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  1. I am a senior person in a wealth management firm attached to an accounting firm. I think my job is pretty safe, baring we don’t go back to the Stone Age. But I could see no raises, etc, like it was during 2008-2010.
  2. Damn you guys are depressing.
  3. My 15yo daughter got a job at a local restaurant so we took her to work and ate lunch. Ghost town. We were 2nd family to arrive at 11:30. When we left an hour later there were less than a dozen people there. Normally a fairly busy place. Owner came by and thanked us for being there. Daughter called 1.5 hours into shift to get her as there were no customers. Worrisome for these small businesses.
  4. My firm (accounting/financial services) finally went WFH. Can’t believe they took this long. No travel, no client meetings except via phone/webex.
  5. That’s the way it always goes.
  6. This brought back memories of visiting Scotland in 2003. Man I need to go back. Thanks for detailing the trip!
  7. And in The Clone Wars I believe this is the first appearance.
  8. I’ve been to Banos, too! I bought a light coat there. Still cracks me up the town is named bathroom.
  9. I’m not sure I could live here if that happened. They may burn the city down.
  10. I haven’t had time to catch up in 16 pages, so... It was a fun, entertaining movie. I think a good ending to the Skywalker saga. But the dagger, the convoluted sith planet were kinda dumb. And what’s the point of a super weapon on each star destroyer if all it takes is a small fighter to shoot the cannon and blow up the entire ship?? I’m still not sure about the final Rey/Palpatine battle. So Palps has all the accumulated Sith power in him. And Rey has to strike him down to transfer his soul and that power to her. So how did All that Sith power get to Palps since I’d say it’s a safe bet Sith died in all manner of ways and not in this weird sacrifice. And so all the Jedi magically gave their power to Rey? How the heck did that happen and why wait until now to do that? Why not Luke? And all that power is just deflect Palps’ lightning back to him? Why didn’t he just stop?
  11. That was a skin-crawling moment when it showed the population estimates, camp sites, gas chamber blueprints, etc. This Twitter handle is a good follow (@RealTimeWWII) - I know the history well but the events that happen never cease to shock me.
  12. Has anyone else had issues with mobile ordering for dine in? I mobile order for pickup at one CFA for work and it works flawlessly. I’ve done mobile ordering at another for dine in close to home (scan table number at arrival) and they consistently forget stuff. It’s so out of character for CFA that I’m not sure if it’s the dine in aspect or this particular restaurant can’t get its stuff together.
  13. They are the Star Wars Spartans to me.
  14. There was a formula error on a couple of row, so I think I got everything fixed. Let me know if you still see an error. I added your pick so we can all follow along. I also sorted the sheet by Member name so it is easier for everyone to find their pick.
  15. The Nazis would drop lines like, “they are on the verge of collapse”, but without any confirmation, I assumed it was all hyperbole/self delusion/master race thinking.
  16. The Emperor's speech made it sound like they were giving up the JPS to focus on the fight in Asia. Maybe I missed it or forgot something from previous seasons, but there seemed to be a disconnect. The focus of the show is how Kido's son has PTSD and he's starting to become delusional on why they are there/fighting for the JPS. The Crown Princess seems to follow that line and lean in a pacifist way. The BCR kills several leaders who lean her way. Then the BCR blow some things up and the Japanese just up an quit. And the reason is to keep fighting in Asia. Was it a war between countries or were the Japanese fighting rebels in conquered territories? I had assumed the latter from maps, etc., in the show. I can see the reasoning behind the show but it requires (to me) a lot of assumptions and filling in the blanks. Seemed like a rush job to wrap everything up. Overall I thought the show was fine.
  17. I got all the picks entered. Please check yours to make sure it is correct. Good luck everyone!
  18. Well 2019 is in the books and it was a great year in the market. I sorted the spreadsheet by % gains, so everyone can see how their pick fell in the rankings. @Ted Lange as your Bartender won the Guderian Award this year with a gain of 337.01%. @kevzilla takes home the Eminence Award with a loss of 89.18%. Collectively the FBG portfolio beat the S&P 500 35.43% to 28.88%. @Andrew74 was the closest on the S&P 500 prediction at 3,077 (off by 153.78 points).
  19. The only thing I'll add is the Mandalorians stole it out of the Jedi Temple during one of their conflicts. I"m interested to see how Giddeon got it. Maul had it when he was defeated by Sidious. Then somehow it ends up on Dathomir (IIRC) when Sabine finds it.
  20. There used to be. I think last year was the first year we went back to their being no minimum. You wouldn't happen to know the ticker for Google Finance, would you? When I used MJCO, it comes back "#N/A."
  21. Final season just fell flat to me. BCR out of the blue takes the Japanese out, who seem to give up for little reason. The Nazis build this portal and have grand plans for it, yet leave it sparsely defended where 400 guys take it over? They already have had intruders, yet the resistance seemingly take it without too much effort. I just don’t like Julia Crane this season - a “I’m so special and you all are so beneath me” vibe. And the ending sucked.