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  1. I remember Pizza Hut pan pizza in the 80s was delicious. Throw in an ET collectible glass and a few games of tabletop Centipede, that’s a full afternoon right there.
  2. Somehow Derrick Jones deserved to win while Gordon was also simultaneously robbed. Illogical but that’s how it played out
  3. Dave Grohl at Funland in Rehoboth Beach, DE about 7 years ago. Amazingly down to earth super nice guy. Had his family there and was just riding the rides like he did with his family when he was a kid. Wanted them to have a “normal-ish” upbringing.
  4. We’re here right now - 84 and sunny 😎 except my wife is stuck in the room for the next few days with a 102 fever
  5. Acquired D. Adams and 1.04 for Hopkins. Helped that my trading partner’s team collapsed right after the deal and pushed the pick into a pretty nice slot.
  6. Congrats @ChiefD, @Dentist and all of the other Chiefs fans in this thread. Well deserved win!
  7. @Chadstroma hooked me up with a broker who got me into a 15-year at 3% (currently about 9.5 yrs into a 30 at 4.625%). Estimate that it’ll save about $70k in interest.
  8. Agree with above. Been running a survivor-style league like this through MFL for 10 years now. It’s awesome. 18 people played in year one (1 eliminated team per week). This year we were up to 52. As far the playoff system goes, you may just have to manually do the bracketing. I have to manage the eliminations manually each week, but we also have a weekly pot eligible to everybody every week, including eliminated teams.
  9. I’m guessing given KC’s drought and the cross country travel from SF it’s going to be at least 2-1 if not 3-1 Chiefs fans minimum.
  10. You just described my SB itinerary almost to a tee. We were prepared to go all in with stubhub tickets so had to cut corners elsewhere. Also did the BWI to Midway for $50 flight (if it fell through we were only out $100) and rented a car. Then, a travel agent friend of ours hooked us up with a not quite fleabag but very no frills-y hotel about halfway between Minneapolis and St Paul, but whatever it was a room for multiple nights. Then, my buddy had a client whose company owns a suite at the Linc. She couldn’t go to the game because of a pre-scheduled trip out of the country, so she signed over her right to buy tickets to him at face value because he asked her first before anyone else thought to (awesome seats too, corner end zone, 20 rows up, right where Ertz scores the go-ahead TD) With face value game tix, we were now way favorable to our budget, and made it a whole Minnesota sports weekend - Wild game Friday night, T-Wolves Saturday, SB on Sunday. Plus all of the SB-related trappings (Radio Row at the Mall of America, the event at the Covention Center etc). The win just capped it off beautifully. My favorite post game memories was 1) the 3-second pause after the Hail Mary fell to the ground, like nobody could process that the eagles actually won the damn thing, 2) face-timing my family and friends right after, they passed the phone around and I “celebrated” with each one individually and showed them the stadium celebrations, and 3) seeing all of the older grizzled Eagle fans with these goofy speechless grins on their faces. Money well spent.
  11. I went two years ago. Getting the game tickets is actually the easy part depending on how much you’re willing to pay. We got lucky in that area as my buddy had a client who had a suite at the Linc but couldn’t go to the SB, so she signed over the tickets to us to buy at face. But we were willing to go through StubHub- also check out if the Chiefs or 49ers are offering travel packages through their website. Some might include game tickets only. Lodging was by far the hardest thing to square away (though probably will be much easier in Miami than Minneapolis). Do not pass up the opportunity to go. It was such a great experience ( didn’t hurt that for us it ended in a win). Good luck! eta: also, don’t buy the tickets just yet. This is when they’re at their most expensive. Keep an eye on them over the next week or so, they should be lower in price early next week, although the Chiefs being in it for the first time in forever might keep demand super high.