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  1. ok guys, it's draft week. Where are y'all slotting Prescott? I'm thinking somewhere in the mid QB2 range - Dalton, Fitz, Tannehill, Carr range.
  2. lol. I'll have my Von Miller jersey ready for you.
  3. he did very well. I think you will see he does very well with the blacks, they love him. Also, the evangelicals and the gays. He's going to do tremendous things for the gay evangelicals, believe me. They love him. I think you will see that all of the gay evangelicals will totally love him, because what do they have to lose? after twelve years of crooked hillary running things, things haven't gotten any better. By the way, she was totally wrong about Iraq. My friend Vlad told me so. and, he's not the only one - people are talking about what Vlad told me. lots of people. high energy people, like the gay evangelical mexicans. Sad!
  4. I appreciate the good work in here, Em. I think the fantasy community has a bad habit of group-think. It's good to have a divergent opinion, and you have backed up your opinions well. People don't have to agree, which is fine, but I think you have made your case just fine.
  5. This is concerning for me. When is the last time a street FA RB was a pre-season top 10 on his new team?
  6. yeah. That may be Trumps lasting legacy - bringing these guys out of the shadows and legitimizing the movement (if thats what you want to call it).
  7. I'm not saying he's deep, just that he's not a rookie. Based on his rhetoric, I would believe he's been reading breitbart, infowars, etc for quite a while. You don't make broad statements about the dishonest press unless you have been reading stories outside the mainstream press, IMO.
  8. I wouldn't. trump has been in the political sphere for quite a while. He considered running in 2008, he was a potential VP for bush in 1988. He has been publicly commenting on politics for quite a while. It's not like he has been apolitical until 2015. He knows what he is doing.
  9. nah, executive compensation is still a free market...except it's a small group of people who have figured out a way to rig the free market in their favor. If a market is truly free of government control, there will be people who cheat the system to their's inevitable. corporate governance is a big issue for me. I don't know all of the ins and outs of it, but what I do know stinks. The whole damn system of how publicly traded companies operate is just terrible. That's why I was a Bernie supporter - he was the only guy who could talk about corporate reform while maintaining a shred of dignity. With the bozos we have now - well, I guess we will have to wait another 4 years to hope for some meaningful reform.
  10. this whole thing is disgusting. the huge price tag is a game to squeeze money away from the insurance companies. Most insurance plans (AFAIK) are structured such that the patient pays 20%. The idea is to keep some skin in the game for the patient - to force the patient to ask if (1) the medicine is really needed and (2) if a cheaper alternative exists. Here's how the game works: imagine a medicine costs $100. patient pays $20, insurance covers $80. no big deal. So, what the pharma companies do is bump the cost to $500, and provide a $80 voucher to the patient to help cover the cost. Now, the patient still pays $20, the insurance company pays $400, and pharma kicks in $80. This whole arrangement just netted pharma $320, without the end user seeing any price increase and therefore no need to price-shop. It's actually a pretty clever way to generate massive profits, but at the end of the day, the insurance companies will jack up rates and we all suffer for it. Also, if you are on a high deductible plan (which is favored in the ACA), your insurance covers less and you therefore get screwed more. Back when the ACA was being debated, I was opposed because I knew that there would be unintended consequences. This maneuver is one of those consequences. One way around it is to either outlaw vouchers, or make an appropriate amount of money from the voucher go to the insurance company. That would force down costs as consumers would again see cost pressure. ETA: one defense that insurance companies have is "preferred drug lists" or discounts for generics to drive volume and steer medicine selection. With that in mind, this little game can only really be played if pharma has a monopoly on the medicine, either via patent or sole-manufacturer.
  11. the free market answer is that if you aren't happy with your compensation, you are free to find another job that can pay you more. I don't like it either, but your company will pay you market rate and not a penny more If they paid more than that, they wouldn't be fulfilling their responsibilities to their stake-holders and may be less competitive on the international scene.
  12. Every time I see this thread title, the Mr. Rodgers song pops in my head: "Would you be mine, Won't you be mine, Help me woo my neighbor". Eta: that show is s lot creepier now than it was 35 years ago. Did not hold up well.
  13. good stuff in here.
  14. Good stuff. I should say that I actually use a dynamic VBD to draft with, and I use ADP to generate the moving baseline as the draft progresses. That being said, I do like to find static VBD pre-draft for analysis like this, but also to print up a 1page sheet to have just in case my computer craps out during the draft. To your more specific points: 1. I'm not sure I buy that. There is turnover at the high end of all positions. Defenses (and especially kickers) are drafted late because the best one isn't all that much better than the 15th one. 2. It sounds like you have adjusted your QB baseline up, which is what I found I had to do to make my overrated/underrated lists even out (i.e. as many QBs overrated as underrated, relative to ADP). 3. Agreed, but I don't really have the ability to quantify this. I will say I'm not comfortable projecting injury or games missed.
  15. Single woman with kids, roughly the same age as yours? Come on man, this is like shooting fish in a barrell.