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  1. If you think my point supports yours, you are missing my point and that's my fault for not communicating well. The American identity is one that changes, as it had for 200+ years. Change is a good thing. Limiting that change would actually be losing what makes us unique and great.
  2. I was raised to believe that the American identity is a melting pot, capable of absorbing any influx of migrants, each bringing their own flavors and customs. You might say we lost some American identity when we had large scale Italian immigration. I say we gained pizza, spaghetti, and wine. German immigration brought is beer. Irish and whiskey. Vietnamese and Pho.
  3. Well, it does follow that a fascist president would cause an anti-fascist response.
  4. this whole thing is a nothingurger. @matuski is right. It's a northingburger because:: the senate is currently controlled by republicans the AG has gone to bat for the president, sweeping the most damning allegations under the rug. senate republicans put party over principle and protect the president. republican citizens put party over the good of the country, led by a complicit quasi-state run media. house democrats can't get their #### together to come up with a unified, effective strategy to deal with the problem. There really is no other rational way to read the situation. Hell, Nixon was well on his way to being impeached before he resigned. The fact that it is a nothingburger says more about our current political climate than the merits of the case.
  5. Rush making the point that Trump has forced Pelosi and friends to embrace AOC, Omar, etc. These gals are now the face of the Democrat party, and all that goes with that. Essentially, Trump painted the entire party as extremists. I think Rush is right.
  6. paragraph 4: author claims the dossier was disproven, citing the Mueller report. Is this accurate? It's my understanding that Mueller barely touched on information from the dossier.
  7. We have a problem with race in this country. This problem isn't unique to America, we are actiually much better WRT race relations than many (most?) other countries in the world, but we can do better. We should do better . However, it sounds to me like you think the only viable solution is to ignore it. I'm not sure I agree, but I'm willing to listen. What is your solution?
  8. Guys, we obviously should not call out blatant and obvious racist statements when we see it. because it... hurts racist feelings? labels people making racist statements as being racist? forces not-racists to think about their support for racists, and no one should have to think? emboldens racists to unify and rally together? hardens racists opinions? I'm not really sure where the OP was going with this thread.
  9. I know, right? the leader of the free world says something controversial and it makes the news. really, really weird.
  10. just tossing this out there: much like AOC, my wife was born in the States and is of Puerto Rican descent. if anyone told my wife that she should go back to her own country, I'd punch them in the nose*. *OK, I probably wouldn't actually assault someone - that's internet tough guy talk. I'd think about it really hard though, and depending on how many drinks I had, I'd definitely call them out for racism.
  11. Good Lord, the hills people die on. Defending the indefensible, and for what? Is it that hard to admit that a racist statement is racist? Is it that much of a stretch to say someone who had unapologetically been making publicly racist statements for decades is a racist? "You don't know him personally". "He meant nationality instead of race". Give me a break. You guys know, deep down, that these statements were have to. You just do.
  12. But the original statement didn't specify which country they should go back to. Should AOC go to the Bronx, Puerto Rico, or Spain? Or, are we going with the generic "not America"? It seems to me that the latter is what was intended.