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  1. not gonna happen. IMO he is a dictator-wannabe, but he is an American first and foremost. It's ridiculous to think he would consider such a thing. We aren't even close to ripping up the Constitution. If trump were to try shenanigans, the moment CJ Roberts swears in the next guy, trump is no longer president. He doesn't have the authority to refuse to give up power. If he were to refuse to leave the WH, he would be arrested as a private citizen caught trespassing.
  2. I always recline. My back gets sore if i don't. When i recline, i will glance back behind me to see if there is some sort of amazonian, or laptop or something - in that case, i may reconsider. Also, when i recline, i do so slowly. If it makes the person uncomfortable, its on them to ask me to move. Or have the flight attendant ask me. I'm fine with either one and would gladly accommodate. On the rudeness scale, I'd put reclining somewhere in the neighborhood of not letting someone merge in traffic or something... an inconvenience that could be rectified by asking.
  3. sounds like Trump learned his lesson from impeachment: don't get caught.
  4. I have two daughters. The oldest has absolutely no desire to do anything athletic. no idea why, but she hates the idea of anything. It's fine - she is really awkward running, jumping, or doing anything athletic, it's just not her thing. She gets that from her mom. My youngest, on the other hand, loves gymnastics. She is at maybe 5th percentile for height for her age (takes after her mother and father), and she has my build - short but athletic. She is a grinder - if she wants to do something, she will work, work, work at it. We got her into a local competitive gym, and she loves it. As a 5th grader, she is getting in maybe 10+ hours of practice a week, every week, all year long. Last year, at the NC state championship, she scored well enough to finish 1st in beam, 1st in vault, and 2nd all-around (for her age, skill level, and flight). this year, in her first event, she won her first ever all-around, so that was exciting. She took 7th in last weeks event, but that's how these things go.
  5. On first take, I'd put myself in top 10% and that's how I voted. After reflecting a bit, I think it's top 20% or lower. I think I'm regressing. I was easily top 10% in my HS. I was top 25% in my college, and I have a masters degree in engineering from one of the top 5 schools in the country. That's why I voted how I did. But, I'm slipping. I know I am. I'm not nearly as fast as I once was, I start to struggle with some math that used to be simple, my memory is foggy. I don't know if it's aging or if I pickled too many brain cells, but I don't think I'm anywhere near as smart as I was 10-20 years ago. That all being said, I can be pretty dumb too. I am socially awkward, sometimes I miss little details in movies that my wife has to explain to me, I tend to space out on lots of things. in terms of street smarts, I'm probably a solid C. There are a lot of really not smart people out there. tons. If you don't believe me, go sit in the DMV for a while - you will leave there feeling like a super-genius.
  6. I don't think a 24 hour curfew would work here. By all means, prep away. I am not saying don't do that, I'm saying that everyone should be prepping at least a little bit. You don't want to be the guy going to the store only to find single-ply TP available for your wife and kids...I'd rather be the guy with a few boxes of the Kleenex infused with Vicks.
  7. Forget for a moment about the death rate - what does the US look like if, say, 1% of the population is sick at any given moment? (for reference, in Wuhan roughly 0.27% of the population is sick). Things don't grind to a halt - 99% of the population is still ok. Community still goes on. Still, the hysteria will be unavoidable which means there will be a run on certain goods, as we have already seen. How do we prepare for it? I can't imagine infrastructure breaking down - IMO the lights will stay on, the water will still flow. Realistically, I can see shortages on certain supplies - we are already seeing shortages of masks, but what about things like surgical gloves? bleach? hand sanitizer? Kleenex? Basic flu medicine - Tylenol, nasal decongestants, thermometers, etc? If things got really bad, realistically I'd imagine stores having limited employees and running reduced hours - maybe grocery stores only open 3 or 4 days a week, things like that. It would be good to have food staples on hand - I'm thinking lots of canned soups and the like. And whiskey. I can imagine a lot of sheltering in place - people staying home, avoiding crowds. That would kill the airlines, sporting events, amusement parks, etc. And when people do go out, doing their best to avoid contact, what ever that means. some businesses could be completely unaffected - if all you do is sit in an office and pound a keyboard, might as well telecommute.
  8. If the Senate was 100% controlled by Trump, it wouldn't look any different than it does today.
  9. I don't think anyone argued that we are too far from the Constitution. however, I have two points: dictatorships often have constitutions. A constitution doesn't prevent a de-facto dictatorship. NKorea has one, as does Russia. They also have extreme loyalty to the party, and especially the head of the party. Note: I am definitely not saying we are the same as Russia or NKorea - lets just nip that strawman right in the bud. Our constitution seems to have a flaw in that it was written under the assumption that there would be multiple political parties (or, no parties, I guess) - having only two viable choices seems to have thrown a lot of the checks and balances for a loop. It hasn't manifested in the prior 200 years because no one had the balls to exploit the weakness, but it's there none the less.
  10. well, if we vote for a man with dictator tendencies, yeah...we will have a dictator. And people who vote for him enable it. It is what it is.
  11. not even close. A coalition of senators from Arkansas, Mississippi, Kansas, New Mexico, Nebraska, Idaho, West Virginia, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Maine, Montana, Rhode Island, Delaware, both Dakotas, Alaska, Vermont, and Wyoming would have 36 senators - enough to block impeachment. The senators from these states represent 26M people - roughly 9% of the US population. 9% of the population has the ability to halt removal. if 91% of the population instructs their senators to remove the president, and the 9% from the above states disagree, there is no removal.
  12. re: bolded above - I don't think this happens. I think when Trump loses, he will for sure question results. He will be granted a recount. If that is questioned further, it goes to the SC. After they make their determination, it's over. Jan 20, 2021 the new president is sworn in by CJ Roberts, and Trump is no longer president. If he is still in the WH at that time, he will be arrested for trespassing. The real problem, as I see it, is we have absolutely no means to prevent or detect election interference from outside countries, internal partisan manipulation, or the government itself. What happens if Trump wins under voting "irregularities"?