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  1. The Weekly Standard, New Yorker, Mother Jones, Slate,NBC, MSNBC: Were these basically recaps of the same Yahoo story? How was this whole operation weaponized? PLUS Clinton campaign Press release “bombshells” and Tweets read by millions: really? a multi- faceted operation leads to campaign tweets? Is that significantly different than our tweeter-in-chief exclamating how much he loves Wikileaks after they release hacked DNC data? PLUS a warrant for her friends to listen in on the Trump campaign via the Carter Page warrant with ithe one hop rule...: what did that buy them? Was there anything (politically) gained from this? Has anyone shown that spystuff made it from Langley to the HRC campaign offices? If you can demonstrate this, I'd be more sympathetic to this argument but if all you have is CIA/FBI listening in on conversations (per the FISA approved warrant), honestly that's called doing their jobs and you should be concerned that this was necessary in the first place.
  2. It bears repeating that Team Trump still pushes this narrative: The Hillary campaign concocted a scheme with members of the CIA, FBI, NSA, DoJ, FISA judges, Australian and English diplomats, multiple law firms, a former head of MI-6, John McCain, and the Russian government. This plan went into action early in the primaries when it wasn't clear Trump would be the nominee, and all of the polls showed HRC held had a commanding lead (remember all of the polling data?). 20+ year US intelligence agents put their careers on the line to take down a presumptive nominee who was a huge underdog anyways. After all of that, all they got out of it before the election was a single article in Yahoo news. The icing on the cake is when they call the Mueller investigation a conspiracy theory.
  3. I totally know, but for the benefit of everyone else, can you explain what executive privilege is and why it is a thing?
  4. sure you can, but do you actually do it? Or, is it like when I lived in Florida - the beach was 10 minutes from my house. Any given weekend I could be on the beach. I almost never went (after being there for 6 months or so).
  5. But it's really easy to travel somewhere to see museums, theater, and art. It would be possible to live somewhere affordable and travel to a big city once a month for all of that. Added bonus: doesn't always have to be the same big city.
  6. I really wish Dodds hadn't blown up the original Russia/Trump thread. That had been running since July 2016. There was enough publicly known smoke coming from the Trump campaign for a thread here at FBG to track it all specifically.
  7. Trump had no choice but to lie. I mean, in the fall of 2016, we knew Russia hacked the DNC, and Hillary publicly called him a Russian puppet (and for good reason, given all of his pro-Russian comments and the connections of his staff, including Manafort and Gates). If Trump had admitted that he was actually working on Trump Tower Moscow at the time, it would have cost him the election * and his real estate deal. *at least it should have. Nothing seems to matter any more.
  8. This makes a lot of sense. I'd add that it's possible that Putin did what he did because he wanted Hillary to lose as much as Trump to win... in which case, there is no collusion and no grand conspiracy. Of course, that doesn't let Tram Trump off the hook - there's still massive amounts of corruption happening but the GOP don't seem to care about that. ETA: this is by no means walking back on the Trump/Russia Collusion theory. I'm just pointing out that lack of collusion doesn't mean we're done here.
  9. Crossfire Hurricane began in July of 2016. The Steele Dossier was written between June and December of 2016. It was not the origin of the investigation itself, nor was it the basis for FISA warrants. Yes, it was included in the application - it would be negligent to omit everything they had. There clearly was legitimate suspicion regardless of the dossier.
  10. You are right. This stuff definitely should have been investigated. Of course, if you are investigating the president, he should know about it unless you want him claiming some sort of conspiracy to being him down.
  11. Ill agree that he left is driven by emotion if you acknowledge that the right is driven by irrational fear. Fear of foreigners crossing the border, fear of jobs going over seas, fear of crime, fear of Muslims, fear of change. When you get down to it, almost everything the right stands for is rooted in irrational fear (pro-life being an exception).
  12. To be fair, facts seem to have a left bias these days.