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  1. I'm just the "participation ribbon" guy. If I can get to 2,500mi I'd be thrilled. But I hold out no hope of surpassing you #BMFs.
  2. @Juxtatarot, you're cranking some serious miles YTD. On pace for 3,073mi or 4,916km! You targeting a 3,000mi goal?
  3. Sorry if I've missed this before, but do you have the name of the race and/or a link?
  4. @gianmarco, good luck on your 5K tomorrow! What are the details?
  5. Can't wait for @ChiefD's vacation to end so I can hear about yesterday's run. Strava description was intriguing.
  6. My friend had turkey sandwiches last night for dinner, and an uneventful run this morning. Just because I know you guys were hammering the F5 key waiting for the update. You can now go about your normal day.
  7. I don't actually eat before my run. It's the dinner from the night before, which may or may not be friendly to my running in the morning. I almost always take care of business before my run, it's just a matter if there's a sequel during the run. All the jostling mixes things up, and sometimes that results in some urgency, and sometimes not. Chicken/turkey never cause issues for me in the last half of the digestive process, but then sit like a rock in the first half and cause problems as such. I've always had gut issues (none as severe as @ChiefD, but enough that it impacts daily life), but they've been largely managed until I started running. I just hate stopping on my run, but I think I need to be less stupid and more pragmatic. This morning I could have very easily stopped halfway through at the community centre, but decided to take the risk. Not going is not an option, as if I don't run in the morning, it's an almost-certainty that I'm not running that day at all. I can count the number of afternoon/evening runs I've done in the last two years on one hand.
  8. My friend told me he was eyeing the trash bin longingly again this morning. But he made it home without having to make a pit stop. A heroic sphinctoral effort. I guess brown rice and kidney beans are off the menu. Three days in a row of issues, despite trying to "eat healthy".
  9. I keep a spreadsheet log of my mileage, sourced from the monthly Strava data. Just updated it after a while, and noticed that if I add up all the months in Strava for 2019, I get a different/lower total than by using the "2019" dropdown on the right side of my Strava home page. According to the sum of the months, I didn't actually get to 200,000ft of elevation in 2019, whereas the dropdown total says I did. Hmph.
  10. I wonder if @SFBayDuck has paused under a tree in that area, not knowing that you're responsible for fertilizing the acorn whence it came.
  11. Oh, that's a good one. There was no lid on the "can" (per my friend, of course). It was a stone fixed-enplacement receptacle with a black trash bag lining it. My friend told me that he considered #3, but felt that since the area was frequented by kids/dogs during the day, it would suck if a kid/dog found the "deposit" and then parents had to deal with the subsequent mess. Also, the trash receptacles are probably for dog poop anyway, so he thought that at least the can probably had #### in it to begin with, and this would just be more of the same. So my friend sat on the edge of the stone "can", feet dangling, and relieved the emergency. Not 15 seconds into it, a cyclist's lamp appears just cresting the hill of the trail, about 50' away! WHAT ARE THE ODDS? It's 5:30 in the morning!? My friend jumped off the can, quickly pulled-up his shorts, and started running as though there was nothing to see. Casually said "good morning" to the cyclist as he passed a few seconds later, hoping that the deed went unseen. But likely not. Especially considering that my friend's butt is so white that it probably reflected the headlamp back to the cyclist and everyone living in the north DFW area. The streetlights thought day had broken and automatically switched off.
  12. The pits stops come and go. I can go weeks without one, and then 2-3 days in a row. Regarding food, yesterday, I behaved: Brown rice and kidney beans, with tortillas. Only a handful of Doritos. And the irony is that the chicken & turkey are usually great at preventing the mid-run poop, but then sit in my gut and make running uncomfortable. I think part of the issue lately is that in DFW, I don't have any chores to do before my run. Get up, ####, and out I go. In YYC, I had ~20 minutes of pet care to take care of, which I think allowed for more processing before the run. But yeah, I ordered the rice cooker to try to eat better. One step at a time.
  13. Asking for a friend. Pretend you're out on a run and have a poop emergency. It's dark, and you're running through a park, on a reasonably secluded path by a lake. No chance you can hold it until you get home, or to the nearest bathroom. No real bushes anywhere nearby, but also no worries of anyone seeing you. There is a big trash bin/receptacle on the path. Do you: #### yourself #### in the lake Get as far off the path as you can and #### on the grass #### in the trash can Other? (Please expand) Unfortunately the best opinion I could share with my "friend" is @ChiefD's, but he's too busy knocking-out 16K runs to be bothered here right now.