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  1. SSG equals staff Sergeant CAC equals common access card… It’s what we used to get into our government computers ESB Is the Army’s expeditionary signal battalions
  2. The Lancet above article( from 7 May) is a small study in U.K. of the kids who have had c19 and then developed Kawasaki type symptoms. Notice the ethnicity.
  3. 👍 Missed the announcement last night and woke to a message that my daughter will be on a charter flight out of Switzerland, but cannot find any info regarding quarantine...
  4. Looking for quarantine info. For those returning from Europe by Midnight Friday, s it honor code self quarantine or will it be gov’t enforced?
  5. Voted based on exraction of my daughter from Switzerland and expecting instructions of 2 week quarantine at my house.
  6. Virginia Tech is heading that way. Daughter is studying in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland and they are planning for evacuation now. Looks like she is returning stateside and we will be quarantined in our house for 2 weeks. Just waiting for dates and instruction..
  7. Was stationed in Japan from 2012 - 2016. In March 2016, Japan closed the schools for a couple of weeks because of flu. I have no clue what the specific strain was, but it was awful.
  8. Italy update Switzerland update Things just got a whole hell of a lot worse in Italy. My daughter says that cities are being shut down and trains are being rerouted/ completely stopped. My daughter is on no travel to any of Italy. Lugano Switzerland has its first case. They expect more because this past weekend was Carnivale
  9. On Sunday, my daughter was returning to Riva San Vitale, Switzerland from Naples ,Italy and had to make a train change in Milan. She said the train station was as busy as usual (which surprised me) and that there were loudspeaker messages in multiple languages warning of the coronavirus and everybody was wearing face masks ( which is not normal for this area). She commented that she felt like she was living in Japan again...
  10. 01/21/20 - 133/BMI 20.2 (-0.7) YTD total lost ~ -1.3 Goal between 125 - 130 by March 1. HIIT 3x a week and Weights 3 x a week. I’ve noticed that through muscle memory I have been able to quickly re-build muscle/tone. Now I want my clothes to fit comfortably!