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  1. Starting AB over Lockett and gallup because...i dont know why...a feeling i guess
  2. Thanks for keeping me on point, but im fairly certain everyone knows what i mean
  3. also i think this gets resolved and AB plays on sunday. A significant fine. after Davis meets with mayock, Gruden, and AB.
  4. Im all about this to be honest. We also side with the billionaires over the workers...whether they are highly compensated or not. PM to hulk...Long John slinky says hi and misses throwing to (HULK)speed in GLB
  5. I cant seem to find any articles about these guys this year.... I threw my scoring into the VBD Excel app and I didnt see much difference. I've never played in a league that has returner yards for individuls. If someone could point me in the right direction...please and thank you
  6. lol....this totally frew over my head. Soup? Why the fuhhh...OHHHHHHHH right....
  7. in "Dad gum a lotta erl is spewing from that rig"
  8. why does a dude named Duke, need a nickname
  9. I grabbed him with the 1.09 pick in a non PPR. Maybe because i didnt really pay attention much this year or what, but i didnt love anyone from this years class. We shall see.
  10. Bragging Last season i was 4-6 and went on a 3 game winning streak to make the playoffs in my dynasty league. This season I was 2-6 and wnt on a 5 game winning streak to make the playoffs. Never say die.
  11. non ppr flex, blount kerryon gronk curtis samuel Pick 1