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  1. The only one that scares me is their BYE week.
  2. He's too arrogant and knows it all already. Guy will be out of the league in 3 years.
  3. As a Barkley owner who somehow finds myself sitting at 3-1 without him for the last 2 games, I was really hoping he wouldn't try to push to hard to come back sooner than when his ankle is fully healed. The injury didn't look horrible, but I was convinced he'd be out for at least 4 weeks. Maybe he's just superhuman though.
  4. Steelers to lock down J.Ross If so, I would shockingly move to 3-1 with Brees, Barkley, Hilton, McLaurin and Singletary all sitting on my bench nursing injuries.
  5. WRs killing them so def better change it up
  6. Can the titans get walker involved for god sake
  7. Need two of these (PPR, bonuses, etc.) McLaurin, Walker and Andrews TEs have more favorable scoring (i.e., easier to achieve bonuses). For example, Andrews scored 37 points week 1. Similar stats by WR was 29. Thx
  8. Hope he can return soon. Between him, Barley, Hilton, Andrews, Walker and depth is basically non-existent.
  9. Lost Hilton and now Barkley. Screw FF... not good losing those types of players.
  10. Agree...but previous two decisions put them there. Stupid
  11. LOL....0 for 3 for 2 pt conversions. Harbaugh lost this game