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  1. Debating starting him over Gordon this week in a standard league but I'm not sure. Toss up right now.
  2. Glad we could help. Bill is in the mail.
  3. I had to check my profile, but I've been here for almost 11 years. Damn, that's way more than I thought.
  4. That's a tough call. I gave what should be a late 1st and an early 2nd for him a couple of weeks ago and feel great about it.
  5. 0.5 PPR Pick 2: Gurley, Gordon, Ware? Standard Gordon or J. Rodgers?
  6. Yeah, I know, but neither has Gordon's YPC, so that worries me. Preliminary, so I may bench Charles for him.
  7. In my dynasty I'm considering trading Charles away if I can get a 1st from a RB-desperate team. Otherwise I'll just keep him. Im rolling with Ware and Gurley this week with Gordon on the pine. I am considering starting both Ware and Charles next week at Indy with Gordon traveling to Denver.
  8. People eat Grape-Nuts?!?!
  9. This isn't getting enough attention. Who the hell warms up their milk for cereal?
  10. Looking ahead I'm leaning towards starting both over Gordon at Denver.
  11. I would think they'd keep Ware. They just signed him to a cheap contract, he's playing great and he's just turning 25 next month.
  12. I just know I'll start him next week vs NO and Fat Andy will ride Charles to 165/3.
  13. He puts up 200/2 each week, he can hump the net on the sideline for all I care.
  14. This is the 3rd time over the past several seasons this old guy can remember Shady going down, him acting like a body part just fell off, everyone saying his season is over, and then he's back like nothing happened the next series.
  15. Doesn't Oakland play on the baseball field? If so, will it be a mess?