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  1. I don't see arborist or his homeowners insurance paying so this I believe comes out of pocket. With that said, I don't see him offering getting into your 5-10k range.
  2. Your team is nasty good... We have the exact same RB except I have Fournette
  3. So you could say the same about a lot of mlb"..
  4. So should Didi be hitting in Gardiner spot?
  5. If so then a lot of others are using too.
  6. So what do the yanks do for game 4 starter?
  7. Don’t understand why hicks nor playing here. Maybin has no chance hitting. What do yanks do in game 4 now that greene has gone.
  8. So why is Maybin playing tonight over Stanton?.
  9. Yeah, that was messed up that not one of her tribe mates offered any help. Not sure if true or not it but hope cbs showing it accurately.
  10. Plus 29 over cut line so see you next week. Good luck for the borderline entries..
  11. You’re not sure against the worst president of our time says a lot..