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  1. I agree which can make for a very interesting and exciting process.. Saw some polls that Sanders leading Calif...
  2. Good read and good early call/posting. Now 6 months later its looking more like a contested convention with the big potential loser Sanders who could fracture the party if he feels cheated again.
  3. Heard what I thought was an interesting discussion regarding the democratic presidential nomination process. The theory was that no one candidate will carry enough delegates to win out right during the primary season especially when Blumberg jumps in. Therefore, nomination falls largely in the hands of 800 super delegates at the convention that are primarily traditional democrats which means bad news to Warren and Sanders and potential good news to Biden, Blumberg etc. Wonder what others think??
  4. Is their precedent for skipping sou address other then health reasons?
  5. One specific to Iowa where you can collectively discuss nominees.
  6. So grand and important that Pelosi decided to hold for weeks. Got it.
  7. No disrespect to Tim but his record of picking presidential nominees and presidents is very suspect. I’ll defer to someone else if you don’t mind.
  8. Telling that they are more interested in getting trump out then who will be next Democrat’s next president nominee. Misguided focus imho.
  9. I find it very telling that the Iowa caucus is right around the corner yet none of liberal/Democrat posters are talking about it at all. Why.?
  10. So outside of yourself, are there you others? If not, you might be the only one posting.
  11. So we have experts in impeachment hearings posting here? Please share and provide their impeachment hearing experience.
  12. Yes let’s hear what he has to say or at least get the manuscript rather then relying on what the media says via their anonymous sources that everyone loves to run with..