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  1. dude...after you posted the 1st clip i watched about an hour of game show stuff. so that meant i was an hour late for work hahahaha anyway, i saw that clip this morning too and cracked up
  2. yes and no. as one of those guys with zero week 1 players, and also as someone who didnt read/understand the rules....i absolutely did take a calculated gamble on zero people getting cut week 1 because that is what ive always seen in the regular season contest. that it turned out to be an unfair advantage on my part...that was pure dumb luck. lol
  3. there was a missing guy....1st place was zero WEEK 1 2nd was a guy with 2 week 1 players 3rd was week 1 players
  4. if i did the scores right... 101334 - 1st place - it was that jucyzk td. i knew it. 102475 - 2nd place behind winner by 3.0 101860 3rd place behind winner by 3.4 i think...ive been drinking since 2
  5. so this is what happened... I saw that there was a playoff subscriber contest and thought it was going to be a mirror image of the regular season subscriber contest...and since ive been playing that for about 10 years now, i thought week 1 would be a "zero cut" week like week 1 of the regular season. Luckily I got that right. What I didnt read in the rules was that for the 1st 3 weeks, it was only the top 2 scorers from each team are eligible. I knew i was getting a zero in week 1, but when i saw that only 4 of my players had scores after week 2 i was like WTF? Then I read the rules and figured i was S.O.L. To my surprise i Advanced...and advanced again. If I HAD read the rules, there is NO WAY i would have only had players from 2 teams. I would have added other players so I could advance. But I didnt read them and now i have a decent shot of winning (if tevin coleman is healthy i like my chances A LOT) So, luckily I got the rules WRONG. way im a favorite. Recap Lucky = Picking SF and KC in the Super Bowl Lucky = A zero cut week 1 Lucky = Misreading the rules and missing the "only top 2 players per NFL team score points" rule. Otherwise...totally would have had Ravens and Packers. NOT reading the rules turned into an advantage for me. Redonkulous lololol So there ya have it.
  6. Not necessarily right? say those 4 teams are the only ones in contention, it's going to be pretty tight. A pick-6 or a strip sack fumble return can absolutely determine the winner.
  7. of the 4 people listed above...from a dope's perspective: After stripping out the players that are on all the teams (mahomes, damien, mccoy, tyreek, kelce, butker, kc-defense, jimmy g, deebo, emanuel, kittle) it comes down to these differences: 101334 - darwin, mecole, mostert, juscyzk, gould (5) - this team has the most players that arent on all teams. Juscyzk is the one who worries me the most as i could see his scoring 2 GL td's through a reception or a FB Blast. Also, Darwin thompson could be the super bowl mostert...or take a swing pass to the house. 101493 - sammy and gould (2) with only 2 unique this is gonna be tough for this player. 101860 - mecole, mostert, gould, 49ers D (4) This player is the only one with the Niners D and that could be the difference. 102475 - mecole, sammy, mostert, tevin (4) - My team. If Tevin's MRI comes back in a positive way, this works well for me as i'm the only one with Tevin. A big game by Sammy Watkins is prolly whats needed by me, as long as mecole, and mostert and coleman can outscore robbie gould.
  8. you have no idea...i totally misread the rules and im shocked that im still alive. being one of the favorites is redonkulous