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  1. please. I barely work at work.
  2. What really happened with the Texans? They were 12-4, coming off of two seasons that included playoff wins, and then the wheels fell off in 2013. What were they missing to get over the hump? It sounds to me like you are comparing Siemian to Schaub. i'm not sure what to make of that. Schaub was certainly serviceable for a few years and may have been capable of getting them over the hump if he ever had a solid D (2011 when Houston had a top 5 D, Schaub had a 7-3 record before he hurt his foot and missed the rest of the season). He had a decent D in 2012 but like most non-Denver teams, couldn't get past NE in the playoffs.
  3. I know it's not quite the same as coming back from 14 in the 4th, but Siemians very first career start (a mere 3 weeks ago - I'm sure you watched), he brougth his team back from down by 10 entering the 4th quarter to win by one. In 3 career games, he has 2 4QC and 2 GWD...against the defending NFC champs. I think it's a bit pre-mature to talk about what he can't do. ETA: on this team, the QB doesn't have to be THE man. This is a well coached team with a stout defense, an improved running game, and a pair of excellent receivers. This is a team built to carry the QB, not vice versa. Remember - they won the superbowl last year with an offense that led the league in interceptions and was near the bottom of the league in nearly every offensive category.
  4. a video breakdown of Siemians 4 TD passes. some really great stuff here - a couple of stick throws in the red-zone, looking off safeties, trusting his guys deep when easier options were available shallow, etc.
  5. he looks average, but if you grade on a curve (i.e. 3 career starts and someone who hasn't taken a majority of first string snaps until late in the pre-season), he's doing just fine. All of the mistakes he has made are correctable. He isn't throwing into coverage, he isn't forcing bad throws (ok, maybe a couple vs Cincy). He is going through progressions and when he sees something isn't there, he tucks and runs. it felt like he had some accuracy issues early in Cincy, especially when he was on the move (which was often as the Broncos had some protection issues with Stephenson being out and then Okung going out for a spell). However, once he got settled in, he played great. It should also be noted - part of the success vs Cincy was the Bengals selling out to stop the run - Broncos saw lots of 8 man fronts and had a hard time running. Of course, that meant 1 on 1 coverage with Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders which the Broncos will take all day. I'm not completely sold on his play-making ability so far. It's hard to tell how much he is being protected by play-calling and eased in - i.e. being asked to make simple, 1/2 field reads. AFAIK, that's the basis of the Kubiak offense so that might be all he is asked to do. That being said, there is absolutely no reason to be thinking about pulling the plug on the kid. I'm not hearing any grumblings for Lynch in local media or the fan base. I mean, there are one or two here and there, but it's really rare for Bronco fans to be united in support for a QB...really rare. Even Peyton Manning, as great as he was, only had about one complete season where idiots weren't clammoring for Tebow or Osweiler. This is absolutely a formula that the Broncos can go deep into the playoffs with. Stout D + strong running game bolstered by stud WR's can absolutely win a superbowl.
  6. 3-0. 312 yards, 4 TD's, 0 int in his career first road start. TS has improved every week so far - vs Car, he has a rating of 69. Vs Indy, 79. And the latest, 132 vs Cincy. His interceptions have been fluky (i.e. screen passes), which makes me believe he is better than the QB rating of those first two games. Of course, he had a couple of fluky dropped interceptions yesterday too. I'm still not sure what to make of this kid - if he's a legit QBotF, or if he is a place-holder. What is encouraging is how he bounces back from adversity - just look at his splits of QB rating by quarter Q1: 67.3. Q2: 97.4. Q3: 60.3. Q4: 146.9. To me, it appears he has some early game jitters, and works though them. At halftime, defenses adjust, but by Q4 he's got it all figured out. It's also worth noting that Siemian leads the league in 4th quarter comebacks and game winning drives (shared with Flacco). Brought the team back from a 10 point deficit vs Carolina, and a one point 4th quarter deficit vs Cincy to win by 12.
  7. A.T.E.: Always Trust Elway. After all of the QB drama this off-season - the inability to sign Brent, courting Kaepernick, drafting Lynch, Buttfumble...after all of that, apparently we had the QB all along. it's amazing to me that (1) Elway/Kubiak saw something in this kid that no one else saw. I still don't really know what it is - an ability to remain calm when things go poorly, I guess. (2) Kubiak gave the kid a legitimate shot. I think most coaches wouldn't have even considered the kid as anything more than a camp arm. That was a great win yesterday. This was one of the bigger tests of the season, and I'm super thrilled with the game. Siemian started out a little shaky - I felt like he overthrew a few passes, and that happens when a QB is a little hyped. He calmed down and lit it up in the 2nd half. The running game was a deficient, but at the very least it got the play-action game working. Defensively - Shane Ray really brought it yesterday. He was an animal, registering 3 sacks. There's some run-D that needs to be cleaned up, and I was constantly frustrated with Dalton scrambling - he picked up 40 yards on the ground himself. looking forward, the schedule really opens up. Outside of division games (which can always be tough), there are 2 tough games left, both at home: Texans and Patriots. Things are really looking good.
  8. it's evidence in an ongoing investigation. The police are in the process of interviewing all witnesses - having this out there could influence what people say they saw. Further, if there ends up being a trial, this being out there could poison the well as far as juries go. Not that I believe it, but it's my understanding that this is the reason for not releasing.
  9. pretty sure I see a gun. go to 1:46 in the video - it's just to the right of the officers white shoes. eta: maybe not, it disappears in the last frame. Might have been a black latex glove.
  10. with Jeff Fisher? I don't think so.
  12. Not in Charlotte.
  13. yup. No idea if legit - I have no clue where she hears things, but she is pretty plugged into the local social media gossip mill.
  14. I'm sure you are right, but personally, I'd prefer to not be caught between the hammer and the nail.