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  1. did I dream all of last season?
  2. Fox? Who cares what Fox says?
  3. you say that like it's a bad thing.
  4. lolwut? guys on IR count towards the cap. Nice try.
  5. I have Booker in every league I'm in. That being said, I doubt he gets bell-cow numbers with CJA being out. I expect Kubiak to rotate in Bibbs and promote Juwan Thompson to the active roster, as well as possibly picking up a FA (CJ Spiller?) and giving Janivich more looks.
  6. older folks are further along in their careers. Also, I believe many Trumpians own their own business, so there is that too.
  7. WTF? you don't like bubbles?
  8. It. Was. An. Empty. Hand.
  9. It was an empty hand.
  10. It's all a ploy to motivate?
  11. Can't believe there was no holding flag there.
  12. agreed. sometimes, I like to read about the dark ages - kings, and all that. How does a particular family become king? Eventually, royalty comes from bloodline and some claim of Divine Providence. In the beginning though, the guy who became King was really the toughest guy of the toughest clan.
  13. The truth is totally biased. Sad!