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  1. This might be my favorite episode of the whole series. His “talent” with camera phones
  2. Another meh score but moving onto week 7 QB - Lamar (4), Brady (2) RB - David Johnson (5), Brieda (3), Gore (3), Duke Johnson (1), Singletary (1), Montgomery (0) WR - Lockett (4), John Brown (4), Juju (3), Galllup (3), Gordon (1), MVS (1), Boykin (1) TE - Engram (5), Andrews (4), Goedert (2) K - Prater (4), Seibert (2), Hauschka (0) D - Seahawks (3), Panthers (3)
  3. Living in Philly, I probably should’ve read the post before voting “Yes”
  4. Noteboom out for the season - ACL/MCL. That won’t help
  5. And they kept his prize money after he already won the competition he was interviewed at
  6. Boggles my mind that they wouldn’t trade him, especially if reports are true that they could get a 1st. You could make an argument that they don’t even really need him anymore given their long-term situation
  7. 162.9 with Seibert -2 and Breida -10.1 Plodding through but it’s just a matter of time. RBs are not good enough, unless Devin Singletary turns into mini-McCaffrey when he comes back.
  8. American #10s don’t grow on trees so I’m not surprised in general. This soon? Maybe, but Cuba/Canada is a nice spot to blood him. he better not get hurt though
  9. Anybody listen to the remixed Abbey Road yet? Some strikingly different sounding versions of these songs, particularly I Want You (She's So Heavy).
  10. Dallas makes sense, more so as an all-in rental than a long-term signing. If you’re going to likely get a comp pick back anyway, why not roll the dice?
  11. I’m at 153 with Juju -10.6. Can’t see the cut line moving 14 points tonight without juju moving it so I think I’m ok but probably not long for this contest. The RBs just aren’t good enough
  12. Mike Breen is approaching that level too. He’s really good. Ian Eagle should be at that top tier but he keeps getting blocked by Jim Nantz even though he’s better