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  1. That covers a good part of the late 1980's NBC Thursday night lineup.
  2. Ran into Mario Lopez at the San Remo casino in LV around New Year's Eve 1994. Kept asking him where "Screech" was and he either didn't know or wouldn't tell me.
  3. Going to do my part to represent the AOR/Easy Listening/80s/Hair Band demographics this year: 6/18: James Taylor & Jackson Browne 6/20: ZBB 7/25: Bryan Adams & Bon Jovi 8/22: Def Leppard/Poison/Motley Crue/Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
  4. Well, they were roommates neither of which was happy with his role. Not hard to imagine that the mutual discontent got in both their heads.
  5. Frank Pembleton from Homicide: Life On The Street
  6. A couple of notes: Supposedly, this was already investigated criminally and the DA chose not to pursue charges The attorney representing this kid is that same one representing the former team doctor suing the suing the university seems to be a thing for him. Humphries was a legacy (dad was a former player).
  7. To paraphrase Cliff Clavin, “Who are four guys who have never been in my kitchen?” I am a season ticket holder and couldn’t pick any of those guys out of a lineup. Now, if he comes after Losey then the gloves come off...
  8. I think these two combined developments, along with the new OC, can really help Clifford evolve as a quarterback. The new OC has a record of relying less on planned quarterback run plays...which hopefully means more actual carries for our RBs...which should better set up the passing game...hopefully the new OL coach can improve pass protection while the new OC builds confidence in Clifford to stay in the pocket vs. getting “happy feet”...and without his BFF Hamler to lock in on, maybe It will force Clifford to see more of the field and use the other half of the field he mostly ignored this year. As good as Hamler was, he represents only 56 receptions to replace. In 2017 (last year of Moorhead), the offense supported 4 receivers with 50+ catches. In two years of Rahne, only one combined.
  9. Sounding more and more like this wish might come true. Football Scoop Chatter
  10. Cotton Bowl would be kind of cool, i have been going to Penn State games for 35 years and we haven’t been there in all that time.
  11. So Baby Gronk, Menet, and Fries back so far. YGM to the pros. Wade, Toney, and KJ still pending. My guess is Wade returns but the other two declare for the draft. Chatter that Rahne in running for ODU HC. Interesting postseason so far, 7 days in.
  12. For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these “it might have been”
  13. Hamler, Cain, and Menet all in full uniform participating in drills. Looks like we might be at full-strength after all
  14. Sitting here in the Shoe, hoping there is enough magic left in the universe for us to shock the world (again). For The Glory!