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  1. I feel like there is a very real chance for Buffalo to take the division this year.
  2. Assuming Stidham is an abject disaster and no receiving threats are added and post Scarneccia oline regression, Pats win 7.5 games. 9.5 games +/- 2 seems about right. Odds of 5.5 wins are about as likely as 14.5 wins imo.
  3. I beg to differ. G2 was meh. G3 includes the greatest scene ever made in the history of cinema. imo.
  4. 12-4 with Matt Cassell. If the Patriots make the AFC championship game or superbowl while Brady is one and one in the playoffs or worse, that would contribute to the "system QB" narrative. Anything less definitive is just idle prattle.
  5. Paging I-ROK, you have a collect call from Rand University.
  6. In one sense it will be a tragedy, but in another its exciting to see what BB can get done without TB. A better question might be how fans feel about the future when both TB and BB are gone. I'm not in the camp that thinks McDaniels is the answer. Having said that, I've watched the Pats since the 70's, so I put up with 25 years of suck, and another 25 years of suck post Tom and Bill won't stop me from being a fan.
  7. I think Vrabel believes in the it factor. I think he thought it was clear that Tannehill would outperform Mariotta, and I think he thinks Brady will outperform Tannehill.
  8. I've read (Darlington? that NE is unlikely to be interested in any tampering allegations as they want feedback from Brady asap on his future plans. Also not sure what the standard is for coach A and player B being friends / former teammates in a tampering regulations context. Lastly, the video shows Vrabel facetiming Edelman with Brady sitting next to Edelman. Tampering with Edelman? #torturedhypothetical.
  9. Agree on Denver. Chargers and Raiders are in play but only in a cynical "filling the stadium" context. I think Vrabel is probably struggling with "do I trust Tannehill?". I think the Colts and Bucs could have factions in their organization that buy Brady as the missing piece narrative. But in the end I'm guessing he stays in NE.
  10. One of your underlying premises here is that New Orleans and Green Bay are way smarter than New England. I'm not sure you have the evidence to back up that claim. I could see a scenario where Brady leverages his relationship with Kraft to get AB back, but it definitely feels like this is the third rail in dealing with Kraft. Now if AB would come out with a MASSIVE "Everything that has happened in the last 3 years is ALL my fault" and play the mental illness card, I think the floodgates would open and 6 or more teams would welcome him with open arms, including New England (but not including PIttsburg and Oakland).....but that's a tortured hypothetical because I don't see any evidence that AB would be willing to go there.
  11. I would agree that technology and social media amplify things. Ted Turner also amplified things with news as a means of generating advertising revenue. Its very interesting to travel abroad and watch the news outside the domestic market. And we would be remiss not to mention that organizations of power have learned how to leverage media, which makes for a terrible combination (selling media <---> leveraging media). Having said that, in a culture where we have all pretty much collectively abandoned our civics responsibilities, we kinda get what we deserve. I often fantasize about a third moderate party rising from the ashes of the corpses of the republican and democratic parties (note to Joe: this is a politically neutral statement) but the machine seems geared to deliver the polarized dynamic that Thomas Jefferson warned us about when editorializing about the danger of the two party system.
  12. True. However, the tenor of AB's recent rhetoric seems to be "we went through some tough times and I'm big enough to say that it wasn't entirely other peoples fault". I suspect this mild version of recanting words and actions falls far short of what will be needed to rebuilt bridges, which would need to more of the "this all was entirely my fault" variety. Because, from the perspective of the outside observer, it pretty much was.