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  1. I remember that play in the chief’s game. I honestly thought he’d blew out his knee. During the game and the week after I kept waiting for the shoe to drop. I feel the same as you on his outlook.
  2. I’ve started nerding it up lately. For me it was more a time issue. I used to lump everything together but as life has gotten busier I started bucketing so I don’t have to think about things.
  3. 12 team, 0.5 PPR, start 1/2/2/1 and a flex Tram A gives: Chris Carson + 2020 3rd Team B gives: 2020 1st I personally don’t see team B making the playoffs so this is a head scratcher. Team B does not have Penny.
  4. Best entertainment my social security can buy.
  5. I enjoyed the monster fights. It looked good in IMAX. The plot was meh and dialog was blah. I was expecting more monster action than we got, though. Maybe it was just they kept showing the humans and annoying me.
  6. I’ll get this fixed. Can’t have you getting the big head.
  7. But Thanos tells Stark on Titan that when he’s done, half of humanity will be left. And he hopes they remember him. Gamora tells them that he goes to planets and kills half the population. Thor tells Rocket half his people were gone. Seems like the gist is half of every planet/people/etc die.
  8. I’m so behind in the thread and don’t have time to read everything. But a couple things bugging me. Why arent you firing your capapults first? Did they only have one projectile each? The whole point of artilery is to soften them up. Why send the Dothraki in alone? You are vastly outnumbered so send in a large part of your force unsupported? It’s not as if they are horse archers. Seemed like you pissed away good fighters for nothing.
  9. He seemed fine at the end of IW after the snap. He said using the stones to destroy the stones is what almost killed him. Before that I’m not sure they were affecting him (that we could see). Well we know Thor can beat the Hulk from Ragnarok. Maybe I’m putting too much weight on the ending of IW, but it seems inconsistent that *that* Thor loses in endgame. But if you are right, then Captain Marvel is going to ruin this unless the writers power her down.
  10. Arya going to mark another one off the list? Die Cersei!
  11. Good grief that was intense. Arya - that was just great.
  12. Between the Endgame finale and this battle tonight, I might not be able to take it.
  13. 1. Who knows. I figured if everybody he was worthy. He did seem to be more mature in this movie, so maybe he crossed the “worthy” line. 2. My best thought is the Thor from the end of IW would have destroyed Thanos without the glove (especially if he has both Mjolnir and Stormbreaker). Plus, the ending was about wrapping up IM and CA story arcs. So how do we power down Thor? They made him fat and out of shape, both physically and mentally. 3. It would appear the stones are too powerful for mortals to use (such as the lady at the collector blowing herself up when he touched one). Now you have them all in the gauntlet - even Hulk, the gamma furnace could barely handle it and it disabled him. The power released by the snap was too much and killed him.
  14. I need to find a better theater. It was packed but everyone was sitting there. I need more nerds.