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  1. Flex....PPR, bonuses for long TDs and 100 rush/rec, 6 pts per TD. TE skewed scoring (i.e., 7 pts per TD instead of 6 pts, bonus at 85 yards rec, etc.) Andrews v SF Gurley v AZ McLaurin v CAR Thanks...playoffs.
  2. Was mike Evans injured? ESPN game cast said he was and return questionable but was in play by play later
  3. Evans not out? Just watching espn stats... said he was injured and return questionable
  4. Brady lost this as much as def. whatever. First loss pfft
  5. Or after games over and he looks like an expert. Thanks but no thanks. Move it to assistant coach forum
  6. Flex play...PPR, bonuses for long TDs, over 100 yards, etc. Singletary v. WAS McLaurin @ BUF Thanks.
  7. If you had to start one, who would it be? Murray plays tonight vs. SF (tough def and he has been horrible last two weeks) Jones plays on Monday v. DAL (Barkley, Engram, Tate, etc. back) Leaning Jones (especially since I have SF def) but...
  8. I cut him to grab a kicker since Tucker was on a bye last week. I'm not going to pick him back up.