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  1. It's amazing how terrible the Falcons look. Miami comes into your place and beats you? Yep, time to panic. I love Julio but his injuries concern me. I'll be looking to move him in dynasty, if I can get a decent trade worked out. But my immediate concern is ATL will kill his immediate trade value.
  2. AB is unbelievable.
  3. Kamara looks good.
  4. I just want him to be a decent RB2 this year. You can do it Alvin.
  5. Standard Scoring Pick two RBs : Martin, Hyde, McKinnon, Montgomery, Cohen, Alex Collins 0.5PPR I feel like this is a no-brainer, but I need confirmation. Cooper or Jaron Brown,
  6. I have a 7th grader and my wife and I had to make some decisions about classes that would impact her HS class options and credits. The HS here has about 4 different degree options. Preparing for HS reminds me of my senior year preparing for college. My 3rd grader just had a "college day." Yes, 3rd grade. WTF?!?! And don't get me started on sports. Nobody can just sign up and play a sport. There's 10 different levels of baseball for a single kid to pick from. And the never ending classes you can take on the side to get a leg up. Heck, if that isn't enough, there's plenty of personal trainers you can hire!
  7. This. I'd rather have him sitting on my bench than beating me, so I snagged McFadden. If he does nothing, oh well, I dropped LAC's backup RB to grab him.
  8. I don't get this trade for the guy sending Beckham.
  9. Good job FBGs on breaking the news. I was able to snag McFadden in one league and Morris in my other.
  10. 12 team, 0.5PPR, start 1/2/3/1 Team A gives 2018 2nd (borderline playoff team) Team B gives Adrian Peterson and 2018 3rd (borderline playoff team)
  11. I hate to say this since I'll get a "can I play in your league", but Njoku was dropped by a guy in my dynasty league after week 2 to make room for a player acquired via trade (he drafted him at 2.04). It was baffling then and is now. Evidently I was the only one paying attention, so I picked him up as a free agent the next day. I tried really hard to get that pick from him, but he wouldn't budge. Just my way of
  12. I had the same choice and went Lutz. FWIW.
  13. Wait, @Hot Sauce Guy sells hot sauce? Do you run your own business?
  14. I went back and looked at his games from game 8 last year (11/06/16) through this past week, so 14 games. His totals are (targets/rec/yds/TDs) 134-95-1,053-6. That's basically a whole season. Pro rate it out to 153-109-1,203-7 over 16 games. In my 0.5PPR that 215.77 points. For reference over the past 3 years, the only better TE performance was Gronk in 2014 and 2015 at 225.4 and 219.84, respectively. I am not sure at what point we can trust this is the new trend, but he's approaching a full season of elite production. It would take a mid-1st for me to think about dealing him, since at present he's at Gronk and (old) Graham-level advantage. Plus, I have Njoku so I am willing to ride this to victory; if he flames out in a year or so, hopefully Njoku is ready to take his place.
  15. My family is from TN, so this might be a problem.
  16. My Mom has always wanted to go to Maine (and New England in general). So I am going to take her this coming summer. She wants, "to see a moose, visit lighthouses, and eat lobster." The last one is pretty easy. Anyone have any rec'd or suggestions, especially the moose part? I am guessing we'll be flying into Portland. Any help is appreciated.
  17. Good idea about Bangor. That would be closer to moose while also having access to the coastline. Noted! Thanks!
  18. Some of you guys are giant ########s.
  19. EJ is not even looking at Cooper. At the snap he's just staring down Crabtree. They just showed Cooper wide open in the end zone in the middle of the field.
  20. Totally annihilating my opponent in my dynasty this week. Still undefeated and head and shoulders above everyone else at this point.. But now I've lost Cook, Carson, and Beckham in back to back weeks. I really need Cooper to step up or Davis to come back and pull his own Beckham rookie year. Injuries suck.
  21. There's this super skinny dude on my floor. Very odd. He wears a belt that is way too long - the end of the belt wraps around him and ends at the small of his back. Whenever he's in the bathroom, he washes his hands for what seems like 5 minutes. He uses the hot water and by the time he's done, his hands are bright red.
  22. I love byes. Bryant and Lutz were both dropped. Because of injuries I had a slot so picked up Lutz. 7 home games to finish the season, plus his only away game in late season is at ATL. Can't beat that. I have Gould to cover this week.