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  1. Sad news. Wasn't there another boating accident a few years back that killed a few ball players?
  2. I own a Soul, and love it. Mine is a 2010, and its the best car I have ever owned. I will get another one when this one is done
  3. Kick his ### CBass
  4. Significant update: Things not going well. I spend all day on Tuesday in emerg with what started as unreal belly pain that went right through to my back. The pain was severe for about 45 min and then eased off. They did all the tests you would expect, and I was there for 13 hrs. They ruled out a pulmonary embolism, DVT, and gall bladder. What they found was my liver is very very large and fatty, which I knew before my bariatric surgery. It has gotten worse, not better. They say I have non-alcoholic cirrhosis, as there is lots of scarring on the liver. The fluid problem I have been having is related. I have a very large amount of fluid in the abdominal cavity, called Ascites, which is not only making the hernia worse, it is pushing on my stomach, so I can not eat anything of significance, pushing on my spleen, and my diaphragm. The fluid is in the legs, both upper and lower, and I have constant pain from all the pressure. Yesterday I spent the day at the urgent internal medicine clinic. They are running tests to rule out things, like hepatitis, HIV, and other auto-immune diseases. I have started on 2 different diuretics, and am waiting for a referral to a Hepatologist appt. The first priority is to get rid of some of the fluid, then to determine why it is being produced and not circulating My heart, kidneys, and lungs are perfectly fine. I am scared, as there are man turns this could take. This was more a vent for me then anything. Thanks for reading
  5. Update time..... Its been a long tough summer. This was suppose to be the summer of getting my health back, and feeling great, but it was not. Before my surgery last December, I already had a small umbilical hernia, that I knew was going to need to be repaired. Well, this summer, the hernia has "exploded", and now it is so big, I honestly can't bend over, I have constant pressure on the front of the stomach wall, and eating is a great challenge. I have seen a few drs about it, and finally had a surgical consult last month with the same Dr that did my bariatric surgery. He said it needed to be fixed quickly, due to how quickly it is growing. My surgical date for that is Oct 17th. I am happy to finally get it fixed, but a bit scared on what the other side of the surgery will bring. On top of that, about a month ago, I was at Canada's Wonderland (our version of Cedar Point) with my boys for a long day of walking in the heat. When I got home my legs felt real funny, and heavy. They were so swollen that I could barely wiggle my toes when I took my shows off, and I had water blisters on my shins. It was awful. They became painful, and I could not get the swelling to go down for days. I saw the Dr, and had a Doppler done on my legs. He said that a combination of carrying around the weight for so many years, and also years of diabetes has made the valves in the legs start to fail. so, after finally getting the blisters healed, and the swelling down to a manageable level, I am wearing compression stockings. In this last 5 weeks I have gained about 25 lbs of fluid weight, which is killing me. I got down to a low weight of 258Lb from 348 last year, but currently sit at about 270 I hope the combination of the stockings, and the hernia surgery will reboot me back to where I need to be. Very very frustrated, and feel like I have failed. FML Parm
  6. Faces of Death Vol XXII
  7. Are you going t any of the July Talk shows? The new album is killer, and they are unreal live!
  8. Would love to see the Jays go to a 4 man rotation down the stretch. With the expanded roster, and the extra arms in the pen, it could be done.
  9. The Canada/Brazil bronze soccer game was fantastic
  10. Getting better and better!
  11. Maybe not the best yet, but maybe the "next: one. He is a Buddy Guy protégé, and was discovered at like years old. Now he is making a name for himself. I have seen him live, and he is damn good: Quinn Sullivan Quinn plays Little Wing
  12. AGREED Bautistas skills have eroded so much in less then a year. He can't field, can't throw, and can't stay healthy. Upton is hard to watch at the plate also.
  13. This will be my 4th time seeing them, and I have tix for the London show in Oct. They are becoming a must see band.
  14. Not sure if this is a Strombo thing or not....wasn't told that