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  1. Ian Rappaport referenced an unspecified private family matter requiring his attention, so I'm not sure if the speculation is reckless or not...unless you consider speculation about personal lives to be reckless by definition (some do). Since I don't, I would think an adulterer would prioritize career over marital preservation so I speculate its something else.
  2. "replace Eli plus an assortment of Oline tweaks" does not definitively equate to top 5 offense. go back and watch Foles first half of last year. ironically, he's a lot like Eli...he does his best work in the post-season. it's going to be irritating to watch his new "teammates" in Jacksonville throw him under the bus at the first sign of adversity. he's a great guy going to a toxic environment. but I digress.
  3. If Landry can get OBJ to shut his pie hole, could be great things ahead for the Brownies. The Giants get a first AND a third AND Peppers AND exhorcise cancer from their organization. Big win for the Giants imo.
  4. Trade up to 26(?) ahead of San Diego with Oakland and take Wil Grier. He's a pretty man...which as we know is a key requirement.
  5. She's a witch...burn her! ....well, we did do the nose. But she's still a witch!
  6. So we create a strawman of righteous indignation that an old man would seek attention via the oldest profession in the world, and we highlight the linkage between his actions and underage human trafficking, but we conveniently neglect context including the misdemeanor nature of his transgression, the prevalence of prostitution in human society, the connection between pornography and human trafficking, and the explicit and implicit consumption rates of prostitution and pornography by league owners, league players, football forum posters and humans in general. I submit that anyone who wants to throw stones rather than plucking out their own eye is either a liar, a hypocrite, a fool, or a coward. Good day.
  7. ILB, TE, QB, WR, WR But other teams will screw up the draft and BB will steal a DT or CB that falls way too low. Happens every year.
  8. Although I'm a "belichick guy", my best response would be: Q: Which is better: chocolate or peanut butter? A: Reeses dominates.
  9. Parting thoughts.... This game could go either way....I'm surprised that the community is bimodal in its predictions....generally polarized into Pats big or Rams big. That's sort of pre-salary cap mindset. Throw out the Chiefs game because Chiefs' pass defense is not good. Chargers game is more illuminating....Pats MUST establish the run for play action to work otherwise receivers will get eaten up. Rams have more receiving talent, but Goff is a question mark...and asking Goff to be Nick Foles is a tough ask. I think Pats win the turnover battle, but its a crapshoot. Hopefully the refs stay out of the way (that's not a dig at the Rams; it's a sincere wish). Enjoy the game everyone...before we enter PGA purgatory until the draft.
  10. Survey results are telling. There are actually people who don't know history who will try to tell you he did a bad job in Cleveland. Pearls before swine.
  11. I'm marginally sympathetic to this point of view since Maroon 5 plays in the pop space, and pop musics sucks, but Levine has documented excellent vocal range, musical talent and business acumen...Maroon 5 has been relevant for a sustained period of time. Exhibit A for the Defense: If the pop aspect makes you sick, skip ahead to 3:42 for some above average thrashing.