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  1. Am I the only one thinking why did they release the upgrade when it wasn't complete?
  2. Okay, I'm trying to take some time to figure this out but the system appears to me to be broken. I'd love someone to correct me. In the past we did this, "Blind Bid Requests For Locked Players, First Come/First Serve For Rest", with waivers running on Thursday at noon CT, then FCFS until the player's game kicked off. Anyone dropped was locked until waivers ran the next week. So ignoring the fact that their help files tell you to go to certain pages for a setting that is not there (actually on a different page), on the "Basic Add/Drop Setup" it has the following options. Lock All Free Agents Each Week On: and Prevent Owners From Making ANY Add/Drops Between Kickoff of that player's game and the end of the last game of the week? I have the "Prevent Owners..." set to "Yes", but I don't see a way to turn off the "Lock All Free Agents..." option. The help files would state these are either/or options. Also, the "Dropped Players Are Locked Until:" - I assume I would set that to Thursday at noon CT since that's when waivers run and FCFS begins? TIA.
  3. My league ran smooth as silk and now I have no ####### idea what to do. This WW stuff makes no sense.
  4. Moved to ET over a year ago and it sucks.
  5. It did. "We'll be down a couple of days" turned into a week. It's like deja vu all over again.
  6. Anybody with any news on Matt Breida? I remembered the name a year or so ago as a small school sleeper but I haven't heard much since. It does look like he had a abysmal senior season. Wonder if anyone had any details or thoughts.
  7. Awesome! Here's to a smooth process!
  8. 12 team, start 1/2/3/1, 6pt all TDs Team A gave: Carr Team B gave: Prescott
  9. I'm just all red.
  10. Maybe there is a tipping point of bad that Gurley can't overcome. How much worse was the 2016 Rams O vs the 2015 version?
  11. I agree...I was surprised at how well the D played in the first half vs NE. Seems like an overreaction.
  12. I'd love to hear others opinions on this. I have an insane number of top flight WRs in my main dynasty (e.g., using ZWK's last rankings, I have 6 of the top 8). I have one owner who is hot and heavy to acquire one of them. He won't let go of the 1.01 (that he earned). He also has the 1.11 and 2.01. Is it selling Watkins or AJG to cheap to ask for those two picks plus Howard? Or am I asking too much? I've tried hard to move one of my WR1 in a deal to grab one of the big 3 RBs, but nobody will deal. I do have the 1.04 and 1.07 and plan to just pick BPA at each. Or is it best to just sit tight and horde the top WRs and add BPA with my picks? I do like to trade (too much).