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  1. He'll say its a safe pick. That seems to be the growing sentiment.
  2. If Rosen for 32, by itself, no way. If Rosen and AZ's 2nd round pick (#33)...that would have been tough to decline. However, sounds like NE truly wanted Harry.
  3. About how many times do you think this guy has had to put up with people messing with the name on his jersey by whiting out part of the "n" to look like an "r"...?
  4. You guys are turning into the Browns. Poor Barkley.
  5. Who says they won't go after Isabella or Metcalf if they are there?
  6. I like the pick and think he will have a better, immediate impact than Malcolm Mitchell did.
  7. Bob Kraft will get suspended for a little "massage" visit yet Brown will get nothing for throwing furniture off a high-rise balcony and almost killing people. Makes sense.
  8. The Pats were playing in Arrowhead so you can't blame the guy for trying to ease his anxiety a bit beforehand.
  9. Whoa...pump the brakes a bit. Until further details are actually known, lets not paint the guy as some scumbag knee deep in underage sex trafficking who is then forced to sell the best franchise in NFL history.
  10. Love all the high and mighty posts about how abhorrent this is. 😂 Guy is a billionaire, hangs out with rappers, perennially crushes the NFL and its teams, loses his wife of many years and dates a much younger woman, and occasionally wants a little rub and tug from a stranger. So what? Who cares? Like you wouldn't trade places with the dude in a heartbeat. Hypocrites.