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  1. I’m guessing he is target #1 now so doubt he can last.
  2. Exactly, a lot people saw Cleveland. Or you go after players with an established Qi like m Williams or m Thomas types vs a guy on a terrible team with nothing guaranteed at qb. Just me.
  3. Best player available on one the worst teams?
  4. Sounds good to me and you can eliminate numerous dept like education, agriculture, on and on but we both know it will never happen. I listen to the Democrat debates and that’s what it sounds like. Who can promise the most.
  5. Absolutely to start. Case and point, my neighbors kid went to 60k a year college and graduated with poly science degree working at target now. I know they couldn’t afford that as single mom and all. Why not start at community college for 2 years then state state. They could have gotten very similar education for 50k ish vs 250k. Besides most f these colleges could be providing free education because they are sitting on huge endowments. Why does Harvard or Yale need 30 billion? They could each provide education free forever..
  6. Who cares about the people that saved for their kids college education. Let’s reward people that can’t budget or make good financial decisions. Sounds fair...
  7. I would only draft Murray as 2nd Qb with a top 5 as starter. He has upside potential but not showing anything at this point.
  8. It’s a lot of ifs to pay off on the above.
  9. You have a rookie qb and new offense so yes they they are testing everything. If it doesn’t work then they need the make adjustments. 3rd penalty on Qb in 2 drives
  10. FYI - I believe Miami will give Rosen 2 years so don’t see them as drafting Qb next year. Why draft dynasty guys on teams when you have multiple question marks. The chances of everything working out are minimal.