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  1. Took some time off since moving beat the crap out of me. Hoping to go right into recovery week on Monday and then start month 2. Good job to everyone that has stayed with it!!!
  2. Madshot - thanks for the reply. I have followed the program to a "T" and very happy with the results so far. My concern is, for example on the plyometric day, I struggle getting thru even one round of ski abs/in & out abs without taking a break. I recover and do my best in the next two rounds, but I still need to take rests. If I can't do it on this disc, will I be wasting my time trying to do the exercises on month 2?
  3. Has anyone extended Month 1? All I hear is how hard month 2 is and I don't think I'm ready. Was thinking of going back and doing 2 more weeks of month 1. This would also make my recovery week when i move, which should help my ability to lift sofa's, etc.
  4. Dear Pure Cardio - Thanks for putting me back in my place, just when I was starting to think I was getting ahead of the game.
  5. Did the fit test yesterday (Day 15) Switch kicks 95 -> 112 Power Jacks 39 -> 45 Power Knees 65 -> 77 Power Jumps 30 -> 40 Globe Jumps 6 -> 9 Suicide Jumps 8 -> 11 Push up Jacks 10 -> 15 Low Plank Oblique 21 -> 34 Upper body strength has always been a problem for me but it good to see the numbers improve. For those of you that aren't sure, this stuff really does work.
  6. Man do I hate Pure Cardio. Hung with it pretty well until the last 2 minutes. At least I didn't need the bucket I keep in the corner.
  7. Big Blue - Thanks for your posts. You are 1 day ahead of me so I always check what you posted so I know what is coming up. I too am less sore and starting to look forward to the workout instead of the dread the first couple days. Good luck!