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  1. Bob Kraft will get suspended for a little "massage" visit yet Brown will get nothing for throwing furniture off a high-rise balcony and almost killing people. Makes sense.
  2. The Pats were playing in Arrowhead so you can't blame the guy for trying to ease his anxiety a bit beforehand.
  3. Whoa...pump the brakes a bit. Until further details are actually known, lets not paint the guy as some scumbag knee deep in underage sex trafficking who is then forced to sell the best franchise in NFL history.
  4. Love all the high and mighty posts about how abhorrent this is. 😂 Guy is a billionaire, hangs out with rappers, perennially crushes the NFL and its teams, loses his wife of many years and dates a much younger woman, and occasionally wants a little rub and tug from a stranger. So what? Who cares? Like you wouldn't trade places with the dude in a heartbeat. Hypocrites.
  5. ABrown to NE for the superbowl champ, Josh Gordon, straight up.
  6. ...and lots of cap, draft picks and options. I'd love them to get Brown or Beckham but that will never happen.
  7. Might have been more to get him out of the AFC and with a guy BB respects too. Reports had CLE giving two firsts which would have been a no brainer, IMO
  8. Mayock to OAK is a joke. Guy will fall flat on his face. He's in over his head. BC guy, which is his only saving grace.
  9. I think Edelman is hitting his groove. Sure, he's gotten lit up with big hits, like Welker, but I get the sense this guy will be productive for several more years.
  10. Gurley certainly didn't look like a guy dying to get out there in the NFCC or SB. I question where his head is at.