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  1. Menu path says (Coming August 14th). but then, what is the vintage of the link? ugh.
  2. You did say non-PPR right? The bias to Julio here makes me think there are too few DFS players here.
  3. Maybe they could change the team name to an unpronounceable symbol that looks like an upside down French Horn. The announcers could call them the Voldemorts.
  4. So you're saying a 70 year old man visiting a massage parlor is worse than an organization taking cheerleaders passports away until the performed escort services for high dollar clients? What color is the sky in your world?
  5. A reliable #8 defense year over year. They stay out of the top 5 for the most part because BB hates ball hawks (Asante Samuel, hi!).
  6. Washington Bureaucrats. Washington Filabusters. Washington Swamp Rabbits. Washington Marion Berry Crack Rabbits. etc etc
  7. The problem with this perspective is, in a scenario where Newton balls out, you end up looking like you have no idea what you're talking about.
  8. oh I absolutely believe that....provided that they have plausible deniability.
  9. fascinating distribution of responses. At some point, this country will have to adopt Sweden's socioeconomic protocol (damn the torpedos; full speed ahead). Clearly they are already trying, with varying results (hotspots).
  10. Dalton, Foles agreed. Mariota, Winston, Hurts nope. Two have confirmed they aren't NFL starters; the other has confirmed nothing.
  11. Either I'm a homer (well, that's obvious) or folks are forgetting Matt Cassel's one good season (good enough to make other teams overpay for his services). Newton 8 Stidham 17
  12. I think it was called or something and maybe had another name before that? Joe?