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  1. It is free on IMDb TV through Amazon Video
  2. Unusually low life expectancy and/or highly stressful and complicated last days for law enforcement officers getting ready to retire.
  3. Yeah, that was one fugly game for the PSU offense. That was my junior year @ PSU. I came back to State College early from semester break to watch the game. Downtown was electric after the game!
  4. PSA: 1987 Fiesta Bowl replay on NBCSP @ 9:30 ET tonight. Good night for Ray Isom (laid the smack down on Michael Irvin in 1st quarter); not so much for Vinny Testaverde.
  5. Chads are fine in my book. To your first point, I learned how to properly rock a popped collar on a Dockers polo shirt from one way back when...
  6. Worked out well for the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company back in the day.
  7. While waiting for Wal Mart to open this morning, heard one of the employees mention that TP delivery is each day right before noon. Not sure if true, and not sure if universal. But figured I would pass it along.
  8. Good to see you survived the Ides of March! And good post...
  9. Not sure about any of that, but we do have an @Encyclopedia Brownaround these parts. Might be a good place to start.
  10. I think your mileage may vary based on where you live. In my (western) part of Maryland, there is a grocery store right next to my local Sam’s Club. I hit both early this morning as I usually do on Saturdays. At 6:30am, the grocery store had just a few more people than a typical Saturday. When the Sam’s Club opened at 7 there were about 10 people in line ahead of me...which is about 10 more than I have ever seen before. Good luck!