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  1. Update: Last week I saw internal medicine for a follow up, and then on Friday saw the Hepatologist. They again tapped my abdomen, and took off a further 10 litres of fluid (approx. 2 1/2 gallons) which was about 17pounds. I am scheduled for an upper endoscopy next week, and hen the conversation gets serious. He is referring me to the transplant team for assessment. Currently, I sit right on the fence for qualification, but if he gets the process started, and things decompensate quickly, I am on the list. There are so many issues that we now have to concerns, benefits, pension a work..... The stress is really starting to wear me down, and I already have no energy
  2. Travis and Liriano on active roster. Goins and Pompey in, Smoak and Feldman out. Jays play a man down tonight until Liriano back tomorrow
  3. AO's first swing (actually, he swung and missed twice before making contact) ever at a Caps charity event landed him a hole in one
  4. Leafs claim Seth Griffith Another ex London Knight
  5. Tolbert? He was Q yesterday
  6. Sorry I am out this year
  7. I agree Would have kept Pompey over Feldman
  8. Losing him? Where was this posted? Gibby said yesterday he ma or may not be available for game one..... Sounds like he will be on the roster. Possibly Tepera and Goins not on it?
  9. Gibby has no time for analytics!
  10. Somewhere Ryan Lochte is smiling mid Foxtrot
  11. Grilli is not a 2 inning guy...period. He can not heat it up, cool down in between innings, and ramp it up again. The bullpen is a house of cards right Sanchez has to pitch tomorrow.
  12. Right now I am on 2 diuretics until I can see a hepatologist. Regular blood work and rest.
  13. Update: Spent 5 days in hospital and got home last night. Went to emerg on Sat morning with severe pain, short of breath, dizziness. Lots of tests in emerg, and they admitted me to a medical floor due to the excessive fluid. All auto-immune diseases have been ruled out. Kidneys are fine, spleen is enlarged, gall bladder full of stones. The big concern is the cirrhosis and the fluid. Yesterday, they decided to try to tap the abdomen and try to drain some of the fluid off. The ultrasound showed a huge fluid pocket, and they estimated that there could be up to 12-15 LITRES of fluid in the abdomen. They were able to reach the pocket the first shot, and within 1 hr, had drained of 2 full bags (5.5 LITRES, about 1.5 gallons) of fluid. That is the maximum they could safely do in one tap. After receiving an Albumin infusion, I was discharged home, and will have a follow up soon to determine the next tap. In the 5 days I was in hospital on 2 different diuretics and the tap, I lost 22 pounds. Now, I am home, but am very weak, light headed, but have more answers an something to look forward to. Parm
  14. Bob Cole for NHL Scully has called so many iconic moments in baseball, and his voice is like butter Love Michaels for NFL I really like Dan Schulman for MLB Feherty for golf