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  1. Picked up Prey on a friends recommendation, love it so far! But the big news is we bit the bullet and got PSVR, my daughter had been bugging me for a while and the Doom VFR bundle just happened to be $100 off at Best Buy yesterday.. We have the Move controllers from PS3. I didn't expect to like it but wow even just the demos are really pretty incredible. My son couldn't have cared less about VR until he put the helmet on yesterday. So we have Doom VFR and The Inpatient which is the sequel to Until Dawn.
  2. Great take re the Patricia losing his players dreck from longtime troll Carlos Monnarez. The guys entire shtick is driving clicks by trashing the Lions.
  3. Yeah today after reading the AP story I got around to googling Broidy and I put the chance of him having an affair with a Playmate at approximately 0.0%. AP story today was the first I had seen to name the girl AP story was well done, good news for Trumpland is that Trump wasn't incriminated directly but another great example of the fine people orbiting his tenure. I'm starting to believe that he is more of a rube then some sort of evil genius.
  4. Absolutely. When the government was shutdown over DACA all the alt-right turds were posting pictures of face-tattooed MS-13 guys as if they were relevant.
  5. Kerryon and Crosby are the only two signed from what I read.
  6. FWIW as parent of two teens I think Instagram et al. is a huge reason why drinking and generally delinquent behavior is down in teens. Gen X is right on the cusp of the information age where when we were 21ish the concept of online privacy didnt even exist. A lot of people do not appreciate how much the internet has changed societial norms. Not excusing him but everyone knew what was going on spring break / South Padre even without the internet. I made some horrible choices when I was an adolescent and I am really thankful those have been forgotten in the annals of history and no one has had license to bring them up. People grow up and move on. The guy has a wife and kids and as far as we know has never had one bad thing said about him in the past 20 years, wasn't tried, yet the entire sports page of the Free Press is plastered with "Matt Patricia Sexual Assault". Hopefully we can go back to reporting on the D Line, etc really soon, like tomorrow.
  7. Also we have some really great and educated posters and this board is well-moderated IMO. Not allowing memes helps the conversation. If you were to try having some of these discussions on say Facebook it would quickly dissolve into a bunch of stupid pictures and ranting
  8. The Alt-right conspiracy machine is a much much bigger and scarier bloc than whatever passes for the "extreme left" in my opinion. I get that liberals aren't going to shed any alligator tears for the guy and I have had this argument before with some liberals. I don't discredit anyone for voting for DJT because they wanted smaller government, reforms, etc. I am thoroughly disgusted with the out and out lying and conspiracy theory peddling (Jon McCain blew up an aircraft carrier being one thing I saw yes today!) and this appears to me to be almost exclusive domain of the alt-right.
  9. John McCain was the only R I considered voting for in my voting lifetime. I never once doubted his integrity or that he was doing what he thought was best for the country. Alt-rights on my Facebook wall are wishing him death and smearing him this morning. Can't wait until these guys crawl back under their rocks.
  10. Playing Mafia 3 which I picked up for cheap back before Christmas but never got around to it. It's a good mindless loop of driving punching stealth murder and shotgun blasts. The story is pretty good. Graphics are a little strange kind of washed out and hard to see sometimes. Good mindless fun for cheap if you like that formula.
  11. I could never stand REO Speedwagon. I know it was the 80s and all but I have always found something about that band particularly awful.
  12. Anyone playing Far Cry 5? I really loved Fc3 and 4; this one has been getting mixed reviews but sounds awesome and fun. Just started Uncharted Legacy last night after finishing 70+ hour runthrough of Horizon Zero Dawn.
  13. Finally beat Mass Effect Andromeda after like probably 150 hours, have been playing since late summer I think. Played past the main ending, through the prologue and had movie night. That was plenty. Game was fairiy fun but definitely didn't live up to the two before it as far as story and attention to detail, especially now that there will be no sequel. It could have been a little smaller in my opinion. Played the free Chris Redfield DLC for RE7, took only a couple hours to beat but was worth it and a good way to revisit a really great single player gaming experience; hoping the other DLC will go on sale eventually. Telltale Batman is free for PS Plus and I enjoyed the first three episodes, I tend to like what Telltale put out from the first season of Walking Dead they did. The Batman game provides some interesting twists on the stories of some of the characters which keeps me interested. Finally, starting Horizon Zero Dawn... Played through the Proving and I agree with what I think was the thread consensus, it's a very good game so far. Fun and challenging combat, good mix of open world and story, lots of great attention to detail. Should keep me involved for the next few weeks
  14. Made it through a sixer of Bells Hopslam this weekend. So delicious fresh and seems more balanced than last years
  15. Ziggy came to play today... Not sure what was up with him earlier this year, playing hurt maybe? I don't think we can let him walk though!