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  1. I thought he played pretty good overall yesterday. He missed some deep shots and wide open receivers and he still occasionally makes the wrong reads but (again) protected the ball. The 2 TDS to Hamler were perfect passes. I think he is up to something like 19 TDS for the year (including ones he ran in himself) vs. only 2 interceptions. The larger issue IMO is the play calling. People’s exhibit A is the late drive yesterday where instead of running the ball we threw it to Slade for a 4-yard loss and then followed that up with a sack leading to 3rd and 19 and giving the ball right back to Michigan. Rahne seems to be a half beat off the right tempo at times.
  2. It wasn’t just Cain. Of the 29 credited rushing attempts, three were kneels at the end of the game. 11 were Clifford. 2 were Hamler. That leaves just 13 actual RB rushing attempts for the game. None got more than 5 (Cain had 22 himself vs. Iowa the week before, I think). I heard on a podcast this morning that the last drive was the first and only time in the 2nd half that we had a RB get a rush on 1st down the whole 2nd half. Not sure what Rahne is thinking, but sure hope the light bulb comes on soon (and for good). We left the defense out there for 37+ minutes last night and as good as they are they got gassed and gashed in the 2nd half. Which has been the theme against the better teams the past few years. On to MSU.
  3. Man, that was a stressful game, I didn’t see any fans leaving until the clock finally ran out which is unusual for Beaver Stadium. 1-0 this week.
  4. That Michigan fan that got pepper sprayed a few years ago was in that next section over! Oops!
  5. I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord! Will be in my seats in EJ in plenty of time to soak in the entire spectacle that is the White Out. Will probably make my way down to Gameday in a bit to hear Desmond Howard pick against us and be met with a chorus of boos. For The Glory!
  6. I used Express VPN to sign up for it through some Middle East country for around $100 for the year for all the live games. Works fine. Only issue I’ve had is that App Store won’t let me download the app because my Apple ID is registered in the I watch games through the website.
  7. 6-0 for only the 4th time this century (2005, 2008, 2017). Michigan was also the 7th game in both 2005 (the Manningham extra time/play game) and 2017 (W).
  8. Big game tonight. We’ve been kind of off the national radar since the OSU game last year. Tonight can change that and set up an even bigger stage next week. For The Glory!
  9. I usually don’t get to see much Big 12 football, but Grinch seems like a good name for a defensive coordinator.
  10. Clifford (and the whole offense) sure looked a whole lot better tonight. Dominating performance.
  11. Whatever the question, Case Keenum is not the answer. Haskins time?
  12. Clifford is often not working through his progressions. Locking in on one side of the field (usually the one with Hamler & Dotson). While the play calling may not be great, Clifford also often making wrong RPO reads which isn’t helping matters. PSU currently 130th & dead-last in time of possession so far this season @ 21:34/game. Hopefully, Clifford can start to show some improvement as we enter B1G schedule...otherwise this could turn into a long year.
  13. I do kind of feel good about Narduzzi being stuck on stupid with the late field goal attempt.
  14. Our offense was, well, offensive yesterday. Poor play calling + over-substitution + poor execution other than the one Cain drive is not a formula for success. And, even then, we didn’t see Cain after that. “Hey, let’s throw a long, low-percentage bomb on first down. Then run right into the heart of the defense on 2nd down for no gain. Then expose our shaky OL and jittery QB to intense pressure on 3rd down and long Our defense should be OK with a 30-second breather”.