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  1. Thought this was interesting. MLS is going to start participating in FIFA solidarity and training compensation payments. At least they’d theoretically get something for academy kids who sign elsewhere and earn transfer fee
  2. I thought they bumped Black Panther back from the prior November to the February before Infinity War. Either way, I think that probably had the same affect on the box office (not taking away from the movie itself)
  3. He didn’t put the first two balls inside the bin, he dropped them next to the bin. So his score went from 8 to 6 and knocked him out of the top 3
  4. It really shouldn’t have been. Pretty sure it wasn’t in other countries. I know Australia for example rated it their version of PG-13
  5. I think it was probably either Aliens or Commando. Went through a lot of the Arnold 80s movies around then (Raw Deal, Predator, Running Man etc) First one in the theater was definitely Platoon with my parents. They felt like I should see to understand Vietnam.
  6. No way this ends clean. Guesses on who interferes? I’ll go Adam Cole bay-bay eta: oh. Much less fun
  7. I generally try to avoid 3D because it’s usually unnecessary, but I will do one of the souped up theaters (either IMAX or Regal’s RPX). I did make an exception for Dr Strange and saw that in IMAX 3D. Everything I read ahead of time said 3D enhanced the experience of that movie with the collapsing cityscapes etc, and it was absolutely correct.
  8. Thought for a second they were going Dusty Finish. Didn’t look like a super clean 3 count but nice main event
  9. Meh - feels more like the “palate cleanser” spot before the main event