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  1. I'd be up for 2022. Looks like fun. I'd be up for 2021 as well, but it's a ~week before Miwok, and (presuming Miwok even happens), that's my priority for next year.
  2. Way better than that @wraith5 guy.
  3. This morning was 40F, no wind. Basically perfect temps (aside from the usual chilly first kilometer). The moon looked awesome, and for those of you up early enough, Mars is super-bright in the western sky (sets about 0600). Venus was rising in the eastern sky. It's so cool that you can basically see another planet from our own with the naked eye (yes, I'm easily impressed). Body felt like running fast(er), so I knocked-out my usual 11km, but this time at a 4:48/km (7:43/mi) pace. Finish the run, and see that my AHR was 135. Feel kinda proud of that. Then I look at Strava and notice that @Juxtatarot ran about the same distance this morning, in about the same weather, and at about the same pace. "Hmmm", I think, "I wonder what his AHR is?" 124. Further to the master. I'm not worthy.
  4. @Juxtatarot & @pbm107 -- what kind of streaks are you rocking right now? Feels like I've seen you guys running every day for quite some time.
  5. @Harris -- haven't heard from you in a bit, and France is going back into lockdown. All OK with you there?
  6. 40F this morning for me in DFW (people tell me this is unseasonably cold for here). Windy. Went with a long-sleeve, shorts, and gloves. Ball cap, no touque. I have tights, but find them largely ineffective. Either I wear shorts (down to about 20F), or soft shell pants (below 20F). Will still take this weather vs @JShare87's 10 times out of 10.
  7. Yeah my ERs are more about feel/effort than pace. Very weather-dependent.
  8. A new runner to the thread! Welcome. Don't run too fast when you start. There's a ton of science about cadence out there. Be sure to read up.
  9. I'm not in the cool kids circles. Is this a "we don't talk about fight club" kind of thing?
  10. And even the VO2MAX calculation feels error-prone. Went out this morning, nice cool temps (could have lived without the rain and wind, though). Ran a good pace, HR was in a good spot, and of course Garmin bumps-up my VO2MAX to 59. Had I run that in 70F temps, there's no way that would have happened. There really needs to be a temperature adjustment to these calculations. I can't just have a high VO2MAX in winter, and lower in summer.
  11. Just passed 2,000mi for 2020. Still a shot at 2,500.
  12. Another issue is that sometimes my watch will read my HR wrong for a stretch (pegged to my max for a number of miles), and that will throw off all the metrics. At least with Strava, I can tell it to ignore HR and use perceived effort for those runs. There's no way I know of to tell Garmin to ignore HR or (in a perfect world) edit said HR.