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  1. A lot of what @Chadstroma has been saying the last few months. The CARES act and it’s forebearence rules has totally gummed up the works for people seeking mortgages and refinances and caused lenders to tighten their standards even moreso than in 2008. Rates, while low, are higher vs the 10 year than they historically should be. Basically, don’t even indicate interest in a forbearance with your lender unless you absolutely have to or you have zero plans of seeking an equity-based loan over the next 12 months.
  2. Interesting read on the current state of the mortgage market (hopefully not behind a paywall)
  3. Not necessarily. Last month, I paid a little extra in closing costs to keep my heloc and have it subordinated under my new refi mortgage (I did have to pay it off in full first). They tried to get me to shut it down, but I wasn’t comfortable doing it especially in the opening weeks of the covid shutdown.
  4. “The key is you have to throw dirt into the back of the fan” GB Andy Dwyer
  5. Welp, one payment into my new mortgage and I’ve been traded (from Provident Lending to AmeriHome ). My previous lender kept me for 10 years. Guessing that’s more the exception than the rule
  6. If this is the case, then the TNF opener has to be KC at TB. Yes, the champs open on the road, but this is the biggest money matchup possible. I say Pittsburgh at Dallas is the week 1 SNF game
  7. Once you transition from the Mark Brendaniwicz era to the Wyatt/Treager era it really starts picking up steam
  8. I was all about limiting the screen time until quarantine happened. Now, as long as the schoolwork and chores get done first (and we make sure to work in some non-screen family activities too), I’m not going to worry about It too much.
  9. Maybe but his Mandalorian episode was fantastic
  10. STANDING OVATION! Filoni knocked this final arc out of the park!
  11. That was outstanding. Legit LOL at Chris Treager’s visible to the naked eye red blood cell type being just “positive”