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  1. all things being equal, you should only apply traditional VBD logic when deciding if you want a top 3 TE or a top tier WR. below Kelce, Kittle, Engram and maybe Ertz variance takes over and you're pretty much throwing dice.
  2. The irony of this premise in the context of the 28-3 is hilarious.
  3. I'm pretty sure minimizing running back yards is not the point.
  4. The regular season starts Sunday, with the tough part of the schedule in the next 5 matchups (or 7, if Buffalo is healthy week 16). @BAL, @PHI, vsDAL, @HOU, vsKC After that, @CIN, vsBUF, vsMIA They could lose anywhere between 0 and 3 of the above games. I think @BAL and @PHI are the two hardest games.
  5. It's weird, but yesterday demonstrated why this team still needs Cam. If you want to roll with Allen you'll need more receiving talent and a better group of 11 on defense.
  6. Bill Belichick. Freddie Kitchens. Ponder that for a bit.
  7. Ooof. In fairness, I didn't realize Sammy Spleen was going to turn the ball over 14 times.
  8. Before I opened the thread, I had it Jets 24 NE 21 for the reasons you mentioned. Jets + 10 is a foolish line.
  9. This. It was deliberately left ambiguous whether or not he was the father. The whole notion of ambiguity of culpability is prevalent through the whole film. There are instances where it is made plain that Arthur's actions cannot be explained away by "people suck". As Bobby DeNiro says before he takes a bullet to the face "You don't know anything about me pal" (and therefore his subsequent murder cannot be excused because "life is hard for poor Arthur"). This lost on those who want to spin this as left wing "it's everyone else's fault" propaganda. Painting a character as sympathetic does not equal forgiving his actions.
  10. The overtly critical comments here seem to not grasp the concept that the film is a derivative of a graphic novel, and therefore nothing about the plot development nor the characters should be "nuanced". It's SUPPOSED to be over the top. The film is not a masterpiece, but Phoenix is deserving of awards for his performance here. If Christopher Nolan restored credibility to the DC universe in film by amping realism over the horrific nightmare that was 80's Batman movies, Joker takes this to 11. Favorite scene: Arthur ranting to his father in the men's room asking why people can't be decent to one another, only to be punched in the face. Confession: I laughed out loud when Robert DeNiro took a bullet to the face.
  11. The new / correct narrative is crappy offensive line and a defrocked wunderkind coach who doesn't know how to change. Toss in the loss of Suh on the front 7 and you have the correct recipe of what is wrong with the Rams. It's not Goff. Think about it...he sucked under Fisher, was great last year, and sucks this year.
  12. NE-10 look ahead line. Take the Jets and the points all day.
  13. The real test starts in Week 9....tough 5 game stretch. At the moment, the offense is so anemic that it may take the shine off the defense.
  14. Thanks Devin. I understand / anticipated your proposed workaround to get the tool to do what I want. That's probably not viable for building 100 lineups with a player pool of 80 and each player having a target exposure (2.5%, 5%, 10%, 30%, etc.). As the competitive product on a competitive website, lets call it subwaygrinders, includes the ability to specify both min AND max exposure, I'm thinking the developers need to view this as an urgent enhancement to establish the sustainable viability of this product. The competitive tool is only free up to 10 rosters, but there is a strong incentive to consider joining that website instead of fbg while the functionality disparity exists. I think the tool has a lot of potential, and this limitation is pretty much the only "deal-breaker" I see to avoid having to migrate to subwaygrinders.