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  1. How far are you off target. I personally don't bother until I'm 5% off (e.g., 60% target so 65% or 55%). If that's too much for you, just change where the deposits are going to "rebalance" once you get a percent or so off. If you have to trade, if the commission is <1%, I'd be comfortable.
  2. I like this guy.
  3. 12 team, 0.5PPR, start 1/2/3/1 Team A gives: 1.11 Team B gives: Osweiler and Snead Team B took D Booker at 1.11
  4. I think I agree with those who say this won't happen anytime soon. You've seen a material backlash against negative interest rate policy (NIRP) in Japan after the BOJ went negative in the spring. While initially successful in Europe, there are concerns about how far NIRP can go there. Fed members have shown disinterest in NIRP due to the banks and money market funds. I think if we have a big recession and rates are low (funds <2%), the Fed will fire up QE or go bigger (e.g., monetary underwriting of fiscal policy) rather than NIRP. For the , do you think the Feds would harm their masters?
  5. I'm not aware that banks in Europe are charging retail clients to hold deposits. They've been well into negative territory (and not just the ECB) for a prolonged period now.
  6. Alley in the backyard was a home run. Only use rotten tomatoes in tomato fights (there was a big field next to our house). Alternately, if we used dirt clods, none with big rocks.
  7. I'd be trying to trade for this guy's 2017 1st pronto...
  8. So what's the definition of economic catastrophe?
  9. I found it humorous to read the thread title then when I opened it, the first thing I saw was the OP's avatar.
  10. Front page of WSJ "...suggesting that the discussion of a growing income divide involves more than just the top 1%." @Ministry of Pain, please comment
  11. The latest research piece. "Brexit or Bremain?"
  12. Having some time at work, I ran the correlations. Correlation between the EUR and GBP varies wildly. Over various time periods (daily over the past year, monthly for the last 5 years, etc) the rolling correlation between the two ranges from -0.55 to close to 1.
  13. Make it stop. Makes reading financial news terrible. Every person now tries to come up with some witty term for every freaking thing.