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  1. Tin Cup

    What are your Wife/SO's Hobbies?

    I’ve got one like that, too!
  2. Tin Cup

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    😢 Tim Shaw Article
  3. Tin Cup

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    Agree. Wimbush thought the grass would be greener at Notre Dame and didn’t look particularly good there. Wish him well somewhere else but would rather roll with the guys we already have that have shown they want to be here. What are your thoughts on Martell?
  4. I've seen a few folks mention weather from the perspective of kids wanting to play in better vs. worse weather. Another related factor is that many of these southern teams rarely head north of the Mason Dixon line. So they don't have to play in bad weather like Big 10 teams do, for example. Getting to play most games in sunny and favorable conditions must be nice compared to having to play in Nebraska or Iowa in November. If you couple a presumed high-end talent home field advantage in places like Georgia and Florida with rarely/never having to play in snow/ice/other poor-weather situations, one could argue that that helps minimize the risk of losing and therefore increases the chance of staying toward the top of the polls and in the right neighborhood for playoff consideration.
  5. Tin Cup

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    Add Bates, Givens, and Miller to the list of early departures. Likely Sanders too. Possibly Gonzales too. While it may help recruiting to see more players getting a shot to play on Sundays, other than Sanders and McGovern I wonder if/how high some of these others get drafted.
  6. Tin Cup

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    McGovern going pro is interesting given how badly he played yesterday. On the other hand, given the lack of development on the OL he probably didn't stand to gain much by staying either.
  7. Tin Cup

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    4-4 against bowl teams. Seem even farther from elite than Franklin suggested after the Ohio State game. At some point, if the gains in recruiting don’t show consistently on the field then either we are recruiting the wrong kids for the system the coaches want to run, or we aren’t preparing the kids properly to execute the system, or the system itself is flawed. We lost a lot of talent after last year, and some key coaches. Seems like we might have survived one or the other, but the combination of both was more than we could overcome with the remaining players and coaches. Special teams were a liability today and much of the year...hope they get adequate attention before next fall. Thanks to the departing seniors and players for helping to “Restore the Roar” these past few years.
  8. Tin Cup

    randall's ALS diary

    Thoughts and prayers.
  9. Tin Cup

    Watching M*A*S*H

    Ah, Bach!
  10. Tin Cup

    Leighton Vander Esch

    Sounds like the job is his from now on.
  11. Tin Cup

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    Sounds like negative recruiting perfectly timed just days before the early signing period.
  12. Tin Cup

    Wealthiest Fictional Character

    What about Thurston Howell III?
  13. Tin Cup

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    Would we get all his visors too?
  14. Tin Cup

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    Heard the other day that if we get to 10 wins it will be the first time with three straight 10-win years since 1980-1982. Not bad for a "down" year.
  15. Tin Cup

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    I'm not as down on Franklin as some. I think he's played the hand he's been dealt pretty well overall and the team definitely over-achieved the past couple of years which increased expectations which can lead to disappointment. My concern is that this is the first year in a while we've seen the team regress. How much of that is on losing most of the defense and key players on offense, how much is based on coaching, and how much is just the whims of fortune is hard to say. Special teams have been a disaster most of the year and our new offensive coordinator has shown some stubbornness and is clearly on a learning curve. The MSU loss is (still) inexplicable to me, and the blowout @ Michigan was avoidable. In both cases, the coaches did not seem to have the team ready to play, the right gameplan, or the proper in-game adjustments. Part of that is on the players for not executing properly and part of that is on the coaches for questionable decision-making. I remember during the Minnesota game 2 years ago the students were chanting "Fire Franklin!" at halftime. To think we'd be disappointed with a potential 9-3 year just two years later is amazing.