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  1. Gurley. I had a man crush when he was in college. So pumped to land him in my dynasty last year.
  2. DGB - too easy. Just toss it up.
  3. Huff having a good game. Seems open at will.
  4. Luck seems under constant pressure if the play is more than a quick-hitter.
  5. Anybody trading for this guy in dynasty?
  6. So sorry shady for your loss.
  7. He just went for ~20% of FAAB in one of my leagues.
  8. For me the concern is the ACL at 29. The other ACL was his other knee, 5 yrs ago, and a complete fluke (slipping on a down marker). The HAS in 2014 cost him 1 game. Maybe this is the end. Foster appears broken He's missed significant time 2 of last 3 years and several games in 2014.
  9. Tim's list is way better. Except for Avatar.
  10. I'm personally excited to see Charles get shafted. Guaranteed top 5 finish!
  11. It seemed like the whole movie was a giant "WTF is going on" event.
  12. I'd love to hear others thoughts on this, too. I have Brees and Ryan and would love to add a young QB that could pay off once Brees falls off the cliff. I was thinking of putting in a 1%-2% bid, but I do wonder if that's going to be enough.
  13. The post editing is really slipping. We need some quality control.
  14. You had to go and bring facts into this, didn't you. I think Gurley will do fine in the passing game this year. People are way too negative on him and the passing game.