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  1. I’ve never seen Pulp Fiction. I don’t know why, just never gotten around to watching it.
  2. Good point. It might be a bad assumption but I assumed Filoni was in charge since he’s headed up TCW and Rebels.
  3. I’m 1 billion times more excited for this than the next movie. OH HELL YES!!!!!!! I’m having a nerdgasim.
  4. It was funny the first time they did it in Spiderman Homecoming. I laughed. This one was more "WTF, I sat here for that?!"
  5. 20 miles, takes me 25-30 minutes both ways if I avoid rush hour traffic. Some back roads but mainly I-65 to downtown Indy. If it's rush hour then probably 40 minutes. For the next month it's 35-45 minutes if I'm lucky since they shut down 7 miles of the interstate for bridge work.
  6. Better late than never! Welcome to the 14th annual FBG Stock Contest! Real Time Tracking The Rules Pick one stock PRICED AT $5+ that you think can appreciate the most (EXCLUDING DIVIDENDS) in 2018. We'll take entries through Friday, January 19th; must be posted by midnight board time. Baseline will be close of market on the 19th, regardless of when the pick was submitted. Foreign stocks okay if traded on US exchange (i.e.ADRs) ETFs okay IF NOT LEVERAGED NO Shorts (includes short ETFs) NO OTC/Pink Sheets No duplicates; FCFS Please also consider sharing some thoughts/info on the stock Optional Bonus Question - Guess where the S&P will finish the year. (I am not worrying about duplicates for this). Archive of Prior Contests: 2005 (jamny's original thread is missing) 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 h 2011 2012 2013 2014 h 2015 2016 h 2017
  7. I totally missed the question mark. Nice touch.
  8. 190%+. Dang.
  9. Two - mid-credit and end-credit. End credit adds nothing; basically a gag. The mid-credit scene was .
  10. Decent flick. Kids had fun.
  11. And Darth Maul...and the best lightsaber duel of all time. Hell that duel was 100x better than TLJ.
  12. I echo the comments some have made here about not being excited about Star Wars anymore. Well, I should say the main movies anymore. I will rewatch the OT; heck, I'll even watch the PT if I come across it. TFA was a fun movie, despite it being a repeat of ANH. But I never felt I cared for any of the characters. However, I was all ready for TLJ. But TLJ just sucked. It felt disjointed, didn't make much sense, Luke was a ####, and it officially died when Leia went all Mary Poppins. I've had no desire to even watch it again. I see it every time I log into Netflix, and I'll watch something else. I'll probably go see Episode IX because my kids will want to, but I'll have super low expectations. Rogue One was a good movie. Solo was a good popcorn flick. Heck, maybe they'll make another great cartoon. I love The Clone Wars. Rebels wasn't bad either. I'll watch TCW on Netflix before I think about watching TLJ. I am concerned Star Wars is going downhill.
  13. He offered to swap 2019 3rds. I said I’d take a 2019 2nd (playoff team) and a 2019 3rd (top half) and he thought that was ridiculous. Guess he’s staying on my roster.
  14. I have someone sniffing around for him and my thought was a mid 2nd.
  15. 12 team 0.5PPR. Start 1/2/2/1 with a flex, K and DST. Team A gives: Sterling Shepard, Chris Ivory, 2.02, 2019 1st (should be playoff team) Team B gives: TY Hilton, 3.07, 2019 3rd (top half)
  16. None, the driver provides the tip.
  17. I’m hoping one of you smart guys can help me figure out my setup for streaming. I just got fiber with TDS. I have an ASUS RT-AC68u router. When I plug my laptop into the ONT, I get ~500Mbps. When I plug it into the wall jack behind my TV, same speed. When I connect my router to the wall jack, I get ~400Mbps on WiFi. When I plug my laptop into the router, I get 100Mbps. 1. Laptop Ethernet is 1GB and both the laptop and router show the connection as 1GB. 2. I’ve used all Ethernet cables in this setup to get ~500Mbps direct from wall jack to laptop, so I don’t think it’s a bad cable. 3. I’m stumped. This router should be able to handle these speeds easily.
  18. The new trilogy just isn’t that exciting. I wouldn’t go see a stand-alone movie about those characters. Boba Fett in The Clone Wars was an annoying whiner IMO.
  19. “Soiled air.” That car dealership sounds like the 3rd grade.
  20. Please Joe, make it stop.
  21. I hope you’re not referring to the heat stroke inducing weather that was plaguing the Midwest.
  22. I do recall at least twice in the movie a reference is made to “Allfathers”. It would make sense that Thor is going that direction to take Odin’s place and gain those powers.
  23. I have a question. How did Thor know to go to Wakanda once he acquired Stormbreaker? It was awesome; one of the best moments in the movie, but I have no idea how he’d know to go there.
  24. Yeah, Bruce didn’t seem to be the smartest guy in the room during the movie for someone with 6 or 7 PhDs. I took the whole, “we didn’t think of that” response in wakanda as a nod to Wakanda’s massive technology advantage, although her questioning/response seemed a little bit, “you guys are stupid.” But Banner’s response did come across as a response I would have said and not something one of the smartest people in the MCU would have said. I almost hope the theory is right; otherwise Banner seems to be devolving.