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  1. Here is the Gofundme link with all the info for being a living donor. Please feel free to share this on any social media
  2. Just waiting for my buddies for the link, as they are setting it up Will post it when I have it
  3. Sorry for the delay in updating. Have progressively gotten worse. Walking with a walker, always nauseous, very weak, and unsteady. Plus my thought process has gotten worse. I am dropping words, losing thoughts and have some confusion and a mild tremor I do physio 3x week, but can't focus for long periods, hense not being in the hockey pool On a good note, I have a couple of highschool buddies setting up a gofundme page to help offset costs if a live donor is found. Not sure if I can post that here. Thanks for the kind thoughts and ell wishes Parm
  4. Thanks for thinking of me. Will update my post in the FFA Not able to do this due to illness
  5. Bo Schultz had Tommy John today
  6. He has playoff incentives of 250,000 per round that go onto the cap next year, so it scared most teams away
  7. Got use tix for Bud stage in Toronto. Also got x July Talk shows. Really want to see U2, Roger Waters. Will be seeing Little Hurricane in Detroit in April
  8. I know there are a ton of "salt free premade spices" I want to use what I have already. As long as it says "powder" and not "salt" I am good.
  9. Hello guys, Due to my need for a new liver, I am not on a no added salt diet, and have to keep the intake below 1800 mg a day. Since I have been sick, I have noticed my taste buds have changed, as they would with no salt. What I am looking for are common combinations of common spices that go well together. I eat a lot of chicken and fish, but also some beef. I like a it of heat on my food, but not burn my mouth hot. Like the spices used on a good Singapore noodles. I really have not used spices, so knowing what goes well together is tough Thanks in advance Parm
  10. OK, Blue Jays.....Let's play ball
  11. UPDATE Got a call late last week that I have been placed on the liver transplant list. I am low priority, but anything can happen anytime. I got the call on Friday Appts this week to update our wills and have all that in order. This was tougher then I expected Life moves pretty fast
  12. Stilll alive with a nice blend of the 4 teams left.....Not sure I have the horses to win it all though LeVeon Bell $40 30.40 17.60 Ladarius Green $14 0.00 0.00 Pittsburgh Steelers $15 11.00 5.00 Matt Prater $5 12.00 0.00 Aaron Rodgers $33 42.10 30.40 Ty Montgomery $18 9.80 26.10 Davante Adams $18 26.50 12.60 Mason Crosby $13 9.00 16.00 Julian Edelman $21 0.00 22.90 Martellus Bennett $13 0.00 1.90 Stephen Gostkowski $15 0.00 12.00 Matt Ryan $25 0.00 34.60 Devonta Freeman $20 0.00 20.50 TOTAL 122.00 169.10 CUTOFF 91.90 145.40