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  1. the USSR is not dead. They were merely asleep, and are re-born as Russia. Don't sleep on them as a geopolitical foe.
  2. I said that pales in consideration to the irreparable damage he would do in terms of foreign policy. let's focus on what's important here, guy.
  3. show your math, starting what percentage of illegal immigration will be stopped by the wall.
  4. lol, yeah. I watched that episode yesterday.
  5. would it be Mile High Field at Mile High Stadium?
  6. sure we will... in one way or another. Whether we pay in cash now or with a crippled economy later once NAFTA is ripped up, we will pay for it.
  7. you know that and I know that. Frankly, I was surprised anyone takes him seriously on this. It seems our benevolent thread starter, however, clings to this and only this as the basis for his support.
  8. How do you feel about this country spending up to $25B on this project, which would be the largest construction project ever constructed in this country? What about the fact that the majority of illegals got here with visas that they let expire? What about the fact that the wall can easily be beat by (a) a tunnel (b) hiding in the back of a car (c) a ladder? I'm all for addressing illegal immigration. Building a massive, costly wall in the middle of the desert is asinine.
  9. ok, I hope you take some as you seem to have a keen interest in the matter of politics and government, which is great. Here's a tip for you for today: look up impeachment.
  10. serious question, I hope this doesn't come off as me attacking you because that's not my intent: have you taken a Civics class yet? Do you have a good understanding of how our government works?
  11. this argument is stupid and, in the grand scheme of things, irrelevant.
  12. right now in the Trump thread, the discussion is "Hillary should be in jail" vs "Trump hasn't released his taxes OMG, no one cares". What a waste of bandwidth.
  13. I don't know WTF you are talking about.
  14. which is why it's important we talk about things like this. I expect this meme to gain a lot of steam in the next few weeks. Anyone who believes in Ronald Reagan has got to be mortified with Trump. I'd bet the rank and file Trump supporter at the very least claims to be a Reaganite...the Russia thing should at the very least cause some reflection.
  15. Personally, I don't give a damn about the DNC. This country has weathered a Clinton presidency before and come out ahead, it has weathered an Obama presidency (not going to discuss how he did; that's like grading drafts in May). A Clinton presidency, as distasteful as that sounds, will not place this country on a path we may never recover from. Trump, by virtue of weakening our position as the preeminent superpower and re-igniting the cold war, most certainly can.