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  1. So close for Julio there on the TD.
  2. I wish Ryan would throw it to Julio.
  3. Nice pitch and catch between Brees/Thomas.
  4. Coleman limps off with what looks like an ankle injury.
  5. The Saints have looked pretty bad since that muffed punt.
  6. Is there not a thread? Let's have an offensive shootout!
  7. I am about ready to throw darts at a board. Can't be any worse than my track record so far.
  8. Milkman's kool-aid isn't tasting as good as when I bought Ware.
  9. Teo down in pain. Looked like non contact. ETA: yep, he just collapsed in a heap all by his lonesome
  10. He's still pissed it's not the all universe Knile Davis taking Charles' spot.
  11. 12 team, start 1/2/3/1 I give: DT + Crowell I get: Amari Cooper He was RB needy after losing Peterson.
  12. 0.5 PPR Gurley, Ware, or Gordon? Pitta or Tamme? Pick 2 flex: Bernard, M Thomas, Enunwa, Dorsett, Tate, Pitta Stick with Julio or bench him for Cooper?
  13. I keep coming back and leave disappointed every time. But im glad it's going well for you, NRJ.
  14. I'm going with MIA, NYG my 2nd choice.
  15. Sub Charles for Ware and its every KC thread for the past couple of years. - signed, greedy Charles owner.