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  1. I've been to TWO Springfield's - Illinois and Missouri. Neither made much of an impression, except the one in MO has a really nice steak restaurant.
  2. What price would you guys put on these two backs in terms of rookie picks this year? Howard and Lacy? How different would you buy price be from your sale price?
  3. Great points. I have to admit I love Mixon and hope to draft him at 1.03. But I'd love to hear the negatives on this guy as a football player (and not about the Bengals OL; his talent not his situation) - I get paranoid I am overlooking things due to my "love" of a player. To me he looks like a complete, 3-down back.
  4. 12 team, 0.5PPR, start 1/2/3/1 I gave: Ware, Robert Woods, 2.04 I get: 2018 1st I like Ware but he didn't cement himself as the bellcow last year. Woods is a roster cut come August. I just couldn't pass up a 1st in '18 that has a decent chance of being top 6.
  5. Signed with the 49ers.
  6. So far for me Fournette Davis Mixon McCaffrey Cook Howard Williams Kamara Ross Engram Njoku Hunt
  7. I looked at his stats and there wasn't much of a change in his usage pre-Indy and post-Indy, save in the passing game (and that is distorted by the first game vs. SD). I excluded the Indy game and the week 16 game vs Denver (both games he was injured and didn't play the whole game). That leaves six games before Indy and 6 games after. Snap counts (avg %) First 6: 63.22%, Second 6: 66.67% Rush attempts/yds/ypc First 6: 95/492/5.18, Second 6: 99/348/3.52 Targets/Receptions/yards First 6: 21/15/285, Second 6: 16/14/114 If you look at average targets/receptions/yds per game and exclude week 1, it's basically the same pre-Indy and post-Indy. So my take away is his usage was consistent through out the season, with week one a big outlier in the receiving game. His snap counts, rush attempts and targets/receptions was almost identical throughout. The one glaring item is his rush efficiency declined dramatically post Indy. HIs ypc dropped over 1.5. Honestly I was surprised by this as I felt (as a Ware owner) they were ignoring him as well.
  8. I need to watch some film of this guy, as I haven't much yet. Personally I was not ready to write off Ware yet. He was solid until that concussion vs Indy, then never seemed to be the same. Do you guys think he's head and shoulders better than Ware?
  9. This fits the Martin pattern. Plays lights out with money on the line, sucks otherwise. With TB able to void his guaranteed money, he's playing lights out.
  10. I was hoping for Davis and Mixon at 1.03 and 1.04. Now I am not sure.
  11. Can Everett block at least adequately? :Gurleyowner:
  12. Man I am so darn excited so far as an owner of 3 1st round picks.
  13. Yeah there was a never ending stream of idiots and crooks running the place by that point. If there's one similarity between Rome then and the US now, it's the lack of competent leaders.
  14. No, the people ate the dog food. They had eaten all the dogs by then.