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  1. moleculo

    We cant let them change America

    I'm not the liberal left but I will freely admith that I'm intolerant. I have zero tolerance for the anti-science, anti-intelligence, anti-free trade, anti-freedom, and yes racist, version of the modern Republican party. By the way, I bolded the racist part above. A good bit of conservative thought is racist - you are blind to it because you aren't looking at it objectively.
  2. I'm all for skeptism, I really am. But to continue to deny Russia's involvement requires a blatant disbelief of the entire IC - the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. It's been 2+ years now, and there are no legitimate voices of dissent - there have been no whistle blowers calling it all bunk, no rogue agents coming out and saying it was a 400 lb guy in NJ. Nothing. At what point will you accept the IC's findings? What would it take?
  3. moleculo

    Back in China again - ask me anything

    One place we went to here in Shenhen - it was an indoor flea market full of industrial goods. Being engineers, it was like a candy shop for us. Completely full of stuff I've never seen for sale retail anywhere domestically - any kind of hand tool you could want, but also lathe chucks, mill bits, polishing tools, automated wire crimping machines, tape and reel SMT components, LED's, LCD's, soldering stations, bulk adhesives, whatever you want. It was like walking into McMaster Carr. In the US, it's pretty cool because we can open up a web browser and order anything and have it the next Shenzhen, all you have to do is drive to this market and you get whatever you need immediately. An it was busy! There are so many factories here, so many people making ####, that an industrial market like this can thrive.
  4. moleculo

    Back in China again - ask me anything

    you will figure it out. HUGE city. think 3x bigger than NYC. I can't give you any better suggestions of what to do/see there that you can't find out on the internet or travel guides. If you are interested, you can ask around for the "copy" markets and get some counterfeit stuff for cheap. really poor quality but sometimes good for a whim. fake watches, purses, clothes, sporting goods, whatever you want. It's worth doing for the experience, I think. The haggling is always fun. Remember - they will usually take less than half of what they initially tell you the cost is. Example: you say, "how much?" they break out a calculator and punch a number - $500. You come back and say, "no, too much. how about $100?" they will act insulted, and so you offer maybe $150. They say no, and you turn around and walk out. They will chase you down and offer $400, you come back with $150, and eventually they will give it to you for $200. The market I went to for this was like a shopping mall and I believe it was in the basement of a science museum.
  5. moleculo

    Back in China again - ask me anything

    for breakfast, I usually eat at the hotel - it's usually a pretty nice buffet spread including western and Asian staples. This hotel has decent bacon which is nice. My favorite thing is the dragon fruit which remids me of kiwi but not slimy. For lunch and dinner, we usually go to some restaurant. Last night an American co-worker and I ventured out on our own to find a local restaurant. I can't say what style Chinese food it was, we had a good mix of things. The way it typically works is you order a whole bunch of things ala carte and everyone shares everything - family style, I think we would call it in the west. all food goes on a giant lazy-susan in the middle of the table and you pick at everything as you want. Lots of variety. Lots of beef, chicken, pork, fish, veggies. Occasional dumplings, and typically some rice. There is usually bok choi and egg plant - I really like the egg plant. How to pick restaurants - we are usually at the mercy of our hosts, who know the town and what they like. If not, the challenge is finding somewhere with pictures in the menu and/or a waitress who speaks a little English. Also, you have to be careful with money. They may not take US credit card so you have to be sure to take cash. There is street food, especially in Hong Kong. I don't trust it.
  6. moleculo

    China - the Super Thread

    FYI: I updated my FFA China AMA.
  7. moleculo

    Back in China again - ask me anything

    back in China - Shenzhen this time. I've been here about a week. some obervations from this trip: English is much more prevalent. By that, I mean small kids will come up to us on the street to say "hello". I think they are learning English and want to try it out. Occasional people in restaraunts will have English as well. I assume that's because Shenzhen is a technology hub and there are a lot of Americans coming over here to do business. the factory I'm at is across the street from Foxconn. There are no nets over the windows to prevent suicide. pollution is really bad (again). I'm on the 21st floor and in my hotel and can't see more than a mile. Barely seen the sun all week. there is a bug push for electric vehicles. I was told that there is like a $10k US tax to buy a gasoline vehicle, nothing for electric. the waterways seem cleaner - Chinese host was bragging on clean water. Air, not so much. less KTV (i.e. karaoke brothels). Still around, but cleaned up and not on every street corner. food is really good and lots of it. I really enjoy anything spicy. apparently craft beer is becoming a thing. Hotel has three offerings from a local brewery: a copper, a passionfruit lager, and a jasmine lager. The last two are surprisingly good, if a little sweet.
  8. moleculo

    China - the Super Thread

  9. Trump answer: you the thing with my wife, she was a very Bad person ("hombre") Many pEople said so. She should have been Killed many many years ago. So sad, low Energy. ... Only I know whole thing is made up fake news, and so I'm going to fire Anyone lOoking into my wifes so-called Murder... In fact, it was actually the Democrats who kill their wife's. Why Wont someone look into that? SOMEONE DO SOMETHING! #MAGA
  10. moleculo

    2019 New Head Coach, GM & Coordinator Hires

    Kubiak out as OC in Denver...or, he was never in.
  11. Not really, no. This is how sausage gets made. IMO, there isn't a political party in history where leadership didn't favor one candidate over another, tried to work with media, or promoted a favorable opponent. Unseemly, sure but there really wasnt anything illegal there. To your first paragraph - the only way the emails made it to wikileaks is via hack&dump or a leak. Are you claiming that you think it was a leak? Anything to back that up? Also, please note that for the purposes of this discussion, I make no claims WRT Risdia or WikiLeaks. I am merely pointing out that the Trump campaign was aided substantially by illegal activity. I'd go further to note that the president and his surrogates in Congress have obstructed all efforts to investigate this illegal activity.
  12. Maybe I should have said emails. I understand you are still a Russia skeptic and a WikiLeaks apologist but I hope you would agree that jacking a private orginization and distributong their sensitive communication is illegal...and this illegal activity certainly helped one candidate.
  13. Suppose voters were swayed by illegally acquired news. Is that OK? Or do the ends always justify the means?
  14. Take it up with the Electoral College. Th unattached electors had the right to vote differently than the popular vote. not sure if that is democracy or not.
  15. moleculo

    Salary Cap Hits & SB Winning QBs

    Thanks Gisele.