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  1. My day goes nowhere but downhill now.
  2. Confidence level about 5%. Too early in the morning.
  3. By my quick math, during the FF season Gordon averaged 17.8 carries, 5 targets, and 3.5 receptions a game. So are you saying the Chargers want to replace Gordon or is somebody’s numbers wrong?
  4. Come on, we all know Breida is as exciting as Hunt.
  5. I’m 99.2% sure Charles was on the Chief’s roster when Reid showed up.
  6. What value do you guys give Matt Breida? I drafted him in the 5th last year as my lottery ticket. Now the McKinnon owner is sniffing around. This is a 0.5 PPR. I was thinking of asking for a late 2nd but I have no idea.
  7. Read an article that said ticket pre-sales for Infinity War broke Black Panthers record in just six hours.
  8. Totally out of my mind excited for this.
  9. Better late than never! Welcome to the 14th annual FBG Stock Contest! Real Time Tracking The Rules Pick one stock PRICED AT $5+ that you think can appreciate the most (EXCLUDING DIVIDENDS) in 2018. We'll take entries through Friday, January 19th; must be posted by midnight board time. Baseline will be close of market on the 19th, regardless of when the pick was submitted. Foreign stocks okay if traded on US exchange (i.e.ADRs) ETFs okay IF NOT LEVERAGED NO Shorts (includes short ETFs) NO OTC/Pink Sheets No duplicates; FCFS Please also consider sharing some thoughts/info on the stock Optional Bonus Question - Guess where the S&P will finish the year. (I am not worrying about duplicates for this). Archive of Prior Contests: 2005 (jamny's original thread is missing) 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 h 2011 2012 2013 2014 h 2015 2016 h 2017
  10. I like how the girl wants to be compensated before revealing anything else.
  11. Watched the funeral procession snake through town today. I heard anywhere from 500-1,000 vehicles. Very somber experience.
  12. I haven’t read the thread so maybe these are repeats. But I enjoy Nada and Bakersfield for Mexican downtown. Bru Burger isn’t bad. I do love the Eagle’s chicken sandwich.
  13. I watched Ragnarok for the 3rd time tonight and enjoyed the hell out of it. Just a fun movie. Enjoyed it way more than Black Panther. Different strokes for different folks.
  14. I get that but it seems an odd stance to have a “good guy” take, especially a character that will probably star in future movies. At least she could have been covertly trying to change things. Isn’t this the stuff Bucky and Black Widow did and were considered evil bad guys?
  15. Registered his awesomeness with the Patent Office already I see. Choo choo!!!
  16. I missed part of the afternoon; how did he look in pass catching? I'm pretty impressed with his numbers.
  17. I've been trying since the end of dice.
  18. Having the 1.02 never felt so horrible.
  19. My confidence isn’t growing with this combine performance.
  20. Well this is a disappointment.
  21. Pretty smart move there.
  22. I’ve seen all the movies. My top 10. 1. Captain America Winter Soldier 2. Iron Man 3. GOTG 4. Thor Ragnarok 5. The Avengers 6. Captain America Civil War 7. Spider-Man Homecoming 8. Ant-Man 9. Black Panther 10. GOTG2 It’shard for me after the top 8. I liked Dr Strange, Ultron, Thor, etc., as much as the last two.
  23. 1.01>>>>>Juju I have the 1.02 in one league (0.5PPR) and wouldn’t think twice rejecting Juju. I’d put him mid-1st.
  24. So did the general not wish to rebel against Killmonger after he public ally declared his intent to overthrow governments, including killing children? But she had enough when he didn’t honor the continuation of the challenge?
  25. My Mom has always wanted to go to Maine (and New England in general). So I am going to take her this coming summer. She wants, "to see a moose, visit lighthouses, and eat lobster." The last one is pretty easy. Anyone have any rec'd or suggestions, especially the moose part? I am guessing we'll be flying into Portland. Any help is appreciated.