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  1. There’s no way I can in good conscience bench AJG.
  2. Im glad Faust gives us something actually about Kamara and not a rules argument.
  3. I’m rolling with the Chargers. I am a little bit worried that KC’s offense has picked it up the last two weeks. But my other D is LAR and there’s nothing on the wire.
  4. And playing the Raiders
  5. “He’s so pretty running the ball.”
  6. We better get a real, badass Galactus if this happens.
  7. I’m just hoping not to finish last.
  8. Welcome to the 13th annual FBG Stock Contest! We are making one change on the share price (see below). Real Time Tracking The Rules Pick one stock PRICED AT $5+ that you think can appreciate the most (EXCLUDING DIVIDENDS) in 2016. We'll take entries through Saturday, December 31st; must be posted by midnight board time. Baseline will be close of market on the 31st, regardless of when the pick was submitted. Foreign stocks okay if traded on US exchange (i.e.ADRs) ETFs okay IF NOT LEVERAGED NO Shorts (includes short ETFs) NO OTC/Pink Sheets No duplicates; FCFS Please also consider sharing some thoughts/info on the stock Optional Bonus Question - Guess where the S&P will finish the year. (I am not worrying about duplicates for this). Archive of Prior Contests: 2005 (jamny's original thread is missing) 2006 http://forums.footba...howtopic=217834 2007 http://forums.footba...howtopic=298787 2008 http://forums.footba...ld#entry7956907 2009 http://forums.footba...ld#entry9766987 2010 http://forums.footba...d#entry11309760 2011 http://forums.footba...d#entry12775492 2012 http://forums.footba...c=629954&page=1 2013 http://forums.footba...d#entry15206747 2014 http://forums.footba...howtopic=702284 2015 2016
  9. I’m picking up Burton as insurance. I own Njoku (dynasty) but I don’t feel comfortable using him.
  10. He almost broke another one...
  11. Holy hell is this guy unbelievable.
  12. Same boat here. I just hope he heals up by week 15..
  13. My bad. I was talking about Melvin Gordon. My original post noted that but when I posted the WR rankings I just said “Gordon.” Sorry about not being clear.
  14. I stole @ZWK latest ranking for WR (hope he doesn’t mind) to think about where I’d spot Gordon. There’s personal preference but I could see a 1-1 swap for someone between 12-18 (I wouldn’t for ARob, not a fan). Tr Rk Player Team Age Prev 1 1 Odell Beckham Jr. NYG 25.0 (1) 1 2 Mike Evans TB 24.2 (2) 1 3 DeAndre Hopkins HOU 25.4 (7) 2 4 Michael Thomas NO 24.7 (6) 2 5 Antonio Brown PIT 29.4 (5) 3 6 Julio Jones ATL 28.8 (4) 3 7 A.J. Green CIN 29.3 (8) 3 8 T.Y. Hilton IND 28.0 (9) 3 9 Allen Robinson JAX 24.2 (12) 3 10 Brandin Cooks NE 24.1 (11) 4 11 Tyreek Hill KC 23.7 (30) 4 12 Amari Cooper OAK 23.4 (3) 4 13 Sammy Watkins RAM 24.4 (10) 4 14 Adam Thielen MIN 27.2 (59) 4 15 Corey Davis TEN 22.9 (15) 5 16 Davante Adams GB 24.9 (17) 5 17 Keenan Allen LAC 25.6 (16) 5 18 Stefon Diggs MIN 24.0 (21) 5 19 Doug Baldwin SEA 29.2 (23) 5 20 Corey Coleman CLE 23.4 (18) 5 21 Alshon Jeffery PHI 27.8 (13) 5 22 JuJu Smith-Schuster PIT 21.0 (44) 5 23 Dez Bryant DAL 29.0 (14) 5 24 DeVante Parker MIA 24.8 (19)
  15. What kind of return do you guys feel Gordon (Melvin) can bring? I have Gurley, Cook and Kamara. I also have what looks to be the 1.02 and 1.04 this year. With the deep class of RBs, I’m thinking of cashing in Gordon’s past two RB1 seasons. I’d love to land an Evans/Nuk WR but I’m not sure how much more I’d need to add (1.04?). What WRs are compatible prices to Gordon?
  16. I only need them those two weeks as well and am rolling with them. I dropped DEN to the wire
  17. Thanks for making me relive that.
  18. Good and bad in one league. The good - recorded the 2nd highest score ever in the league. The bad - one of the 1st round picks I have blew its chance at the 1.01. All thanks to Boswell missing that first XP and Pitt going for two on the next TD. Allowed the team to win by 0.53 points. Now I’ll have to try and pry the 1.01 away.
  19. Nah, he’s actually good.
  20. That was a really dumb series by LA. 10 yard run by Gurley...then let’s throw 2 incompletes to stop the clock. Then an INT.
  21. So close for Kamara.
  22. He’s just embarrassing the Rams defenders now.
  23. Vacarro is having a bad day.