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  1. It’s based on total nursing home population vs total deaths.
  2. Ny times that’s updates info almost daily. Total death is 3675/with 2190 in nursing homes.
  3. I’m from ct also. Why is ct death rate in nursing homes 10x Florida?
  4. Hopefully most realize that poor decisions from governors of New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut mostly contributed to their high death counts. We knew from day one in the us that nursing homes would be our vunerable spot yet they release covid patients into nursing homes where they couldn’t provide adequate Ppe protection and still are not.
  5. My dads house in Connecticut sold in 2 days also. Closing is Friday. It was empty so don’t know if that played a role. Had 9 showings.
  6. Yeah test someone today then they develop symptoms later.. so numbers are going down in states that open early are doing better, my state had more deaths from flu last year then covid. Yet we moved covid confirm people from hospitals to nursing homes...
  7. Trumps win was a product of people believing he was a better candidate then Hillary vs your theory of pure luck.
  8. Right now, 85% of all corona workers comp claims are 0 dollars, 12% are under 10k and 3% over 10k. Aig already took a charge to 1st q for corona. The big insurance companies are well insulated ( surplus and reinsurance) to cat related occurrences.
  9. What does everyone think of insurance stocks? I’ve been following aig and have worked in the industry for 30 years. See an easy double...
  10. Does anyone have specific loan foregiveness guidelines from sba since I hear they are evolving?
  11. Nothing will happen as they are the crown royalty of college basketball. Recent example has ncaa letting NC off for a major that has no classes...