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  1. Looks like Todd Davis signing could be imminent.
  2. OK, Indiana on the road week 1 & then tOSU at home on Halloween. Get past those two and anything is possible. Let’s Go State!
  3. Lots of smoke that we are about to get our season back.
  4. It felt odd not being in Happy Valley and Beaver Stadium today. Come on B1G leadership...please give us our season back.
  5. According to Fantasy Pros, Harrison and Sendejo competing for FS which suggests Joseph still OK at SS. Ronnie Harrison
  6. Did FBG even publish the IDP positional tiers articles this year? Those were 💲when Bramel did them but also appreciated them when Rudnicki did them.
  7. I’d love to see the top 16 or 32 in some kind of double-elimination tournament format to crown a champion.
  8. No fans at home games. I get it but 😢. Have only missed 2 home games in past 15 years and it has been over 36 years since I didn’t make any home games. Strange times. Saturdays won’t be the same this fall by a country mile.
  9. Thoughts on the updated B1G schedule and Micah opting out?
  10. Love this part of McDonald’s Wikipedia entry... He is considered an influential figure in the development of the yacht rock genre. Michael McDonald
  11. Well, this doesn’t sound promising. I guess some football is better than no football, though. Penn State Converting To Pitt Attendance Model
  12. Was at that game (freshman year). One of the first night games at Beaver Stadium IIRC (at least it ended under the lights). Flutie threw it all over the place that night. Not a great Penn State team that year, but the core of that team would only lose 1 game combined the next two seasons.
  13. It is free on IMDb TV through Amazon Video
  14. Unusually low life expectancy and/or highly stressful and complicated last days for law enforcement officers getting ready to retire.