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  1. I'm about to get on a plane to Denver. Boarding is delayed because a dog had an accident on the plane. Why is this OK?
  2. great. First the liberals come for the guns, next they come for our gay wedding cake, and now they are coming to take the kids. When will it ever stop?
  3. "to be fair, someone was elected President while taking a dump on the country and real patriots. for some reason I can't quite put my finger on, people weren't so up in arms when he was doing it" hmm. I remember a candidate talking about a highly respected veteran who served in Vietnam and spent 5 years as a POW: I like people who didn't get captured". I remember this candidate getting into a twitter fight with the parents of a serviceman who was killed in Iraq. Is it worth banning someone for reminding you that our current president has said things FAR more insulting to veterans and their surviving families than respectfully taking a knee?
  4. well, yeah, of course I do. I have a Science degree after all.
  5. are there any colleges that offer a conservative arts degree yet?
  6. don't hold your breath waiting for a reply. He's been posting things along this line for a really long time and never responds when anyone asks follow up questions.
  7. On why colleges tend to lean left: progressivism is all about challenging the status quo, where conservativism is more about preserving it. It's the liberals who want to change things: social stuff (LGBT, racial stuff), where the right promoted traditional values. You don't go to college to learn how things work, you can google all of that. The value of an education is to learn how to critically think and how to question things. By nature, thats going to be more liberal. On the other side of the coin, the business world seems to be dominated by conservatives. Maintaining the status quo is better for business. Lower taxes, all of that.
  8. I went to a recent homebrew competition where all brewers had to incorporate chocolate. There was a lot of beer there that was delicious. The winner made what he called "muffin top". It was a British based grain-bill, so lots of biscuit notes. It was just a bit on the sweet side, and lots of great chocolate and vanilla. NoDa (local Charlotte brewery) brewed up his recipe. My entry was an Orange-chocolate sweet stout that thought came out really good too. ETA: if you go to NoDa and try their version of Muffin Top, Steve H. said that he liked his version better than NoDa's. I haven't tried the pro-beer yet but the amateur version was really, really good.
  9. by about money, you mean the plantation owners wanting to continue not paying for labor, right?
  10. I think there is a correlation, but it may not be the strongest. Education level correlates with lots of other things - race, income level, urban vs rural, etc.
  11. Not quite. It used to be that every town had lots of breweries and beer was more of a local product. Prohibition killed all of that. When it was lifted, we had the ability to mass-market: refrigerated rail cars and delivery trucks were a thing, and so the breweries that survived wanted to market to as many people as possible. Roughly 10 years later, WWII broke out and a lot of men went to war. The people left to drink beer were women workers: think Rosie Riveter. So, the big Brewers designed their beers to appeal to women. They all landed on light lagers - clean, crisp, and (imo) mostly flavorless. American malters grew their crops specifically for this style, American hop growers grew hops for this. The entire domestic beer supply chain narrowed down to produce light lagers. It's only in the past couple of decades that American beer started to get flavor back, led by Boston Beer co, and Sierra Nevada. It's only within the past decade or so that we have seen true innovation and variety. Anyways, my original point is that your American Macro brew is what it is because it was designed to cater to women.
  12. It's ok that you don't like beer like I do. Beer dorkiness isn't for everyone.
  13. Not a fan. It sounds like a beer I would really enjoy so I've ordered it several times, but each time I try it it tastes green to me - not quite under-fermented but not quite fully conditioned. I feel like it would be way better if they gave it a couple more weeks before serving. ETA: only had it at the brewery. If it was out at a bar, it might actually be way better.
  14. So you are good with the general population using a product that is inherently unsafe, provided the warnings/risks are made clear? Allnd also use of said product is regulated? I could live with that.
  15. Please don't take my post as a personal attack. That's not my intent. When I draw an analagy between knives and booze (both tools with a benign use dating back thousands of years with potential for death if mis-used) and you make a silly reply about sporks, I feel it's legitimate to call you out as a wuss )with a 'p').