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  1. I am more than happy to entertain alternate theories. Give me one. Why did Team Trump want a back-door channel to Moscow? I'm having a hard time thinking of a plausible, benign reason. Help me out here.
  2. Zubayr in particular said he was taking some time off. He was a guy who always contributed to operations and was very active.
  3. nobody knew energy was so complicated.
  4. Dwight Eisenhower? What did he ever do for Europe?
  5. That's fine, I get it. However, the election was what...6 months ago? It's time to get past the terrible choice of 2016, and stop supporting this nincompoop.
  6. I didn't know that. That's fair.
  7. There is no other way to spin this - the GOP voters of Montana said that violence against the press is OK. Based on my facebook feed, that seems to carry over to Republicans at large.
  8. I think you and Trump simply have different definitions of allies and foes.
  9. technically, I think starting a nuclear war would have a positive effect on employment. 1. it's gonna take a lot pf people to clean up the mess. 2. supply and demand - with more people being dead, there will be more jobs available to be filled. 3. ramping up military-industrial complex will create a ton of jobs.
  10. Dead Weight notice: The following players have not contributed intel or participated in an operation over the past 2 weeks: Patton Nok12me barking_doxie Zubayr Jonas spin
  11. Ticker Tape...that takes me back. We have been hit or miss on bottleneck and sour grapes for a while.
  12. oh, we can make more. We have about 10 inactives that can get the boot...we haven't done that simply because it's not like we have a waiting line to get in.
  13. Me saying he's not going down is more a reflection on the current congress who has shown a desire to put party over country, look the other way, and even directly obfuscate (Nunes). These are not normal times.
  14. I agree with Matsuki that obstruction charges alone won't bring down Trump. Difference between Trump and Nixon is that Trump has a friendly Congress - as long as the Republicans continue to display a complete lack of spine or moral responsibility and put party over country, they aren't taking out Trump for anything short of gross treason.