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  1. Her parents had two daughters, and I enjoyed golfing & watching sports with her dad. After 20 years of having to live with three girls/women, I think he forced his daughter to marry me.
  2. Didn't go unnoticed by my wife, either.
  3. This. Love these guys. "The only person you need to beat is your former self." Strava is great for tracking your progress. I just passed 3,000km for the year and if I can get this butt thing under control, I have a shot at 2,000mi before the year ends. 2016 Zasada would never have believed that 3,000km in a year would be possible. Progress for me is my prime motivator. And Strava does a great job allowing you to see how you have improved.
  4. HFS, @xulf! You just hammered out a 47:xx 10K and a 1:11:xx 15K?! You're a natural. If you can run this fast on <30mi/week, imagine what you will do when you amp up the volume a bit. Great race!
  5. A bunch of us have started running using advice in this thread. You'll do well. Having also experienced a "failed start" a number of years ago, I discovered here that I made all the classic mistakes then. Tried too much running, too fast. Run slow. Run/walk programs have been proven to be the most successful. As for the watch, Apple is great but comes with some battery anxiety (1-2 days per charge). The Garmin watches will get you a week. And Garmin Connect is probably the best fitness/sleep/HR tracking app out there. Sign up on Strava. If you're at all competitive, even with yourself, it's a great source of motivation. And sign up for a race, even if in the distant future. Always good to have a goal to work towards.
  6. Got my feet scanned at the expo. Kind of cool.
  7. As we were walking around the expo, my wife was pointing out all these different running belts, and I'm like "no, my running e-friend swears by FlipBelts, we have to find one of those". And then I apparently buy the wrong one.
  8. Forgot my usual running belt at home and needed one for the race. Picked up one of these at the expo. Thanks, @gianmarco!
  9. Yup, my Fenix 5+ gets a lock in seconds and does a great job syncing to Garmin Connect and Strava. Only complaint is that it can't seem to get a good wrist-based HR when I have a hiking pole in the same hand. For anything important I just use my Wahoo Tickr X chest strap anyway.
  10. Appreciate your confidence. It's been a month+ since I ran any distance at HMP. Can't even remember what it feels like. Off to the expo today. Maybe that will build some enthusiasm for me.
  11. I have a Fenix 5 Plus. Love it. Not only for fitness stuff, but it's just a great "smart" watch. Not as many features as an Apple Watch or Android Watch, but the the two latter come with tons of battery anxiety for me. No anxiety with the Fenix. It gives me notifications and does all my health tracking (HR, sleep, steps, floors). Can't speak for any of the other brands, though. Just that I'm happy with what I have.
  12. Had a crazy work/travel week + being totally demoralized had me unable/unwilling to get into this thread for the last few days. In Vegas now. Ran 3x10K last weekend but haven't run since. Butt was bad for most of it, despite a few rest days before that and trying BnB's leg contraption. Race is Sunday afternoon. No idea what to expect or aim for. I think I'm just going to try to run at my goal pace to start, and then let my glute (and pain tolerance) dictate how long that pace lasts. Last few weeks have seen significant detraining, and even with a healthy butt (queue Sir Mix a Lot), I'm not sure I'm capable of a 1:39:xx, which seemed almost a certainty early last month.
  13. @MAC_32 what do you think of the On shoes? I have a pair of Cloudflyers and mostly liked them. Annoying that they would pick up gravel, but otherwise they felt quite light.
  14. @MAC_32 looks so badass in these photos, I clearly need some kind of schtick to give me some semblance of coolness. Maybe I'll run with a shovel. No, wait, @ChiefD already owns that one. I'll come up with something. Run in a diaper, maybe? Both unique and functional (for me)!