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  1. Schefter saying he suffered a high ankle sprain first play of the game and reagravated it.
  2. Was there a couple weeks back and ate dinner at The Wave twice. Food was excellent. And if they can't #### up dinner how bad could the breakfast be?Stayed there with 4 kids last year, ate at the wave a few times and loved it too. Also, really like the quick service place in the hotel as well. It seems like everyday my kids mention something about Disney.
  3. She says that is absolute bull##### and is calling our attorney. She is fed up with banks playing games and wants to go with a credit union instead. We are in the midst of getting estimates to do work on the house and there are timing issues involved so we are bearing the usual stresses associated with that.Should we just roll with this or is Chase rolling us?Going through the same thing right now. I locked in at 3.75% for 30 with a .5%, but I knew that going in as I have a 2nd and I am hoping I can get my appraisal near the program that allows subordinate debt. Your LTV went above the % that they originally offered. Some banks do not offer any programs with higher LTV % programs and some do. In this case, they have a higher % program and at least you have that option. This is not uncommon especially in this market. Appraisers are ultraconservative, the rules for appraisals have changed due to timing of finding comps and location. The rates that are quoted all over the internet are 80% or less LTV. The real world many appraisals will come in above, so as long as you know that going in you should not be surprised. If it still makes sense to do the refinancing than just lock in and take it as a learning experience going forward.
  4. I have had some success just going threw Lending Tree.
  5. I have been working with Huntington as well, would it be possible if you could you PM the name of the person you are dealing with?
  6. Municipal Bond rates are up, so maybe we see a bump in mtg rates.
  7. Perfect casting for her role IMO.Don is a complicated guy, so I am not sure if I know all his reasoning. That is what makes the show great.
  8. The answer is obvious: yes.The real question is why did he answer yes. Why? Because Don likes women when they're servicing him. It's all the other "stuff" that bores him.Then why was he faithful for the entire time he's been married to Megan?My guess is prior to this episode he thought he had a wife that was independent and that challenge him unlike Betty. When she asked and took his help, he no longer sees her that way.
  9. He certainly didn't need a whole weekend to prepare that. What was he writing on that notepad when they showed him working from home? "Yell louder"?Depends on what you mean by prepare. This isn't making a diorama for third grade, where you just grab any idea out of the air and then just need a couple hours and a trip to Michaels. He needed the weekend to study their company, their products, their numbers and decide how he wanted to come at them on short notice. The last thing you want to do is show up with a hastily-thrown-together campaign.Right, he was reading the group and he got their attention. I think he did exactly what he planned. He got the FIL to forget about the Letter and believe he would not throw his company under the bus.
  10. The Wave is really good at the Contemporary. We also enjoyed the new Mexican place across from Mexico at Epcot. Also for kids that age the little boat ride in Mexico is fun for kids. They added some cartoons with Daffy Duck etc. Some of my kids are that age and enjoyed it.
  11. We were at the park in early October. They close the park early for the Not So Scary Halloween and charge an additional fee to do it. We skipped it since twp of our kids were 3 and under.
  12. For those with daughters the Disney Princess Land is currently being built, so it may make some sense to wait a little longer so you can get the full princess experience if you have some flexibility. We were at the park in October and it was in full construction and we are already penciling a return trip in a few years to give the girls the new experience.
  13. We stayed at the Contemporary (Contempo Cafe) with 4 kids 7 and under and would eat breakfast in the room almost every morning. I would just go down grab a few bagels, milks, etc.We also grab meals as well. They make some great food for a quick service menu.
  14. Magic hours, getting to the park early saves a ton of time waiting line. Sitting on a bus traveling all over the place is a little much. You already have to go on the bus to Animal Kindom and Hollywood Studio why add to it.We stayed at the Contemporary for a week in early October. I have 4 kids 7 and under and it just made our life so much easier. We had some rain one day and we were just able to go right back to the hotel rather and come back out again without a major production.
  15. Can you explain a little more how this works? you paid $96 per point one time cost for 40-50 years? Can you sell your stake if after 20 years you are done with Disney? How many points do you have? How many points are typically needed? $96 per point and the minimum points to buy at is 160. That would be $15,360. There is a fee you pay per point yearly depending on the resort you select. You can sell the membership at any time or sell the yearly points like some of the FBG here bought them. However, you are not stuck to disney resorts. You can use the points through RCI to stay outside of disney resorts pretty much anywhere you want. Disney has resorts on beaches and now in Hawaii. I like the beach resorts because you get the same Disney service on a beach and no theme parks. The dates you want to stay, the resort you want to stay at and the type of room (studio, 1 BR, 2 BR, grand villa) will determine how much you need. We go once during the slow time and once during the mid level season and 200 is enough for us. To add to the above information. It is a time share that Disney runs. Here is a site that resells them: The good news is you can buy less than 160 points. Depending on which resort the maturity of the interest goes away.
  16. I use the Touring Plans one for my iPhone. Free app, but req a $10/yr subscription.If you are a verizon customer, Disney has an official app that tells you wait & Fastpass times, plus it uses your GPS to show you were you are in a park and tell you when and where the nearest character's are going to be. Is it for the Verizon IPhone too?
  17. Great thread, I have been lurking for a while and now we are strongly considering a trip for my family of 6 (includes my 4 kids 7, 5, 3 and 1.5) to Disney in starting Wed, October 5th for 7 days. My wife and I were last at the park while right before our oldest was born. We plan on staying at the Contemporary and it appears this would be the only shot at staying there since my youngest is under 2 at the time. My wife and I both vacationed there when we were kids and wow has it changed. We are thinking about not getting any dinning plan as the kids are not huge eaters and we do not want to be tied to any specific places. Does that make any sense or does it save a ton of money if we did? We are talking to a travel agent who is getting us prices. Should we be paying for this separately or get it all packaged? Do we need park hoppers? We have a Disney credit card and have over 1,500 points, so we plan on using to either cover the ticket or for food/stuff. Any other thought prior to purchasing? Thanks.
  18. Good, I was hoping it would start soon.
  19. I locked in a few weeks ago a 30 year at 4.625% with a point, no fees through Sovereign Bank.
  20. Hey guys. Very interesting stuff here. What are your thoughts of taking advantage of the market and buying land in a development? I own a house in Exeter, PA (in between Reading and King of Prussia). We just had our 3rd child and house is starting to get cramped, so my thought was to try to get a deal on land today, so in the future I can build a bigger house. We are not ready to move and certainly can not afford two mortgages considering in my development there are at least 6 houses for sale. Currently in this area most $200k-$250K houses are selling, but anything is not as there are not as many buyers. Outside of the people coming from King of Prussia or NY/NJ. We are looking in a somewhat small development around 20 houses, but most are out of our price range. That said, there are houses for sale in the neighborhood and not getting any sniffs one of them just dropped their price by $100K. Clearly, no one is going to build right now as I assume most people would need to see their house first and that is not really happening. Currently, they have two lots left 1+ acre each and the developer is "asking" for $120k and $170k for each. Given the fact no one is building right now and the higher end houses are not selling I am thinking/hoping to get a lot on the cheap. Obviously, it all depends on how desperate they are to sell, but do you think offering something like $50k for the $170k lot however I was thinking about offering a developer option. My idea is if the developer finds a buyer who is going to build before I sign a contract to build he has the right to buy it back for something like $100k or $120k. That should make it a win/win for both of us (more win for me though). I am sure they will say no but it does not hurt to try right?
  21. I agree he's down a bit in most minds from the Chicago game, but that's only because some people insanely raised expectations after that game. For the most part, dynasty values don't rise and fall after each and every game.Anyone adjusting their Leinart rankings four games into his career is crazy. I think of him today as I did the day he was drafted. Is that really you Dennis Green? By the way I agree with you.