisneyExperience page. We have been using it to make reservations for dinner (including our first O'Hana dinner on the first night!), but the FastPass plus access is pretty great. With a family of 6 with our youngest being 3, this makes things so much easier so I do not need to dash off to the Toy Story Mania on the the day we go to Hollywood Studios, now we can make it just a little more relaxing (as much as a Disney trip can be relaxing). When you go on the page you pick the day you want to choose up to 3 fast passes and it gives you 4 choices based on different times throughout the day. For example, we know we will be at the Magic Kingdom on our first day after we land, so we picked a mid-late afternoon customized fast pass for our 3 choices. You also have the flexibility to change them individually too, if you felt you wanted to move one earlier or later. Does anyone know if this means my family will get Magic Bands or does this run through our ticket?
  3. Does anyone know of a site that lists the expected or just released free dinning plan dates? My family and I are going from October 6th-12th and that essentially is the only time during the month that is not free.
  4. Movie?
  5. What is the latest you guys booked a trip? We would love to go with a family of 6 in mid October. Has anyone done that late with
  6. Has anyone got a loan through Toll Brothers mortgage company? Good/bad experiences? Any benefit when building?
  7. It sounded like both kids from Bob's Burgers were on tonight.
  8. Who did that? The lead hippy guy.
  9. Disney says that a regular room at an All Star can accomodate 4 adults + 1 child under 3 in a crib. They aren't jacking the prices cause you have a 3 year old -- the increase in price is because they are moving you up to a suite. To be truthful regular rooms at the All Stars are pretty small. A family of 5 would not be comfortable sharing one.Note: the prices you are quoting seem to be rack rates. Disney almost always is offering some sort of package deals. Also look into booking via a travel agent or AAA -- you might save some cash. Interesting. We have a three year old who still sleeps in a crib when we travel so I think we can manage in a 4+ crib setting. Where does it say that Disney will accept 4+ a toddler in an All Star Room? Can you direct me to a page or is it just understood to be true?Also, thanks for the other tips regarding packeages. Havent been able to find any yet but will keep on looking! Disney doesn't explicitly say it on their website but you can confirm it but specifying you have 4 adults + 1 child (age 1 or 2) and then press the "Check Availability" button. It will you show you the standard, preferred and family suite rooms as available. If you change the age of the child to 3 or above it will only show the family suite as available.Sites like Mousesavers and will confirm this info. One way to save cash is to book two standard adjoining rooms -- it will be cheaper than the Family Suite rate. As for packages Disney is almost always offering some promotion -- it can be free dining or "X" number of days free, etc. AAA usually has package deals too as do travel agencies. There are a bunch of agencies online that specialize in Disney World trips. Did this in fall of 2011 at Pop Century. Worked great. Having ability to put kids in next room and close door is a wonderful thing!! We also used extra space to invite grandparents to come along for part of the trip. Kids had lots of fun with grandma and grandpa at WDW.You also might want to check the new resort, The Art of Animation. It is across the lake from Pop Century and has spaces for 5. We are a family of 6 and we are looking into the Art of Animation. If you are ok with staying that far from MK then that is probably the way to go. That said, last time we went our family of 6 stayed at the Contemporary 1 room, 2 beds and a pull out (my 4th was just under 2 years old). It worked out great, but certainly not cheap. We did have lots of Disney points, so that helped.
  10. I think the guy who got stabbed?No, she is replacing their former contact who was only alluded to, never on camera IIRC. When Phillip confronts her, she tells him that higher ups back in Russia wanted someone that is more hands on, or something to that effect.Thank you. I was trying real hard to figure out who it was but he was never on camera so I feel betterI thought it was the guy who Kerry Russell saw that told her that things are changing.
  11. Not that this helps you, but is it true that Harry Potter World was originally going to be at Animal Kingdom?
  12. We did a regular room at the Contemporary with 4 kids and the youngest being 2 (she did not count at the time). I think we did 2 full or twin bed, so 2 or 3 kids slept on that and they have a couch/bed where one or two slept. We did the MK view and was so nice when we could watch the fireworks from the room at night.
  13. We did it before kids and did the land and sea and really enjoyed it. I prefer doing Disney first and then spending the 3 or 4 days relaxing before the trip home. We will certainly consider the land and sea at some point as the kids get a little older.
  14. I just wrote Daves Vacation Rentals to inquire about renting points so I can stay at the Bay Lake Tower in February. I like the location of this place alot.If you have small kids, this place is the best. We are DVC members at another resort, but stay here while the kids are young.walk right to the MK, no waiting on monorails or bus lines. This is awesome during peak times and right after the fireworks. Not many people realize that you need to fold up strollers on the WDW buses. Being able to walk back to the resort when the kid is asleep in the stroller is a godsend. So no matter where we are, we usually end our day at the MK. Easy access to monorail where you can get to Epcot and then (if you want) take a boat to Diz studios (no need to fold up strollers on either monorail or boats) if you get the theme park view, you can watch the fireworks from the room, they even pipe in the music on a special channel the only down side is no place to grab food inside the resort (except at the pool when open), so you need to hike over to contemp to grab grub. Not a huge deal, but more of an annoyance. otherwise, one of the best 'convenience' resorts there is. We stayed at the Contemporary (MK park view) last October with our 4 kids in 1 room (the youngest was just under 2, so we were allowed 1 room). Had a blast and loved the convenience. We started looking for our 2nd trip. Disney recently opened large value themed resorts farther away but bigger rooms that are themed with Nemo, Cars and Lion King. Has anyone stayed at them and how did the trip go given the distance. Ultimately, we may look to to Towers, but wanted to compare. I believe the value is a few thousand cheaper for a weeks stay, so I wanted to at least get some feedback.
  15. I like it too - but I prefer Eliza CoupeNot only smoking hot, but I think she's become my favorite character. I like what they've done with her. She's teetered on becoming a cartoon from time to time, and I wasn't a fan at first. But she's made it work very well. The neurotic, controlling, OCD woman has been done so much in comedy that's nearly impossible to make it seem fresh, but I think she does. Don't know if it's the actress or the writing, but she's great. She played a somewhat similar character in Scrubs. Big fan of this show and not really talked about.
  16. They touched on his tools for baseball. He was an 80 runner, 80 power and plus arm if not 80. He appears to be a good defender and he was starting to get the hit tool before he got hurt as his k/bb dropped that year. Those core tools are once and a generation.
  18. have gone back and forth between him or Ridley vs Houston.
  20. Saw a tweet that said the plan is to get McFadden 20+ touches.
  21. It's a first person game with levels you have to beat. Each skylander has a special power and the higher in the game you go, the more their power's evolve. If you are on a level and your character dies, you can switch to a new Skylander and finish the level. There are also certain areas where you need specific Skylanders to enter. There are some mini-games. My son is 8 and he loves it. He's getting the new portal owner's pack from my daughter for Christmas and getting 3 new Giants from his grandmother.Thank you!
  22. One has actual value, and one doesn't. Says the guy with 15K worth of sealed Lego in his basement. Back on topic, I think that the Hobbit Lego will be huge hit this Christmas as the movie will drive sales.Just after Christmas, look out for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - LEGO. I meant more of a bubble effect, but yeah, you do have a point.As for the collection: That Lego blender is pretty cool!
  23. Schefter saying he suffered a high ankle sprain first play of the game and reagravated it.