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  1. Could we get that title edit finally? Rodgers is playing the QB position frontrunner better than anyone... ever
  2. What kind of output in the Denver game will constitute impressive? North of 16/80/1?
  3. I'd be happy with a competitive score at the half, but don't have high expectations.
  4. 6Ps. Prior Planning Prevents P### Poor Performance.
  5. 158.8 and done. I didn't want to admit it but my season probably ended when Barkley tore his ACL.
  6. 30/44/397/1/1. Cam still throw's an occasional errant short ball, but he figured out how to be an accurate passer in 2018. But folks still want to classify him based on earlier in his career.
  7. A theme being brought up by multiple talking heads is that Brees' long game is virtually unchanged since 2017. I wonder if throwing dirt on the guy is a tad premature.
  8. This is where I insert platitudes about situational football. What's the probability on the conversion for the 3rd and 1? How had the Patriots secondary been holding up against Russell Wilson? I can understand the criticism, but I admire Carroll's no fear approach in this case (despite the fact that not giving the ball to Lynch on the one yard line was moronic).
  9. Like quarterbacks, it can be difficult to separate the actor from the movie, but its something like this, top to bottom: Belichick Reid, Carroll, Harbaugh Payton, Gruden, McVay, Pederson Kingsbury, McDermott, Zimmer, Tomlin, McCarthy Shanahan, Reich, Vrabel, Arians, Rivera Flores, Lynn, Fangio, Nagy, LaFleur Marrone, Quinn Patricia Gase Bob TBD: Rhule, Stefanski, Judge, Taylor
  10. Love the confused facial expression in the orange-cicle jersey
  11. This game was excellent medicine, for the offense, for the offensive playcalling, and for the defense.