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  1. for posterity sake, the note claims ""One of such meeting with Donadl Trump took place on 06.17.2012 with close Yanukovich affiliate — governor of Cherkassy — Mr. S. Tulub" Interestingly, this pre-dates the Russian invasion of Crimea. ============ Note: is this thread more about Trumps Ukranian ties than his Russian ties?
  2. oh man, that's a lot of guys from their embassies to die in such a short time span. no wonder Flynn was calling their ambassador to offer his condolences.
  3. so the Russians and pro-Russian Ukranians all want peace in Ukraine. That's great...don't we all want peace? If only those pesky Ukranians would stop defending their homeland when the Russian tanks come rolling in, and stop shooting at the Russian soldiers in Crimea, we would certainly have peace. Can't we all get along, recognize the new Russian/Ukranian border, reinstate Yanukovych, and lift those pesky sanctions, and allow all of Putin's oligarch buddies do their things? How can anyone be opposed to that?
  4. a fight! a fight! a ________ ...
  5. Be very careful here. Coulter is citing "" - a blog someone set up to track crime/etc related to Muslims. As it is a wordpress blog, they don't care enough to get a real domain name - anyone can set up a very official wordpress blog for free at any time. For this story, the data cited by the blog has two categories: Swedish born and foreign born. The data spans 1985-1989 and then 1997-2001. They tie "foreign born" into "muslim" via an anonymously confirmed phone conversation with a Swedish policeman. They do cite an Australian newspaper article form 2011 as further evidence though, so there is that. From that 2011 Australian article,
  6. so, as I see it, here are the possible ways this can come back to bite Trump in the ###: association with Russian Mafia - money laundering, RICO, etc. All of this pre-dates his election bid and ultimately doesn't harm national security, so Trumpfans would percieve this as political (even though they claim to be in favor of law and order). emoluments/Conflicts of Interest - We have no idea what kind of business Trump has in Russia. He says it's nothing, his son says a disproportional amount. I'd be very curious as to who our president is/has been dealing with. This all, by the way, extends to Tillerson. Again, probably not enough here to impeach unless they find something especially juicy. Did Team Trump actively conspire with the Russian Government to illegally hack the DNC and release what they found? If so, this is probably impeachable. Much worse than what Nixon did - it is similar in terms of hacking/breaking into, but differs because of the participation of a hostile foreign nation. Is Trump a Russian operative? A puppet? Maybe they hold kompromat on him, maybe they have been working him to sway his politics/opinions. This ventures into the treason realm.
  7. I've always thought this would be an interesting hobby.
  8. I wish they would hurry up and find the courage to go topless - I mean, not just body paint or sheer/mesh, but show the full female shape as God (or the best surgeons in California) made it. I feel like they have been inching closer and closer my whole life - it's been like a 30 year long tease. ETA: Bianca Balti is as close as I've ever seen in SI.
  9. go Tigers! :alumni:
  10. glad to see garbage plate has been mentioned, was coming in to post that. pro tip: don't visit Tahous during the daylight hours, and don't eat a plate sober.
  11. what did I miss? I mean, damn. I had a couple meetings and I feel like I have no idea what is going on.
  12. I can say this with a high degree of confidence: well over 51% of all people are ####### morons and have no business being involved in making government decisions. citing Trumps support at 51% does nothing for me.