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  1. I don’t think Nicole was really taking Cody to final. She lost then decided to play her nice girl charm. She even said she wasn’t sure during episode which means she knew she had no shot against Cody.
  2. Yes - because to bolt, it’s all trumps fault...
  3. Unbiased no. Quality reporting - average. Just moo
  4. I agree 100% but he can’t help himself..
  5. Yes- I believe there’s two reasons why Trump doesn’t wear a mask in public frequently. He wants to project strength/invincibility and secondly he’s reckless.
  6. Please re-read what I said because I never said cdc lied, even once. I said cdc made mistakes. But cdc and Fauci lied for weeks about the importance of wearing a mask. Fauci even admitted this fact on 60 minutes interview I believe. You obviously hate trump and can’t take a step back, objectively review everything and come up with a rationale conclusion other then it’s trump fault.
  7. I never said cdc got everything wrong. Everyone made mistakes trump, cdc, governors etc especially in the beginning. We didn’t have a road map with this pandemic.
  8. I was talking about January 2022...and I screwed up odds , meant 1-10 sorry
  9. Ok I will offer 10 - 1 odds that joe will not last until 1-22 until him turns over president over to Kamala...
  10. So the phones, emails, texts are all part of that .. it’s interesting that none of Biden supporters here are commenting.