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  1. :facepalm: I'm going to assume someone hacked your account.
  2. True....if you want to give yourself a nasty shock research how many kickers are subject to a competition. In the $3 - 4 range, its 90% of them.
  3. The other name mentioned yesterday besides Ajayi was ADP given the Texas connection. I might vote ADP personally...but I'm not sure that DJJ isn't the best option.
  4. That's fair, and I agree with you. They just presented a "bad look", but this "bad look" was on display for the world to see, and the boos were there for Luck's ears as he left the field for the last time, and that makes me sad.
  5. Entitlement. Great word. You're right of course. Luck should be publicly flogged. Little children should throw eggs at him when he walks down the street. How dare he?
  6. Awful news for football fans of all flavors. What a great player. Sad to see him go. Wish him the best.
  7. So you are saying that Hunt offers nothing in the 3 down category over Duke Johnson? That isn't plausible.
  8. I'm waivering on Chubb and Ertz. Whichever decisions I make will be wrong.
  9. I think its telling that no one has directly responded to your July 3 post. In part, I think, because your logic doesn't fit the popular narrative. It would be interesting to get staff feedback on your post, as I understand several are calling for a Chubb top 5 finish.
  10. That I think I just wanted to share my thoughts on roster composition, fwiw.
  11. Oof! Friday night games are garbage. If your starting WRs are unavailable, why risk injury to QBs and RBs?
  12. Other than maybe pivoting my QB2 or RB2 I think I'm pretty much done. 2QBs - Stud and Dud 6RBs - 1 elite, 3 value RB1s, 1 depth, 1 flyer 6WRs - 0 elite WR1s, 1 value WR1, 1 elite WR2, 3 value WR2s, 1 flyer 2TEs - 1 elite, 1 tier 3 3 kickers, 2 defenses roster = 21
  13. 1. Cleveland Browns (11-5) 3. Baltimore Ravens (7-9) I'm calling my shot. Flip these.
  14. Sanders and the Broncos may bust. I'm a little surprised on your Allison take but then again new coaching so to each his own.