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  1. Or really easy, if no one's going to work. Hopefully, they tell non-essential employees at my workplace to stay home.
  2. My exit is the first one after the closed ones. I can't imagine what it looks like right now.
  3. Yeah, that's what I'm worried about. Not the fact that my son had the common sense to leave a greedy business owner who defied an evacuation order.
  4. I work in Andover. On the commute home, I saw 4 helicopters hovering over 495, so I assumed it was an accident.Then I saw and smelled smoke from multiple locations once I got on the highway. It smelled like one giant forest fire. My son started a job delivering pizzas for a place in North Andover. My wife was freaking out because he wasn't returning calls and texts. She called the pizza place and they said they were evacuating, but my son still wasn't responding. She called the pizza place again a half hour later. My son was there and was just leaving. Turns out the place hadn't evacuated, despite orders. My son just said "screw this", and left.
  5. Guess he just wanted to retire as a Patriot. Who can blame him?
  6. I think she just wanted some good vodka. But seriously, I don't see how she would want to continue spying, after Stan telling her that her parents are murderers. She'd want nothing to do with that life now.