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  1. Excited to have this guy on my dynasty roster. I was hoping he'd show something this year, so this quick showing is a nice surprise.
  2. Speaking of big, I cut Lacy. One week away from cutting Graham
  3. Ugh, I was so pumped to draft him this year.
  4. It's time to pull the plug in dynasty.
  5. Crabtree was the first that came to my mind.
  6. 12 team 0.5 PPR league. Start 1/2/3/1. I have an incredibly deep WR corps. I threw out AJG for DJ. He came back with Antonio Brown and Lynch for DJ. Then last night he offered Brown, Brees, Lynch and my 2018 1st (should be late) for David Johnson, Russell Wilson and a 2018 3rd (who knows). I'm not interested in trading Brown; he's like having a cheat code. I might do AJG/Lynch for DJ but not sure he'd bite. 2nd trade offer - Brown again. Swap in AJG and make the 3rd a 2nd, it might work.
  7. Love this thread. Thanks ZWK. I really hope Barkley is all I hope and dream he is...I want the guy on my team.
  8. Indy we have a problem.
  9. It was a blowout but the offense only scored 3 TDs. I guess the good news is says they only scored 24 all last season. So they are on double the pace this year. That's good. 2ypc is not good. With the offense looking more dynamic, maybe they'll improve over the course of the season. I'm trying to be optimistic.
  10. Man, I expected way more from Gurley rushing the ball. I saw a little of the game. He got swamped a time or two in the backfield. Good effort on the TD and on a couple of receptions. He was an ankle tackle away from a TD on one of those. I feel about as deflated with him as I did after week 1 last week. At least he's getting some solid work in the passing game.
  11. Ref in Houston going through puberty.
  12. Anybody having issues with waivers? When I try to enter a waiver request, it says, "Error Saving Waiver Request."
  13. Can't believe I just read 3 pages for this.
  14. Same here. I could use an early Christmas present.
  15. Two trades in a 0.5 PPR I gave C West I get 2018 4th i was going to have to cut so took what value I could get. Team A gives Zay Jones, 2018 1st, 2018 3rd Team B gives L Fitz, Reed, 2018 2nd Team A has 50/50 chance of playoffs. Team B is legit contender for 1.01. IMHO.