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  1. Close but Murray
  2. Hawkins
  3. Sanchez. Eagles will put up points against the weak Dallas secondary, and I think Chip wants to make a statement against the only competition on the division, especially after a loss.
  4. Stafford. As an Eagles fan I think Sanchez will be productive but Chip wants to run the ball more; he's beens doing especially with the lead
  5. I'm in the semi finals and start 1 QB plus a flex which can be a qb. Standard scoring and 4pt per passing TD. On my roster I have Luck, Rogers, and Big Ben! I feel like the smart move is to start Luck and Ben, but am I crazy to bench Rogers?! Rogers vs. Buffalo, Luck vs. Houston, Ben vs. Atl who has the #32 pass def. Which two would you start?